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I was supplied this free to test and review.
Tested using iPad2, a generic Chinese Android tablet and a HP Windows 8 laptop.

I have not seen a gadget before that enables a tablet without expandable storage to have access to almost limitless memory for storage. In addition to this it can act as a wireless router and a backup battery for phones etc.

Out of the box it needs charging and comes with a usb charging lead to connect to your own charger as it charges 4 blue leds progressively light and flash until all 4 are on steadily and it is then fully charged and ready to use.

As the set up seemed quite complicated I followed the fairly comprehensive instructions which were enclosed. After downloading the "FTP Manager" from Google Play and installing it (I used the Android tablet first) I then followed the instructions and was met with the message "Server not Found". It is probably apparent to everyone except me that the server would not be found until I logged on to the Wi-Stor.

The easiest way to set it up initially is to temporary replace your router with this one turn it on and look for EasyAcc_4005DE and log on to it (At this stage it is an open network). Then download the "FTP Manager" and run it to complete the set up. You can then put your router back. If you don't want to do this you have to download the "FTP Manager" on your normal set up and then switch to EasyAcc_4005DE to complete the settings, once you have done this you will not need to do it again.

The next thing I worried about was security as admin and admin are not the most secure names and passwords. The router has quite a range and my neighbour was able to log into it quite easily.

Nothing in the instructions indicate that you can change the security settings, however it is easy, enter the Server Address into the command line of your browser and the home screen opens allowing you to view all the settings and make the changes you want. The most important being to make it secure.

Now it is set up I could use my ipad or android tablet to access a variety of memory devices that are connected to the Wi-Store I tried it with a 32Gb SD card, the maximum it will take, a 64Gb flash drive and a 1TB portable hard drive, all worked perfectly.
This device is a boon if you want to take files that total more than the capacity of the tablet, my little Android tablet is 8Gb with no expansion capability but with this I was able to watch a number of films from the portable HDD.

The other useful thing this does is to work as a back up battery it will supply 5V through a usb socket, to switch the battery on in this mode you need to press the power button for 3 seconds, If you want to know the state of charge press the button briefly and some of the 4 leds will light up one for each 25% of charge.

After playing with this on my tablets I thought I would try it with my laptop. There was no problem whatsoever using it as a wireless router but when I came to transfer files it was more difficult. It is possible to directly transfer using the server address in the command line but it was not the most straightforward way of doing it. I looked for an equivalent of the apps that I used for the Android and iPad although there are many I found that "Free FTP Manager 2.2" worked as well as anything and it is free.

In summary I am not sure if there are any other gadgets like this which allow you to wirelessly expand the memory of tablet devices, share files between tablets, act as a Wireless router and storage battery. It is a very useful addition to anyone who finds the memory in their tablet too limited.

It is not clear from my review but I used "free ftp manager 2.2.14b" with Windows 8 available from the Windows store. I am also told "FileZilla" works well [Thank you Ed ]
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on 11 September 2013
I have been using this product for a little more than month now before writing my review. I used this a lot on my 3week holiday on a daily basis for streaming and charging my portable devices (phone and tablet)

Contents: EasyAcc WiStor, microUSB short cable, instructions.

Plus points:
-Streams in 1080p to my samsung galaxy s4 without issues but cant stream to more devices in 1080p.
-Streams to 4 devices simultaeneously in 720p without issues plus at same time my laptop was copying file to it wirelessly.
-8800mamp battery is great for powering portable hard drive overnight for streaming
and for charging my nexus 7 tablet or phone at same time
-can copy files from sd card to hard disk wirelessly but is slow
-can copy file from laptop to this device or vice versa wirelessly using filezilla free FTP app
-can stream excellently to chrome browser in HD videos
-can copy in internet explorer but cant stream videos
-can see photos in browser
- free android ES file manager app works great for streaming or copying files wirelessly and any android video player can be used so any codec video file can be played
- any FTP app for android , iOS or windows can be used
- can secure device by user via browser first time and using quick settings on browser as explained in my youtube video
- ethernet port is useful for pass through internet via the device generated wifi signal, very useful for hotels that only give free ethernet access. I tested this over a couple of days and it works great even through brick and concrete wall. In some buildings worked 40 feet away but in others signal was weak after 20feet, so building type will matter.
- can use 64GB SD cards for streaming
- good build quality and well packaged device and certainly looks the business.
- affordable all rounder with great features
- none of the similar devices have this massive 8800milliamp powerbank included at this price point.

Negative points
- poor manual
- wireless streaming from hard disk does not work without SD card inserted into sd slot
- FTP connection frequently lose connection or cant log in if sd card is not inserted into sd slot
- device comes insecured wifi out of the box and no explanation in manual how to secure it. Solution is to access it via browser as explained in video and secure the device. In your browser type in which will take you to the device settings page where you can secure the device by making it WPA2 security and with new username and password. You can also view the files via FTP.
- even secure device (as mentioned above) can be hacked by those with expertise in hacking samba servers. Mine was hacked once!! Think this comes with version earlier than version4 samba which had a security loop hole where even secured server can be hacked by those who know how to hack it using the anonymous log in feature. Solution: hopefully software update will be available at a later date. But even if not available, not many will know how to hack a secured samba server so dont worry too much about this point.

More details about the device and showing streaming to 4 devices at once in 720p while simultaeneously copying file from laptop to device can be seen in my youtube review Please search youtube for this video if interested watch?v=uQbZpOfcwG8

My Impressions: Its a great all rounder with portable wireless router / streamer / 8800mamp battery bank that can power your hard disk and tablet together / ethernet internet pass through for a very affordable price. As far as I can see no other gadget with similar features has 8800milliamps battery bank included at this price point.

Disclaimer: I got the device for honest review purposes from the seller a little more than a month ago but I used this for a bit more than a month before writing this review
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on 5 September 2013
Does exactly what it says it does.....

although I binned the suggested app for 'Remote File Browser' (RFB) for iOS.
I found the FTP server app a bit clunky and seemed over complicated. The RFB app has a nice front end and easily connects with other devices, just follow the on screen prompts.

Transferring files between my iPad 4 and the EasyAcc is as 50% of the name of the device. Connected media appear as files (RFB) and is as simple as copy & paste.
This is an absolute bonus for me as I take a lot of photos (raw) and hate lumping around a laptop for backups. Now i use the iPad to transfer the images to and then backup, more often move, to a USB flash drive (or two, not forgetting its not backed up until its on Three devices) via the EasyAcc.

Haven't had the EasyAcc long enough to comment on the lasting properties of the battery pack but it has charged a few other devices with no problems. Noticed though it charged the iPad quicker than if charged from the mains!

Great price, good size, not heavy, very well packaged, works a treat, recommended.

Minor niggles,
Connected CAT5 lead doesn't click lock.
Wifi on/off slider switch too easy to turn on, I.e if moving around in your bag. Nothing a small piece of tape wouldn't sort.
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on 5 April 2014
EasyAcc router/memory card/HDD/USB memory/device charger.

I bought this device so that I could extend the capabilities of my iPad and it is from that experience that I speak.
Once charged operate the Wi-Fi switch. Device springs into life.
Now go to Wi-Fi setting on your iPad and the EasyACC will appear in the list of options along with all your neighbours. Touch on the device and it is now your. Wi-Fi router.
Now before you get excited you must secure the router just as you would with your normal domestic set up. To do this:-
Start your browser, in my case Safari.
In the address bar type
You should get a page come up with the router info.
Click/poke Advanced button.
Click/poke Security in list on left hand side.
Select from drop down the security you want. Eg WPA2-PSK.

Type a password and place a note of that somewhere safe.
Right you are now connected to your EasyAcc router thingy.

Now you need a File Browser. The EasyAcc instruction leaflet tells you to download an app to enable your iPad to move files to and from your memory cards and your device. The app is called Remote File Browser. Sadly I never ever found it and spent a long time fulminating against my new toys creators. I ended up paying a small amount for an App called FB file browser and downloaded that. The app has good information about setting it up which I won't repeat here.
What is worth noting is that you can move material easily between



and if you use iCab mobile as a browser you can move downloaded files from that browser.

In each of the above cases files are moved via the "Share" icon at the top of the screen where you select the "Open in Other App" option, that other app being FB of course. It is at this point that you are in a position to transfer files to your external memory or Dropbox. I normally poke the bottom left button shown in FB and select "New Folder" where I can copy files to.

In the case of "Photos" on the iPad, these are shown directly you open the FB browser app.

If you have successfully installed FB and connected to your wireless router you really are good to go. The info provided on the configuration section will get you connected to your SD card, your External HDD or USB memory stick.

If you plug an Ethernet cable into the EasyAcc you will be online as well as being able to access the connected memory devices mentioned above.
The device also functions as a charging device for iPad, iPhone and no doubt other peripheral devices.

The above info also applies to the iPhone of course. The FB app will automatically download to your iPhone and you sign into the wifi using the password you carefully noted earlier.
Signing into the router is a one time only task.

I believe that the supplied leaflet above info will get you going and from then on you can explore for yourself the capabilities of your new toy.
I hope this has been useful.
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on 5 August 2015
This is, on the face of it, a neat little gadget; battery, wifi repeater, wifi hub, broadband modem (with dongle), media server (with drive plugged in). Sadly, with it now in front of me, it doesn't really do the job on any of them.

The wifi connection is... a little shaky. That's forgivable. It's a tiny battery powered box, it's incredible that it can do it at all. Media streaming is more of a car crash situation. It works really well through the Android app - although that has 2/5 stars on the Play store because apparently some versions flag as a trojan. Videos stream happily though. On desktop.. no. Doesn't work at all. The technology it uses is blocked in modern browsers as a security risk. Media won't stream at all. On my iPad... I couldn't even get the app to connect. Hell, it took me a while to get Android to connect; for some reason it couldn't manage it while there was a physical RJ45 connection providing the WAN connection.

Speaking of physicals, I have to admit the build is fantastic. Solid as hell, metal body, great connectors, clear blinky lights showing status... can't fault it. Maybe a little heavy. But the actual software / firmware is straight up broken, instructions and labels are in pretty shaky English, and there's no support anywhere.

Might be a cool little gadget if you're a techie and are prepared to navigate its idiosyncracies and accept its missold limitations. Anyone else, I advise to steer clear.

edit: Having lived with it for a while, I'm bumping this from two to three stars. It's a useful little gadget to keep around, it's just still not what it's sold as.
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on 2 July 2014
Purchased this device for my upcoming camping holiday in the hope i could load up a hard drive/usb stick/ sd card with movies and watch them to keep the kids entertained and for when the kids are asleep.
And it works amazing.

This little box of tricks, is truly something special making its own wifi hotspot to stream movies, photos and music to your android and apple devices without actually needing a internet connection.
So sitting in the middle of nowhere is not a problem.

I loaded my storage devices with an assortment of 1080p and 720p video files in various formats and all played perfectly with my xperia z2 using bs player from the play store.

Multiple devices can also connect at the same time to EasyAcc all in one as well, so the kids can watch different films at the same time.

I found the device works best using either fat32 or ntfs (with ntfs being the better as it supports over 4gb files for those hd rips)
Other people also stated that it only supports 32gb sd cards, but im using a 64gb class10 sd card in mine formated ntfs and it works fine.
I was also a using a 1tb toshiba portable hard drive with mine and that also works amazingly as well.

With just the feature above i would say its a must buy, but it also has a 8800 mah battery to charge your device when running low.
Thats enough to charge most phones 4 times.

It also has a mode by entering the ip address into your browser that lets you still browse the internet when on a wifi connection and also stream from this device.

And with a lan port you can also turn a wired connection into a wireless conection for wifi in a hotel room or for people who are still using a wired internet.

The build quality is great, with a premium feel, and clearly labled ports and a nice led indicator to show wifi status and charge level.
You will need your own micro usb cable to charge the device , but anyone with a modern android device will have of them anyway.
And if one was included the bargain price would have to increase.

Im very happy with my purchase and with the brand EasyAcc products as well, and will be recommending the m to my friends also.

10 out of 10!
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on 27 February 2014
After my 1-star review yesterday I have more info regarding apps, setup and compatibility.
I was sent a PDF file with the new instructions by Easyacc and it now works flawlessly.
The apps you need from the App Store are VidOn and iTransfer. I only needed the first one.

So here's what I replied to Easyacc because there still were a few things that could be clearer to Mac & iOS novices:

Flash drives (and I'm assuming SD cards) should be formatted on your Mac first in the MS-DOS (FAT) structure. Go to Disk Utilities, choose the flash drive and choose 'partitioning'. Choose '1 partition', MS-DOS(FAT) structure and in 'options', choose 'MBR' and then click 'apply'. This will erase anything that's on the drive and empty it completely. This takes seconds on a recent Mac Mini running 10.9.2 Mavericks.

After that you need to make a new folder (I called mine 'Films') in your flash drive and drag your films into that folder.
Without folder it won't work.

Then if you connect to VidOn and fill out the instructions to stream video, you choose 'public' and then 'sda2'. Pick your folder and pick your movie. Done.

Observation: although specs don't include the iPhone 4, it will work with a 4 running iOS 7. But the iPhone 4 (and I suspect an iPad 2) needs a restart after you've configured VidOn. After the restart, just go back to VidOn and it will stream your videos without hesitation or loss of connection.

So now, because I'm only interested in video streaming so the limited storage of an iPhone 4 or cheapest model iPad 4 and iPad 2 isn't an issue, I can set up these devices for wife and family and they can borrow it when they go on vacation and don't need to have any IT skills.
Which is exactly what I bought it for.

It now gets 4 stars from me, would have been 5 if it hadn't been for the wasted time.

Flash drive info: because of the weight and storage, I chose flash drive storage. I have it on good authority to only get high-end Sandisk or better yet: go for Corsair, which is all high-end. Most are high speed too, pretty important as storage grows and file transfer takes time on your computer. I ordered a Corsair GT 128 GB (USB 3.0) and they even have a 256 GB flash drive. Not from Amazon though, they don't ship blank media to Belgium.
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on 12 November 2013
The hardware is the same as previous versions, and its solid as a rock. The control software is not, and is nothing like as good as previously used, e.g. having to scan a QR code off a piddly little manual does not help. Trying to get a QR code to work is hopeless, and I've tried them all..! This is a real let down after my earlier experience with their earlier version, which worked brilliantly, AND, it still does. The new control software bit really needs re-thinking.
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on 13 May 2014
This is a fantastic little device, Battery Pack, Wifi hotspot and Media Server all in one. If you have configured your home router setting up this device will be a doddle, if you haven't you can still use straight out of the box with little or no knowledge. I've primarily used this device connected to various Tablets and Phones running Android. If you know what you are doing I'd plumb for a separate fiel manager app on Android, the one suggested by EasyAcc works, but is not the best in my opinion, there are better out there. However in terms of Video Playback on your Android MX Player is by far the most flexible out there.

I've had it running 4 different mp4 videos on 4 separate Android devices at the same time with no issues, although each of these files was only 720p resolution. It does start to struggle if you throw multiple 1080p full HD files at it. I've had it running from SD Cards, USB Flash Drives and portable HDDs without any issues.

Wifi range can vary, but I think this is influenced by how many other wifi signals are in your vicinity and which channel they are broadcasting on, note however you can configure which channel the EasyAcc broadcast on so if you use a Wifi monitoring tool on your smart device you can set the EasyAcc to the least congested to eek out further performance.

My only suggestion for future improvement (please EasyAcc a firmware update to do this would be fantastic) would be to enable the ability to copy files/folders from one connected media type to another, e.g. copy photo's from an inserted SD Card to a connected USB HDD. Whilst this is in fact possible the content is actually copied via a connected device which really slows the whole process down. If you could initiate a copy from a connected device but the EasyAcc actually runs the copy process locally this would be a killer feature.

In summary the EasyAcc has so far given me hours of stress free long drives when the kids are in tow. Instead of having to copy your media libraries to each device to allow them to listen to or watch what they want I simply load the EasyAcc with my media library and they can sit in bliss with a vast array of choice, headphones on whilst I get some peace and quiet in the driver's seat. A forthcoming 9 hour flight to the states this summer will prove to be a very good test. For the sale price of £34.99 you simply can't beat it.
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on 15 October 2015
Delivered promptly and seems to work well. Struggling a bit with some of the setting up because I am not very technically savvy, but have managed to connect to the internet by wifi, and have charged a few gadgets successfully. Still havent managed to turnit into a Wifi Hot Spot but it could be because of the mobile modem & simcard on O2 not connecting in my present location. Nevertheless I'm happy with it so far and will seek help from a techy nurd when I find one.
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