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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 3 August 2013
The concert was recorded in european HD-standard 1080i50 and therefore released in 2003 on DVD with 50 frames per seconds in 576i50.

For the Blu-ray release 10 years after the concert though, something went seriously wrong:
The 1080i50 production was converted for no reason to NTSC standard 1080i59,97 and what's even worse: Using totally unprofessional processing.

The new videoframes of the target NTSC format have been generated by just mixing the nearby neighbouring frams of the recording format.
That results in pumping of the sharpness depending on the time-distance between original an newly generated frames.

Such conversions are necessary when live sports broadcasts from the US are aired in the UK, because TV-stations only use one fixed framerate depending on the country.
And: Even expensive hardware converter-boxes offer way better quality than the software that was used on this release.

For Blu-ray mastering though the conversion is totally pointless:
Every Blu-ray player can play both systems (PAL+NTSC)!

I've got the original DVD from 2003 and I've bought the Blu-ray to finally get the concert in HD-quality.
Due to the faulty video mastering, a lot of the fantastic original production quality has been spoiled.
While steady scenes are slightly oversharpened, scenes with movement and fine details (crowd, hair, ...) look strange.

The audio isn't too good eigther:
The drums could be more compact, guitars tend to be too loud and isolated, and the brilliant horn arrangements (KIDS!) sound horribly thin.
Expecially the baritone sax sounds like a kazoo!

Universal has delivered a poor job on this release!
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on 16 August 2013
Received the Blu-Ray a couple of days ago, watched it yesterday. What can I say. The audio's great, the video's great when the picture's steady. When anybody (or anything) on the screen moves (like 125k people waving their hands), the judder is unbearable and it literally hurts your eyes. Sorry, Rob.

Hope the upcoming "Take The Crown Live" Blu-Ray won't suffer from the same - BAD - mastering/transfer.

UPDATE - January 2, 2014

After over a year, we have finally gotten a Blu-Ray release documenting the "Take The Crown Live" 2013 tour. It's called "Live In Tallinn" and it DOES NOT disappoint. The picture quality varies from very good to awesome and breathtaking. There's no judder of any kind (that marred the otherwise pretty much excellent Knebworth Blu-Ray re-release). If you can find it, get it. You won't be disappointed (especially if you attended the tour).
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on 5 August 2013
What a disapointing release this is. Bad picture. Fast scenes are blurry. I am waiting for a new release on Bluray.
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on 28 August 2013
I owned the dvd version since its release and was amazed with both sound and picture quality. Although audio sounds good in BR (uncompressed audio should do), the picture quality is really bad. Moving images look blurry and out of focus. I suppose it is due to the transfer process. In short, I'd rather play my dvd on my Oppo player than this BR version.
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on 5 August 2013
I loved this concert so thought i would upgrade to the blu ray version. I remember the concert being filmed in HD so i thought this would be great quality.
I dont know what has gone wrong with the mastering but at times its almost unwatchable, especially when the camera pans there is a jumping/ staggering movement to the whole picture which really affects the viewing. Great concert ruined by very bad blu ray video mastering. Very Disappointed!!
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on 7 August 2013
Whoever did the bluray conversion / processing needs shooting. See other comments about poor picture quality. Some scenes make your eyes go funny, especially when crowd is jumping, just as if cameras don't focus properly. Some stage scenes when moving to other band players get the same treatment. I am returning my bluray to Amazon for a refund until such time as a better quality transfer is released.
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on 5 October 2013
A couple of months ago, I bought "What We Did Last Summer" which is Robbie Williams live performance at Knebworth.
I decided to buy this, I was ever so disappointed, It is the same DVD in a cheap plastic case with a 3 PAGE BOOKLET!!!

I bought this for £10.45 and you can buy the original: What we did last summer DVD for 1p on Amazon and 75p and most CEX stores

Save your money and buy the normal DVD which came out after the concert!!!
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on 15 January 2015
High def quality is really good but then the camera pans across and and it ghosts like hell. It's as if the standard definition struggles to keep up with an overlayed high definition picture and leaves it behind until the panning stops. If the refresh rate was as good as it is when the picture was till then I would have given it five. There is also the lack of dozens of extras that are usually found on a disc that has an event that is looked back on with such fondness by the artist.The three additional songs from a previous night include 'Come Undone', 'Back For Good' duet with Mark Owen and 'She's The One'. I thought that maybe the problems were due to the different Bluray players or televisions but no, it is a bit of a let down but still enjoyable. Personally, like most say, get the original DVD.
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on 31 July 2013
I ordered this as soon as it was announced, as I am a pretty big Robbie fan.

The original Knebworth concert DVD (What We Did Last Summer) has a great cardboard packaging and it is very impressive. I was looking forward to seeing what they would do with this 10th Anniversary Special Edition.

I am disappointed. The case is just a standard double disc plastic case, with a fairly plain 'back'. The insert is 4 pages, with no more details about the concert, and it has just a couple of glossy photos. The two discs themselves are plain black, with a little bit of white writing on them. Overall, the packaging is massively underwhelming.

I was hoping for a little bit more, seeing as Robbie himself is 'bigging' up this release (I saw him at Hampden Park during his current Take The Crown Tour performance, in which he stated in his 'conversation' with the crowd that this would be released very soon).

A new interview with the man himself reflecting back on the concert and the 10 years since, or a better quality booklet, and most definately a better quality box/case would make this edition much better. This release looks rushed, and very cheaply produced.

Even though I know I will be impressed (AGAIN!) with the contents of the discs, overall I am disappointed with the total item. For such an occasion, especially since Robbie himself states that the gigs at Knebworth were unbelievably special to him, this should almost have flashing lights with bells and whistles.
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on 26 July 2016
Having watched this back in the day on DVD I must say the Blu-Ray is a significant improvement in both picture and sound.
The concert itself is Robbie at his peak performing a stunning setlist.
the atmosphere captured on film almost oozes out of the screen and gives you a "god, I wish I could have been there feeling".
Robbie's vocals are top notch and as with most of his other concerts, he gets the crowd involved with his cheeky sense of humour.
An excellent purchase for anyone and will be staying in my collection.
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