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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 26 August 2013
packaging is first class. bought this one because it was a 'generic' of bose qc15's. (Reviewed by
Sound- well respected and can handle most genres.
Built- looks durable enough as i use it on a very loud environment.
earcups/headband.- very soft. the headbands however is a bit stiff on top compared to the very soft qc15's... Give it a day and you'll get used to it.
Noise cancellation.- says 92%. in reality i can honestly say its around 65-75.
lastly- very minimal sound leak.
for the price its a good everyday substitute from bose QC's!
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on 7 March 2016
Before I start this review I want to point out that I bought these with my own hard-earned beer-chits and have not been asked to make this review by anyone or been given these headphones by any company or third party.

I can say I am very impressed with these headphones.
They come in a nice quality zipped semi-rigid case with a separate internal bag for spare batteries and cables that can be removed (held in the case by Velcro).
They're very comfortable to wear (I have a small head but still needed to extend the well-made adjustment slightly. The headband adjusters are strong and do not show any tendency to 'self-adjust'! I am quite careful with all my gear, but I think the headband might actually stand up to a certain amount of abuse.
The cups sit around the ears neatly and comfortably - I have small ears and they are a close fit - it does make me wonder if someone with elephant ears would find these to be more of an 'on-ear' headphone.

The battery fits easily in through a rotating ''panel' on one of the earpieces. Hopefully the panel will not 'self-open' during use by leaning on a pillow during a flight etc and the hinge will stay attached - if there is any potential area for a breakage it might be that panel hinge, but overall these headphones strike me as being well built with nice materials.

The leads are very good quality and fit into the earpiece with a good positive 'click' ...And stay there.

The sound quality for all genres of music (Classical through Jazz to Heavy Rock) stored on my iPhone is very impressive right across the board, with a full rich bass and good detail.
Some of the other reviews suggest that the bass is a little overpowering and I have to agree with that, however I have downloaded a very, very good graphic equaliser app that I run my music through called EQ 10. This little app is worth every penny (£1.79 I think) particularly if you are using bluetooth speakers and listening to different types of music as I do. That app has transformed the sound of my Anker Bluetooth speaker which I have also recently reviewed. This app certainly helps 'open up' the sound on the Monoprice phones, without losing any of the rich bass.

Before deciding on my purchase, I watched (and listened) to a very good review of these Monoprice headphones on You-Tube where they are compared with the Bose Quiet Comfort equivalent and were very impressive in that they certainly could hold their own against the Quiet Comfort phones. I was so impressed that I decided I would give these a try.
The Bose option has been one I have considered in the past but I have been put off by the price (about three times the price of these Monoprice phones) and some reviewers saying the headband on the Bose was fragile or 'prone to breaking'.
I have to say that in terms of performance, these phones do come very close but I would suggest the Bose might be more refined - but not refined enough to make them worth the extra £100, when these are available at such a competitive price in comparison!

I would say that the volume could go higher, but at least you are less likely to damage your hearing with them as is easily done with some phones.
I have not yet had the opportunity to use these in a noise environment (I have bought them for use on long-haul flights) but will try and update this review on their performance once I have been on my travels later this year.

Sound leakage FROM the headphones is pretty big - sitting in the house listening to music with them is very easily audible to anyone around you - I don't know how noticeable this will be (if at all) to someone sitting next to you in an aircraft environment who might NOT be listening to their own music/film. Again I will update on this later.

So to conclude this with Pros and cons...

Pros: Bargain price; Nicely comfortable; Seem well made from good materials; Lovely full rich sound with good detail; Can be (and have been!) compared to the Bose Quiet Comfort against which they can hold their own.

Cons: None of these cons are deal-breakers but... Battery door might be a weak-spot; Bass might be too much for some, but using a graphic equaliser app such as 'EQ 10' significantly 'opens up' the Monoprice phones and improves the sound - not really a con, but it's something else I needed to buy (£1.79) in order to lose some of that bass; Quite a lot of sound leakage can be heard coming from the headphones which in some circumstances may disturb others.
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on 30 July 2015
I was very happy with them until the ear pads started to tear open.
The sound quality is fairly good, and the active noise cancellation is also good enough (have not tried other more professional ones).

The down side is, after 6 months of use, the ear pads started to tear open and the memory foam from inside would be visible. In the beginning I thought I must have forced one of the pads ... but when the other one started to tear open, I stopped using them all together.
The results can be seen in the photos.

Even worst is that, after contacting "Monoprice" support, they told me there is no replacement pad, they don't sell any ... so what am I supposed to do now, throw them away?
The ear pad is mildly glued with double sided tape, so I took them off, I thinking maybe some upholsterer may help me ... I not really sure.
review image review image
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on 20 November 2013
Easy to and comfortable.Manufacturing quality and finish good. Importantly performance is go
Any better would probably be wasted on me. My hearing and expectations are however are probably
above average.
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on 25 April 2014
These headphones are great & well worth the money. Sound quality is cracking. I've just tested them against the Bose noise cancelling headphones in the Apple store - the noise cancelling is just about as good as that as the small (on ear) Bose headphones but not as good as the larger over ear Bose model, but a full £200 cheaper!

They also feature a 3 button remote that works with my iphone. The only reason it's 4 stars rather than 5 is that the cable seems a bit thin, like it might not last that long, but all good so far!
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on 12 September 2016
waste of money. bought 1.5 year ago and since long time facing issue with humming sound from one side. overall sound is too thin. if you are using this in office, you can still hear people talking. It blocks only some repetitive outside noise of certain frequency. Recently a chip of plastic came off where it is supposed to be the strongest- just above the ear cup on the band. Overall, considering quality of this product it should not be purchased more than 30 pound.
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on 6 October 2014
I give these 5 stars on balance with the price as a factor.

I expect the Bose version is better. But for the money I have no complaints at all. OK - pointwise:

Noise Cancelling: Powered off, these knock out about 50% of the background noise just by passive muffling. Powered on, I would say they knock out 90% of the "background drone". You can still hear people talking and car engines and other specific noises. But the reduction in the background drone of the train ride and the traffic in London is amazing. This background noise is what grates so I'm very happy. This is not a full sensory deprivation experience - but i think it does the job.

I have not noticed any "hiss" generated by the noise cancelling circuit as another reviewer mentioned.

The sound quality is OK. Again, no complaints. I have no better headphones to compare against and I'm not a music buff. The only complaint I have is perhaps they lack sensitivity - on full volume with the circuit powered, I cannot blow my eardrums out - but it is sufficiently loud most of the time. With the circuit shut down the volume drops back quite a bit and that might be a problem.

I do also notice that the local circuit changes the characteristic of the sound quite markedly - this can be compensated for with the MP3 player's equaliser if you have one - but I would have expected a flatter response.

Comfort - very good on the head - sits lightly on the ears with a good padded head band.

Storage - very nice semi-hard case to store them in.

Overall, I rate these as excellent for the money and probably good enough for a lot of usage scenarios. If you are super fussy, you'll probably want to look at something costing a lot more, but I personally could not justify the extra for Bose or Sennheiser.
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on 13 January 2014
Really good headphones, good noise cancelling, good sound, if you are hesitating between bose qc15 and this one, does not hesitate, take the monoprice because it has a better price-quality ratio and does nearly the same as bose qc15. Do not worry you will keep it and will not be disappointed.
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on 15 April 2014
Packaging: Awesome + great cover and accessories
Built-quality: Very Good
Sound: Could be better, a bit flat (expected more by the size of the drivers)
Comfort: Very comfortable and easy adjustment
Active Noise Cancellation: Here the problem starts, the cancellation itself is very good (much better than my JVC HA-NC120 and works perfectly on the plane) though there is one big issue the HEADSET GENERATES NOISE itself (sort of an amplifier noise) which is VERY ANNOYING at low level of volume what should be the main selling point for an Active Cancellation Headset. So it removes noise well ...yet adds some noise.
Overall a decent headset for the money if only the generated noise would be lower!
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on 6 April 2014
Bought these after reading good reviews and must say they are good. I listen to classical so it is important to hear the instruments playng without background noise spoiling the music. I think the sound is very good with the suppression on although you have to accept that what sounds good to one does not necessarily sound good to others. Finally, they are very comfortable to wear for extended periods.
All in all, good value quality headphones. Buy these at £70 ish or pay £300 + for a name, the choice is yours
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