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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 February 2014
Just finished the book after a couple of days (an achievement with a 18 month old daughter!). Have to say I loved it as always. The wait for the next could be a killer. Storyline goes along at a fair old pelt and the second story of the past was very recent which made a pleasant change. Nate continues to grow in strength but no new powers this time, just an evolution of one. This again means he has further to go in the future. A big bad is now definitely coming from somewhere and there looks like there is a defined path for the future. I'm sure some people won't be happy with it for all the politically correct reasons, but if you want to escape for a few hours with a story of different realms, vampires, werelions, Galahad among others you really could do worse. I never write reviews but these stories are seriously enjoyable and the three people I made try them all love them as well! Hope you give it a go
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on 19 February 2014
This is the third installment (fourth if you include novella Infamous Reign) and i've been waiting for this book apprehensively.
I loved the first 2 although the first crimes against magic is my favorite, in this installment we find a little bit more about Hellequins past, but what i like about McHugh's writing is that he grabs you from the start and With Silent Screams does that from the start.
Well paced, with great development of not only our central characters but peripheral ones as well, with the hints of something larger brewer, I would heartily recommend this one with comes close to Crimes against magic in being my favorite so far.
I finished it in a night and now have the painful wait for the next one.
The only disappointment you'll have in buying With Silent Screams in finishing it and having to wait for the fourth one (fifth if you include the novella).
Nathan Garrett, also known as Hellequin is equal parts enforcer, investigator, mediator, assassin and a man who'll do whats necessary. In with silent screams more layers of him are revealled as the action never ceases from farm to hotels to the mean streets his story held with rapted.
Can't recommend this enough.
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on 1 July 2014
Hellequin is just brilliant. The character of Nate Garrett (Hellequin) just gets more interesting and frightening for his enemies in each book. This series has the potential to be as good if not better than Jim Butcher's Dresden Files !!
I'm not going to write anything about the storyline just get the first book and read it and if your not hooked well your reading the wrong genre for yourself ;-).
Please Steve don't keep us waiting to long for the next book in this BRILLIANTLY WRITTEN SERIES.
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on 2 March 2014
This series keeps getting better and with this novel we begin to get hints of a larger story arc which makes things more interesting. Nate battles werelions, trolls and psychopaths and we find out about other realms. If you like series like The Dresden Files and Benedict Jacka's Alex Verus novels then you will love this series. Highly Recommended.
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With thanks to the author and publisher for the review copy.

His name is Nathan Garrett, but he’s also known as Hellequin. And murdering one of his friends and trying to blow him up is a good way to get this centuries-old sorcerer’s full attention…

A long time ago (It feels like now) I impulsively purchased “Crimes Against Magic” the first in the Hellequin series from Steve McHugh featuring sorcerer Nate Garrett and immediately and irrevocably fell in love.

I had only just started my foray into Urban Fantasy and was looking for another fix and here it was right here. Now we are onto Book 3 (with a short story bridge as well) and these just get better and better. For sheer reading fun, it rarely gets better than this- a glorious mix of known mythology, a brand new world to explore, some tremendous characters and always a heartstopping and well constructed story.

In this instalment someone makes the rather extreme error of killing a person Nate is fond of. Then attempting to blow him up. Follow all that with a good deal of smug goading and your fate is probably sealed. And so it begins.

Once again we have a past/present twist to the tale, some magnificently evil bad guys and some beautifully imagined settings where magic and reality collide. WereLions, Cave Trolls and Guardians, other realms, wizardry and mayhem all tied up together in a fantastic package of adrenalin rushing goodness. Like a Rollercoaster ride in novel form, you are in for one hell of a ride.

These are adult in nature – the violence is as violent as real violence is.. the fights are down and dirty with no holds barred and Nate himself is the very definition of anti hero. He kind of follows his own moral code but when the chips are down if you are in his way he really is not going to give much thought before wiping you off the face of the planet. I love that about him. Flawed yes, not indestructible by any means but if you are going to annoy him you had better be sure you can either beat him at his own game or that you can run REALLY fast.

The supporting cast of characters are all superb. I am absolutely in love with Nate although he does now have a rival for my affection after this story in the form of Galahad. Caitlin is my favourite kind of kick ass female – one who stands no nonsense but is very aware of both her limitations and her surroundings. As for Hades well, who DOESNT love Hades? I am definitely an unapologetic fangirl all round for this series. All the way.

This is definitely a set of books that has grown in stature since its humble beginnings as Nate and the mythology surrounding him has grown, developed and taken on a life of its own. So, all in all a terrific 3rd book in a series that is now absolutely one of my favourites in the Urban Fantasy stakes alongside Felix Castor and Alex Verus. Possibly not for the faint hearted but if you like your Urban fantasy absolutely Urban and fantastical these will probably bring great satisfaction.

Note: With Silent Screams can easily be read as a standalone book with no problem whatsoever, so if you fancy starting with this one, go right ahead!

Happy Reading Folks!
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on 20 February 2014
I have to say Steve McHugh is getting better with every book. I've enjoyed the stories and more importantly i find the characters extremely likable. The stories are well written and as such the i find i devour the pages too quickly, Hopefully Steve will learn shorthand so he can produce his next book quicker. Well done
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on 23 April 2014
Following the narrative structure for the last two books the story is split into a present time/past timeline.

In the past Nate investigates a serial killer kidnapping tatooed people. In the present he has to track down someone continuing the killing spree - despite the original killer being held in prison in another dimension.

We visit one of the alternate dimensions that make up the many magical worlds around our own, a power struggle over who gets to rule it is playing out in the present and the past.

Very bloody, Main issue is that nate seems way overpowered now and continues to get even more powerful. I guess since we have Hades and such being he should really be upping his game to their level , not beating up thugs. Well written and enjoyable , will continue to follow this series.
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on 5 March 2014
Once again, another excellent book from Steve McHugh! The third instalment of the Hellequin Chronicles was unputdownable. The characters, old and new, are fully realised and are as endearing/loathesome as intended. The plot is fast-paced, violent (but not gratuitously so) and compelling. As an author, Steve is easily on par with Jim Butcher, and fans of the Dresden Files will love this series. Bring on Book 4!
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on 13 March 2014
Just finished the 3rd and hopefully not final of the excellent Hellequin Chronicles Kindle books and it was every bit as good as the previous 2. No idea how long Steve McHugh has been writing but I must find any other stuff he's done because this stuff is addictive! Main protagonist Nate Garrett has been around a VERY long time, and has done some very nasty things, but you still just know that he's actually one of the good guys. In this book you'll meet werelions and cave trolls who are as bad as you can imagine, but then likeable and even sexy vampires and wood trolls that you'll feel desperately sorry for. I don't often get to say this, but this is a book I really didn't want to put down. I'm looking forward to the next one and can't recommend it highly enough.
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on 10 March 2014
I pre-ordered this but delayed reading it until I had a clear day as I suspected I would not want to put it down once I started. Good call! At first I found the two time periods of the plot interrupted the flow of the story, but once I settled into the pace it flowed well and kept the momentum going.

I try to avoid spoilers but think it's safe to say that the theme of betrayal is a key part of this particular story arc. The twists and turns help the reader to penetrate the complexity of the Hellequin, peeling away some of the layers to reveal more about this strange, powerful being. Dark urban fantasy at its best.
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