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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 February 2015
First of all, I don't game much, but I was looking for an external programmable keyboard for productivity, to take some strain off my hands. After reading reviews and comparisons, I landed on the Logitech G13. One of my reasons for choosing it was the reported ease of programming, including macros on the fly, which is essential to my work. It also looked like it would suit me ergonomically.

Unless it has durability issues, which it is too early for me to tell, and which would be a warranty or return case and therefore not relevant to the functionality of the keyboard, I must say I am very pleased with my purchase. It fits my hand nicely, though some peripheral keys are not so easy to reach for my relatively small hands unless I lift my palm from the rest. This is fine as I will occasionally be moving my hand back and forth from my keyboard while using it anyway.

Setup was a doddle: after the Logitech control software was downloaded, it was just plug and play. Programming, even complex macros, is quick and easy, and within a few minutes, I had a setup that saves me from any ctrl- or alt-combination hotkeys, as well as mousewheel scrolling for my current work. All in all, I don't save any time compared to using just a regular keyboard and mouse - I can do that really fast - but now I can take the same time working at what seems a more relaxing pace, with less intensity of focus, and with fewer key clicks, mouse clicks or scrolling - all of which was starting to put big strain on both of my hands as I am in the middle of a period of very high productivity with lots of repetitive tasks.

As I keep using it, I will extend my use to other applications - especially Illustrator where I use lots of keyboard shortcuts - as well as eventually trying it out for gaming, where I can see it would be hugely beneficial compared to just a regular keyboard.
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on 11 December 2013
I'd just like to say this is the best peripheral I have ever purchased!

I originally bought it along with a Razer Naga to play WoW, and since then applied the G13 to many other games, such as StarCraft 2, League of Legends, and many many more. It is absolutely fantastic. The shape of the keyboard does take a bit of getting used to, but having the keys in the layout they are is really useful. For example, if you take the bottom keys and the left side keys, and bind them as a keyboard would be, just without the start key and the caps lock you find that G2 and G9 do not match to anything. This allows for extra buttons if you bind the G3-7, 10-14, 16-19 as they would be on a keyboard. This allows room for interesting things on these particular keys which I have found very very useful.

Now, the joystick. I have only 1 complaint which I will get into later...
The joystick can be set as a few different things in the Logitech Gaming Software. Either 5 buttons (up down left right click), a joystick, or an emulated mouse. I find 4 buttons as the arrow keys are great in games such as StarCraft or League of Legends as i can use it for map control. In games such as Battlefield 4 I use it for flight control coupled with what I have bound as wasd for flight control all with one hand. Very very useful. It can also be nicely used with graphical editing software as well, making using tools and things nice and easy, with a good degree of accuracy.
The only complaint I have about this is when using it as a mouse, when a different profile is selected, the mouse emulation continues instead of it becoming just buttons again. This however is a software thing and can easily be fixed by restarting the gaming software.

The profiles are another amazing feature of keyboard. Each profile can have it's own unique set of keybinds and macros, and within each profile there are 3 different banks of keys/macros you can use with the M keys, along with on the fly macro recording which can then be assigned to any button. I myself haven't used this feature much, but I can see a lot of people making use of this.
Tied in with the profiles, through the software you can also set a colour the backlight will be for each subset or each profile with the RGB LED in the keyboard itself. Very helpful to act as either a visual reminder of what profile you're using, or just to blend in with your colour scheme. It can also be turned on and off with a button at will
Profiles can even be saved on the device's own internal memory and you can take them with you wherever you go. Fantastic if you want to use your own stuff on other machines, or you play on either a PC and Laptop

Next up - software. Now the software; Logitech Gaming Software, is actually pretty good. you can manage profiles, record macros and scripts, change the backlight colour, copy profiles both onto and off the G13 and manage the apps that run on the G13's small screen.
Now the applet support is a bit limited. There aren't that many of them around. However, having the ability to run small things such as hardware readouts, score information, even what song you're listening to or who's talking on teamspeak is very very useful indeed, and also saves on monitor space where you might previously be saving space for.

And finally the G13 itself. The screen although small is a nice feature and is clear to read. The buttons all feel pretty good, fairly responsive and relatively easy to reach. The wrist rset is nice soft, and with the shape of the whole thing you can be using it for hours and hours and not get any kind of strain pains. the 500g weight located under the screen of the device helps it stay put and not move around the desk, aided by the 6 rubber feet on the bottom. Lastly, overall build quality. it feels very solid in the hand, the keys feels solid, joystick feels good, and the whole thing is nice and heavy, so it doesn't move while gaming. I have owned one of these for 5 years, and after around 6 hours of heavy use every day since I got it, it is still going strong. I'll just say that again... 6 hours of use for 5 years. The only thing that has gone wrong is 1 of the rubber feet has come off. I'm not too fussed about that.

In conclusion, an absolutely fantastic little piece of kit that will last you through years of heavy usage, whatever it is that you're applying it to
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on 31 December 2013
As someone only recently coming back to high-end gaming (and the "high-end" games I used to play now seem SO simple!) this device has enabled me to derive more entertainment from the old games by playing them them more effectively as well as giving me hope of eventually mastering the much more complex control systems of current games. My only caveat (not worth dropping a star for as it has its positive side) is that there is a degree of memory training needed to keep in mind which key does what in which game . I currently make A4 charts that I can prop up behind the pad. Younger people than I will find this much less of an issue I am sure ;)
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on 10 October 2015
In fact its great for productivity too ie: FL STUDIO, there are loads of apps out there that can be used on its lcd screen for motherboard monitoring etc, the keys look beautiful too with 16million colour support.

Without a doubt one of the best peripherals i have ever bought, its rugged, well made and looks ace illuminated.

As i say not just for gaming, its great for things like music production too, ie can program chords to keys using the macro function, very good indeed, or even different quantised drum beats, who needs a novation launchpad!

The joystick is in fact a built in analog mouse controller too with full directional control of the cursor or digital control of the wasd keys. (or any other keys)

Im currently using it with MSI afterburner software as it has support for the g13/15/510 built right in it (awsome) it displays everything FPS, TEMPS, FAN SPEEDS, RAM, VIDEORAM, the lot!

AIDA64 is another great bit of software, lets you add your own pictures in BMP format

If you look around on google there are even games you can play direct from its lcd like snake and space invaders!
review image review image
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on 27 July 2013
It is a fact that Logitech offer some impressive devices in their extensive range of computer peripherals. After seeing a colleague purchasing a TypeMatrix keyboard in order to try and increase his typing speed, I decided to purchase one of these to see if it would make a difference in my productivity as a web developer. It took just 2 days to arrive, and came in an attractive box with a gaming feel.

Installation was easy, and the installation of the drivers followed a similarly easy route. One of the best thing about these keyboards is the software can configure them to have a separate profile for each application you switch to. There are different ways to do this - including pointing to the executable file for the application or manually switching to it using the LCD screen.

If you look at any application in Windows, you'll see the menu options often have keyboard shortcuts (e.g. CTRL+S for saving a file) and it is these keyboard configurations that are bound to the keys of the G13. Because I am a Microsoft Visual Studio user, I have a lot of functionality only a key-press away, but also being an avid gamer means I can use the G13 for play as well as work.

It can be somewhat complicated to configure, but this is an indication of the level of configuration this device can offer. The other downside is that the device is aimed at gamers, which obscures the fact that this is a great tool for any kind of computer user. These are minor issues, and do not affect the overall performance of the G13. It offers tremendous fun for anyone willing to spend time configuring it. For those who don't, you can always download the ready made ones online.

Overall I would recommend this device to anyone. It's amazing and is worth the slightly expensive price tag. It's a definite thumbs up from me for this Logitech device.
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on 28 April 2016
I really recommend this Gameboard for MMPORG style games (such as AION) as there is enough keys to assign the many commands needed and with the ability to select 3 different sets of keys on-the-fly I find it more than meets my needs. I also use it for general shooter type games like FarCry, Halo and Tombraider, where not many keys are required, so it's not restricted to one type of game. I even use it for Elite Dangerous (photo).
I have two of these on my gaming Computers and they are well worth the time spent programming the keys. The backlighting is sufficient without being annoying (I'm not looking at it much when playing anyway). I've coupled this with a Logitach G600 mouse and Steelseries Apex Raw keyboard, both also multing function key programmable devices but this is what I use most. My two Razer Nostromos, Anansi k/b and Naga mouse are gathering dust in a box on top of the wardrobe. I wish I'd discovered the G13 first.
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on 8 December 2015
Great quality, grip has plenty of room for movement and keys are satisfying to press.
Has some great little apps like system resources and time, but can all be removed via the software for those who don't like bloatware.

This is NOT designed to be a keyboard replacement, so it will feel weird to people at first - You have to think of this as a bank of macro's on a grid - NOT a WASD replacement. It gives you access to more keys on one hand more easily that a keyboard does.

Every key you see (Including 4-way joystick) can be programmed to be any keystroke (Single key, repeated single key, multiple keys at once, or multi repeating), paste body of text, emulate the mouse, media functions, hotkeys for windows, shortcuts to any application, and has built-in support (Once you load the logitech software) for Ventrillo.

This device also has hundreds of pre-sets available from the internet via the software so you can near instantly download and be ready for any game with the most popular setup (All configurable after downloading to make you own tweaks)

It IS heavy on the display end, but this stops it moving if the drag your hand over it.
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on 16 March 2016
From a few days of using the product I easily got used to it, after using the Gkeys on my G510 keyboard before it broke, I found it hard to get back into plying MMO's like World of Warcraft by using the generic WASD and 1234567890

after ordering the product and it arriving (A day late and at 21:30pm.... but thats Amazons fault, not the products) I found it seamless to connect to my computer via the USB port and configure it using the Logitech software.
It took me all of 5 minutes to get it all set up and i was playing after a few days of changing the binds, i have found a good set up and find it smooth and easy to play WoW and other MMO games.

The only one con that I can say about it is that the travel on the joystick is a little much for me, but that is down to a personal preference

I would highly recommend this product
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on 16 November 2015
I use this for controlling Sketchup, together with a Wacom tablet and Perixx keyboard with separate numeric keypad. It saves the time spent hunting and pecking for shortcuts on a standard keyboard. It is very well made, better than most plastic peripherals, and speeds up work considerably (and impresses the hell out of people watching). The driver software is complex and I have had to re-install it once, but this was not really Logitech's fault because my Win7Pro workstation happened to choose that exact moment to blow up (again).
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on 3 December 2015
I've been a Keyboard & Mouse PC Gamer for over 20 years now. I was worried that it was going to take weeks, maybe months of re-training myself before I could become comfortable with this. It took about a day. I'm currently playing Fallout 4. I use my left thumb on the thumb-stick for movement, with the remaining keys providing more than enough functionality for everything else. It's comfortable to use and better yet, feels much more natural to me. It's expensive, but if you enjoy gaming and do so often, it's well worth the price!

The software provided with it by Logitech is excellent. Capable of easily assigning keys/macros. Individual profiles for apps and games means you can customise it as you see fit on an app-by-app basis. Profiles can be copied easily, allowing for a copy and quick-tweak when you get a new, similar game. For the more technically savvy user, I recommend combining this with Autohotkey.

This thing is not only great for gaming. You can create shortcut key profiles for any program on your computer. This can really help to increase productivity.

Highly Recommended!
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