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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 2 January 2014
One by the book F B I agent, Sarah Ashbourne is forced to team up with loud unconventional cop partner Shannon Mullins when they realize that they are both after the same drug dealer and must put their differences aside to work together despite hating each other. It's a familliar buddy buddy cop action comedy with the big twist that the 2 cops are women being the best most original thing about the whole film. Sandra Bullock and Melissa Mccarthy are both good as the mismatched partners and there are some decent action and laughs but plot wise you've seen this sort of thing before.
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on 13 July 2013
The film starts by introducing the two main characters. Sandra Bullock plays FBI Special Agent Ashburn. She is smart, confident, arrogant, cocky, and disliked by all her fellow employees.

Melissa McCarthy plays Mullins. She is a street smart Boston cop with her own way of doing things. She has a potty mouth and even arrested her own brother to the dismay of her zoo family.

Circumstances forces these polar opposites to work on a drug case in Boston with formulaic results.

Melissa McCarthy was simply hilarious, stealing scenes from Bullock on a grand larceny scale. The humor at times is slapstick and other times crude, but always funny. I had to laugh out loud just watching Melissa get out of her car. It was a marvelous performance. The plot of the story proved to be immaterial as I waited for the next gem to flow the mouths of Bullock and McCarthy.

This is a comedy worth owning.

Parental Guide: many F-bombs. No sex or nudity. Bullock in bra. Sex talk.
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on 14 September 2016
Comedy is probably one of the hardest genres to make a film in, and it is quite hard to please all the people all of the time. So when you rent a comedy you know your reaction is purely subjective and personally I never expect too much, and just hope for a few laughs maybe.
Well no worries here then, because this is an absolutely hilarious movie. Directed by the same person who made 'Bridesmaids' this is another hit, which I hadn't even heard of until I found it here on amazon.

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are fabulous, and perfect in their roles as FBI anally retentive agent and maverick police officer, respectively. The plot doesn't really matter, the two female leads are so brilliant you are just waiting for the next big laugh to happen.

This film is definitely on my to purchase list, and will be watched and rewatched, when I need to just escape into hilarity.
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on 17 November 2013
Sarah is has her eye on a promotion, but her co-workers hat working with her. She is sent to Boston to uncover the identity of a drug lord, by tracking down his second in command, and stands a good shot, if she finds him.

When she arrives in Boston, she learns that he has been killing his competition and taking over their operations.

The SIC is in police custody so she goes to ask him what he knows, but is warned that the cop who arrested him, Detective Mullins, is very territorial, and unsociable.

Like all true buddy cop comedies, they don't get along. When Mullins learns why Sarah is in Boston, she decides to find the drug lord herself. But Miss Congeniality decides they should work together.....

If you like McCarthy, you will like this film. Despite Bullock getting top billing, she is just company for McCarthy, who steals any scene she is in. Having seen Bridesmaids and Identity Thief, and being left very underwhelmed, it surprised me just how good she is in this.

If this movie was made in the eighties, it would have become something of a cult classic. It has that feel to it, a little Midnight Run crossed with Tango and Cash, but having two women play the cops? Joel Silver would have balked back then.

If you don't mind profanity, its funny, and there are some lines that has me laugh out loud, and although Bullock is good, she's channelling Stanley Goodspeed from The Rock, with her non profane dialogue, until her little outburst.

Supporting characters are good, and although the plot is a little derivative and predictable, its still a pleasant little film which promises McCarthy will be a standalone box office star soon.

Plus its the best film ever made starring Bullock where she is starting to look like Cher.
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Ambitious 'F.B.I' agent 'Sarah Ashburn' who's seeking promotion is sent
to 'Boston' to investigate 'drug-barons'
Her path crosses with 'do it my way or no way' cop 'Shannon Mullins.
'Mullins knows her way around the block, the F.B.I. agent will reluctantly
need her help.
Now, the two are teamed up, they really don't appear to have any common
ground on which to build a partnership.
However despite a different approach to the job, their thinking isn't so very
far apart.
The investigation will put them at odds with 'their own' as well as rattling
the drug barons cage as they get closer to the top.
Hugely entertaining, great chemistry between 'Sandra Bullock' and 'Melissa
McCarthy'.....the film is 'coarse' 'rude' 'brash' and pretty damn funny....
one of those films you just have to see.
'Sandra Bullock' has been involved with many superb roles down the years, my
personal favourites 'The Blind Side' and 'The Proposal'
Can't wait for the release on the Blu-Ray format of the film 'Gravity' in which
she co-stars with 'George Clooney'
The disc includes both the theatrical and extended version of the film, the
additional features include, the very funny 'bloopers' 'deleted scenes' and
a number of commentaries.............quite a large amount of extra viewing on
offer in truth.
( The Sub-title options include - 'English' 'French' 'Catalan' 'Danish' 'Dutch'
'Finnish' 'German' 'Italian' 'Norwegian' 'Russia' 'Swedish' 'Arabic' 'Estonian'
'Latvian' 'Lithuania' 'Turkish' 'Ukrainian' ( and I think 'Mandarin )
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on 10 February 2016
I liked both actresses before seeing this film, and although the trailers looked terrible, I wanted to give this film a shot. I'm glad I went ahead as there is some comedic gold nuggets to be found throughout this film.

Melissa McCarthy is standout in this, with the silliest/cliched premise she still manages to make it her own. She makes this film, peppered with profanities and wicked one liners. I knew I was in for a good time early in the film with one of the most funny and realistic chase scenes I have seen to date for those who are not superb (superhuman) athletes. Sandra bullock works well as the uptight FBI agent, but it felt very much like other police characters she has played, and she really didn't bring anything new here.

Through the plot is one we have all heard before, the good upstanding officer vs the wise cracking rebel, it serves as a base for good character interactions with solid comedic timing. Overall a good film, one to sit down with a drink and laugh along with.
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on 9 February 2016
Typical American unfunny comedy. A downward step for Ms. Bullock. Swearing is funny ? No . Silly criminals are funny ? No. Hate each other at the start - best buddies at the end. Anyone could write this on the back of an envelope. It's been done so many times before.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 19 September 2016
I enjoyed this movie with Melissa Macarthy and Sandra Bullock, about an Police offcer and an FBI agent who had to work together on a case.When two strong willed characters collide, sparks will fly , but if they can channel that to the enemy and not at each other, they will achiever great things.This is what this two did to become the HEAT. It is a good drama but loses a star for the strong language and swearing done mostly by foul mouthed Police Officer - Shannon Mullins (Melissa Macarthney). The running time is 122mins with subtitles in English for the hearing impaired.
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on 17 April 2016
This is one of those films you are either going to love or hate. I personally think it is great fun. Sandra Bullock is great, although the character is a little like her Miss Congeniality character.
Melissa McCarthy is brilliant, she's funny, brutal and straight to the point. As a pair they are brilliant together, giving the film brilliant comedy throughout.
I really like the storyline, its simple but works well. I like that it is 2 different forces coming together to fight the same baddie and becoming friends, kind of like a lot of the cop films back from the 80/90's.
A great film, worth watching if your up for comedy and a good bit of action.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 November 2013
FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn (Bullock) is a by the book agent with a patronizing & arrogant attitude, gunning for promotion. And if she can bring in an illusive drug kingpin, only known as Larkin, she has it in the bag. However, as the trail leads her to a low level dealer in Boston, she crosses paths with the arresting officer, larger than life, foul mouthed, rule bending detective Shannon Mullins (McCarthy) who doesn't work well with others & has her own motives for getting to the bottom of things. Comedy & mayhem ensue.

After the bitter disappointment of Identity Thief , we thought this could go either way with Melissa McCarthy saddled with another Hollywood A lister & hoping for the best. Thankfully though.....The Heat is a much better offering thanks to the great comedy writing by Katie Dippold (Mad-TV) & directing from Bridesmaids Paul Feig, who certainly gets the most out of his lead duo, who click well & are hilarious. Sandra Bullock's (Speed) natural flair for comedy & Melissa McCarthy's (Mike & Molly) larger than life persona & stand up comedy roots. Both bring they're unique, hilariously flawed characters to life perfectly, which makes for very funny situations on they're own, but together, the clash of these poles apart sisters offers up some comedy gold. While it throws in some serious edge too, as both characters have sad past's that you can't help but connect with them on some level, with a few heartwarming moments. In this respect, the writing makes these flawed characters more likable than loathable, making for a much better transition (compared to Identity Thief) for us to understand the characters motivations, and gradually feel sympathy & friendship for them.

In conclusion, Bridesmaids showed us that the girls can do outrageous comedy just as well as the boys, and now with The Heat they have proven they can make an all round very funny buddy cop action comedy, with just the right mixture of action, laughs & serious heartfelt moments. The sequel is in the pipeline, high hopes for that. Contains very strong language throughout & some graphic violence. Recommended.
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