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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 March 2017
So we watched season one and absolutely loved it, so much that we watched season 2 in just a week. We knew that Kevin Bacon was still starring as Ryan Hardy but whether many or any of the other original cast were going to be in it, we didn't know. We also wondered how they would continue the season, would this be Joe Carrolls 'followers' who continued his work of randomly killing, would Joe rise from the dead, or would this be a whole new story.
I don't want to give the game away by saying too much. However, there are lots of new characters along the way although most are introduced at the start, some make it all the way through the season, others don't. There are more of the original cast making appearances at various points throughout, some you thought wouldn't be back.
The story is every bit as strong as season 1 and is completely gripping, we found it really hard to turn off. Again, there are lots of anxious moments when your heart skips a few beats, and lots of pretty gruesome murders along the way.
If your haven't watched season one, I would recommend catching up with that first because the whole series will make more sense. If you have watched season one and enjoyed it, definitely worth watching this series, I certainly wasn't disappointed. In fact the only reason we are not halfway through season 3 now is that we haven't watched anything else for weeks so need to catch up, then will watch the final (sadly) season.
Overall, 5 stars from me, and as with season 1, one of the best series I have watched ever, completely love it!
Thank you for taking the time to read my review, I hope you found it helpful :)
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on 10 November 2015
Like the first season of The Following, this is all fairly ridiculous. But it is entertaining. If you can swallow the plot twists and the levels of bloody carnage that fill the show on a regular basis then there's enough here to keep you coming back for more.

We jump forward a year after the end of the first season and it's not long before our boys Ryan (Kevin Bacon) and Joe (James Purefoy) are pitted against each other again in another sinister game of cat and mouse. Other previous characters are present and correct (those that are still alive anyway) along with a fair few new faces to keep things fresh. From serial killing twins, to a new devilish cult, to a fame hungry preacher - everyone's got a murderous glint in their eye. Add this to the usual grossly incompetent cops and it keeps the feeling of pretty much anything can happen.

It's not perfect but the acting it strong for the most part, the tone is deliciously dark and it all sprints along in a blur of twists and turns which makes it a good show for binge watching. Keep clicking the button for the next episode and before you know it, they're all gone. Onto Season 3 then I guess.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 April 2017
If you've made it as far as Season 2, it's probably fair to assume you're only going to buy (or download) this series because you enjoyed Season 1. But you could well be asking yourself how on earth can there be a Season 2 if Joe Carroll was blown up in a boat house at the end of Season 1. Take a guess - it's no spoiler to say that he's still on the cast list. But initially we don't know what's going on when men in Joe Carroll masks attack a carriage full of New York subway passengers in homage to Joe.

This is a real rollercoaster of a season. With the evil Lily and what Ryan refers to as her 'international house of psychos' setting out to out-Joe Joe with their killing activities and a new following being set up at the encampment of a charismatic blood-cult 'guru', there's a lot of blood to mop up in this season.

My husband cringes every time he sees me watching this and wonders how I can bear to see something so gory and unpleasant but the funny thing is that despite all the killing, we all know that the main characters are going to be fine. They are like characters in a computer game - you shoot them, stab them, blow them up and they just seem to bounce back. There are things that happen which are seriously disturbing, but in a second season, the viewer should know what to expect.

The weirdest part is that the viewer actually starts to almost quite LIKE the multi-murdering serial killer by the end of the season.

Kevin Bacon is great but starts to look like he really could use a holiday. There's only so much running around in the dark fighting people that a man his age can really be expected to take.
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SEASON TWO - (The review does outline the flow of the series)
One year has passed since 'Joe Carrol' (James Purefoy) is believed t have died in the explosion
at the lighthouse, dental records had confirmed it.
'Ryan Hardy' (Kevin Bacon) and his wife 'Claire' were attacked in their home,'Claire' died at nd Hospital.
Ryan' has slowly rebuilt his life away from the F.B.I. and now lectures on crime.
When a number of passengers on a N.Y.subway rail carriage are killed by men wearing 'Joe Carrol'
masks the F.B.I. seek out 'Ryan' and former partner 'Mike Weston' (Shawn Ashmore) too see if they may
be of help as the deaths mark one year since 'Carrol's' supposed death, it looks like related cult killings
or could it be copy-cat, the one survivor from the carriage 'Lily Gray'(Connie Nielsen) will remain at
risk from the cult.
Could it really be that 'Carrol' lives, have the sadistic cult risen from the ashes ?
'Mike Weston' still working with the F.B.I is very much involved in the investigation, can former agent
'Ryan' really ignore what's going on.
Is cult leader alive and pulling the stings and ordering the killings,former foot soldier 'Emma'(Valorie
Hill) is beginning to wonder what's going on hearing the News-Reports.
'Ryan's' niece NYPD cop 'Max Hardy' (Jessica Stroup) is fast becoming involved with her uncles private
need to get questions answered.
The first series was brilliant, this has started with the same intensity, 'James Purefoy' as cult-leader
'Joe Carrol' a master-stroke, perfect casting.
To be continued -
Because of recent events the nightmare 'Joe Carrol' brings to the table is playing on 'Ryan's' mind, he's
becoming restless at night, in his dreams he comes face to face with 'Carol'
In the backwoods a very much alive 'Carrol' is contemplating returning from the dead.
Meanwhile is romance between 'Ryan' and 'Lily' in he air ?
Will 'Joe Carrol' get back in contact with loyal 'Emma' who, besides being a trusted foot-soldier for him,
she'd also been infatuated by his charms.
'Ryan' feels he's involved, however he is ex- F.B.I. and is warned off by 'Agent Gena Mendez' (Valerie Cruz)
who leads the investigation.
With an unexpected twist it looks like 'Ryan's' dinner date is off.
With the death toll rising 'Joe' with new follower 'Mandy' (Tiffany Boone) in tow, is on his way to rejoin
his kind of civilization.
'Ryan's' speculation on whether or not 'Carrol' is alive will soon be surely answered.
In the New York area 'Carrol' has a new family of followers in waiting including the evil twins 'Mark' and
'Luke' and have now been joined by 'Emma'
'Ryan' with the help of his niece NYPD officer 'Max' are unofficially pursuing there own investigation, the
F.B.I team on the case are finding it difficult to keep up with them, of course given it's history 'Ryan' is
on a mission.
'Emma' obviously delighted to see 'Joe' alive feels he'd let her down, she'd had no idea that he was alive
when he disappeared, she'd been left very much alone, now 'Joe' finds he has to keep one or two of his largely
new following content.
'Ryan' and 'Max' try to get information from a cult member they'd been following....the tension and bloodshed
continues -
To be continued -
'Ryan' is responsible for the killing of two of 'Lily's' what she considers her family members,'Giselle' who
was close to 'Luke' being one of the dead, the twins want instant revenge.
'Ryan' needs the F.B.I to close in on the location he believes 'Carroll' to be, in the event only friend 'Mike'
shows up which leaves just 'Ryan' 'Max' and 'Mike' to go up against the cult.
'Mike' believes the cult have been able to stay one step ahead because they have a informant on tap within the
'Mike' and 'Max' are putting their careers at risk assisting 'Ryan' however to stop 'Joe Carroll' and his kind
they are prepared to risk all.
'Joe' along with 'Emma' and his charge 'Hannah' escape capture leaving the controlling 'Lily' and remaining
son 'Mark' to seek refuge at a very different cults headquarters, where 'Joe' will be considered a follower and
not a leader....surely the seeming demotion of status will not suit the murderous intentions of 'Joe Carrol' for
'Ryan Hardy' meanwhile has a compulsive need to finish it.
'Lily' who believes she witnessed 'Luke's death at the hands of 'Mike' has a need to avenge her sons apparent
death and that of the other ''family'' members of the cult earlier holding 'Ryan Hardy' responsible.
She has enticed a doting friend known as 'The Huntsman' to capture and hold 'Ryan's' niece 'Max' - what lengths
will 'Lily' go to to achieve her revenge.
At the camp 'Carroll' try's to negotiate with the cult leader offering his sevices in return for protective refuge
from the F.B.I and indeed 'Ryan'
The plot thickens -
To be continued -
The cult and camp called 'Corban' had been formed by husband and wife, 'Micah'(Jake Webber) and 'Julia' what is
it they want from 'Joe Carroll' ??
'Joe' of course has a special talent - Killing, is this the mindless skill camp leader 'Micah' want from him.
Meanwhile rogue killer 'Lily' satisfy's some of her anger by killing 'Mike Weston's' father an act 'Mike' has had
to witness on screen.
The F.B.I need the knowledge and skills 'Ryan' has on the subject of 'Carroll' could it be that they want him back
on board.
The search for 'Joe' leads 'Ryan' to the man 'Joe' had mentioned in his book to be his mentor 'Strauss' will 'Ryan'
find the answers he's looking for, does 'Strauss' know where the killer is hiding.
Meanwhile back at the delusional cult camp 'Corban' it seems 'Joe' and 'Emma' are beginning to fit in just fine
'Lily Gray' is hitting the headlines with her killing spree, 'Joe' doesn't like the idea that she appears to be
stealing his headlines, however, he is making plans.
Mike, Ryan and Max may well have discovered the mole in the F.B.I
The plot deepens as the trail to 'Joe Carroll's wherabouts keeps closing.
A killing spree orchestrated by 'Joe Carroll' hits a book store where author 'Carrie Cooke'(Sprague Grayden) is doing
a book-signing.
'Joe Carroll' announces himself to the World..........'Ryan' feels helpless knowing many will surely die before he
gets close to 'Carroll'
(The episodes are simply flying by)
To Be Continued -
'Joe' now has control of 'Corban' but has he got the support of 'Micah' and 'Julia's' disciples.
Unknown to 'Ryan' colleague and friend 'Mike' has reluctantly kept a secret from 'Ryan' these last twelve months.
The F.B.I have 'Strauss' in custody, can he or will he point them in the right direction, or does he not know where
his former student 'Joe' is.
The F.B.I also have 'Carroll' copycat-killer 'Lily' still to find.
Of course 'Ryan's' obsession remains the same, he'll not rest until 'Carroll' is dead.
'Joe's' new disciples are about to wreak terror upon the streets of New York with his new following of completely
unknown killers.
However there are those at 'Corban' that do not share 'Joe's' vision and new direction for the cult, the want to leave,
but, will they really be allowed to do so.
'Mandy' who 'Joe' had brought with him from, the backwoods to New York also has doubts, will she prove to be his
achilles heel.
'Joe's' mission of intent continues through the hands of his disciples - 'No Redemption Without Blood'
'Ryan' has tried to move on from a year ago, he has begun a relationship with author 'Carrie' without being aware of
the secret 'Mike' has had to keep from him.
Meanwhile at the camp 'Joe' is still in effect brainwashing his new followers to do his bloody work.
There are still many doubters about the message 'Joe' preaches among his new followers.
On the streets of New York a new-wave of killings is taking place, but, who has ordered it, 'Ryan' has serious doubts as
no messages have been left upon the victims.
The local hospital becomes compromised receiving more patients than have actually been injured in the incident.
'Lily's' son 'Luke' recovering from the injuries 'Mike' had inflicted upon him is held there in a heavily guarded room,
he's sprung by 'Lily's' cult members.
'Ryan' knows he's still somewhere in the hospital as the F.B.I had quickly locked down the exits, can 'Luke' escape.
At 'Corban' 'Emma' questions 'Joe' on what plans he really has for their future safety.
'Joe Carroll's' weakness seems to be that he won't be upstaged, he needs to be the centre of attention....he demands
the headlines.
The surprise that was waiting for 'Ryan' is brought to him at her request by F.B.I agents, 'Claire Matthews'(Natalie Zea)
is alive.
Meanwhile 'Mandy' has jumped ship, could it be she's jumped out of the frying pan in to the fire, she has contacted
'Lily's' son 'Mark' for refuge.
Obviously 'Lily' and her sons will want to know where 'Joe' is.
Murderous competion appears to be building, could be, the 'ego' of the two cult leaders could lead to their downfall.
'Ryan' is trying to anticipate 'Joe's' next move by studying the message recorded for him by 'Joe'
Meanwhile 'Mandy' will not give up 'Joe's whereabouts despite undue pressure from 'Lily's' sons 'Luke' and 'Mark'
'Joe' is becoming upset by Reverent Tanners on screen attacks on 'Carroll's' cult teachings and decides to vent his
revenge on the religious broadcaster by abducting his son 'Preston'
The F.B.I are just a matter of seconds too late to stop the abduction, however 'Ryan' follows the cults van with
captive 'Preston' on board.
'Ryan' is on his own, what will he be able to do if by following the van he finds 'Joe Carrolls' hideout, without
any possible help 'Ryan' may well put himself into mortal danger.
To be Continued -
'Ryan' now in the cult's compound try's to figure out how to get close enough to 'Carroll' to take him out.
Meanwhile 'Claire' is trying to convince broadcaster and writer 'Carrie' that the knowledge she has of 'Joe's' habits
and weak-spots could help draw him out and possibly help 'Ryan's' survival chances.
However to get close 'Ryan' wears one of the cults masks to blend in and get even closer, meanwhile 'Carroll' attempts
to coerce preacher 'Kingston Tanners' son into performing a sacrifice by killing a follower which 'Ryan' will try to stop.
In the meantime 'Lily's' intent on revenge against 'Carroll' is 'Joe's' world closing in around him. ?
At 'Corban' one of 'Preston's' abductors admits to 'Joe' that it is possible that 'Ryan Hardy' had indeed followed them
to the Camp.
'Emma' again pleads with 'Joe' to leave and find a safe haven with her as the F.B.I could storm the gates to the estate
at any time, the location was no longer a mystery.
'Joe' instructs his foot-soldiers to check out the possibility that 'Ryan' could be within the grounds.
At this point in time 'Mike' and an F.B.I team tr to close in on 'Lily's location..........
Things are bubbling up quite nicely as 'Ryan' becomes a prisoner and is seemingly at the mercy of 'Joe Carroll's' will.
It seems that war between 'Joe's' cult and that of 'Lily's' could be about to break-out as her killers storm Corban.
The F.B.I are also closing in following the lead 'Lily' has inadvertently given them, not forgetting the rival cult had
killed 'Mike Weston's father earlier, will he administer revenge ?
'Joe' along with 'Emma' and a few loyal followers have left the exposed compound.
'Joe' believes that his time may well be up. and plans a spectacular finally planning to use 'Preston Tanner' to capture
the boys father 'Kingston' who had repeatedly spoken out against him.
Much of 'Carroll's' objectives seem a little self-serving, a fact that the loyal 'Emma' was learning fast.
'Carroll' along with a handful of followers have with prisoners 'Kingston and Preston Tanner' in tow taken a Church with
many worshipers now hostage, is this to be 'Joe Carroll's' final moments.
The F.B.I are at the doors, 'Ryan' and 'Mike' in tow....
Meanwhile, also hell-bent on revenge twins 'Luke' and 'Mark'........how long will it be before they join the party.
'Claire' could throw a spanner in the works as she fully intends to be involved in her ex-husband 'Joe's' downfall.
The tension at the Church builds as 'Joe' continues his reign of terror, 'Lily's' vengeful twins are not so very far
from the action.
'Carroll' is making demands upon 'Ryan' who had entered the church with 'Mike' he has a gun pointed at the captured
'Mike's' head, whist on the phone 'Luke' and 'Mark' are also making demands as they have taken 'Clair' after her
encounter with 'Emma'
The Church has been wired up, a trigger could kill all within....however the threat on 'Claire's' life leads 'Ryan'
to try and broker a deal with 'Joe'.......How will that turn out ?
With all the twists and turns on-board the series as with the first has an exciting finally, however again it will leave
so many loose ends to resolve........
This has been, as was the first. an exciting and compelling series, and should not be missed.
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on 18 July 2017
Series 2 review: I like kevin bacon so keep watching in the hope the writing will get better, but episode one he finds an important bloke's flat, breaks in, amateurishly interrogates him, lets him escape and then doesnt tell anyone. If the fbi had sat on the flat they'd have caught him, and the weird girl from series 1 at least. Same as series 1 it seems the main character is as much to blame for the continuance of the killing as the ham fisted sloppy killers are who are only out matched in their sloppiness by kevin b's character, mis-ably helped by an fbi so incapable of protecting obvious targets and investigating obvious suspects they should be locked up themselves. Shame it could be so much better and has a few class actors in it but the writing is crap. Watch Bosch for a decent crime drama, this is something to have on for a few episodes whilst doing something else and then skip to the final episode to see the probably ridiculously predictable boss fight at the end.
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on 24 June 2017
Another great series of The Following! No fault of the show itself, but I dislike the way Amazon is starting to show advertisements between episodes. I pay an annual subscription for access to this content and for that I expect no adverts. I'll move my business to Netflix or other if Amazon continue with this for much longer.
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VINE VOICEon 22 May 2015
A dark tale, but if you were hooked by season 1 you need this too! This season shifts the goal posts slightly but delivers the goods again thanks to great acting from Mr Bacon. Good TV
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on 12 May 2017
great item many thanks quick post
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on 25 April 2017
Disks good - story predictable.
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on 9 February 2017
Love this series .
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