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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 18 August 2013
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I am a gamer. As a gamer I need comfort, as I can easily wear headphones for five or six hours on a raiding night. These headphones are comfortable and the ears are well padded to keep out extraneous noises, like people complaining they need dinner or telling me there is somebody at the door. I do not wish to hear these things when raiding, and with these 'phones I can't .

I also need headphones that can deliver all my in-game sounds, with the many variations of quality different game platforms deliver. The Logitech headphones render all the sound effects and game background music well. Also on Team Speak or Ventrilo the quality of other people's voices is really clear. This is crucial in a gaming headset as we are playing with people all over the world with a variety of accents and a wide range of English speaking ability. I am told my voice over the mic sounds nicely modulated and you can tell I am female, which is often not the case on gaming headsets which tend to make everybody sound sexless.

The microphone is a good sturdy one on a stalk instead of the usual bendy bit of thin wire that breaks when you keep putting it up for talking, then moving it down to play alone. It doesn't keep falling down either, once it's up it stays up and you can drink coffee without fear of dunking your mic.

As well as gaming I like listening to music, but I do not want to find the cash for two pairs of headphones. These headphones do a good job of delivering music as well. Tightly controlled base, crystal but not tinny high notes and a really large "sound stage" effect. The absolute noise cancellation works both ways so I am not annoying people around me with my taste in music.

In summary, the Logitech headphones deliver accurate Death-knight voices, render slightly intoxicated Swedish raiders intelligible and provide a very pleasing rendition of Warren Hayes singing The Real Thing (Acoustic version, very subtle). Good value all rounder headphones!
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on 3 January 2016
After just one month of usage, the plastic clips over each ear piece started to fall apart, I didn't drop the product or anything similar, simply from taking it off and putting it on (Please see pictures attached). After 6 months the right earpiece holder finally collapsed, despite my efforts of being extra careful whenever I put it on or took it off, and now it's not usable anymore. I would recommend to ignore the 5-star ratings since those are only about the sound and other specs, which I think are great as well, but they are ignoring the fact that this product has a huge fault by design and shouldn't be on the market until it's resolved. This product won't last a year before one of the earpiece holders collapses making it impossible to use. If you want to buy this product anyway, make sure to keep the guarantee sheet safe somewhere, since most likely you will need it pretty soon after purchase.
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on 31 August 2014
Firstly I'd like to point out AMAZON Failed to deliver this product in the most miserable way possible "Lost In Transit", No care given, a replacement not even sent... I had to buy this on PCWORLD.

Regardless here's the product review.
I have had the product for some weeks now, for a £40 headset the sound quality is excellent, music sounds incredible, mostly Rock & Metal, however music such as Daft Punk sounds good too. The headset is comfortable, after a number of hours on my head it felt fine, no discomfort. The build quality is excellent as well, may no look much or feel good in the hand but it is rigid inside.
As for gaming, sounds are very clearly continues to impress, I have tested this in Fallout 3, The Witcher 2, Counter-Strike GO and Forza 4 Motorsport. Exactly what I expect. The Microphone records clearly and sounds great to others, very loud options.

The only negatives with this product. The noise cancelling is ridiculous, not over impressive at all, there are one or two feedback issues too with Steam chat, however after some trouble shooting I fixed this, turn off the equalizer and room effects in audio control usually does it.
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on 14 March 2015
Bought this for my Dad as a Christmas present.
The product sounds good for the price so cannot fault them for that.
However, after 2 months of owning them and using them for an hour a day tops, the plastic clips above each ear piece started to crack and flake away.
So much so, that on one side, my Dad had to tape them together to stop them falling apart.
The other side is starting to do the same.

2 months of minimal use and they have broken.

I am no longer able to return these through Amazon and am having to go through the lengthy process of dealing with Logitech in America to gain a response.

Would not recommend.
Although they do sound decent for the price, what's the point if they only last for a couple of months of use?
My Dad takes care of his belongings, so these have been treated with care.
I was shocked to visit him today and find how fast they had deteriorated.

I would save up and get a better quality headset like Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica or Sennheiser.
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on 27 July 2015
This is a great headset, colour looks awesome and the quality of feel when wearing is great too. They are comfortable to wear for long durations of gaming. Loud which was important to me as I like listen to music very loud! Great bass! Especially felt when playing intense games or playing bassy music. Microphone is good and sounds good too. However it is only stereo, I would recommend getting the model up, as they are surround sound, even if the colour blue doesn't suit you or your set-up, they are the better headphones.
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on 5 July 2013
Sound quality - 4/5 Its not perfect, but it is better than anything of comparable price that I have tried. Bass is not overpowering, but still very much there, and the mid-high ranges are clear and also not overpowering.

Microphone quality - 3/5 The microphone is good, but the amount of noise cancelling it employs get in the way of actual sound recording - The mic records quietly, and for any sound to be heard, I have had to set a +30db boost in my Soundcard's software utility.

Comfort & Aesthetics - 5/5 This headset is really comfortable. The mesh earucps are shaped to fit around ears, and the headband padding is firm, but comfortable, due to its nature to mould to the shape of the head. The headset is very light, and this also contributes to the overall comfort - the firm headband padding is not pulled down onto the head by super-heavy earpieces.

Build Quality - 4/5 The build quality IS excellent, the metal headband adjustment contributing to overall stiffness and strength of the headband. The swivelling earcups are a useful feature, but they do make the headset feel cheaper than it probably should.

Overall - 4/5 I would reccommend this headset to any user who is willing to spend on a headset like this. The overally quality is excellent, and the small downsides are just that - small and pretty much insignificant. If anyone know how to make PC peripherals, Logitech certainly do, and this addition to their G-Series is definite proof of that mantra...!
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on 21 March 2016
I brought these due to the rating, once I got it, I knew I made a mistake.

You can see the mic always, it isn't one of those good headsets that lets you choose where the mic is, either up or down, if down then you see it at the bottom of your eye constantly.

They are tight and do not loosen, left them over 2 days stretched but did nothing.

The support at the top that goes on your head is really hard and just you can't stop noticing how hard it is digging into your head.

Sound and mic is nothing special, worse than what I had pervious and

Also, my head is real small so how these are tight and uncomfy I don't know, but I regret buying this.
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on 9 January 2015
the ear pads fold nicely for packing and the sound quality is good for the price. The rope cable is really nice as it doesn't get knotted so easily and It feels nice. There is a lot of room for your ears to fit without being squashed. Overall nice headset. There is a lot of cable which can sometimes get in the way but can also be very useful.
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on 24 July 2016
I got this product thinking that it was going to sound muddy and the mic was not going to be good.
but it was the complete opposite I unboxed the headset with fairly low expectations when i opened the fairly impressive packaging i was greeted with a plastic headset which is not a bad thing in my opinion as it makes the headset lighter I adjusted the sliders on the side of the headset to fit my head and what i saw really impressed me, the headset had not used plastic sliders on the sides it actually included metal sliders and that is a big deal for me because out of 3 of the last headset o have owned 2 of them broke because the plastic sliders had come apart over time.
The microphone included in the g320 is a unidirectional microphone meaning that you would only get good mic quality from the mic if you speak into it through one way.
It is coated in rubber and feels cheap but that is not a big problem for me as all i am going to do is lift the mic up and down.
the microphone also is hard to move around on the x axis this is a problem for me but Logitech makes up for it but making the mic short enough to not be noticeable
the overall sound quality of the microphone is decent with a good frequency range for the price point and will not provide noise from the internals of the headset unlike the corsair hs40.
Sound Quality
after breaking in the headset for 2 hours with some white noise I actually tried on the headset for the first time which im not going to lie is unbelievably comfortable so back onto the sound of the headset. after listening to a whole album of various song genres I would say that the sound is comparable to the hyper x cloud 2's meaning that they have a balanced highs and lows but lack slightly in the mids but if you are a bass head then you would be happy with this headset.
final verdict
this headset is absolutely great it has good sound a decent microphone it fells comfortable on the head and is delivered at a small price point I only have 2 gripes and that being the mic not being bendy and that the connectors are not compatible with ultra books as it has a separate 3.5mm jack for the mic and sound but other than that this headset is an absolute steal
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on 10 September 2015
Nowhere near as the G930, somehow feels much cheaper ( and it is in reality ) however decent quality sound coming out from it.
If you planning to use it in office - forget it, sound is leaking in and out and had issues with the microphone quality.
On the plus side has covered my ears ( large ) and comfortable to use it for hours. However I would recommend going to the bigger brother g430 or wireless g930 if your budget allows it.
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