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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Style Name: 8 Sheets|Change
Price:£34.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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Fellowes M-8C Cross Cut 8 Sheet Personal Shredder for me personally was a good purchase and one which we needed for a long time especially in today's world where not even your own bin is sacred to the nosy parkers! I bought this mainly because my last shredder was of the same make and it did give us many years' service.
The Fellowed M-8C Cross Cut Shredder does works well but for me the 8 sheets which the makers promise must be of a cheap quality paper as I tried 8 sheets of normal quality printing paper and it totally jammed up. I hit the reverse button and it worked OK but I had to get a long thin object and slowly unblock the sheaf of papers which was stopping the shredder from doing its job. I actually would recommend if the quality of paper is of the cheaper thinner kind yes it will take the eight sheets as promised but if you are using the better quality thicker paper no more than five sheets is more its limit.
I do actually like the shredder as it is not overly noisy compared to my last one and it works very well shredding the paper to undistinguishable small shreds of paper. If constantly shredding your papers the Fellowes M-8C Cross Cut will work continuous for five minutes then at this stage if the blades are hot a red warning light will turn on it is recommended for the long life of your shredder stop shredding and therefore to turn your machine off to allow the shredding blades to cool down.
It is recommended by Fellowes to oil the blades using their own oil Fellowes Shredder Oil 355ml each time you need to empty the paper bin, for me I actually do a zig-zag of oil over a sheet of paper then shred this paper therefore the oil is coating all blades without soaking the blades. Everyone has their own way of doing this and how often they do it is up to their own shredding needs. I actually use this Swordfish 240ml Shredder Lubricant Bottle and find this works very well and I have also used the Aurora SP1000 Shredder Lubrication and Sharpening Sheets (Pack of 12), I do like the sheets as they are convenient to use and I do find they work very well plus keeping the shredder blades in a good sharp condition. I find even using the sheets once a month for the good condition of the blades a very good idea as I found the blades even after five years of use still producing good shredding results until the actual machine slowly give up and ceased to work.
One reason I do like is the actual design of the shredder as it has a darkened window on the side which shows you how full the actual bin/container is without having to lift the actual top of each time you want to check how much paper there is in the plastic bin. It is a nice shape and sits neatly in a corner and with nice rounded edges it does look good as well as being a good working model makes this a good purchase for me personally.
While using the shredder I did not find the actual machine overly loud compared to other models I have tried plus the fact there is a safety lock which is discreetly positioned at the front, I always have this on even when I unplug the shredder which I always do as having children constantly in and out of the house I am terrified of them being injured. This lock works well and because it is discreetly designed there is less chance of the child realising this must be released for the shredder to be switched on for using. Also the on/off button is positioned at the top so both these must be used for the shredder to work which makes it even harder for a child to turn it on, even because of this safety device I still unplug the machine when not in use.
I would recommend the Fellowes M-8C Cross Cut 8 Sheet Personal Shredder as a good purchase for the home or even a small office as it does work well but it will not take big piles of paper and it does slow down if there is more than 5 sheets of paper this is the only reason I took one star of the actual rating but this is easily overcome by keeping a close eye on the amount of paper which is being shredded at any one time.
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Style Name: 8 Sheets|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There is a need to shred certain paperwork which appears in your home, mainly to reduce ID theft particularly from recycling bags left out on bin day.

I have used a couple of cheaper shredders recently and gave up because they could only cope with one or two sheets at a time and constantly kept clogging. In the meantime my stack of receipts was ever increasing. Enter the Fellowes M-8C. You notice upon opening the box and lifting it out that it is quality, both the weight and the way it sits in the storage bin are the main reasons. The instruction manual is short, well laid out and easy to understand. There aren't any multiple pages of terms, standards, conditions and how to wire a plug, it goes straight in to how to use it.

The unit is relatively quiet compared to the cheaper units I have used and not once did this get clogged. The annoyance which is common in home shredders is the auto-off mechanism when the unit is too hot. The manual claims it takes 30 minutes to cooldown but it seems slightly shorter. Just wait for the red light to go out and you can go again. There is also a safety lock to stop any unintended operation.

The shredder coped with 8 sheets at the same time but I did worry about clogging the unit to kept it down to 6 or less if the paper was thicker. Produced two bins worth of paper today and am well impressed.

I was also pleased you receive a piece of paper from Fellowes to state every shredder is tested before it leaves the factory and apologising if any paper debris is still within it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 17 August 2013
Style Name: 8 Sheets|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Yes, the shredder is so good, it has shredded the title of my review!

I have been without a shredder for a while now, and was going to resort to taking stuff to work to sneakily put through the shredder there. But then this little beauty came along.

Now, it says you can put 8 pieces of paper through at once, but they have to be quite thin sheets of paper, so I just stick to one or two pieces at a time. But it cuts through them like a hot knife through butter.

The shredder has an on/off switch at the back of it, as well as an on/off and reverse switch on the front. It also has a very nice little padlock feature. This means you can lock the machine so no shredding can be done when the front switch is positioned to off.

The shredder bin is a decent size and is plastic (not mesh like the description suggests). It also has a large viewing window. Oh, and because it has the viewing window, the easy to remove shredding head only goes on one way. Now the top of the bin does feel a bit flimsy, and unfortunately there are no handles on the side which make moving it a bit tricky.

The shredder head also has a green light which comes on when the shredding is switched to on (and plugged in of course), and it also has a red light which tells you when the shredder has got too hot and needs to cool down before you can use it again. Now the description says you can use it for 5 minutes before it needs to switch itself off to cool down. I have just shredded a bag full of letters etc and it took longer than five minutes and the shredder coped very well.

I would advise that you also get some shredder oil as you will need to keep the wheels lubricated. But the shredder does come with a one year guarantee and a three year warranty on the shredder head.

The shredder may be more expensive than some others you can get, but I feel it is well worth the money. I am very pleased with the shredder. I've got to get back to shredding more things now!
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VINE VOICEon 30 October 2013
Style Name: 6 Sheets|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Love this shredder.. nothing escapes my eagle eye. I shred everything. it cuts the paper into little bitty pieces, no chance of id theft with this bad boy.

Easy to assemble, the shredding unit sits on top of the wire collection basket, the cord is a decent length, and the shredding is fast. Really fast.

The shredder takes up to 6 pieces of paper at a time. Very fast and efficient.

A good shredder to have.
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on 24 February 2014
The shredder itself seems efficient and well built, but the cuts are quite large: 43 x 4 mm. That's large enough to contain 10 full digits of a credit card or 30 characters of normal text. Since it doesn't do diamond cut or anything more advanced like that, with some bad luck the shreds might actually contain the digits.

I work around the problem by inserting the papers with the most sensitive data diagonally, but with A4 papers it means I have to fold them first so that they'd fit which is a little bit annoying.
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Style Name: 8 Sheets|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
the current discounted price I think actually makes this an okay deal - but who knows how long the discount will last?

The plusses of this shredder:
- the mechanism seems pretty robust
- it can indeed take 8 sheets of paper, although it did seem to be struggling a bit when I got to the full 8 (I didn't want to overload it, so I tested 2 sheets first, then 4, then 6, then 8)
- it is reasonably quiet.

I have purchased this brand before (one of their higher specification models, at nearly £200), and it broke after about 6 months. This may have been my fault however: I certainly did not abuse or overuse the device (I never put in more than 4 sheets at a time, even though it claimed to be able to take many more, and I never shredded more than say 10 sheets in any given day) - but I didn't realise that you are supposed the oil the cutting blades. I will do that with this one, and hopefully get a longer service life from it.

I was torn between giving this 3 or 4 stars - mainly because I wanted to give the right impression and not oversell it. It's fine, particularly at the discounted price (currently selling at about 60% off), but I've owned a few shredders over the years (gradually working up to the more expensive model that broke on me) and I can't say it's particularly any better than any of the others.

One thing that knocked it down a notch for me - at this price (ie, the full price), I would have expected a pull out basket to catch the shredded paper (in fact, I bought a shredder for just £45 which had a pull-out basket). You have to lift the lid off this one to empty the basket, and lots of paper invariably clings to the cutting teeth, and either falls on the floor, or is deposited on whatever surface you put the lid down on while you empty the basket.
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VINE VOICEon 27 October 2013
Style Name: 6 Sheets|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Good size (not too big)
5 feet of cable
Standard controls; reverse (for jams), stop and forward
Will shred for 4 minutes continuous
Auto thermal cutout (once activated prevents use for 30 mins)
6 sheet capacity
Wire basket allows you to see how full it is
Will do credit cards and staples

I'm not sure if paper dust will be a problem as the collection basket is wire mesh

So lots of pros only and only one possible con definitely worth 5*. If you are looking for a decent smallish basic operation shredder give it a look.
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on 8 October 2014
This purchase was a replacement for my sadly-departed Fellowes P400C-2, which I see cost me £39.89 in October 2003!! The first thing I noticed was the relatively soft plastic of the waste-bin - I wonder if that will last 13 years? Otherwise, operation is pretty much what I'm used to, It's quieter than the old design but quite a bit bigger. Emptying creates the usual challenge: I use a large free-standing kitchen swing-bin under the desktop for waste, so I balance the cutter on that before emptying the shreddings into a bin-bag for recycling.

I agree with others about the width of cut. First thing I shredded was a detailed expense spreadsheet, and the first thing I saw in the bin was a long line of relevant text, perfectly trimmed to fit the shredding! I shall use the 'diagonal technique' others have helpfully mentioned!!

I'll see you again in 2027 (or earlier) with an update.
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Style Name: 6 Sheets|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've bought cheaper shredders before and had issues (normally with overheating, and sheer inability to shred more than a couple of sheets at once), and had high hopes for the Fellowes shredder, having had the brand recommended by a friend. It's lived to the hype; can shred five or six sheets at once, and capable of running for 15/20 minutes before it has to have a break as it's got too hot. Recommended.
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Style Name: 7 Sheets|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've had a high street brand shredder for some years now. It's still working but it is temperamental and gets the vapours when I give it too much to do - or if it gets sight of a staple or an old credit card. And it only cuts in one direction. I wanted something with more muscle - and one which cuts up my private info into much smaller pieces. This Fellowes M-7C is the business. It does everything I ask of it - including cutting through staples and plastic cards like a hot knife through butter.

My one grizzle is that the trigger point to get it firing up is deep into the feeding slot. I think most of them are like this but it is a bit of a nuisance if you are shredding small stuff like business cards. Oh - and there is one more thing - the paper catcher is more or less the same size as for most other shredders. If you have a lot to do, it is a pain having to keep on stopping to empty it - and, unlike my old one, you can't adjust the handle on the side to enable you to perch it over a bin. That was disappointing. But, saying that, it is a very good shredder and I am very pleased with it. Recommended.
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