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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Denomination: 30|Design Name: Birthday Presents|Change
Price:£30.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 18 October 2011
My Mum had received an Amazon Kindle as an early birthday present and so I wanted to buy her something relevant to it. She had already bought herself a case and charger so that wasn't an option.

I searched on Google if Amazon did Kindle gift cards and the word was that there was nothing specific to Kindle's in the way of gift cards.

However, I came onto Amazon and saw the gift card link and was happy to see there is a Kindle gift card design. Ordered a £20 gift card on a Sunday and received it by Tuesday, so service was excellent.

The gift card design itself is very nice and the package comes with an enveloped and a card to write a message.

After the gift card is received its also very simple to input it into Amazon and actually use it.

Would definitely recommend for Kindle users and for birthday's, it is an excellent and speedy service and I cannot fault it at all.

The only thing I hope for is that Amazon add a few more gift card amount options, for example £15, £25 etc.

5 stars.
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on 1 May 2012
I have bought the Amazon Gift Voucher on many occasions for my nieces and nephews who live abroad. As we don't see them that often it is always difficult knowing what they already have and it is easy to end up with the wrong present. Initially, I thought it might lack the personal touch but instead they have loved being able to go on-line and buy whatever they want from Amazon. Now they then to ask everyone to give them gift certificates so they can save up for a big present.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them. However, I would not advise just using the e-mail version as it is easily overlooked and could be treated as spam. Always go for the posted version and do a follow up e-mail to let them know it's on the way. Od and don't forget to add in greetings before you press buy as there is no way back to amend it.
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I was looking for the best way from the UK to offer a present to my godson who lives back in France. Last year, I ended up paying £35 to ship a few Christmas presents and I'd have rather spent that money to buy him an additional gift instead of contributing to the Royal Mail's end-of-year bonanza. Sounds familiar?

I'd never bought any vouchers previously, as I've always thoughts that 1. they were not very personal and 2. the product selection, depending on the retailer of your choosing, is usually rather limited.

Instead, I was looking for the most convenient way to ship and redeem the voucher and offer the recipient a large choice of products to choose from. Amazon's global presence and immense product catalog sounded like the perfect choice.

And being a highly satisfied Amazon Prime customer, I decided to put the service to the test and buy a £10 voucher to myself here in the UK.

Please find below my experience of both ordering and redeeming the voucher.

There is a large selection for the delivery of those Amazon vouchers: printable gift voucher, email gift voucher, gift box, greeting cards, etc. I chose the basic, yet tangible and personal gift card.

You can choose from 40 designs which cover the most popular celebrations from mother or father's day to Christmas and of course birthdays. You will also find more versatile designs like 'thank you' or 'Amazon kindle'.
On that occasion, I chose the basic 'Amazon Boxes' design.

Price range
The minimun price of the voucher depends on its type: for the simple gift card or the email gift voucher, it starts as low as £10. For other more premium delivery options, it starts at £15 or even £30.
-Please note that you can enter any amount when opting for a delivery via email-

First and foremost, you need to make sure you ticked the 'This will be a gift' box directly on the item in your shopping basket.

The second step of the ordering process 'choose gift option' gives you the opportunity to 'add a free gift note' and (as expected) buy a 'gift-wrap for this item'.

Your note will have to fit into 240 characters and a maximum of 9 lines. You will find an example below (9 lines, 41 characters to spare):
"Dear Mom,
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Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum
Lots of love,

If you are a Amazon Prime customer, the card will be delivered to the recipient of the gift (living in the Amazon store's country) very fast: same day or next day, depending on when you made the purchase.

The card will be delivered in an Amazon parcel (of course) carrying a standard white enveloppe with the Amazon logo on the front and a couple of barcodes on the back. You will find inside your card a black Amazon voucher card credited with the full amount of your purchase.

The recipient has a few options to redeem the Amazon credit:

1. Go to www.amazon.co.uk/redeemgift (you will need to sign in).

2. Using your mobile phone, scan the QR code found on the back of the Amazon voucher (first you'll need to install any free QR code apps). Then, the app will retrieve and display a url (web link). You will open it. It will redirect you to the right page on your Amazon account (you'll need to sign in first).

Either way, once you reach the right page you will be prompted to check the value of the gift card by entering the long claim code displayed on the back of the card (manually for option 1, automatically for option 2).

Then click on the 'check' button to confirm the validity and the value of the voucher. Lastly, click on the 'Apply to your balance' button to credit your account. Et voila!

+ convenience
+ fast delivery
+ vast product choice for the recipient
+ you can buy and deliver a gift voucher on any Amazon store (not just your country) using your own account

- you could leave a message directly on the card (including signature), which would come handy especially when buying on an Amazon store abroad
- you could also personalise the enveloppe with the name of the recipient
- the gift note looked better than this sad little piece of paper
- there was a way and an incentive to reuse the Amazon voucher card

Even though you can't really personalise the gift card, which Amazon provides you essentially for free, this is an excellent way to offer a present that is guaranteed to satisfy even the more difficult to please recipients. And if you are an Amazon Prime customer, the delivery is lightning fast.

Last but not least, the ability to send the card in any country where Amazon is present is also rather convenient to reach out to long distance friends and relatives. I successfully sent one to my godson's parents, who wrote my message on the card themselves, via Amazon France.

-I hope you will find my review and my photo coverage helpful-

1. How long do you have to use the credit?
10 years.
2. Do I have to spend all the money in one go?
Nope. Your account is credited with the total amount of the voucher, you can use the money as you wish to buy anything available on Amazon at any price.
3. Can I personalise the card?
Not really. The 'gift note' is the only way to include some kind of personal message. Alternatively, you can ship the card to your personal address, personalise the card, and mail it to the recipient of your gift.
4. Is it the best way to offer an Amazon voucher?
This is subjective, but I now believe an email voucher might be even better due to the level of personalisation offered and the speed of delivery.
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on 11 May 2014
The product is absolutely what you would expect, a gift card, but I chose to have the next day delivery as this was a present. I simply thought there would be no issue with being out when it was delivered as it is low value and fits in a letter box, but because next day delivery is delivered by parcel force they insisted on taking it to the nearest post office as I was out. When I collected it from the post office they could not understand why as it is not a 'signed for' item. Therefore if you are not going to be at home all the next day I would not recommend choosing next day delivery, simply stick to the normal royal mail delivery.
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on 22 September 2011
This is my first gift card I have purchased and it went really well. I was due to buy a birthday present for my sister but just couldn't think of anything she could make real use of.

So instead I opted to buy her an Amazon gift voucher with the added bonus of a card. Unlike your run of the mill high street gift voucher, the Amazon gift card provides a massive choice of products ranging from virtually anything, without the restriction of high street products.

Simply place the long string of code on the back of the gift card (that looks like a credit card) at the checkout on Amazon and you'll get credited for the amount you paid on the card. Whatever value you've added on the card, you won't be charged a penny more. You will also get your gift card sent to you with free delivery.

The gift card is stuck in a birthday style card so you only need to write a message in the card and on the white envelope the card comes in.

If you've run out of ideas for a gift then let them buy something they really want with an Amazon Gift Card. This will be my choice from now on.
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on 23 September 2014
Do not trust Amazon to deliver a birthday card/ gift card on time for someone's birthday.

I ordered one on Thursday for someone's birthday on the following Saturday. I asked for one-day delivery and received an email later on Thursday to say the card had been dispatched.

I assumed that the card had been delivered until I received an email on Tuesday (three days after the birthday) saying it was "being delivered today". There was no apology for the delay and the email was worded as though it was being delivered to my address. When I went to track the order, I found that it had been delivered to the wrong depot on Friday but Amazon had not informed me of this at the time. If they had, I could have made other arrangements (i.e. posting a card myself).

I rang Amazon but all they could suggest was I cancel the order. I explained that it was too late to do that and I made clear my dissatisfaction with their "service".The person I spoke made the usual profound apologies and said they would address these issues.

Incredibly, I then received an email from them timed at 19.02 informing me that they had "tried but failed to deliver my order today".
I rang them and the person I spoke to said it could not be posted through the letterbox at the recipient's address because "no one was in to give them permission"(sic), I explained that nowhere on their Gift Card page was it explained that someone had to be in to take delivery and also pointed out the difficulty of ensuring this when delivery was to a third party. All they could do was to apologise again.

To add insult to injury, when I looked again at the tracking information, I found that they were now claiming that the delivery had been rescheduled for later in the week "at the sender's request!!!!
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on 24 October 2015
The Gift Card I purchases was in the form of a Christmas Card at no extra charge and I also got a £10 complimentary Promo code off any item in the Amazon catalogue.
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or just don't have time to go to the shops because you spend too much time browsing Amazon! Yes! 2 hours have passed and the housework still isn't done :( *goes to plump cushions up before the missus gets in*

I ordered this for my daughters boyfriend for his birthday as he's an awkward bugger to buy for and this enables him to pick his own stuff. I've never bought one before either!

I chose a birthday style and it came in a blank (inside) card with a blank envelope so if you wanted you could just use this as a birthday card too rather than buy one. If you're tight like me!

So he was happy with it and it also enabled him to spend several hours of his life browsing Amazon to spend thirty quid! It's all part of the big plan you know? Get everybody addicted via gift cards. . .

I'll definitely be getting more. See! I'm addicted after only one gift card!

Recommended to all lazy shoppers, if you haven't got time or you're an Amazon addict ;)

Update - 9th Dec - I still don't know what to buy! Just had to buy another two! :(
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on 9 September 2015
Perfect time delivery and P&P. Not too easy to get into for an opportunist but not hard to open to get access to use when at home. Easy to activate or redeem. Took the purchase £40 get £10 free. Works flawlessly when using it to purchase items online from amazon. Sadly it would have been a better option to buy an online code instead of having to wait for the card and the effort / expense of P&P but hey.
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on 1 December 2011
This was quickly delivered today from yesterday, however I had to stay in the house all day just to wait for this delivery as it needed a "signature".
I was told the latest they will be delivered would be at 3pm.
I did not hear a knock until I found this parcel through my letterbox and checked with the tracking site to see how long ago this was delivered (just before 3pm).
What a waste of my day!
Opened the parcel up to get the card out and see what and how they wrote the Gift Note in, as I've requested for one.
I was disappointed with this as I was expected the note to be written inside the gift card, not on some piece of paper on a packing slip outside the envelope with a card and gift voucher inside!

Don't bother writing a Gift Note for this or any Gift cards on here - just order it as everything else is fine - then you can write a note yourself in a card.
It would be better if they mentioned where they are going to put the note in.
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