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on 4 March 2017
 I was looking for an RGB Mechanical Keyboard and a gaming mouse but was turned off by the prices. For £45 this keyboard and mouse combo is fantastic. The keyboard itself feels fantastic to type on. The 'mem-chanical' switches are a distance above my old Logitech K120 stock keyboard. It sounds satisfying - clicky, but not too loud. I feel like my typing accuracy has also improved since switching over. It's great for gaming as well, I no longer fart out ultimates when playing Dota 2 or Overwatch by accidentally sliding my hand over to one key as the keys have decent spacing. The RGB is great and comes in some really fancy schmancy modes, great for stunting on friend when they come over. You've got 9 different colours (red, orange, yellow, green, ice blue, blue and two pinkish colours) and also function keys for adjusting the RGB if you want to add your own colours to the palette.You can't set colours for different keys but there are about 5 zones on the keyboard that you can recolourise if you want to. I also thought that the numpad being scrunched up so close to the rest of the keyboard would be problematic, but it's not really noticeable at all. The only negative I will give the keyboard is that the function keys for media control (FN + Home to skip forward and FN + End to skip back) seemed to work in opposite order, at least when I tested it with Spotify. You can tell how much I like this keyboard since I typed this entire review with it!

The mouse is superb as well, the scroll wheel and the back part of the mouse are the ones that light up and you'll be happy to know you can customise the colours of the RGB on the mouse or change to one of the effects if you desire it.The DPI button comes with 4 different settings, from thumbing play-do to 'hmmm, I don't remember taking adderall today' and you can change it in the Windows mouse control setting if one of the 4 presets isn't quite at your sweet spot. The left and right buttons are fantastic and create a great sound with satisfying feedback and the two side buttons are very well placed. My only slight on the mouse would be that pressing down the scroll wheel seems to take a an abnormal deal of pressure and will take some getting used to.

Overall, though, this is a fantastic buy and you are getting more than enough bang for your buck at £45. Hands down recommendation!
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on 25 March 2017
This is a review for the - ''Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L RGB Combo Gaming Bundle SGB-3040-KKMF1-UK, UK Layout,Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L RGB Combo Gaming Bundle "SGB-3040-KKMF1-UK, UK Layout, RGB LED with Lighting Effects, "Mem-Chanical" Keyboard and Ambidextrous Mouse Bundle" RGB LED with Lighting Effects, Mem-Chanical Keyboard and Ambidextrous Mouse Bundle" - product only

I've been looking for a decent keyboard for quite some time, having worked my way through Dell, Logitech and Windows products, and found them all to be rather disappointing I decided to look for something better.
After looking through the numerous choices available I went with the (above listed) keyboard and mouse bundle as it seemed to offer very good value for money.
I received the product from Amazon quickly and well packaged, as soon as I had unpacked the keyboard and mouse, plugged them in and tested them out I knew I'd made the right choice.
The keyboard is very well made, the fit and finish is excellent, it has a solid feel with very sturdy support feet, and non-slip pads to keep the keyboard in place while in use, the keys themselves have a very nice 'mechanical' feel to them when typing, and once you've mastered the back-lighting options you have a very useful backlit keyboard.
The mouse that comes with this bundle is also a very well constructed piece of kit, its a optical, two button wheel mouse, with two buttons side mounted just above where your right thumb rests, and feels comfortable in the hand, in use the mouse is very accurate and has a nice matching red light around the base.
All in all this is a very nice keyboard and mouse bundle, and at a very good price, excellent quality and nice light effects too!
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on 8 May 2017
This doesn't quite get 5 full stars because of a few tiny design choices I'm not keen on, but this is a great keyboard. I wanted a work keyboard with mechanical action, blacklighting and importantly, no software to install so I could use it on work machines.

This keyboard comes beautifully packaged and takes seconds to set up. It has a standard usb cable which means you can replace it with a 3m one if you felt like it.

The lighting goes from super bright to off in nice increments.

Key action is great, loudish but not so you'd get annoyed with it (or annoy others).

The one thing I don't like is the amount of light leak out of the keys onto the backing. It's no deal breaker, but I'd have preferred them to be better isolated.

All in all I was pleasantly surprised and impressed.
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on 13 May 2017
I bought this product after having a white backlight membrane keyboard for many years (which actually cost more than this). Due to me currently undertaking a home project, this keyboard fit in perfectly with the final goal.

The keyboard came brilliantly packaged with its own sleeve which gave it that bit more protection. The quality of the keys is fantastic; they feel incredibly sturdy but at the same time have a nice soft touch to them, meaning you can press these keys and feel comfortable.
If you do not know a lot about mechanical switches, i strongly recommend reading into what each one does, it will allow you to decide if these are for you.
Personally, due to me playing games a large amount, brown key switches are fantastic because they give a brilliant tactile click and response when your playing and typing. However, if you are after a quiet keyboard, do not go for these key switches because they are not designed for quietness.
For lighting, i am normally a massive Razer fanboy and love the the synpase program to synchronise lighting schemes, but i must say i am very impressed with Cooler Master implementation and software. The lighting is vibrant, easy to set up and the amount of lighting schemes is something to be impressed with. One of the nice things, is that you can store a large amount of keyboard lighting effects on the device itself. So if you go to a pc without Master Keys Pro S software installed, you can still make use of your favourite lighting schemes. Massive +1 there!

I like this keyboard so much, i struggled to find anything wrong with it so the only thing i can say, is that it would have been nice to have had the Windows keys instead of the Cooler Master logo instead. This does get a bit annoying.
However the product does include a key puller so if you can purchase a replacement cherry MX key with the windows logo, you will be able to change this without any risk to damaging the product.
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on 4 November 2015
Keyboard and mouse finish and quality is very good.
lighting nice and bright.
Silent when pressing key.
Usb wire nice and long.
volume keys and media keys on keyboard.
Small palm rest for when typing.
Price for value.

Space bar bit clingy when pressed.
Mouse led stays on until mains closed.
Reflective glossy finish looks stained after touching.

Nothing major bad with the keyboard.
Amazing price.
I would give it 5 stars if mouse led powered off when powering off the pc.

I have done a review on youtube do check it out as you will see how it looks and if its right for you or not.
heres the link for the video:

I have used it for a couple of days. its my own and personal opinion on the keyboard and mouse.
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on 9 April 2017
There were other cheap options i could have gone for but i went with this and I really regret buying this.

The good:
Cheap. Keys work fine. Mouse is accurate and multiple sensitivity settings are nice (though i never use them).

The problems:
The mouse wheel is really squeaky. This is a common problem. It is noticeable even with a headset on. It is VERY squeaky.

But the killer. The back lit keyboard. In anything other than perfect lighting the keys are impossible to read without the backlight on. Not a huge problem becasue i always have them on anyways for the cool factor while gaming. But about 50% of my time i am working at home. I cannot use this keyboard with excel. To turn on the back light you have to turn on scroll lock and there is no way around this without electrical enginerring expertise and tearing the thing part.

Get something else.
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on 15 March 2017
[White LED Masterkeys M keyboard]

The reason I bought this keyboard is the fact I just wanted not only a smaller keyboard, but also a more minimalistic look. The smaller design makes the keyboard look more sleek than full keyboards but yet retains the full functionality in the number pad being multifunctional, being able to toggle to using the arrow keys and all alternate buttons like print screen by toggling off the numlock.

Cooler Master had claimed that the white LEDs on this keyboard were the brightest, and while I haven't owned any other white LED products, I can say the LEDs are insanely bright, so much so to strain my eyes in the darkness when toggled to the full brightness.

There is no software required, all customizability is embedded directly into the keyboard - It can seem a little confusing at first if you have no idea what you're doing but was quick to learn. At first I was skeptical but I almost prefer it after getting used to it. I can switch profiles without having to tab out while in-game and regardless of the the computer I plug it into, I can plug and play and will retain full customization without any software required.

As for customisation, it isn't too deep but if it really matters to you, I'd go with the RGB version instead of risking the regret of having just a single colour LED later down the line, which doesn't matter too much to me.

As opposed to most other keyboards, the backplate (under the keycaps) of the keyboard is white as opposed to black which allows the LEDs colours to bounce off easier which not only makes them look brighter, but sometimes gives the illusion that the entire backplate of the keyboard is one large LED, as opposed to the keys being all individually lit.

Overall, I would had preferred pretty much any other colour LED, even something as generic as red or blue as white can be a little boring and plain. That being said, I think the structure and build quality seems solid, the mechanical keys are as you'd expect and and all around decent value.
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on 11 April 2017
Decent keyboard. Might be a bit loud for some people, but that's the price you pay for mechanical (or should I say "mem-canical") keyboards.
It would be nice to have software which turns the lighting off when the user is logged out of the computer as it's pretty off-putting to have bright lights on the keyboard and mouse when you've come off the computer to watch some TV. You can get around this by turning the lighting off (press Fn+Esc on the keyboard and DPI+Right Click on the mouse).
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on 11 June 2017
The keyboard has this glossy bit at the bottom which is fingerprint magnet so even after a quick test run of the keyboard it looks used.
The backlight is sometimes delayed when switching on or won't switch on until you press it a few times.
Some of the backlight bleeds into other areas that aren't supped to be on such as the caps lock so you keep thinking its on when its not.
If the backlight is switched off to save power during the day it's hard to tell what key is which.
And here comes the mouse... Now the mouse is actually quite nice, but it has a HUGE flaw.
First, you have to set dpi everytime you power on your computer. But the BIGGEST FLAW of it is that when or if your computer goes into sleep mode and you wake it up, the mouse does not respond or work at all and the ONLY WAY to fix it is to unplug it and plug it back in....
It may not seem like much but you want your things to work properly...
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on 3 June 2017
Keyboard is excellent for the money. Feels good, keys have good feedback, lighting is good so can't complain for the money.

Mouse has one massive fatal flaw. The lift off distance is horrendous. Its over 10mm so basically if you use it for gaming and have to lift the mouse to re position it, it'll continue to register movement when then mouse is 10mm from the surface. Most gaming mice have a lift off distance of 1-2mm. Other than that the mouse is good. But htis flaw just destroys your gaming if you play any first person shooters.

Overall i would recommend the keyboard but not the mouse.

Cooler Master if you read this, please sort out your testing department, the mouse lift off distance issue should not exist in 2017.
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