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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 17 July 2014
The problem with printers is that there are so many and so many different ratings given by people that it's hard to know which is good and which isn't.

The specs around this model are strong and it's wi-fi/air-play which, for the price, won me over.

I'll simply list the facts and let people take what they want from them:

Firstly, this printer is a lot bigger than I expected; it's certainly not compact by any means so make sure and check the dimensions as I didn't. The price should have alerted me to this so this is my fault for not checking and expecting something smaller.

Moving onto the set-up; there are a lot of reviews talking about how complicated it was to set up and having to register in order to be able to set it up. It's honestly not difficult to set-up. Follow the instructions which are clear and straightforward, make sure you know your wi-fi password and how to sync your make of wi-fi hub (mine is Virgin that give great instructions on line around how to sync your hub to other devices) as you'll need to know how to do this. Some reviewers seem to be faulting the printer for not finding their signals but it's the other way around, the hub needs to be synced in order to find it and connect so it's not the fault of the printer.

From here you have 2 options; you can use the cd provided to finalize set up or you can use HP's website. I used the website. Yes, it does give you the options of signing up and creating an account however, you don't have to do this and it's states that you can continue without registering. I registered because the ink is very cheap and the ink cartridges are not expensive enough for me to warrant buying cheap knock off versions and losing quality of the print. By signing up I can automatically order when i'm running low and there's not a bad software photo editing package included for download when you sign up.

Took me another 5 minutes to finalise set up through this and it worked straight away with no problems and no paper jams.

Overall, the set up was straightforward and following the instructions. the printer was up and running within 10 minutes.

Now, air-printing; I have an iPad and I was worried that i would have to download software but I didn't; you can but you don't have to. It was really, really simple; just bring up the document on your device tap print and choose the printer and that's it; it worked first time and worked brilliantly. No issues with using an iPad or my iPhone 5 with this printer but i can't speak for how well it works with Android/windows devices.

Reviewers have complained about various things and I want to just pick up a couple and compare my experience to them:

- Front loading; yes, the printer is front loading but this isn't a problem with me and I don't see the issue. It's actually space saving and because the printer is bigger than i thought, this is a good thing and it's easy to use; once again, follow the instructions which make it clear
- Paper jams: I've printed out a 20 page document, 2 sided and absolutely no issues at any time and it's hasn't jammed once. Now, once it a while, if you've signed up to an account, a special reward offer will come on screen which interrupts printing but you just resume printing. It's no big deal and it's very rare as it's a reward scheme that offers you discounts or free editing tools.
- Flimsy front loader: I'll be clearer than most around this; they are referring to a small 2 inch strip of plastic that pulls out of the actual front loader to make sure paper doesn't fall on the ground when printing our. It's made of plastic but it's by no means flimsy and you don't actually have to use this.
- No ink provided with printer; not true, the printer comes with a black and white and colour cartridge. Again, people should be clearer. There are 2 types of quality when it comes to the cartridges and the cartridges supplied are the basic quality cartridges, which leads me onto:
- Quality of print/image: no problems here. i don't see what people are complaining about the quality is excellent using these cartridges and I use the printer for very basic printing and photo printing and there are no issues with this. I don't know, perhaps if you are a photographer and make your living selling images then this would matter more (but then, why would you buy such a cheap printer. I printed off 2 DVLA forms and these were perfect, as if I had picked them up from the post office.
- Paper; again, some reviewers stating to have to use HP paper?(!) Not true, I've been using basic photocopying paper and it works fine
- Cost of cartridges; these cartridges are some of the cheapest around and half the price of the previous Advent model I had.
- Length of cartridge use: I've had the printer for approx 2 weeks and printed out a fair few things (boarding passes, recipes, DVLA forms..etc) and they are still going strong, If people use cheap knock off cartridges these will only last half as long

Overall, I've had the printer for approx 2 weeks and couldn't be happier with it. I think that some reviewers are taking it out of the box, not following instructions, making assumptions when they shouldn't be and perhaps don't have a basic grasp of technology. I experienced none of the issues that other people have.

Apologies for the length of the review but I felt it was important to address what a lot of people are giving negative reviews about and that's just not fair on this printer when anybody looking for a low cost good reliable wi-fi/airplay printer could do so much worse that get this one.

I hope this reviews proves helpful to those that find navigating positive and negative reviews a minefield!

Just an update to my original 5 star review written in April 2014 - It's now January 2017 and I've had this printer for just over 2 and a 1/2 years and it is still going strong.

Across this time I have never had an issue with it and I have changed computers, iPad, iPhone and wireless provider throughout these years and each time, connection back to the printer has been quick, easy and painless.

I've not had to think about buying another printer as there have been no issues and still fully believe and back up what I stated in my original review.

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on 15 March 2014
Have set up the printer today and have printed loads of good quality copies already. I was of the understanding that no ink was included so ordered 2 separately. However, in the box I was amazed to see 2 incIuded. I also didn't realise that the software disc does not support Windows 8 which I have on my new laptop. Not too much of a problem however. You have to go onto the HP Website Support Section and download a Driver for this model. Once this has been done the Printer will install itself on to your laptop after you follow the on screen instructions. I hope this review will help some of you get your Printer up and running. Connecting the actual Printer to my WiFi was really quite easy even for a Pensioner like me. Moral is - If I can do it anyone can.
Great price point and excellent delivery and would thoroughly recommend.
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on 25 September 2013
I love this printer, it does everything really well. Very easy to set up, the wireless side was dead easy and my ipad and sony phone could print to it without issue.
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on 2 January 2014
Excellent quality print even on basic paper, with an easy setup and easy to operate. Good value, and fairly quiet in operation.
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I bought this to replace an older HP printer mostly because it shares the same cartridges (HP301) and wireless connectivy.
Form factor is somewhat different to most printers this isn't a traditional rear paper feed printer, instead the printer has a paper tray at the front this does make it easier to load up though, but it does add a bit more depth v the other printers.

Controls are quite intuitive a front LCD with touch buttons allow you to change settings and check the ink status on the printer directly. I quite like the slimmer lower profile appearance of the printer and it also fits into my desk area nicely. There are no obvious flaws with the printer (not at this price point) but it's better suited to occasional to moderate use heavy ink users (office etc) will save a lot longer term with a larger printer with big capacity ink carts.

My quick hit list of main points so far

Good areas:
+ Decent print output for both text and photos
+ Low cost
+ Relatively quick prints speeds (up to 8 pages a min for black mixed is nearer 5/6 quality also effects speed normal is just fine for most tasks draft speeds are around double those figures)
+ Supports Wi-Fi (and direct) Apple Air print
+ Borderless printing, double sided printing capable
+ Quite reasonable scan quality (you can reduce and enlarge too) passable for photo scans software is simple but has most of the formats (jpeg, pdf) and options (crop, adjust contrast/brightness/rotate etc) you'll need

Weaker points:
- High Ink costs make it unsuitable for larger volume printing, photo printing consumes a lot of ink (local lab cheaper by far)
- Settings a bit basic for scanning (better suited to documents), requires deeper diving for more advance printer settings (GUI could be improved)
- Fine for the occasional smaller print, output is respectable but not as good as higher end printers or lab prints

Included in the box are a manual, software CD, two 301 (standard yield) carts and power led/brick, no USB printer lead
Once you install the carts and power it on you have to align the print heads this makes a printout and you can scan it to improve print quality
You can use the software CD to connect other computers/laptops to the printer aka wireless or via Wi-Fi direct I find the software works easier, app available for tablet and phone users.
Paper tray holds about 100 sheets of normal paper

HP 301 carts:
I've only ever had one cartridge cause problems a black one, if you insert a new ink cart and it doesn't print out then turn it upside down for a few hours I had one that had an "air lock" brand new, but this solved the problem

HP "don't chip" their ink carts the correct ink volume won't show for re-filled cartridges, but you can re-fill them quite easily (peel back the top sticker fill hold is under here) and the printer doesn't try to stop you doing this (some makers do) I find you can get 2-3 re-fills no problem. Alternatively the XL carts whilst higher cost do have much bigger printing capacity.

Not much to fault really some areas where the interface and software could be a bit user friendly installation works just fine on Windows and Apple computers. Print output is a strong point very crisp and clean documents and relatively good print speeds (it's about average noise wise not too bad though if you print late at night) Ink costs are a factor though the printer is very affordable and you get a the "all in one" appeal no need for a separate scanner. If you do a lot of photo printing this isn't a good solution but OK if you just do the odd smaller one occasionaly. For those who print lower volumes of paper this is a solid offering in this price range. I have stuck with HP because other makers make it hard work to re-fill your cartridges (ie chipped) Worth a look and quite a capable printer
review image review image
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on 14 April 2014
I bought a Canon Printer and it was rubbish firstly it took me ages to connect to wifi then the paper kept jamming so I returned it and purchased this HP envy 4500 and I am so pleased I did. It took me no time at all to connect to wifi and it prints photos amazingly. Some reviews state its not good at printing photos but I have not experienced this. I can also print from any of my apple devices as well as my samsung phone and tablets. Its one of the best printers I have owned and I have also recommended this to a friend. Excellent purchase and delivery was fast.
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on 22 September 2013
Nice compact design without bits sticking out so suitable where space confined. Easy to install from printer display screen instructions with supplied cd or online. I did both - online for our pc and from disk for laptop. Dialysis screen small but clear typeface easy to read. Allow enough time to customise installation if you do not want to install all the bloat ware, games & for registration which took an age. Printer response time good but scanner noisey/slow in operation but quality good. Quaity of prints good. Have tested all basic functions but not tried printing photo's yet. Easy to access innards and install cartridges from large flip up lid under document bed which is important for those of us who are 50+ with dodgy hands. So far so good and happy with my purchase.
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on 22 October 2014
On the face of it this is a good printer and scanner. However it is very unreliable and often goes off line for no reason. It will stop a lot of times half way through a print longer than two sides and frequently it says the scanner has lost contact with my laptop even though it recognises it for printing. If you read the forums a lot of people are having the same problems. It wastes so much time for me and HP customer support is very poor. If you are reading this before you buy, I would say don't buy it !
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on 28 January 2014
This printer arrived yesterday and did not take too long to set up, it is a brilliant little printer that can be printed from via a mobile phone, tablet etc.,
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on 7 December 2015
I've had this printer for about 3 months now. I'm an undergraduate student, so I print a whole bunch of lecture notes, slides, and past papers. This printer is perfect for a student, it has all the features I need, which include seamless wireless printing (I use mac), double sided printing, wirless scanning (into a pdf sent to your laptop using their easy to use app) or into a usb flash drive directly, and copying papers via the scanner. It's also quite fast when printing black and white. My initial black ink cartridge that came with the printer lasted me for about two months, and the coloured ink is still full because I don't print coloured all that much. Just make sure to not replace the ink cartridge as soon as it tells you it's low on ink, because I kept it in and it lasted me a long while before it was completely dry. The print quality is really good, haven't tried printing high res pictures but this printer probably won't be the best for you if that's what you're looking for.

Great printer, definitely recommend it!
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