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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Colour: Black|Change
Price:£208.99+ Free shipping

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on 7 October 2013
when I bought it I saw many critiques with regard to which the battery was warming up too much if you were using during a lot of time, but fortunately it has not been like that, I go two months with this phone and it neither warms up, nor is blocked nor has given me any problem.
Also I saw bad opinions about the volume of the music, that is solved raising the audio level in the multimedia option.

With regard to the mailing and procedure of the order, it was quite very rapid and the seller informs myself at all times about the state of my order.

it was a good buy at a good price.
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on 17 October 2014
Bought this elsewhere because of price, and as a result got a slow delivery. Amazon would have done it much quicker. But, so far, I'm loving this phone. Call quality is very crisp and clear, plenty loud enough both ways. Ringtones as provided include some nicely quirky and good quality samples, and there's a cheeky whistle that can be used for incoming text, etc.Great when it happens walking through town! Screen quality is excellent. Texts adopt the slightly staggered display system, which makes them easier to read and keep track of. The phone is Google Play Store compatible, but the Huawei system may take a little getting used to for some of the more adventurous types.Not that it's bad, in fact I'm liking the simplicity of that, too. Setting up is a breeze with a PAYG card.Once the unnecessary bells and whistles have been turned off, battery life is pretty good. This phone can easily go two days with light use before needing a recharge. The one negative I've found is that the handset can get warm, but this can be alleviated by fitting a gel case... and not jibber-jabbering for hours! This model also has a 5mb facing camera and a lovely 8mb rear camera, matching the iPhone in pixels size, at least.

In summary, if you're a light user, looking to make a few calls, send a few texts, a little Interweb use, and some 8mb snapshots, then this is a really good smartphone for the price, and bargain compared to the newer model, at least for those of us who DON'T use phones for gaming or movie watching,
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on 11 April 2014
I liked this product because it's one of the most recent smartphones and for the specifications it has got, I thought it was pretty cheap! Besides, it is the thinner smartphone that exists and that counts a lot.
I recommend this phone for those who like thin, light phones and at the same time, the latest technology and speed in software
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on 23 July 2013
I have been using this phone for a couple of weeks now and haven't been more impressed by a phone. I upgraded from an iPhone 4S and the difference is massive. For starters, I can get two full days battery life out of the phone - which is unbelievable to me after having put up with sometimes having to charge my iPhone throughout the day to keep it going. I love the Android skin as it does away with the app draw and makes everything much simpler to navigate than other android phones i've played on. Its actually more similar to the iPhone than other android phones.

The 8 megapixel camera isn't as high as other phones but the quality can be really amazing. it struggles a little in low light photos though. Overall i'm very impressed, especially with the build quality which is even better than my old iphone. I was very surprised this phone comes from a maker i've never heard of!!
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on 26 December 2013
This phone is just unexplainable for how ace it is. And I have had many phones. Definitely would recommend to ANYONE. If you are thinking about it, stop thinking and buy it. Trust me.
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on 21 September 2013
The only problem I have with this phone is the difficulty in linking contacts - multiple instances of the same contact from different places (Facebook, gmail, phone) should be easier to link than they are.

Apart from that, I love this phone. The camera is really good - the colours are pretty true to life (I took lots of pictures of sunset, which some phones just can't handle) and the front facing camera is 5mp - much more than average.

The phone is nice and slim but actually still quite big with a 4.7" screen. It fits into some of my pockets but pokes out the top of others. it feels less annoying in the pocket than other phones because it is so slim.

The pre-installed apps are pretty much perfect, I hate having too much bloat-ware pre-installed and there isn't too much on this phone which is good. also comes with a fairly good document viewer and editor, if you ever want to use those things on your phone. the WiFi connectivity has been pretty good, and internet speeds are what you would expect over WiFi. 3G speeds are also pretty good, just varies from area to area as with all signal related things. I've not noticed any lag in the phone when running multiple applications, and I really like the function on Jellybean of being able to close any application easily without having to download an additional app like advanced task manager.

My previous phone was an HTC Desire, so I expect all other makers have made leaps and bounds since then too, but I am really very impressed with Huawei. It's been easy to get used to, easy to customise and the hardware seems very good.

Also, this phone comes with a case included in the box - don't bother buying one until you've tried it with this case and see how you like it (I originally ordered one which I sent back because it is EXACTLY the same as the one that comes with the phone).
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on 12 January 2015
I have been using the P6 every day for the past 9 months as my only smartphone, and it does everything I need it to do well. Calls are great, connectivity is fast, great build quality and imho aesthetically pleasing. Great screen and battery life is very good. I previously had a Galaxy S3. The only thing that I would say is that it's probably not fast enough for the most demanding games, although having said that I had no problems with Real Racing, FIFA or Modern Combat. I now have the option of a work phone upgrade: iphone6, Galaxy S5 or Sony Z3. I'm actually not desperate to change, as I said, the P6 does all I need. If they offered the P7 I'd take that in a second. Peace
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on 5 September 2013
This is a very good piece of kit for a good price, I've never owned a smartphone before so realistically cannot comment about its standing amongst it rivals suffice to say that if this was the lowest denominator then the rest must be really special.
So from my lowly opinion.
It feels great in your hand.
It does or hasnt overheated.
It takes good pics, not the best but on the screen they look brill.
Ive played the game loaded on it and it works fine.
It loads pages quickly and effectively.
The battery seems to last for about 2 Days without using it but this seems to be getting better, not sure if this is good or not.
Low price.
Good Looking.
Seems to integrate easily with my WiFi.
Im Happy with it.
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VINE VOICEon 3 October 2013
My Samsung S4 was stolen on holiday recently and I couldn't afford to replace it with another S4. But I couldn't bear to buy a typical mid-range phone so I took a gamble on this one. So far, so good. First the positives. It looks great. In fact, I would say that it's the best looking phone available right now. It's slim, well made, and light. It feels fantastic in the hand and looks stunning lying on a desk. My wife has an iPhone (4) and that looks like something from last Century in comparison. The screen is also outstanding. It must be the brightest screen in the world. I run it at 50% and it's still brighter than many smartphones at 100%. At full power it could light up a room. Those are the two outstanding features: looks and screen. But special mention to build quality (it feels much better quality than my S4) and, of course, the cost (which is 50% cheaper than an S4).

Some features are good-to-average. The speed is OK. A little disappointing for a quad core phone but faster than most smartphones. The S4 was definitely faster though. But speed is not a problem. The camera is pretty good too. Again, I preferred the S4 camera (which is the best you can get) but this phone takes very decent photos. Again, you will not be disappointed. The battery is fine too. I was spoiled by the S4's battery (which is the best in class) and this one is not as good. But it's pretty good -- and way better than most. The key thing is that you will get a full days use out of it even if you use it a lot (as I do). But you will be charging every night.

There are some weaknesses. The battery is not replaceable. So when that goes, your phone goes (but that applies to the iPhone and many other brands). The phone also runs hot when you do anything semi-demanding on it. That could be a bad combination. Batteries and heat don't mix (heat reduces a battery's efficiency) so it remains to be seen if this problem will affect long term battery life. Incidentally, the battery charges very quickly (much faster than my S4). I don't like the "skin" that comes with the phone (it's Huawei's own) but this is easy to replace (I use Nova Lancher, which works great). My biggest (and only serious) complaint about the phone is the volume on headphones. It's awful. So bad that it is barely usable. I use my phone for running (I use an app) and I could barely hear music, let alone audio announcements. I thought that the S4 was quiet but this phone is much lower. Oddly, the volume is very good out of the speakers. It's the headphone output that is dreadful. This can be fixed (using a couple of apps available on the store: Volume Boost and Volume Locker) but it shouldn't be a problem in the first place.

Summary: best looking phone around; good build quality; great screen; good camera; decent speed; good battery; cheap for what you get; runs hot; non-replaceable battery; awful volume from headphones.

I'm very pleased with mine.
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on 2 September 2013
This is the first smart phone I have had so nothing to compare it with.
The first thing to say is that it doesn't overheat at all and the first couple of days I was using it a lot to get used to it.
The battery does seem to go fairly quickly although I have read reviews elsewhere from people who say that improves after a couple of weeks.
Some people here say that the sound is poor and volume too low when playing music. They may well be right but I wouldn't use any mobile phone to listen to music as none are good enough - get a proper portable music player and listen to that.
I'm happy with the cameras (again, if you are a serious photographer of course the cameras aren't good enough), they take clear pictures and despite my wobbly hand are good at correcting my incompetence for me.
It is very handy having all the functions it has, although I'm sure that is true of any smart phone.
The screen is very sharp and at 4.7" I defy anyone to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p. It is hard enough with a 32" TV. The size of the screen makes watching TV/video just about worthwhile which is one of the reasons I got this.
It also runs Jellybean which, as I intend to have this until it dies, is a good thing as older OS now will be completely redundant in 5-7 years time.
Given the price you can get it for(either sim free or monthly contract works out at about £400-£420 over 2 years with 200-300 mins and 250MB data if you shop around) I consider it one of the best deals around.
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