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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Style Name: G510s|Change
Price:£69.99+ Free shipping
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Style Name: G510s|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The first thing to say is that this keyboard will almost certainly live or die on its support: the keyboard's LCD screen supports applets that can provide additional information (either system stats, game stats or a feed) and there is even an SDK you can download to make your own applets. Whether or not this keyboard turns out to be a gaming classic or not will depend to a large extent on the number and quality of the applets created. As the keyboard has just come out, its difficult to say which way it will go. Having said that, I can confirm that the excellent LCDSirReal (SirReal's multipurpose G15 plugin) works perfectly for this keyboard, implying that existing applets for the older G13/G15 will work with the G510, so we potentially have backward compatibility with the older keyboards.

The second big issue is that this keyboard is not a mechanical keyboard: it is a dome membrane keyboard. Although the keyboard is expensive, a lot of that is going into electronics and not the engineering of the keys themselves. What you have here is a fairly average physical keyboard with lots of electronic helpers and eye candy. If you want key quality above everything else, get a mechanical keyboard without all the frills. Ignoring the fact that this is a membrane keyboard, you do get low latency on the keys (fast polling), 6 key multi-press, and lots of custom keys that can be assigned to single keypresses or macros.
Clearly, this makes the 510 a little devisive: some will love it, others will hate it. What I will say to add to the argument is that tactile action has a lot of visual input... the keyboard does look and feel cheaper than its asking price when it is powered down, but as soon as it comes on, your eyes start to colour your perception in more ways than one! I also think that the 'mechanical keyboard' thing is a bit of a cult: if mechanical keyboards are so good, why did they all but dissappear until fairly recently? Fashion? My take is that if a keyboard is at least accurate, then you will get used to anything in terms of key action.

The macro feature (along with some of the system applets) will be useful to certain content creation users as well as gamers. I am, for example, a heavy Adobe Premiere and Photoshop user, and already have custom layouts for both. For Premiere (video editing), the LCD screen shows CPU and memory profiling so I can see at a glance if my machine is actually encoding or if it has crashed or is low on resources. The G keys I use in Premiere for some of my most common functions. The first cluster of G keys I have assigned to the different screen layouts and the second cluster toggle the most often used windows, and the third for common timeline editing shortcuts. Similarly for Photoshop and Softimage/XSI.

For gamers and overclockers, the keyboard-LCD screen is not always just eye candy. When playing games with an overclock, I often used my second computer screen just to display temps. With this keyboard, running certain applications (such as Core Temp) results in the application output appearing on the keyboard-LCD so you no longer need that second screen. Also, if you are a heavy downloader, you have to often leave a computer screen on to show progress, but on LCDSirReal you have the incoming and outgoing web traffic (and in the more useful Mbytes/s rather than Windows Mbits/s), so you can turn the screen off and just look at the keyboard-LCD every now and then. Its also useful when you are using something like Origin. At the moment, I am downloading Deadspace 3, but also playing through Battlefield 3, both bought as part of a recent EA games humble bundle (8 games for a fiver, including the two mentioned, Burnout Paradise, Crysis 2, Mirrors Edge... and um, the Sims 3), but the traffic generated by the deal is making their servers drop connections regularly atm. No problem - I just keep an eye on the keyboard, and if the traffic drops, I know I need to come out of BF3 and restart Origin. I'm still looking for something that tells me NVidia GPU stats on the LCD, but for the CPU and download health, I'm covered.

Surprisingly, the keyboard has an in-built sound card (plug in headphones and you hear sound not through a passthrough, but through audio hardware in the keyboard. Useful if you will be using headphones on a gaming PC with motherboard sound, as there is often so much electrical interference and less than perfect audio hardware in such cases that the keyboard audio can sound noticeably better. Equally surprisingly, on the 510s, you don't get a USB hub or even a single USB passthrough for your mouse.

Finally, the keyboard just looks cool. You can assign a backlight colour as part of each profile, so as you change profiles, not only does the LCD applet and key macros change: so does the keyboard colour! Definately an expensive gimmick, but be aware that I am an Alienware Aurora owner ;) Slightly dissapointing that you don't have colour zones, or the ability to animate the colour on events (changing colour on CPU loading, flashing the keyboard on emails, animated colour graduations on inactivity).

There is already at least one template for the G Keys - google 'overlay for G510' and you will find a link to a printable template from bandlero on deviantArt. Really really useful for us Photoshop/SoftImage and other keyboard shortcut heavy app users!

So to conclude

- You can get keyboards with far better physical key action for the same price, but those keyboards will not have the additional electronic features you get with the G510s. Take your pick!

- Ignoring the keyboard action, the keyboard feels responsive.

- You get a nice audio device in the keyboard, but no USB for your mouse.

- The number of applets and quality of game support is something that will make or break the keyboard, and as it has just been released, that is a bit of an unknown at the moment. It *is* backward compatible with the older 'G' keyboards though, which is a major plus as there are lots of older applets that do work (and fit on the G510 screen with no issues). I've had no issues with any applet Ive tried so far, and it does work with the best older applet out there (LCDSirReal).

- They keyboard looks a little ugly when it is off, and really only comes alive when it is powered on.

- The keyboard firmware is not upgradable. This may affect longevity of the community that builds around the keyboard.

All in all, a good keyboard. Best things are the macro ('G') keys and LCD applets that effiectively gives you an extra screen of diagnostics for gamers and overclockers, worst thing is that you can get a mechanical keyboard for the same price.
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on 12 February 2014
First of all, I had Logitech G15 keyboard, one of the first ones that came out with LCD screen (mono). But that keyboard was like 4 years old and the illumination was not as strong, barely visible. But overall I was very happy with Logitech brand, therefore decided to stick with them.
My priorities were:
1. illumination,
2. LCD panel screen (for controlling my water cooling temps of CPU and GPUs)

I had 2 options: G19 or G510.

G19 has couple extra buttons and colour LCD panel. That was about it, no other big differences, except the price. Didn't want to pay nearly 150 pounds for keyboard. So I chose G19 with smaller LCD screen, which is still monochrome, but background colour changes together with keys colour.

I was very happy to see that illumination can be set up any way you want, any colour. LCD panel screen is smaller than old G15, but I was surprised to see how well it worked with smaller fonts. I could still get all my CPU and GPU temps on one screen.

I had my old G15 keyboard's panel LCD setup with Barloggg's Applet and it worked wonders. I was very surprised to see I didn't have to change anything once I connected G510 keyboard. Everything changed and adjusted automatically, even the Barloggg's Applet worked as before without any changes.

Keys feel different than the old G15, slightly softer and not as noisy, but still noisier than any laptop's keys. They feel better, I must say.
I also enjoyed an additional roller for controlling the master volume. This is brilliant as I can VERY quickly adjust the sound without reaching the speaker volume or getting into Windows sound. There are other media buttons as well and they do seem to work properly with Winamp player and Windows Media Classic player. I believe they work with most media players.

Additional G1-G18 keys can be programmed using Logitech Gaming Software, just like with older G15 keyboard. Very handy for gamers and specific macro functions.

I am very happy with this keyboard. It surprised me on some aspects and I feel my money was worth this product.
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on 30 November 2013
The keyboard itself feels nicer to the touch and the keys are a lot better than the older G15. It is also slimmer and slightly smaller too.
The LCD screen cannot be tucked away like it could with the G15 keyboard and it is also a bit smaller. Unlike the older G15 keyboard that had a rubbery sort of feel to it and seemed to attract dust, dirt and was not easily removed, this one does not.
The keyboard could really do with a bit more of a tilt to it, it slants backwards when the feet are up (under the keyboard) and when down it more or less becomes level. The lighting is not that great, but it is better if you sit right above the keyboard and look down at it from above (though I know not who use's a keyboard like this), this is why the board looks a little duller than it should.
The different colours you can have are not that great, white seems to show up the best out of all, however I have not discovered if you can have multi-colours at the same time with this board, though that is just a gimmick.

I have been using the keyboard now for about 3 weeks and only bought it from amazon when on offer for £68, though I still think that is a little bit high for a keyboard it would be worth £55-60 as it is. Anyone purchasing this will be happy with it.

I was looking at mechanical keyboards but refuse to pay over £100 for one of those, Christ its just a keyboard, not a computer. However once the mechanical keyboards come right down in price, have more or less what the G15/G510 has (though with a better lighting system) that would be worth paying for. Hopefully this keyboard will last a few years.

The only major downside I have about this keyboard and its software is unlike the G15, this one tends to lose its software function once the PC goes into standbye or sleep mode, you will have to close down the Logitech software and the restart it to have the keyboards functions become active again, else its only good for typing with and nothing much else. Hopefully Logitech will fix this with a software update (if possible).
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on 9 June 2016
When I first started gaming a number of years ago, I was introduced to the joys of Logitech gaming keyboards with my first G15. The ability to set up profiles and G keys were a revelation to me. Since then my time available for gaming has reduced but my love of Logitech keyboards has not. This is my third gaming keyboard, not because they are flimsy but because I am quite hard on keyboards and like new shiny features.

One of the main things that draw me to these keyboards is the fact that there are predefined game profiles, sparing you the bother of setting them up. For example I have just bought a new computer - I simply installed the game, installed the software and it automatically detects the game, downloads the profile and then I drag and drop commands to the keyboard map and on my Logitech mouse.

Other smart features include the LCD panel, which you can choose what it displays such as the time, POP3 clients to display email, RSS feeds, media player etc., it also has media keys on the keyboard. I love the system volume, which frankly every keyboard ought to have. It has a built in sound driver, so if you plug headphones into it it has it's own management system.

The keys are very clacky and almost mechanical, but very smooth. I love the feel of this keyboard and it is a natural layout that is very easy to use. There are now 18 G keys x 3 which is plenty for any activity at all. I've never had a problem with the cables on these, they are very solid and robust. Having moved to 510S from a 510 it's actually familiar enough that I haven't had to get used to the new stuff at all.

Overall I can't recommend this keyboard enough, it is solid, reliable, well designed and a good price. Brilliant. In combination with the Logitech gaming mouse it is the perfect setup.
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on 23 September 2015
I bought this keyboard to replace an old Logitech one. Way more than I've ever spent on a keyboard before but I didn't like any of the new standard Logitech ones as they had weird things like a lack of a right click button (which I use all the time) or had hideous wavy keys and 'ergonomic' nonsense.

I settled on this keyboard for the extra functionality the G keys provide. I don't play a lot of PC games but figured these would be excellent for Photoshop and 3D work... and they are. The ability to record a quick macro basically lets you copy and paste multiple text or figure entries without having to store stuff in a notepad and repeatedly go back to copy it. That's indispensable in design work.

Then of course you have the ability to set these buttons to execute scripts or macros in program. Previously I was running out of buttons on my mouse and keyboard to assign shortcuts to, now I have 18 dedicated buttons to play with.

Another great feature is the LCD screen which can give a readout of the processor and ram usage. If I have something rendering in the background I can now just glance at the screen and see when the processor usage has dropped off rather than listening out for the processor whine, having task manager open or checking every few minutes. Only minor complaint with the screen is that the brightness on it is a lot higher than that of the keys themselves. There doesn't seem to be an option to change the brightness individually. Also whilst the gaming keyboard software includes a scripting tool you can't edit the existing applets which are all exes. So whilst there's some things I would like to change about the applets for the LCD I would have to start writing from scratch to do this... and I have no idea how to access CPU and ram usage in LUA script.

The RSS applet was also quite a nice surprise and is surprisingly useful. With the press of a button on a headline you can open the page to read the full story which (after coming from a standard keyboard) is basically witchcraft.

The keyboard also has a really comfortable soft coating which makes typing genuinely enjoyable and I love the location of the media controls plus the volume slider which increments in 2% amounts rather so gives you loads of control.

I'd say the main problem with the keyboard is that G keys are slightly too close to the normal keys. So I've had to set the top most G key to ESC as I kept hitting it whilst trying to find escape blindly. I also keep missing the left ctrl and shift as a result of the keys being close. I'm sure in time I'll get used to this but at the moment it is slowing me down slightly.

Really it is just a shame that I don't game more and won't use a lot of the keyboard's features. Absolutely excellent keyboard for competitive gaming though.
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on 28 December 2013
This keyboard is amazing. Although I didn't buy it from amazon (I actually bought it from Currys for a bit cheaper I think) It is a great keyboard! the LCD screen wows my friends alot, and the feature of viewing how much of your RAM and CPU is being used is also cool on the mini LCD screen. The keyboard itself it very slim, comes with 18 macro keys you can program using logitechs software you have to download. I'm typing this review on the keyboard right now, and the keys are lovely! Very satisfying feel to them. You can also change the colour of the keys to whatever you want, and I mean WHATEVER you want. No colour restrictions at all. The profiles feature is also cool as well. There are 3 different custom LED modes you can also set. You can switch between them using the 3 M keys at the top. I currently have red (Because my PC case is a red LED Vantage gamers case), and the other 2 modes are green and blue. The keyboard also has a sturdy switch to lock the windows key (So you can still press it, but it wont bring up the menu) This, For people who are new to these keyboards, is a key feature for when your gaming, since I often accidentally press the windows key often. The keyboard also has music and volume controls for easy access. You can also plug in headphones and a microphone to the keyboard.
The keyboard also comes with a slightly bigger arm rest sorta thing you can clip on too. Its more of a wrist rest really. Well that about sums it up. I would recommend this keyboard to anyone really!
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on 4 May 2016
I've been a bit of a Logitech fanboi but this has disappointed me.
The font used for the keys is just ugly and the back-light doesn't show through evenly as there are small marks on the letters. The WASD keys are particularly bad and pretty much impossible to read.
The keys for the LCD screen are cheap and don't always work, needing repeated presses to get anything to happen.
Overall the build quality seems OK but the entire thing just looks and feels cheap and nasty .... shame :(
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on 13 April 2016
Well worth the money well spent
Nice feel to the keyboard and the software is very customisable with games, macros and text in puts for the macros
Keys are nice to touch and type on.

I had and old Logitech 105 which waa very similer but this one goes the extra mile with the display and works on windows and mac

It is that good that some one in my office has ordered one too for there work
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on 23 October 2014
I bought this on the basis of past experience with the G15, being pleased with Logitech and after reading many reviews. However, I have found the space bar to be particularly poor at detecting being pressed, making typing very difficult. I then went online to see if anyone else was having this problem and found that this is a very common complaint. So, I must confess to being very disappointed with the product, even at this reduced price.
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on 13 July 2013
I was weighing up if I should get the Zalman k400 which is never in stock, Microsoft x4 which has one Illuminated colour or this. I went for this disappointment. The colour customisation is great with brightness and the ability to have almost any colour BUT that's the only thing going for it.


1) The bad was the LCD screen. I hoped it would display my game stats for Battlefield 3 but all it showed was "profile active" then it would switch to a normal widget such as a clock. Also after 4 DAYS use the LCD WOULD NOT GIVE ME ANY TEXT OR IMAGES, just the blank screen with the solid colour. Tried on multiple machines, multiple drivers and multiple operating systems, still the same.

2 The keys felt a little sticky, on BF3 I had to repress the sprint button (shift) to actually get my character to sprint.

3) The keyboard restarts when you plug in headphones in the jack, logitec says this is normal but would you expect that from a 80+ piece of kit?

4) I thought mechanical keyboards were just marketing bull but now I see peoples point when they say get Mechanical, seriously if u are going to spend £80+ do it.

Illuminated keys (actually each key had different illumination levels so it wasn't that even)

The "G" keys are plentiful but I cant see a use for that many, maybe someone else will.

Software is ok, good customisation (running win 7 64bit)

liked the game mode where the windows key becomes inactive,(the switch for this function felt flimsy and the illumination was very low)

----Final thoughts

Getting my money back, gonna invest in either the zalman or Microsoft (don't see a point with spending £45 more on a membrane keyboard, mechanical keyboard are cool but I cant find any mechanical with customisable backlighting that is not £120. Not touching Logitech for a long time.
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