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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 14 July 2015
Yes, this is even better than what we saw in the cinema. The theatrical version was very good, though we already knew that Rogue had been cut completely from the movie to make a more streamlined narrative (and possibly to meet studio demands over running time).

Now the missing 17 minutes have been reinstated. We get a longer section in the future before the time travel takes place, a mission to rescue Rogue so she can take over from an injured and flagging Kitty, and a new section with Mystique visiting the mansion.

The extended future section gives additional dialogue to Bishop and also Storm - many viewers wanted more from the dystopian future and this goes a good way to satisfying that. And although Anna Paquin's Rogue is reduced once again to a damsel in distress, the rescue mission is good and Paquin has a strong presence that's very promising if we ever get to see any more of her version of Rogue. It also indicates that, like Magneto, her powers did return after she elected to be cured in X-Men: The Last Stand. The scene with Mystique at the mansion doesn't feel so compelling, though it does continue the discussion with Beast over embracing one's true self.

Both versions of the film are very good, but for me the Rogue Cut feels a little more rounded. The mission to rescue Rogue fits in fine amid the film's last act when everything becomes desperate and tense and the action really steps up, with parallels between past and future.

This is a two disc set and it does also contain the original cinema version of the film. Disc 1 also contains a commentary by director Bryan Singer and writer/producer Simon Kinberg for the original cinema version, and a commentary by Bryan Singer and composer/editor John Ottman on the Rogue Cut. Disc 2 has special features including Mutant vs Machine (a 9-part making of documentary), X-Men Unguarded (informal conversations with the cast, it takes them a while to relax and get going but it's quite nice to watch and hear what they think), a sneak peak of the new Fantastic Four and some image galleries.

As for this being double dipping or a 'shameless cash-in', no one is forcing anyone to buy this - and I wish we'd get more of these special editions of our favourite films. Quite often studios demand movies are shortened so there can be more screenings (= more ticket sales) in a day and this at least shows what the creative team had initially intended, without bearing that commercial aspect in mind. The studio went to considerable expense to complete special effects on the material that had initially been cut out and to give something back to Rogue fans who were disappointed she had been removed entirely from the theatrically-released edition. So I'm glad we get the chance to see this. If you're happy with the original Blu-ray/DVD release, then that's great. No one is forcing you to double dip, but this is here for those who want to take that opportunity.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 August 2015
Firstly, this isn't a whole new film by any means but I think it's worth seeing as it does feel like a bigger, more complete picture and if you're a big X-Men fan I think you'll enjoy the additional content and notice the difference - just don't expect a brand new movie.

If you're not a super fan I would wait until it comes down in price a bit as you might not think it worth while but I love the X-Men films and saw the original of this twice at the cinema and twice on DVD (once not long before seeing this version). That made it easy for me to see the differences, even some of the smaller additions. Many of the changes or additions are minor - just a few seconds here or there - but nice none the less and although around 20 minutes doesn't sound like much, I found it did add to the film because it was spread around a lot, even if a lot of it didn't particularly change the plot etc.

But there are some scenes extended a fair bit more and it was good to see more of some the newer characters at the start and of course the completely new scenes with Mystique & Beast and the one significant new aspect/plot spread across a few scenes towards the end (revolving around Rogue, obviously!). I hate the way Rogue has been portrayed in the X-Men films as she couldn't be further from the cartoon character I fell in love with in the 90's so she certainly isn't swaying my review and she herself doesn't bring that much to the film (and be warned that her character doesn't improve on previous installments either - same limp character unfortunately) but the main sequence itself I thought was great, resulting in another/earlier death not seen in the original which in turn changes how some of the final battle in the future plays out.

I also appreciated how the Rogue section actually showed how the sentinels in the future managed to find the team where Kitty, Warpath, Blink, Storm etc were and I think they should have just left this whole sub plot in originally instead of milking another film out of it. This new cut also allows for additional adult language (including an extra F-Bomb) and a little more violence, such as Wolverine's first fight scene when he is transported back to the 70's. There is also an additional post-credits scene featuring Trask about 2 minutes after the credits start.

Don't want to spoil anything so have tried not to go into any detail but if you love the X-Men and enjoyed the original cut I don't think you'll be disappointed and it fills the gap whilst waiting for Apocalypse, Deadpool and Gambit next year!
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on 11 August 2014
There is an extended version Director's-Cut (albeit unfortunately 2D only) scheduled for later this year (Update: July 14th) - so wait unless you don't mind being annoyed by the studio double-dipping!. Stop messing about Fox and release the 3D Rogue Cut already

UPDATE: The 2D 'Rogue-cut' Director's Cut will be more than 17 minutes longer and has a few changes by Bryan Singer:

UPDATE 2: The X-Men: Days Of Future Past - 2D Rogue Cut will arrive in stores on Blu-ray/DVD on July 14th, which is a significant date in the history of the franchise as its also the date the original X-Men film premiered in the year 2000. Director Bryan Singer went on to tease the new cut, which will include about 17-20 minutes of new footage, now including Anna Paquin's scenes as fan favorite mutant Rogue and also including new scenes with Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique and Nicholas Hoult's Beast, amongst others.


Disc 1

Both the 2D Theatrical Cut of the Film and the 2D Rogue Cut of the Film
Director Bryan Singer and Composer/Film Editor John Ottman (Rogue Cut)
Director Bryan Singer and Producer/Writer Simon Kinberg (Theatrical Version)
Second Screen App

Disc 2
Mutant vs. Machine [A 9-part making-of documentary]
X-Men: Unguarded
Gallery: Storyboards, Costumes & Concept Art
Fantastic Four Sneak Peek
Digital HD


Stop messing about Fox and release the 3D Rogue Cut already!. People are not going to be fooled into a triple dip buying another 2D version and with you bringing out a 3D Rogue Cut later on.
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on 14 July 2015
I am a huge fan of the x-men franchise. Not just the films but the comics and tv shows too. The original cut of this movie is one of the best supee hero movies going. I was really looking forward to seeing this version of what I consider a fantastic movie.

The rogue cut gives you 20 extra minutes of footage than the original cut. This 20 minutes is more exposition, more quips and cool little one liners, more cuss words but only about 90 seconds of rogue.

Calling this movie the rogue cut is completely wrong. It is not a completely different version as it is being sold to be.

The movie itself is more a directors cut or extended edition. The added little extras at the start and mid points are good and I really liked them. But being as spoilerless as possible, the added rogue scenes are pointless answering questions that nobody really asked and slow the film down.

If you are a hard x-men fan id say get it and you will enjoy it. but don't go in thinking it is a whole new film. It is just a slightly longer version of the original with an added feature that to be honest doesn't work all that well.
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on 30 July 2015
This is certainly the greatest X-men film made to date, much bigger bolder and better story than the previous 3 movies, and this time it really feels more like a story from a comic, the movie starts way into the future of the older original cast who are almost extinct after giant sentinel's have destroyed humanity and mutant kind, Logan must travel back in time to convince the younger versions of themselves to stop this from ever happening, sounds crazy and it is! Brilliant cast, new and old alike are fantastic, good to see some new characters too, Top notch effects and soundtrack, its an overall strong marvel movie yet again that's full of energy and so many great visual thrills, there is a tad bit of cheesy comical moments but its to be expected but doesn't ruin the movie as a whole. The movie ends with a satisfying conclusion that opens the door for many possible sequels, wait until the end of the final credits too for a teaser of things to come!!

If your watching the new Rogue cut there are a couple of scenes that have changed and been added, nothing major compared to the theatrical cut really, the story still flows pretty much the same, the addition to Rogue I thought was good, most of the new stuff is good, both versions are great really so its hard to say which one is best to watch!

Blu-ray has amazing HD picture quality
Rogue cut runs at 2hrs-30mins. Theatrical 2hrs-06mins.
Region A and B. Audio English, Subtitles English.
Features include the original theatrical cut, commentary on both versions, plus many bonus features on disc 2 including a 9-part making of documentary, conversations with the cast, and a sneak peek at the new Fantastic Four movie.
Comes with a nice slipcase while stocks last.
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on 20 July 2015
I was very interested to see what the changes would be and I have to be honest I could see why all these extra scenes were cut the first time.
The film works much better without them. The Rogue content is tiny and she was as useless as ever, it was more a Magneto scene than anything.

I was hoping for some scenes to maybe address the return of Charles and Wolverines claws as "The Wolverine" certainly left you expecting some explanation but it never really arrives.

The cut was interesting to watch and certainly doesn't spoil the film, it just doesn't add anything.
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on 14 January 2015
Great film-perfect addition to the series. Storyline is very similar to The Terminator in that in the future machines called the Senitels wipe out humans and mutants alike in a big war. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is sent back to 1973 by Charles & Eric ( Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen) in order to get a young Charles (James McAvoy), Eric (Michael Fassbender), Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) and the Beast (Nicholas Hoult) to work together in order to prevent the Senitels coming into existance. This has amazing special effects as you would expect from an XMen Film, deals with moral issues such as what makes people different and how people come to terms with their own differences), has cameos from most of the other characters in the series like Halle Berry as Storm, Scott and Jean and ties up all the loose ends and questions asked by the previous films.
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on 22 July 2015
I'm glad I didn't rush to buy this movie, because it turns out this set has both versions of the film, which is great IMO.

So, is the Rogue cut worth the release? In my opinion, yes.
However, I'd think of it more as "The Extended Edition" than "The Rogue Cut". While Rogue's inclusion is certainly a notable part of it, we generally have a bit more balance between the past and present mutants... which means more Stewart, more McKellen etc. and that is always a good thing in my book. If, like me, you enjoyed the movie but wished for a bit more time with the original cast, this will probably leave you feeling more satisfied.
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on 7 July 2016
I have been a fan of the X-men since about 10 years old and remember this story well as it followed in the comics hot on the tail of the Dark Phoenix Saga. There are some changes here to the original comic yes: but I can say absolutely that the general essence of the original story is here and the performances and emotional impact is essentially intact. I was concerned as I truly respected the original story that it might be ruined. It was not. This set contains the Original and the Rogue cut along with an array of special features to please all fans of the movie. I came out of the cinema relieved it hadn't been ruined and I was very happy with the Rogue cut too. This in my honest opinion is definitely the version to buy.
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on 14 August 2015
Excited by the trailers for a "Whole New Film" with a "Completely Different Story" and a "Focus on Rogue's Role", I got this as a gift for my partner but was tremendously disappointed to find that Rogue's 'storyline' is a wholly superfluous add-on to the film that was rightfully cut in the original. Rogue has about 3 lines in the whole film, one is "Bobby!", one is "Sorry, Kitty". It's just wholly unnecessary.

In short, don't buy this for the 'Rogue cut', even die-hard Xmen fans will find it a waste of time.
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