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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 23 January 2015
The keyboard itself feels built to last and it looks as good as it does in the press shots but I'm about the send my second one back for a third. The first two had LEDs die on me randomly.
Here's a pic of my second one. The O, D and X keys no longer light up and the M and ? keys have both gone dim, like they're about to go too.

Customer service at Cooler Master was also very poor.. Disappointed
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on 30 December 2014
If you're buying this for the bling factor then congratulations, you've found a bargain. If you want a quality mouse and keyboard you need to look elsewhere.

I bought this mouse and keyboard combination with high hopes. It's relatively cheap for a backlit keyboard and at first it seemed like a great deal. This lasted a week. The scroll wheel squeaks, sometimes scrolling down will occasionally jolt back up and vice versa. The backlight is mapped to the scroll lock key, which causes all sorts of nightmares with KVM switches and certain desktop applications, and the keys are cheap and tacky and quickly lost any firmness they once had after just a week of use.

Apart from looking impressive, this mouse and keyboard combination wasn't at all fantastic and have found myself using a Microsoft set that cost a third as much, which feels twice the quality.

Very disappointing coolermaster.
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on 4 November 2015
Keyboard and mouse finish and quality is very good.
lighting nice and bright.
Silent when pressing key.
Usb wire nice and long.
volume keys and media keys on keyboard.
Small palm rest for when typing.
Price for value.

Space bar bit clingy when pressed.
Mouse led stays on until mains closed.
Reflective glossy finish looks stained after touching.

Nothing major bad with the keyboard.
Amazing price.
I would give it 5 stars if mouse led powered off when powering off the pc.

I have done a review on youtube do check it out as you will see how it looks and if its right for you or not.
heres the link for the video:

I have used it for a couple of days. its my own and personal opinion on the keyboard and mouse.
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on 10 May 2015
I am really impressed with this keyboard. It has provided me an amazing typing experience.
The keyboard comes with a keycap puller to clean the keyboard.

NOTES before going into the positives and negatives:
- If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard right now, you have to know that it takes time to get better at typing on a mechanical keyboard. It took me 2 weeks to get used to the keyboard's nature. Mechanical keyboards are not like membrane keyboards in which you have to fully bottom out the keycaps on the keyboard.


A one-of-a-kind keyboard, the QuickFire TK has a tenkeyless formfactor, except all of the function and arrows keys are integrated into the numpad.
This means that the keyboard is very portable and easy to store on the fly.

The keyboard's portability and immaculate design make it a sleek looking keyboard, without being too showy.

This keyboard is competitively priced compared to other mechanical gaming keyboards and one of the cheapest out there.

Since the keyboard has a detachable braided cable, this is a big plus for people who tend to break cables easily, as you can simply replace it with a mini USB to USB adapter. Rerouting groves at the back of the keyboard allow for more flexibility on how you want to connect the braided cable into a device.

Mechanical Cherry MX Blue switches provide an excellent typing experience with a tactile bump and click to help with typing. The click may be annoying for some people if you're going to bring this keyboard with MX Blue switches into a busy working environment.

5 brightness levels and 3 keyboard modes (Normal mode, Breathing mode and WASD mode, see picture for WASD mode) allows for more options to find the best way to type on the keyboard.

QuickFire TK keyboards have a steelplate that are suitably coloured for the type of keyboard you buy. For example, if you buy the Blue version, the steelplate coating is blue helping meaning the Blue LEDs on the keyboard become more vibrant.

Keyboard UV Keycaps are nice to type on, as they are very smoothly textured, and the letters on the keycaps are laser-etched to provide extra durability.


The keyboard does not come with an arm rest, which is probably expected for a keyboard at this price.

No On-off LED per-key-adjustment in WASD mode. Again, it is probably to be expected in a keyboard at this price, but it would've been really nice if there was an option to have per-key adjustment.

You can hold the function (FN) key to turn it on or off, but it takes time for the FN key to change modes. (Tip: When the FN key is turned off, you can just hold FN to access the keyboard's functions in the F1 - F12 keys.)

The keyboard provides rubber feet with is an excellent idea to prevent the keyboard from slipping, but the rubber is already degrading over the past 2 weeks I've bought this keyboard.

Flimsy plastic between the enter and numpad key is not fixed into the keyboard, which means it could break if you try to pull off the big enter key with the keycap puller.

When you pull off the space key with the keycap puller, you can see the keyboard's circuit board, making the keyboard more vulnerable to getting broken.

The warranty does not cover replacing the keycaps of the keyboard.

The keyboard provides everything you need from a mechanical gaming keyboard. With a compact keyboard form factor and excellent Cherry MX switches, it provides an excellent typing experience, whilst providing a unique and portable keyboard. There are a few quirks that are noticeable, but these are minor negative aspects of the keyboard that shouldn't bother you too much. I highly recommend this keyboard, as it is really cheap compared to other mechanical keyboards out there.
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on 5 February 2016
They keyboard arrived early and typing on it at the moment feels fantastic. It worked straight out of the box and looks fantastic. Unfortunately I seem to have received a bit of a misprint on the F7 key where the text is placed higher than on any of the other keys along the top row (See attached picture). This is of course not a huge issue, however after having dropped a reasonable amount of money on the keyboard I would have hoped for a bit more attention to detail from the manufacturers.

EDIT: Well alongside the the small misprint, 8 months later my feelings of the product have changed. I do not use the keyboard nearly as often as it would be used by others, and when I do use it I make sure I am not eating or drinking. Even with these precautions and minimal use, the 'J' key has stopped working. The fact that I spent close to £100 at the time on a mechanical keyboard that would supposedly outlast every keyboard I have had is comical. Compared to the laptop that I have had for 5 years and has gone through the wear and abuse of a clumsy college kid this keyboard is a joke. I am going through the process of returning it, but that will leave my desktop computer without a keyboard.

8 months before a switch broke, what a joke.
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on 22 November 2016
The look (when lit) and feel of the keys are fantastic.

There is one blindingly stupid feature though.. the button for the blue back lighting is Scroll Lock. That means if you use Microsoft Excel, you're regularly needing to turn it off. If it's anything but bright, you can't see the keys.

I touch type most of the time but when you're doing formulas and using keys you don't normally, you'll end up squinting with your nose on the keyboard to actually see what you're doing!

Some people have used a soldering iron to fix this.. bravo but that's not for me! (See YouTube)

Why on earth wouldn't Cooler Master use a little button on the side, giving us on/off with no consequences?
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on 26 November 2016
At first use this keyboard seems OK, even good for the price, until you use any application that requires the Scroll Lock key. You see, you have the choice between having the backlight on or off and this sounds fine until you find out that the backlight is controlled by the scroll lock key. This means that you CANNOT have the backlight keys lit up without scroll lock being on. I might sound like a little moan and, you may say, just turn it off when you need to but with the backlight off the lettering on the keys is invisible, black on a black background. If i could rate this product 0 stars I would ....

...... The mouse is OK though.
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on 1 July 2016
After buying a new PC I was left with little money and ended up buying this budget mouse and keyboard bundle. And for the price, they are certainly very good.

The mouse is very light and slides easily across my mouse mat. All the buttons on it including the two programmable buttons on the side work really well and I haven't had any problems with them. Personally I don't use the dpi button but some users might find it useful. The mouse also looks very nice when it is lit up and doesn't look or feel cheap or low quality. The only thing really that lets this mouse down though is the wheel. It has become quite squeaky which can be very annoying, and if my hands get sweaty playing games on hot days my fingers have a tendency to slip on the mouse wheel. This isn't so much down to the material but more the direction of the groves. The only other problem with the mouse is that I have found it not to work on most surfaces other than a mouse mat.

The keyboard in my opinion, is a bit better than the mouse and feels of higher quality. This is partly down to it being quite heavy which stops it from moving around on my desk when I am typing. The keys are also very satisfying to press down and feel really nice, although they are quite loud. I don't mind this so much but other users who use skype a lot might find that their friends start complaining about the constant sound of keys. The backlighting on the keyboard also looks really good and doesn't become dimmer when viewed at different angles, although the letters on the keys can be quite hard to read when it is switched off but this shouldn't really be a problem. I have also found the volume buttons quite handy when playing games and watching videos because you don't have to exit full screen.

Overall, very good value for money and highly recommended for anyone working on a budget. (This was a review of the Devastator not the Devastator II)
review image review image review image
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on 18 February 2016
I purchased this keyboard / mouse combo for a gaming PC I created. I will list pro's and con's for the product.

Keyboard -
- UK Layout.
- Has six keys on the top which can be re-purposed in order to use as macro keys.
- Blue LED's are a good colour but not overpowering and easy to switch off.
- Easy USB setup. Plug and play.
- Mechanical feel.

- The space bar is a little squeeky
- Number lock turns off everytime the PC is turned off
- There is a gloss finish where under the space bar which can develop quite a lot of finger print marks.

Mouse -

- Nice fit in the hand.
- The DPI button is easy to use during games.
- The DPI settings are good with a normal mode and two faster modes.
- Two buttons on the side of the mouse are easy to use.

- The surface can pick up finger prints sometimes
- I sometimes accidentally press the buttons on the side

I really struggled to find con's for the mouse however there was two. Hope this review helped.
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on 21 October 2015
Both the keyboard and mouse are very well built. The keyboard operation is smooth and easy to both type quickly on as well as game on. The blue lighting is strong and really stands out in a darker room. With the lighting off, the keys look plain black with the characters difficult to read, even in a well lit room. The back lighting can be turned on and off using the Scroll Lock key and herein lies the problem. Toggling the lighting also toggles the status of Scroll Lock meaning the lights have to be off when using Excel (otherwise you can't scroll around your spreadsheet).
The mouse is equally well built, sturdy with additional navigation buttons on the left side of the mouse. The scroll wheel spins slightly too fast for my comfort but is does have a knurled rubber grip ensuring accuracy. There is also a button that can dynamically change the DPI (how fast the mouse pointer moves around) by pressing it to change through the three in built settings. It's location means it can be hit whilst gaming and it'd have been nice to see this located somewhere more out of the way.
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