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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 1 December 2013
Received this watch yesterday. Good old Amazon delivered it 4 days earlier than promised, great service as usual !!

It is very good looking and not too heavy. Undid the packaging, took it out of the tin, and Whoosh, the hands immediately went to the correct time. The manual is a little long-winded, but very informative and one should have no problems in setting the watch up how one wants it. When received, the battery was showing "mid", so left it under a fluorescent light in the kitchen for a couple of hours, and it was fully charged after.

The strap is the easiest I've ever had to adjust. Instead of the usual pin arrangement, there are small holes in each of the links on the back of the strap. Simply use a small screwdriver and and turn the little screw in the link and Voilà, the adjoining link comes away, as this is spring-loaded, it returns to it's former position without doing anything else.

All in all, a great watch for a very good price, can thoroughly recommend it.
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on 1 December 2013
Ever since I heard about radio-controlled watches, I've wanted one. When my old watch packed up, it gave me a reason to start looking for something that wouldn't cost the earth. I think this Casio watch is the best value for the features available. It's a good looking watch that comes in at 95 grams and doesn't weigh a ton on your wrist. There's something great about hearing the BBC time signal on the radio and as the final beep sounds, the second hand hits the 12 o'clock position on the watch. Magic - it really works.
Things to know about this watch:
The dial is grey in most lights - it only looks blue in bright light. Personally, I'm OK with this - it still looks good.
The watch comes with a tool for taking links out of the watch strap - you do not need to buy a separate kit of tools for this.
The body of the watch is grey plastic but you will hardly notice it - the watch dial surround and backing plate are stainless steel. I assume Casio have done this to keep the weight down, so the plastic should be seen as a plus.
The watch has the calendar feature - this means that you do not need to adjust the watch for summer time, ends of month date change, leap years etc. The only occasions when it will need adjustment - ever - is when moving time zone. It has 29 time zones built in and I have not yet travelled overseas to see how easy it is to make adjustments.
When I received the watch and took it out of its tin (yes, it comes in a tin) the hands whizzed round and stopped an hour ahead of the actual time (it was set to summer time). Rather than make manual adjustments, I left it overnight to see if it would pick up the radio signal in the early hours and correct itself. In the morning it was showing the correct time and proved that it could pick up the signal quite happily on the window sill.
If you leave the watch in the dark for several hours the LCD display and secondhand stop working (presumably to save power). If you then switch the light on, you will see the secondhand whizz round to the correct time, and the date/day display comes on.
There is a titanium version of this watch which costs £30 more. Unless you want the grey metal look, don't bother with it - it isn't worth the extra.

May 10 2014
Since writing the above review, I have travelled to Australia and back crossing (I think) 13 time zones. Here's what I learned about adjusting the watch for time zones:
- download the Casio manual pdf file for this watch and put it on your iphone, ipad or whatever. Much easier to consult than the small type, small brick like manual that comes with the watch;
- when you are in a new time zone that does not receive a radio signal, follow the instructions for changing your 'home city code'. (The manual does not really say this loud and clear). So if you are starting in the UK, it will say LON. If you arrive in Sydney, Australia, for example, change the home city code to SYD. However, New South Wales uses daytime saving for their winter months, so you need to do one more adjustment for DST. And so on for any other time zone, but I think I am correct in saying, DST is not used by countries in the tropics.
- it's still a brilliant watch and even more of a bargain from when I bought it last year.
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on 25 January 2014
Absolutely superb watch - firstly the entire watch weighs just 70 grams as delivered, Each link weighs 1.5 grams, so with four removed for my average-sized wrist means that my watch weighs just 64 grams.

Obviously it keeps perfect time through the radio signal. This is why there is a slim plastic section between the front and rear of the case, although this doesn't detract from the looks.

Removing a link is simple - insert a small flat-bladed screwdriver into the hole on the inside of the link, and twist gently. This releases the link. Replacing a link is just the reverse, and is equally easy.

In low light and at night the second hand stops moving, and the LCD is switched off, but once back in the light, the LCD and sweep second hand are restored.

The hour and minute hands and battens glow in the dark, and I could still make them out after seven hours.

Very happy with the watch and supplier.
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on 19 September 2014
I've had this for 6 months or so now. Great watch. A candidate for the best watch ever made, at least when it comes to real everyday use due to combination of features. Super light and hypo-allergenic (titanium) - you'll hardly notice you're wearing it, even when playing sports. Always correct time due to wave-ceptor - which works brilliantly. Waterproof enough for all normal activities (swimming, baths etc). LED light is really bright - enough so I can find a glass of water at night without turning light on - or see a key hole (if it's really dark). Solar powered! All normal features like world time, stop watch, countdown timer work no-problem. A couple of gripes - the plastic bit around the edge is a bit ugly - doesn't notice much, but for such a nice watch otherwise, the grey plastic is a bit of a shame, given the titanium used on the rest of it. some of the functions like stop watch are a bit tricky to use due to strange choice of button operation (press one button to start and stop - hold it down for reset - OK, but different to a lot of other watches). Hands don't glow much, but with the awesome LED front light (a yellow LED tucked just under the number 6 position), there's no problem reading this in the dark. Screen a bit plasticy and so can suffer scratches. I'd have preferred numbers round the edge, if given a choice, rather than the simple lines. Still, looks quite smart.

I love watches, I've had a lot of them over time, and I think this is an awesome watch.
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on 1 February 2014
I only just received this watch, and these are my initial impressions:
Very smart looking, with high quality feel, without being overly flash. Perfect for an every day watch I'd say.
Very clear analogue display, and extremely useful digital display. I also like to be able to see the date clearly, but so many watches have such a small date window that my 60 year old eyes can't read it. With this watch I have no problem. The digital window also serves for alarm time, 24 hour time, stopwatch, etc. Setting any of these is straightforward: the button on the left is used to scroll through each one, then adjustments are made using the buttons on the right. The watch automatically adjusts for BST, and for months with less than 31 days, so no hassle there.
A light weight watch, with an easily adjustable strap, as others have reported in their reviews. I looked at other Casio's with similar features, but the strap was often said to be difficult to adjust, often requiring the assistance of a jeweller. This watch has all the features I was looking for, and the easily adjustable strap was the clincher in my decision to purchase it, as was the good discount from Amazon.
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on 4 March 2014
Literally just received this and I can't sing its praises enough - it's excellent!

Firstly, yes the small plastic strips above and below the face do detract slightly from an otherwise very handsome watch, though they are necessary (I'm told) to allow the radio signal through, and you don't notice them really; they don't differ/stand out quite so much as the photo on here.

Other points: the weight is unbelievable! It's so light it almost feels like it must be a non-working display model or something, and it's certainly very unobtrusive to wear in terms of weight or bulk.

As to appearance, it looks expensive and is very smart I'd say without being brash. The slightly dull silver of the titanium is very stylish.

I love the fact that it'll always be right, with things like adjusting for short months and BST things of the past. When you first start using it, you're urged to force a manual synch with the radio, and this was quick and painless, just a button press - in the future it will automatically try to do it once a day without intervention.

The strap/link adjustment is also the easiest to use system I have ever used, far easier than the half-dozen or so metal straps I've had in the past.

Sorry to ramble, I loved it! In short: an outstanding item - whether for yourself or for a gift it will not disappoint (unless you expected a Rolex!)
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on 21 May 2014
Like, you'd hope.
The user interface is not the easiest, but with 100s of functions and only 3 buttons, that's no real surprise. Keep the manual, because you're likely to need it if you cross time zones! It's only because the user interface is hard work this gets less than 5 stars. In terms of build quality, timekeeping, functions, feel, look and value, it's all there.
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on 7 October 2015
The watch works but the case is plastic with a metal top cover. Very misleading description. Swapped for a Citizen, this as a full metal case, better quality than the Casio but more money. Remember if it looks too good to be true it probably isn't.
review image
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on 17 May 2016
Nice watch which seems to work very well on radio controlled time. It leapt into action as soon as I removed it from the packaging. It set itself to the correct time immediately but I went through the set-up anyway and initiated a manual search for the time signal. Took about 5 mins to detect and set the time. Set-up for various functions is slightly arcane but once you know which buttons do what it is fine.
Much lighter than I was expecting but that is clearly because the body is actually plastic with a stainless steel skin but it is not that noticeable and does not make it look cheap and nasty. The light is yellow and you can see the analogue hands OK but it is no good for the LED display as it is too bright for your eyes to adjust in darkness to see the display. Haven't tried the alarm function yet. Back suggests it is also water-resistant to 10 bar.
Strap is comfortable and sensibly proportioned. It has a GREAT adjustment mechanism that allows links to be removed/replaced in seconds using the little plastic tool included. This is so effective I cannot understand how this is the first time I have come across it.
Fully charges easily in a day and normal wear keeps it that way.
Accuracy seems spot-on. I checked it against a number of other radio controlled clocks I have and it matches precisely. Likewise with the BBC time pips on a non-DAB radio. Interestingly I have two identical Acctim radio controlled wall clocks which were BOTH exactly 2 seconds out (fast) from this watch and the four other independent devices I checked. I had been blaming the BBC for years for being 2 seconds out but it looks like the Acctims are wrong ! I actually have a third Acctim (sad I know) that is similar but without the glow in the dark display and that is spot-on.
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on 21 February 2014
This watch does everything I want in a stylish package. I've had a titanium Seiko watch for years and wouldn't want a watch made from any other material as it is very light and sturdy. What else can I say as with all radio controlled watches it keeps perfect time. The digital display is a good size and easy to read. The watch face is similarly easy to read and has the benefit of a light function for night use. I haven't used the alarm or stopwatch yet, but no doubt for those that need these functions will be equally good. The controls are intuitive, as well.
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