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This the second instalment of 'Star-Trek's exciting 'prequel's to the
iconic and much admired series of yesteryear.
after breaking 'Federation' guide-lines in an effort to save friend, 2nd
command 'Spock' ..'Kirk' looses his position as captain of the 'Enterprise'
after a unprovoked attack on earth's federation H.Q and the death of 'Kirk's'
friend and Commander 'Christopher Pike' circumstances have changed, the
ruthless 'John Harrison' known as 'Khan' has declared a one-man war on 'Earth'
and the 'Federation'
'Kirk' is re-installed as the captain of the 'Enterprise' along with his trusted
team, their mission ---kill 'Khan' .....however because 'Khan' has chosen a
'Klingon' planet in which to hide, use of weapons there could trigger a war with
the 'Klingon' empire.
things are not as cut and dry as they appear however........the adventure begins.
again, sympathetic and credible attention has again been afforded to the original
character's that many of us remember well, this is an action-packed thrill-ride,
with dazzling special effects on board.......this is again a must for 'Trekkie'
fans both old and new,
( superb on both B/R 3-D and Blu-Ray disc )
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on 24 September 2013
Ask around and you will find that many people believe that J. J. Abrams did a good job when rebooting the Star Trek universe. He did not disregard the cannon that the film was based on, but embraced it and created an alternative universe instead. Therefore, why are people so surprised that `Star Trek into Darkness' should follow the same trend? Kirk and company return on a new adventure that sees them go up against the mysterious John Harrison. On their journey they will meet foes familiar to the Trek fans everywhere, but can they also succeed where their previous incarnations trod?

As a fan of the universe I very much enjoyed `Into Darkness', this is a film that is all about the spectacle and providing a rip roaring adventure. Many modern blockbusters try and create a seat of your pants ride, but few succeed. I believe `Into Darkness' succeeded where they failed. There are some great action set pieces and twists, that some may see coming, but are fun nonetheless. The cast remain excellent; Pine, Quinto and Pegg in particular. Some of the other crew are a little underserved this time, but future outings may reset this balance.

It is probably the controversial third act that splits people from loving the film, or not. I for one found it a fun way of connecting to the past, whilst maintaining its own identity. It is more the very final scenes that annoyed me, almost as it everything had to be wrapped up cleanly for the modern simpler audience. Throw out any potential controversy with the film and you are left with an excellent summer blockbuster that has brilliant action sequence and pithy cast chemistry that lifts the dialogue. Not quite as good as the original reimagining, but still a great flick.

This is a film to watch in High Definition, the action looks magnificent and you can bask in the glow of Abrams lens flare. The special features on the disc are a little dry and will appeal to people more interested in special effects creating than the actual movie.
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on 26 February 2017
I grew up with Star Trek so I am very forgiving BUT really ....?

Special effects, great as per... but for me what let this whole thing down was there just wasn't enough story. Beyond the main characters, and even at times including them, most characters felt almost one-dimensional. The whole thing felt as though it should have been a sub arc to the main plot of the movie - but there just wasn't a main plot.
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on 12 May 2017
Fine film if you are into Star Trek. You Probably have to see the first film ("Star Trek" made in 2009- not sure if it has another name, but by the same Director - Abrams, I think) as it carries on from it to some extent. A good re-ignition of the franchise. Of course being Hollywood there is the villain played by the British Actor... "The Cumberbatch" plays an excellent baddy as "Khan".
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on 2 January 2017
Great movie. But item received did not have digital UV copy so item not as described

I saw the movie at the cinema and it was excellent.

But the blu ray I received was not the item on the product page. I ordered the Blu-ray+digital copy edition but received only the Blu-ray.

The cover was different (no blue ribbon) and I didn't received the UV/digital copy hence the 1 star rating as this was an important part of my purchase decision.
review image review image
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on 16 September 2013
I read some reviews of the film when first shown in cinemas, and they went along the lines of good film, but don't bother with 3D. I know it was not filmed with 3D cameras; they made the 3D version in post production, but for the sake of the extra £5.00 I purchased the 3D version anyway as you get the 2D disc in the box too - and was so glad I did as the 3D is really good, much better than some other 'real' 3D discs I have purchased. The depth feels believable and the film flies along at a cracking pace, and I never felt any eye strain or tiredness - in fact I forgot I was wearing glasses. Only downside in my view is that the 3D version is still letterboxed - I think 3D looks best in 16:9 format without any black bars (like Madagascar 3), but even so, the 3D looks great.
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on 28 April 2017
A good film very enjoyable good special effects as good as if not better than the first.
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on 17 March 2017
I don't usually like "in their younger days" movies but this one was pretty good.
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on 4 December 2014
Though better than the earlier film, an many SF films, this still ain't real Star Trek - its the A-Team in space.
An the best things in this are English : benedict as khan, simon pegg / scotty, an a hot blonde called alice eve.
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on 10 March 2017
As good as the first really enjoyed it.
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