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Gran Turismo 6 (PS3)
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£21.98+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 16 June 2015
Take advantage of the online seasonal events whilst they are there. Logging on daily will build up a win bonus of up to double your race winnings, the combination of the two mean a lot of credits can be earned in a short space of time. You will need to download the updates first though and it took me hours to do. The updates will add cars tracks and B Spec game mode as well as patch some problems. Expect more updates with awesome cars and events for the time being. There will come a day when this is no longer supported, like GT5.

I wish i had known beforehand that I didn't have to do all of the updates at once. The suggested method is to download updates 1-7, let update 7 finish "installing" then hit circle button to cancel the download of update 8. Start the game and the game will unpack the downloads and integrate them. Quit the game and then download update 8, let it install, cancel download 9, start the game, let it unpack, quit game and repeat until all the updates are finished. Doing all 18 that were waiting for me took I don't know how long: i started at 7pm and went to bed at 1am with the gaming having only unpacked about 25% of the updates.

The game itself is an upgrade to GT5 however i have noticed a few graphical glitches here and there. Having said that, there are moments where the graphics are brilliant, the paint work on the GT Vision Lexus is stunning, the silver stripes change colour.

I use a Logitech Driving Force Pro, which was the wheel made for GT4 on the PS2. I did experience some unusual wheel behaviour in two player split screen arcade mode against a friend who was using a standard controller. I was having far too much fun to care at the time (and I'm so tempted to get a G27 now...)

My top tip for a 60k credits car that will do well on sports tyres and pretty much monster any event it's eligible for under 600PP is the Tommy Kaira ZZii (you can turn down the engine output to lower Perfomance Points). Before you drive a car for the very first time, changing the oil will give a small percentage power boost.
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on 23 June 2014
I first encountered the Gran Turismo series way back when the first Playstation was in it's prime in the late 90's. Apart from small metal models, I had little to no interest in cars prior to playing, but I had the second incarnation of GT in my possession regardless. It was difficult and expansive, therefore, rewarding - I often played it with friends for races and teamwork for the eye watering endurance races (which unfortunately have been neglected, possibly because they encourage playing a game for many MANY hours). But I digress - time went on, I disliked all PS2 versions of the game but returned to the series with a smile thanks to the fifth installment. The reason for getting no.6? General interest I suppose... One thing to remember about this series is this - it's the real deal, so much like EA's turgid FIFA football series, you wont find a more authentic sports game of this calibur (with all the legitimate brands). Unlike FIFA (EA) who whore out their games to every platform though, Polyphony have made this one exclusive for the Playstations.

3, 2, 1, Tire Squeal!
Everyone knows what Gran Turismo brings to the table. It's tagline of 'The Real Driving Simulator' is an uncontested fact of life really. Now, in it's newest installment, GT6 has over 1200 cars, manufacturer videos, clothing options for your driver, including helmets and special outfits (like Ayrton Senna's) go-carts, custom wheels/colours, aero modifications like body kits and rear wings. I can only imagine how much better it would be with a steering wheel controller set-up, as I'm not that insane about gaming, let alone driving sims. I also prefer the 3rd person, rear view, Lotus Evora/Ferrari F40, hate the Nurburgring, Love Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe. But enough about me! The point is, you can still get attached to things in this game, enough to be vaguely passionate about motorsport.

Playing it Safe (Differences & Similarities)
The ever increasing range of cars added to the roster is always a good thing for GT. The good and the bad, the down right nasty, all roll in with their respective specs as usual: weight, horsepower, powertrain, transmission, gear ratios, suspension and ride height, christ, just everything. The first noteworthy improvement I noticed when it came to the actual driving was that it was much more enjoyable to race with cars that can get the tail out - yes that's right, now, it's actually possible to control your car when it under/oversteers - unlike a lot of the older games where you'd simply be thrown off the track in a cloud of dust and shame. You can see damage on your car when you get into scuffles - like dents and scratches, nothing drastic. The graphics though aren't much to write home about - Yes the cars look great and that is what this game is about but when you actually look at the track, the sky and the spectators... they can do better. The majority of backdrops (sky, mountains, ocean) are all blatant, static photographs, poorly stitched together - no motion/realism.

Like it's predecessors, the game struggles with random loading times - some tracks just take too long to load, all while you're staring at a seemingly frozen image of the track - so you're left in the dark as to whether the game has crashed or not. The music is trash, plain and simple. Sure there are the odd tracks that have been remixed from the older versions (which are delightfully nostalgic) but for the most part, the games BGM's are horrible dubstep influenced electro. Thankfully, like 5, you can rapidly switch to your custom music playlists and play some proper music. Another downside of that though, is the amount of times the game switches the track - racing is fine, but anywhere else and it's like you're skipping through albums every 20 seconds. Those boring races where you issue orders to an AI driver are gone - thank ***! What a waste of time, effort and achievements that was.

6 has everything the old games had, like the licences (National A&B, International A,B,C and the fabled S), manufacturers (no Porsche, but they're bloody boring and covered by RUF anyway), prizes, tracks - that being said, there's not much new here... if you're a veteran GT player, that's probably music to your ears (not GT music) if not, then it sounds like every other video game with a number after it.
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on 22 November 2017
There is no learning curve with this game, much of it being very easy and then the odd challenge which is next to impossible. The fact that you don't progress naturally towards these near impossible challenges (one of which uses a fictional car - last Goodwood race) means that they just come at you randomly and would waste way too much time to actually complete.
On the plus side, the nascar is much better and there's no asinine B-spec mode. Also looks better than GT5.
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on 15 July 2016
As others have said the update process for this game is a bit broken, if you let it download all the patches at once then it will fail to launch at all.

HOWEVER if you allow it to download one patch at a time, quit during the download of the next one, boot the game, and allow it to integrate the patch you just downloaded then you can fully update the game to the latest version. It's a lot of effort, and there are around 8GB of patches to download and apply so it's a time consuming process.

Once you've done that however you have the pinnacle of the Gran Turismo series at your fingertips. In some ways maybe it does lag behind Forza on the 360, but the vast amount of content you have here means you'll be playing this for a long time to come and the free updates, while a pain to get installed only add to that rather than trying to charge you for the extras.

Definitely worth playing if you have the patience to get it installed.
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on 20 May 2015
I've always been a fan of GT but was not impressed with GT5 as they seemed to have altered the handling of the cars and not for the better so I was looking forward to seeing what changes they had made for GT6, again I was disappointed, this time not because of the handling but because there was nothing new worth talking about in the game, it's the 'same old same old' really. The graphics are about what you would expect from a PS3 game, the handling is okay but what I find most irritating is that the engine sounds are terrible and remind me of very old games from way back in the early days of gaming, it's quite shocking when you're driving a car with a huge V8 and it sounds like a Ford Fiesta, like I said there is nothing new really and you can get bored quite easily after playing it for a few days. In reality this game should be called GT5.5 in my opinion, there are just far too many rubbish cars that you will never use so they should have been removed and that would have allowed them to make improvements elsewhere, GT6 is just okay so buy a cheap copy.

The game disc was immaculate and the service was excellent as usual.
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on 25 September 2014
As an ex gran turismo fan, I looked forward to this game before it came out. It claimed to have a completely rewritten handling engine and hundreds of improvements over gt5. Boy was I disappointed. This game is exactly the same as gt5, the menus have been reskinned and that's about as far as it goes. Same cars, same tracks, same handling, same graphics, same excruciatingly long loading times it doesn't even have interior views for most of the cars (fairly sure this was promised for gt6 after gt5 didn't have interior views either).
Its literally the exact same game with a higher number.
Conclusion: If you really really must get this game, get gt5 instead, you wont be missing anything
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on 2 March 2015
Decided to pick this up as theres bugger all new to play on my ps4 at the moment!

Haven't played gran turismo since the ps2 days and since then I've enjoyed many's an hour across the Forza franchise on xbox and xb1.

Honestly i can not believe how close this game is to the g.t. i remember playing about 15 years ago. It hasn't evolved very much at all.

If you have the option, stick to Forza and don't even bother trying this out of curiosity.

Very weak sauce and now I'm totally disinterested in the upcoming gt7 for ps4.
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on 4 March 2014
I used to be really in to my racing games but did not own on for a while. So I decided to purchase this game to add to my collection.
First impressions did not cause me to jump out of my seat. Graphics are really average for games these days and really slightly disappointing.
Secondly the game forces you to buy a really rubbish car for some unknown reason and everything is a rolling start from the back.
There are some good points such as you can change the way the driver is dressed and edit the cars, but these are minor details and anyone really in to the racing experience is not going to care what colour helmet the guy is wearing behind a darkened closed window.
All in all, I feel this version of the series lacked that spark that you usually get with Gran Turismo games, and I don't think I will buy number 7 when it is released...
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on 21 January 2014
I have totally fallen in love with GT6! The graphics on GT5 were already amazing and I didn't think there could be much improvement, but I was wrong. All the subtle changes add together in one spectacular package which is remarkably immersive! The interface is a nicer replace place to be whilst not racing or tuning cars.

But the Pièce de résistance is the way the cars feel when your driving them. The driving dynamics system is exquisite. You can feel everything that the car is doing, driving on the edge of a car's capability has never felt so good and realistic and exciting. Words can't do justice of explain the sensation you get when racing.
As of yet I am unable to criticise GT6 and I look forward to many more hours of fantastic racing simulation.

One final note is that I highly, highly, highly recommend a force feedback Steering Wheel, I have the Logitech Driving Force GT and it integrates seamlessly. Using a regular PlayStation Controller simply won't do it justice.

Get it!!!!
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on 20 June 2015
Avoid if you've a slim PS3 - Updates are forced on launch and never conclude unless you do some serious hacks - see http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/Gran-Turismo-Series-General/Recommended-GT6-Updating-Instructions/td-p/44803188
Wasted 4 evenings of my life and never actually managed to play it so far.
If Sony can't be bothered to make it work, I'm sending it back.
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