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on 17 July 2014
The problem with printers is that there are so many and so many different ratings given by people that it's hard to know which is good and which isn't.

The specs around this model are strong and it's wi-fi/air-play which, for the price, won me over.

I'll simply list the facts and let people take what they want from them:

Firstly, this printer is a lot bigger than I expected; it's certainly not compact by any means so make sure and check the dimensions as I didn't. The price should have alerted me to this so this is my fault for not checking and expecting something smaller.

Moving onto the set-up; there are a lot of reviews talking about how complicated it was to set up and having to register in order to be able to set it up. It's honestly not difficult to set-up. Follow the instructions which are clear and straightforward, make sure you know your wi-fi password and how to sync your make of wi-fi hub (mine is Virgin that give great instructions on line around how to sync your hub to other devices) as you'll need to know how to do this. Some reviewers seem to be faulting the printer for not finding their signals but it's the other way around, the hub needs to be synced in order to find it and connect so it's not the fault of the printer.

From here you have 2 options; you can use the cd provided to finalize set up or you can use HP's website. I used the website. Yes, it does give you the options of signing up and creating an account however, you don't have to do this and it's states that you can continue without registering. I registered because the ink is very cheap and the ink cartridges are not expensive enough for me to warrant buying cheap knock off versions and losing quality of the print. By signing up I can automatically order when i'm running low and there's not a bad software photo editing package included for download when you sign up.

Took me another 5 minutes to finalise set up through this and it worked straight away with no problems and no paper jams.

Overall, the set up was straightforward and following the instructions. the printer was up and running within 10 minutes.

Now, air-printing; I have an iPad and I was worried that i would have to download software but I didn't; you can but you don't have to. It was really, really simple; just bring up the document on your device tap print and choose the printer and that's it; it worked first time and worked brilliantly. No issues with using an iPad or my iPhone 5 with this printer but i can't speak for how well it works with Android/windows devices.

Reviewers have complained about various things and I want to just pick up a couple and compare my experience to them:

- Front loading; yes, the printer is front loading but this isn't a problem with me and I don't see the issue. It's actually space saving and because the printer is bigger than i thought, this is a good thing and it's easy to use; once again, follow the instructions which make it clear
- Paper jams: I've printed out a 20 page document, 2 sided and absolutely no issues at any time and it's hasn't jammed once. Now, once it a while, if you've signed up to an account, a special reward offer will come on screen which interrupts printing but you just resume printing. It's no big deal and it's very rare as it's a reward scheme that offers you discounts or free editing tools.
- Flimsy front loader: I'll be clearer than most around this; they are referring to a small 2 inch strip of plastic that pulls out of the actual front loader to make sure paper doesn't fall on the ground when printing our. It's made of plastic but it's by no means flimsy and you don't actually have to use this.
- No ink provided with printer; not true, the printer comes with a black and white and colour cartridge. Again, people should be clearer. There are 2 types of quality when it comes to the cartridges and the cartridges supplied are the basic quality cartridges, which leads me onto:
- Quality of print/image: no problems here. i don't see what people are complaining about the quality is excellent using these cartridges and I use the printer for very basic printing and photo printing and there are no issues with this. I don't know, perhaps if you are a photographer and make your living selling images then this would matter more (but then, why would you buy such a cheap printer. I printed off 2 DVLA forms and these were perfect, as if I had picked them up from the post office.
- Paper; again, some reviewers stating to have to use HP paper?(!) Not true, I've been using basic photocopying paper and it works fine
- Cost of cartridges; these cartridges are some of the cheapest around and half the price of the previous Advent model I had.
- Length of cartridge use: I've had the printer for approx 2 weeks and printed out a fair few things (boarding passes, recipes, DVLA forms..etc) and they are still going strong, If people use cheap knock off cartridges these will only last half as long

Overall, I've had the printer for approx 2 weeks and couldn't be happier with it. I think that some reviewers are taking it out of the box, not following instructions, making assumptions when they shouldn't be and perhaps don't have a basic grasp of technology. I experienced none of the issues that other people have.

Apologies for the length of the review but I felt it was important to address what a lot of people are giving negative reviews about and that's just not fair on this printer when anybody looking for a low cost good reliable wi-fi/airplay printer could do so much worse that get this one.

I hope this reviews proves helpful to those that find navigating positive and negative reviews a minefield!

Just an update to my original 5 star review written in April 2014 - It's now January 2017 and I've had this printer for just over 2 and a 1/2 years and it is still going strong.

Across this time I have never had an issue with it and I have changed computers, iPad, iPhone and wireless provider throughout these years and each time, connection back to the printer has been quick, easy and painless.

I've not had to think about buying another printer as there have been no issues and still fully believe and back up what I stated in my original review.

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on 19 November 2015
Works very well.

I can print from my phone, ipad and computer with no untidy wires. Scanning works well.

Setting up was quite easy - so easy I can't remember much about it. I think I did most of it from the printer directly.

The printer is a lot smaller and neater than the last iphone compatible printer I used to own.

I haven't signed up for all the HP nonsense - I just want to print out stuff, not sign up to yet another corporate lifestyle.

Inevitably with a printer this small and cheap the feel of it can be a bit plasticky but otherwise I'm impressed.

Early days yet but so far so good.

I've read a few reviews about people saying the printer is reporting a paper jam when the paper hasn't been loaded. This printer has been packed with lots of cardboard taped in its innards presumably to stop the printer rattling about it transit. I would make sure this is carefully removed before trying to print. Also if the connectivity is shakey, test the printer using a wired connection as it could be the quality of your wifi.
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on 23 August 2017
I was really pleased with this until it ran out of ink. Ink cartridges hp61 not available from usual source. Ordered HP301 & 302 as widely guaranteed to be compatible with this machine but were rejected. Waste of time and money!!! Amazon search revealed HP61 at a cost of £69+ for 2 (black and colour). This is an extortionate price, particularly as only £20.00 less than cost of printer. Had no choice but to order only other choice - VICTORSTAR remanufactured cartridges. I am holding my breath in the hope that these will prove satisfactory. Hugely disappointed that Amazon are selling a printer for which ink cartridges are not readily available at a competitive price.
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on 9 November 2014
Bought this for my father to go with his Chromebook. Because this is one of HP's e printers, it links seamlessly to the Chromebook to enable local printing. Set up is minimal, a code is provided.

This printer will also print from, and work only with a black cartridge. So if you're not bothered about colour printing, it is an economical choice.

Scanning and copying can be initiated from a browser tab.
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on 24 November 2015
It's okay, I suppose. Screen and buttons are very small and faffy and printing speed is slow. Currently having problems printing any colour as I've invalidated the warranty by buying Tesco ink (heaven forbid). Bit of a task having to clean the printhead but hey ho - I brought it on myself!
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on 9 May 2017
Lost one star as it is not very good at picking up the paper from the hopper to have to had feed it in. This is for home use and I don't print much so can put up with this inconvenience otherwise I would send it back.
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on 31 August 2016
Excellant all-in-one printer
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on 4 June 2017
I have always owned hp printers as found them up to now a great printer. This one however is a joke! You add the ink print a few things and its gone. I basically hardly use it and have to go pay at community computer shops to print my documents.

I wish I never bought it and would not recommend it to anyone unless they are happy to run up a massive bill just for ink!
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on 6 August 2015
So far this Printer (all in one) has been ok.
The WiFI facility however, is intermittent.
Everytime I use it, I have to use the "Scan doctor" to find the printer (it sits two feet away from my PC)
It is also fairly thirsty on ink usage.
Buy one, but bear in mind my comments!
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on 18 October 2015
For the money you can't complain. It prints quick via pc and has duplex capability. Printing from a smart phone takes a lot longer for some reason. And it's not an eye sore to look at either!
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