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on 28 March 2014
update 17/11/2014:
thought i would update. anker sent me a new of the same device after i returned the faulty one.
its been 8 months and no grief whatsoever. charges at full charge. (android users will probably know the 'slow charging' notification if you connect to a usb with less than full charge) i have charged 2 devices simultaneously at full charge without any problem including an ipad, nexus 5, lg g2, bluetooth headsets, the works.
my faith in anker is more or less restored. regards

original 1 star review
title:disappointed. build quality poor, march 2014
i have used anker in the past. still have a battery power pack bought about 24 months ago. works great. the car charger for dual android apple (prev version) lasted 13 months and then one of the 2 ports died. fair do's.

thought i would try the new upgraded one 4.8A

so it arrived fine. packaged fine. worked great. both ports do full charge and i could charge my lg g2 at full speed on either. no issues. but lasted 5 days and then stopped working completely. no tinkering my end. was in one car in 1 slot. no clue. on the good side. it didnt explode. usually dont write in as am usually a happy and regular Amazon customer.

amazon are working on a refund. and i am returning it. well atleast amazon were prompt and didnt give me grief.

would i try anker again and think this was a one off. maybe.
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on 8 January 2014
I have had many in-car chargers for my Samsung Galaxy S3, but this is the best ever.

Previously I would struggle to use the GPS on my phone in the car on long journeys as even with the charger connected while using the GPS the phone battery would discharge slowly.

This is now a thing of the past! Now I can use the GPS whilst also listening to music on my phone and the battery charges!

This charger charges at the same rate as the standard Samsung (fast) charger that comes with the phone (i.e. VERY FAST). Make sure you use the android usb slot to charge your android device!
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on 10 February 2014
Fed up with cheap Chinese products, and wanting a flexible power solution for my car, I decided to forego the usual cigarette lighter mobile phone adapter, and instead opted for a USB adapter, allowing me to charge a variety of devices without having to have a separate adapter for each.

Of the selection available on Amazon, the Anker stood out as being a quality, European made, device. Positive reviews convinced me to take the plunge, and £10, and a couple of days later, I received a package through the letterbox. Right away, I knew this wasn't your run of the mill piece of Far-Eastern rubbish. The packaging was excellent, good enough to make a nice gift (if you knew someone that lusted after such a thing yet wouldn't shell out for one themselves), and it even came with warranty information and usage instructions (though it's not really rocket science - plug the thing in to your car, plug the appropriate USB cable into the relevant slot, and enjoy).

Being a dual-port charger for Apple and Android devices, you do need to observe which port you're plugging your device into (top for Android phones and other tablets; bottom for Apple products). Though, if you do get it wrong, disaster and calamity will not occur, you just won't enjoy optimum charging speed.

The unit itself feels solid and robust, with a nice glossy plastic finish. It fits securely into my Jeep's 12V socket, and the strength of the springy metal bits (I'm not a technical person, can you tell?) on the shaft, fills me with confidence that the charger would be a snug fit in even the oldest, loosest wizard's sleeve of a cigarette socket.

I use mine primarily for charging a Samsung Galaxy S3, using a FRiEQ Hi-Speed Cloth Jacketed USB cable (gold plated ends for that extra bling factor, but that's another story), and this setup works very well. Even when running WAZE / Google Navigate (very power hungry), the voltage input results in positive charging.

Criticisms? None really. If I'm being picky, I could say that the labels for the Apple/Android ports are a little on the tiny side, but if you can remember that Android is above Apple (shouldn't be hard :P) then you'll be fine.

All in all, I'm a happy customer.
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on 18 October 2013
Having bought a few car adaptors in the past that would happily charge my iPhone but not the iPad, I was wary about whether this would work. For non-techies, all you need to know is that iPads require more power and this 2Amp charger has just that.

If you have iPads don't get anything apart from this one, but also save money by using your own lightning charger cable. You can also charge an iPhone at the same time. Easy!
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on 15 April 2015
I've been through several car chargers in the last few years ranging from really cheap things from china up to expensive brand names. This is the best one I've had by far, and here's why:
- Fast charge - I never realised that you could get car chargers that could do more than trickle charge. When using my phone as a sat nav in the past the usb charger has only been able to stop the battery depleting - this thing actually increases the charge.
- 2 sockets - both capable of fast charge, and they both adjust the output to what your phone can handle. When comparing to other fast chargers on Amazon, note how many of the others only have 1 fast charge port and 1 normal - and you have to choose the right port for your phone.
- No LED light - All phones show when they are charging on screen, so why do you need an LED on the charger, in the past I've had such bright LED's that I've had to cover them with tape as they are a distraction when driving.
- Well made - The body is 1 part sealed unit which means it's much more durable than the type that have a screw-on cap. Plus it has an 18 month guarantee.

This is a really sensibly designed charger - highly recommended.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 February 2014
Very high standard charger, can charge 2 items at once no problem (2 iphones, or an iphone and a tablet). USB cables fit very tight into so no fear they'll pull loose. Item itself fits very tight into car lighter, so when pulling cables out etc, it doesn't budge (last one we had kept unplugging). It's big so not so good if you need flush fitting or you're short on space, but not too big it's too noticeable once plugged in. Ours is left in all the time, no issues and its always charging something. Great charger and would buy another no worries.
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on 10 July 2015
My second Anker product and likely not my last. I bought a supposed Griffin one elsehwere which trned out to be a fake and disappeared in a puff of smoke. Not worth buying cheap - they won't charge well (slow) and can be dangerous. This is a great price anyway and for the difference its not worth setting your car on fire! Nicely packaged, well finished device (glossy plastic mostly with matt, rubberised pieces at the side where you'd grip to remove). The great bit is the autodetection and handling of different devices. I use mine with an HTC phone and an iPad. It charges both much more quickly than other adapters I've had. Will be buying more of these. Anker also have some decent support if you have issues. I bought a keyboard and the first one was DOA - not a problem, they just sent out a new one straightaway.
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on 1 November 2015
Update on 26 Nov 15

4 star for this:

I was surprised to see an email from the CS, which I never thought would be so good. They read my original comment and straightaway offered a free replacement. They could have just ignored my comment as I never contacted them for a replacement. I received the replacement and it worked straightway on our Mini. It has two chargers and both of them may be used to charge smartphones or a combo of smartphone and satnav.

Strangely, it does not work on our BMW, which has two cigar lighter charges. It does not work on both of them. Perhaps, it was not designed to work on bmw or bmw does not allow these type of chargers. The car however has a USB, which I use for charging iPhones.

I took a star away, given the issue with Bmw. I will investigate and post further updates.

Original comment: 1 star

This didn't work either. I hardly use this but every time I try using it, it won't charge. Like the other one, I chucked it than returning it for a refund. I won't buy another charger for my iPhones and IPad.
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on 12 May 2014
So, even though I am a big fan of the Anker range, it took me a while to buy the dual USB car charger because I have had trouble with other brands dual USB chargers. In short, another branded charger causes radio interference when charging - I dont know why, I dont know if its the dual circuitry or the output but whenever i used one, my car radio was messed up.
***EDIT*** I've now bought a second one for my wife's car. So even though I sometimes receive samples to evaluate, I have bought two of these they are that good. The PowerIQ feature means my iPhone charges whilst on GPS (Waze) instead of alternative brands who may only keep your battery level at the same point whilst in use!!!

So I decided to give Ankers Power IQ (smart port) charger a go as I figured their smart port may overcome the issue, and if not, their customer service is excellent so I should get a refund. Thankfully this charger works brilliantly!!!

Its a great charger, with an excellent rate of charge - so far its charged my iPhone 5 and work BlackBerry at the same time with no issues. (NB - cables not included, but always remember, only your OEM cable can guarantee optimum charging for your phone)

Its a good quality piece of kit too, very nice build quality and finish, very clean lines and quality feel. The metal contacts are neat and solid, subtly exposed from the smooth plastic, a clear step above the standard CE (china export...) build for car chargers.

on another note, this does not have an LED to show when "charging" but to be honest I really like that - I always used to have to turn my old charger around to hide the LED as it was a bit distracting in the car so this is a neat touch - and if you are someone who needs to know if its plugged in and working - then look at your phone battery indicator!!

So my final scores are;
Packaging 5/5 - lovely classic card box, simple, functional (reusable and recyclable) and easy to open
Appearance 5/5 - very nice quality and finish, the metal contacts are especially notable in quality
Value 5/5 - £9.99 is very good value - i paid more for an alternative that didnt work, and the powerIQ means optimum charging for any device - plus, keep an eye out for Anker promotion codes as this item regularly features
Performance 5/5 - BRILLIANT
Overall 5/5 - just fantastic, a Mary Poppins charger - Practically Perfect in every way!
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on 20 April 2015
This is a rewrite of a previous review

There's two issues, one significant, one minor.
The minor thing is there's no indication light on it at all.
The bigger issue is that the unit has some sort of overload protection in it which once triggered can take quite a while to reset. On first use I tried charging a nearly empty phablet, and the Anker stopped feeding power, and I though it was broken. The other port worked ok. Then the next day with the same heavy load the other port stopped working, so I put it aside assuming it had failed. A week later I tried it again but with a light load and it worked fine, both ports.
So if the thing had an indicator light which was, say, green for charging and red for overload, then I would have been satisfied.
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