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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 23 January 2015
The keyboard itself feels built to last and it looks as good as it does in the press shots but I'm about the send my second one back for a third. The first two had LEDs die on me randomly.
Here's a pic of my second one. The O, D and X keys no longer light up and the M and ? keys have both gone dim, like they're about to go too.

Customer service at Cooler Master was also very poor.. Disappointed
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on 8 April 2013
I didn't buy on Amazon but wanted to do a review regardless. The description on Amazon lacks sufficient information for people to make an informed purchase so I intend to fix that with this review. Don't forget to look at the size of the enter key and shift, as keyboards are often a little bit different between regions.

The most important part of a mechanical keyboard is the type of switches. This particular keyboard has three different types of switches available, RED, BLUE and BROWN (I'm not sure what kind Amazon has as the picture indicates brown switches but a review indicates red so contact them to make absolute sure). The plate below the keys indicates what switches there are used, a blue plate for blue switches, a red for red switches and either white or brown for brown switches.

My keyboard has reds. They offer light linear resistance that don't have a tactile ''click'' like some other switches do. This makes the keyboard excellent at gaming, especially for games where you spam keys repeatedly (such as Starcraft). The switches are also quite silent for mechanical switches but are not dead silent like some laptop keyboards are. While RED switches are good for gaming it doesn't mean they are bad for typing. Because of their low resistance typing on it comes off as easy and the keys bottom out unlike traditional rubber membrane keyboards do. For hardcore typists, I'd recommend Blue switches instead that have an audible tactile click. The downside to them is that they don't push much back making them worse for certain games such as first person shooters (there were many times I didn't notice I was holding down for example control but I did get used to that eventually). Brown switches seem to be a sort of a hybrid between the two, being a little quieter than the loud blues and offering a tactile bump that you need to get past to register a keystroke. You may even want to ignore my recommendation on switches as many people simply prefer one type of switches over another regardless of whether they are ''optimized'' for this or that. Try to see if you can find a keyboard to test in person.

The Coolermaster Quickfire TK is not ''that'' heavy for a mechanical keyboard, probably because it's not a full sized one. I didn't have any issues with it sliding on my table so the weight is not an issue and it seems sturdy enough to last for many many years (it doesn't bend if you try to twist it from both ends).

The cord for the keyboard is removable, it is long and it is braided so I give it full score. You can choose where it pops out from under the keyboard, straight up, left or right.

The LEDS are bright and have a color corresponding to the type of switches on the keyboard (except for brown switches where the LED color is white). The arrow keys don't illuminate unless you turn them on with the numlock keys (displaying them as ''offline'' which makes sense) but the right enter key stays illuminated regardless whether it's on or not. That brings me to the main issue that I have with this keyboard.

The right enter key doesn't function when the arrow keys are activated which doesn't make much sense to me. When I play video games where using the arrow keys would be useful you cannot type a quick message by pressing the right enter key. There is also the problem with using the delete button as I like to keep it on keypad mode by default which makes the delete button register as 4. Switching back and forth can be tiring especially if you've gotten used to using delete and arrow keys for fixing spelling errors. This is not an issue when trying to enter BIOS as the keyboard will be automatically set on arrow key mode on startup that has delete active (for motherboards that use that key to enter BIOS).

This keyboard has allows you to press up to 6 keys at once with 6KRO mode which will be more than enough for most people. If you want to take it one step further you can switch it into full NKRO mode that allows you to press as many keys at once as you like which truly is the future. The downside to the latter mode is that some motherboards don't like that. I cannot use full NKRO in bios but switching between the modes is very easy and only takes around 1-2 seconds (google the instructions).

The keyboard doesn't come with any kind of software and there is nothing available from Coolermaster from their website.

I give it 4 out of 5 because of the right enter key issue. I knew about the issues of switching back and forth between keypad and arrow keys but I never imagined the enter key would be affected (since it has only one function). This may or may not bother people. I've seen surprisingly few people mention this.

Pros and cons:

+ Cheap for a fully backlit mechanical keyboard and it looks stylish.
+ build quality seems to be good so far and the switches are solid.
+ N-key rollover: It supports as many key presses at a time as you'd want.
+ It has a small form factor (although some might look at this in a negative way).
+ It doesn't collect fingerprints because of the matte finish.
+ Good USB cord included as well as a tool for making removal of keys easier.
+ You can toggle the FN key on/off by holding it in for a few seconds, making the function keys easier to use.
+ It has a gaming mode available that disables the windows key (thank the lord!).

- It's not full sized and it might take time getting used to switching between the uncommon hybrid of arrow keys/numpad.
- the right enter key is disabled with arrow key mode on.
- no included software to customize key setup or macros.

I would recommend this keyboard despite the issues, but I can understand some of them can be a potential deal breaker. I think I'm not forgetting anything important :)
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on 30 December 2014
If you're buying this for the bling factor then congratulations, you've found a bargain. If you want a quality mouse and keyboard you need to look elsewhere.

I bought this mouse and keyboard combination with high hopes. It's relatively cheap for a backlit keyboard and at first it seemed like a great deal. This lasted a week. The scroll wheel squeaks, sometimes scrolling down will occasionally jolt back up and vice versa. The backlight is mapped to the scroll lock key, which causes all sorts of nightmares with KVM switches and certain desktop applications, and the keys are cheap and tacky and quickly lost any firmness they once had after just a week of use.

Apart from looking impressive, this mouse and keyboard combination wasn't at all fantastic and have found myself using a Microsoft set that cost a third as much, which feels twice the quality.

Very disappointing coolermaster.
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on 26 February 2016
I like that you can easily change the DPI on the mouse, and the keys on the keyboard have nice travel and the click is so satisfying but... the fact that you need to have the backlight turned on to see the symbol on the key is a bit annoying because you have to turn the keyboard on each time you turn your computer on - in my case this is everyday. I also do not like the fact that the key to turn the backlight on/off is the scroll lock key, having a dedicated key to turn it on/off maybe even dim it would just be perfect. But at this price it is a quality product from a known and trusted brand.
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on 27 March 2016
This keyboard has a great feel to it due to the chunkiness of the frame and the responsiveness of the buttons. It comes in a smaller form than a regular keyboard so it is good for those with limited desk space. It comes with a handy tool to pull the key caps off for cleaning and overall feels like a quality product

But there are also a couple of problems as a result of the small form though. In order to make the keyboard smaller the num pad is integrated with the arrow keys you would find on a regular keyboard. In order to use the arrow keys you need num lock disabled. This means that when num lock is disabled the arrow keys become illuminated signalling they can be used, which I personally find irritating when I am sitting in a dimly lit room. I do not want the keyboard to be permanently illuminated and I can not disable this through the software or on the keyboard itself without soldering the components off the board.

I feel that if the keyboard came with more customizable drivers so that you could specify how much of the backlighting you wished to use it would be a 10 out of 10, but as is I can only give it a 8 / 10.
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on 4 November 2015
Keyboard and mouse finish and quality is very good.
lighting nice and bright.
Silent when pressing key.
Usb wire nice and long.
volume keys and media keys on keyboard.
Small palm rest for when typing.
Price for value.

Space bar bit clingy when pressed.
Mouse led stays on until mains closed.
Reflective glossy finish looks stained after touching.

Nothing major bad with the keyboard.
Amazing price.
I would give it 5 stars if mouse led powered off when powering off the pc.

I have done a review on youtube do check it out as you will see how it looks and if its right for you or not.
heres the link for the video:

I have used it for a couple of days. its my own and personal opinion on the keyboard and mouse.
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on 16 October 2015
Sent it back as wrong (US type) keyboard sent TWICE (even after leaving notes) - but I wasn't going to wait for a 3rd disappointment
A pity as a nice and clunky keyboard, and a reasonable mouse which I was more than happy with.

In the end bought [Programmable] VicTsing Thunderbird 11 Buttons Wired Gaming Mouse 4000 DPI, 1000Hz Return-Rate with 8 Weights for Pro Gamer & Office - Black
which is ok, still hunting for a suitable keyboard.
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on 15 December 2015
After hours of use some of the keys stopped functioning so I have not been able to use this product very much at all. Unfortunately I did not manage to return this product in time due to being so busy.

Assuming you are to get a functional product, it feels very nice to type on and it is a nice size. The backlight is a very nice feature and is toggled by using the scroll lock function. Fantastic for using your computer in low light.

The mouse (which is still functioning) works very well and I like the texture of the scroll wheel. It is somewhat chunky given it's lack of additional features and I do have quite large hands to please bear in mind.

All in all both the keyboard and the mouse are very nice to look at and use - it's just a shame that they did not work as intended.
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on 21 October 2015
Both the keyboard and mouse are very well built. The keyboard operation is smooth and easy to both type quickly on as well as game on. The blue lighting is strong and really stands out in a darker room. With the lighting off, the keys look plain black with the characters difficult to read, even in a well lit room. The back lighting can be turned on and off using the Scroll Lock key and herein lies the problem. Toggling the lighting also toggles the status of Scroll Lock meaning the lights have to be off when using Excel (otherwise you can't scroll around your spreadsheet).
The mouse is equally well built, sturdy with additional navigation buttons on the left side of the mouse. The scroll wheel spins slightly too fast for my comfort but is does have a knurled rubber grip ensuring accuracy. There is also a button that can dynamically change the DPI (how fast the mouse pointer moves around) by pressing it to change through the three in built settings. It's location means it can be hit whilst gaming and it'd have been nice to see this located somewhere more out of the way.
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on 20 December 2012
I got mine today :) didnt buy on amazon, but thought do a quick review for anyone researching.

I have the version with the red keys and red black-lighting,
- Excellent lighting! The back panel is red so, not just the keys are red, but the lighting behind the keys is class.
- Red switches are excellent, i hear that blues are good for typing, but honestly, the reds are pretty good too, really nice and light!
- It's small enough to fit on a small desk tray with your mouse.
- the build is really really nice, its got that nice smooth cm storm black feel!
- it has media keys, if you really use them, ya have to press "FN" and the corresponding key, I don't really see this as a negative though, its a smaller KB, without making it physically bigger you aint going to get dedicated media keys in.
- no macros, I never bother with them anyway, so its only a bad thing if you specially want them.
- the number pad works quite well with the other keys mixed in, just press "numlk" to hit the numbers, hit if off to use the other functions.

If you have any questions, just ask. :)

Just an FYI, you can get it with blue mx cherry keys and blue backlighting, or brown mx cherry keys with a white backlighting.

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