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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 28 July 2014
I have a Dell M17 XPS, and I wanted to put less wear on my USB 3.0 ports. Like many notebook owners with external hard drives, I found myself constantly plugging or unplugging USB devices in and out of the system.
The Inateck USB 3.0 4-Port Hub solves the problem of constantly reaching over your laptop to swap USB devices. Simply plug this small device into one of your USB 3.0 ports and you instantly gain another four USB 3.0 ports for use. If you have things like hard drives, game controllers or tablets or input devices, this device will save you time when swapping them in and out. Such a small device makes all the difference if you just want to get work done or play your games or just want to plug your devices in and forget about them.
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This 4 point external USB hub is fantastic, absolutely fantastic.
Hubs like this that are well made and reliable are hard to find in my experience and this ticks all the boxes.
As I write this my Inateck hub is currently charging/powering an external speaker for my laptop/iiPhone, and charging an external power pack for my iPhone. It can support two high power devices at any one time.
There was no set up, I simply plugged it in, it was recognised by the laptop and in instant use.
This performance is all the more pleasing in that I don't have a USB 3.0 port on the very basic spare laptop that I'm using, but only a USB 2.0 port. This Inateck HB 4007 hub has complete backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 and 1.1, and by no means every USB 3.0 device has this.

This really is a device that all the family can use, it supports Windows systems right back to XP and right up to Windows 8.1 plus Macbooks.
I have tested this on my son's laptop, which does have USB 3.0 and the upload speed of data files from a stick was truly impressive. As with all devices there was instant recognition.

What makes it even better is the size - it's compact, but very well made, weighing just 50g, about the same size as a wrapped chocolate biscuit, and superficially resembles a small cigarette machine. The thick sturdy USB to USB cable is c. 30cms long so this hub is really is designed to sit on the desktop - or in my case the arm of my chair . You can pop this in to the side pocket of your laptop bag where it will take up virtually no room.
Visually, it's very attractive with a silvery brushed aluminium case, a curved ergonomic design with no sharp corners and a smart white Inateck logo. I'm absolutely thrilled with it.
Unquestionably five stars.
I received this to review without cost, this is my honest and unbiased opinion.
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on 6 January 2014
the Inateck HBU3VL2-4 ES 4-Port USB3 hub for for a couple of months, for use on my Macbookpro 2011, usb via expresscard 34, cladigit; and macbook pro late 2013.
I have used this on mountain lion and mavericks, and my overall opinion is that indeed, this item is outstanding.

Having been given the first item as a gift for review. I was so impressed, that i have two (one as a gift), with one as a travel buddy for my macbook.

The hub is really very small and takes next no no space. It also has a relatively small usb connector, thus, reducing clutter on my desk. I have multiple longer extensions, but the one supplied is perfect size for my needs. The presentation is excellent, the item looks well constructed, and over the past few months of continuous use, including taking it to work daily, has remained full intact, unlike other more expensive hubs i had purchased in the past. The usb slots are snugly and well fitted, and crafted well - spaced not too far or close. The metal plate over the usb sockets manifest a sophisticated and refined product' with several of my colleagues commenting that the item appears 'expensive'.
The LAN socket is sturdy, and located on the distal end of the hub.

The item came well presented in secure packaging, with appropriate documentation. The cardboard box, housing the product is rather robust, and now used to secure my old SSD, that i carry around as a USB3 scratch / thumb drive (in addition to my micro sata-usb3 dock)

Test involved a standardised folder containing: ,mixture of small doc/pdfs and large movie files, some over 2gb [test was repeated 5 times, average taken]

USB2 Test; sandisk extreme pen drive = 38mb/s write; usb 2 2GB via inatack dock - 37mb write, 44mb's read.
USB 3, using same peripherals as above, have me 135m/s read; 110m/s write

I have tested this dock with a plethora of usb devices, all working well.
USB3 devices, dell ultrasharp monitor hub, sandisk extreme usb pendrive, OWC dock, segate go flex, usb3 hdd

Overall, this item is incredibly reliable, sturdy, robust and performs as well as some of the enterprise solutions out in the wild! For continuous use over the past 3 months, performance and resilience has remained unscathed, despite heavy use and many trips in my laptop bag!

Cons - honestly can not fault this item what so ever!
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on 5 June 2014
When I unpacked this I was pleased with the robust feel and look; it seemed to be ideal for what I wanted - extending the USB slots on a new iMac.

However, ..

I've a number of Apple devices (SuperDrive, iPadAir, iPhone, etc), and this hub won't power them all (see addendum below).

When I plugged it in and moved my keyboard (not Apple!) it worked fine. Plugging in the other three devices mentioned above, I got a warning message on my iMac to say the device wasn't charging.

So I tried it out with the iPhone and SuperDrive, the former wouldn't charge either, whilst the latter wouldn't accept a CD or DVD.

I then unplugged everything from the USB hub and put it all back into the iMac, and, lo and behold, everything worked as expected.

The upshoot of this is that this device doesn't work, at least for a Mac. OK, on the box it says "Laptop, Ultrabook, Tablet PC and PC", so maybe having a Mac I shouldn't expect it to work. However, on the blurb on Amazon's site it does say that it'll work with OS 10.8.4 (I'm using 10.9.3 - is that a problem? I guessed they meant "at least 10.8.4, but maybe not).

It also says it'll work with a "MACBOOK" so there's no real reason why it shouldn't work with an iMac. Is there?

I'm sending this back, and will go into my local Mac store and get something that works - at least with my Mac stuff.



Inateck contacted me about my negative review, appologising, but saying this device isn't meant to power many peripherals at the same time - hence, they say, that's why my iPad and iPhone didn't work, and why the SuperDrive didn't work at all. For completeness, using this unpowered USB hub, I did a relative test, with equipment many a computer user is likely to have, with results shown below:

- The keyboard works on its own and with any other device plugged in. Test result: pass.

- With or without the keyboard plugged in, the iPhone 5C and iPhone 3 take a charge, are recognised by iTunes and will Sync. Test result: pass.

- With or without the keyboard plugged in the SuperDrive does NOT work. Test result: fail.

- With or without the keyboard plugged in, the iPadAir and the iPad 1 will NOT take a charge, but are recognised by iTunes and will Sync. Test result: partial pass and fail.

(I've some camera equipment but didn't bother testing this.)

Overall, I consider this test to show a sufficient degree of unreliability, where two pieces of equipment passed, another partially passed and the last failed.

In defence of my review, I refer the reader to the line in the description on Amazon's page which says: "High Performance with VIA VL812 Chipset; Slim Size - Easy Carrying and Experience; Powered via USB - No Additional Power Adapter and Driver is needed".

In close, Imateck suggested that I could use one of their powered USB hubs for my purposes, but this is getting away from the idea I had to just use this simple unpowered hub for my peripherals. The jury's is out on this suggestion.


Today I took my Mac equipment to a Mac store and tried it out with a powered USB 3 hub.

Initially, the iPadAir wouldn't charge, but after trying three or four power sockets (like you would!) it showed it was taking a charge. Pretty unsatisfactory, especially as the iPhone was no problems.

Regardless, and the main reason for this second test, I asked the Mac personnel if a powered USB 3 hub would charge the SuperDrive: I got a jolly and confident "yes". So I got mine out to try it. It failed hopelessly, as it would still not take a charge; iMac users will have to content themselves with using an iMac USB port.

Word to the wise; I'd guess none of the powered USB 3 hubs will be any good for a SuperDrive.

I'm tempted to buy Inateck's powewred USB 3 5 port hub - see below:


If nothing else, all my equipment, other than the SuperDrive, would likely work. It looks a much more robust bit of kit than the piece of flimsy plastic I used in the Mac shop.
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I wanted one of these not for anything fancy but to help sort out the amount of gadgets that now clutter my desk all requiring a USB connection.

I have so many things that need connecting via USB that I simply do not have enough on my Imac, plus the USB connections are on the rear of the Imac which has always been a pain.

The product looks and feels very nice, well made not something that's going to fall apart.

By connecting the Inateck USB 3.0 4-Port Hub in to the rear of my Imac it now means I have four USB's sat on my desk, I connected my Ipod, my WD My Cloud, my Pentax Q10 camera and my HTC phone and all work a treat, didn't need to do anything. The Imac found them as normal, the camera even auto switched to iphoto which I wasn't expecting.

Another obvious useful thing is using it while I am on my holidays, I have a netbook which has one USB port, charging anything via this has been pretty useless, I want to charge my Ipod, so does my wife and son, with the Inateck the problem is solved, we can connected everything and everyone will be happy and I don't have to pack the chargers which are always a pain.

Very pleased with the Inateck, a really useful device that will be used daily and also on my holidays.
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This is a brilliant device that opens out your options to the full.

What it does is allows you to connect devices to phone or whatever.

It is small portable and ideal for travelling abroad.

For example you could load your movies and series onto a flash drive or memory stick and just connect the device up when you arrive. This saves up all your phones memory.
Viewing photos from a memory stick is easy along with documents, power points or whatever.
The device allows you to connect a portable keyboard for word processing or whatever.

I love to listen to talking books- this device allows me to load my mp3s onto a memory stick and play when and wherever I want.
Music files similarly are a dream to store and play on your device without cluttering up and overfilling your memomory.

The device like all Inatek products is well made, robust and rugged.
The cable (often a weak spot) is solid and connected to the device well.
The device has a weighty feel that speaks volumes for its robustness- this thing is built to last and be used time after time.

I would suggest that you read other reviews in tandem with mine to get a 'fuller' overview.
My fellow reviewers cover a lot of different detail like speeds of transfer and which devices work so it is not right to cover the same ground so to speak.

Mine was sent for review but I would gladly have selected this device to purchase myself and coming from a 'tight' Tyke that is some compliment to it being a really brilliant machine.
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I must admit USB-3 sneaked up on me a bit and I suddenly realised I'd got more USB-3 devices, especially hard drives, than I had free ports and needed a solution. Mixing USB-2 and USB-3 devices on a single port is rarely a good idea because most computers will then fallback to the lowest common denominator and then all your faster USB-3 devices are needlessly slowed down to USB-2 speeds. This inateck 4-port hub is solidly made with a hefty (but short) run of cable and four USB-3 ports, three on top and one at the end. There's a handy optional adaptor attached to the cable which downsizes the USB connector to a USB-micro (B) one, for use with ultrabooks or tablets that support it, but you could cut this adaptor off and store it separately if it's in the way or not needed. There's a nice brushed metal plate inset into the top which hopefully will show fewer scratches than shiny plastic might. It does seem slightly chunkier than it needs to be, but not so much that it makes it difficult to carry around if you need to. It draws all its power from the USB connection so there's no mains adaptor, but on some computers (especially laptops) you might find connecting too many high-drain devices causes problems. As far as speeds go I found nothing to complain about - even with a couple of hard-drives attached and both reading/write data simultaneously I saw barely any slowdown of throughput - your milage may vary as this again might be more down to the host computer. In fact I can't really find anything to complain about at all, it just works and solves the problem it's meant for without any fuss or the need to install anything extra - it even comes nicely boxed, if that matters to you. (Disclosure: device was received for review)
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on 7 February 2014
After purchasing the Microsoft Surface 2 Pro which only has one USB3 port I needed a device to connect up my external hard drive, keyboard and windows 8 phone. This device works like a charm.

I also did a speed check on the hard drive and there is no difference between having it connected directly to the surface and going through this hub. Just under 100MB/s read and write speeds.

So now I plug in my monitor, this hub and the power lead and the surface is converted into a fully working and quick desktop PC.

The build quality is very good also - very happy chappy :-)
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on 26 January 2016
To be clear, the first one of these I had did not work very well, and as such I left a bad review. However, after receiving a replacement I have to say it works as well as you'd expect.

I have used it to connect quite an array of devices, including various external hard drives, both USB and mains powered, Xbox One wireless controller dongle, Steam controller dongle, an Avermedia ExtremeCap U3, a Thrustmaster TX wheel and TH8A shifter, also ran my keyboard and mouse through it. I tried all these in various combinations and ran into no issues what so ever.

Also the customer service at Inateck can't be faulted. They have been great in sending me a replacement without any fuss and have even followed up to see if everything is alright with the replacement. So easily deserves 5 stars. No production run is going to be 100% flawless.
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on 16 September 2015
Good product for the price, works well with memory sticks. It's a shame that 2.4GHz products such as wireless mice and keyboards have issues working. Also Have connectivity issues / slow connections when using HDD's through this adaptor.
Overall; good product for the price!
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