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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
Warehouse 13 - Season 4 [DVD] [2013]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 12 October 2017
I found all the Warehouse 13 season 4 just as fascinating as all the other seasons, never wanted it to end.
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on 4 October 2017
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on 2 July 2015
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 9 January 2014
Isn't it just typical? Season 4 really holds together with great storylines throughout, and so the decision has been made to axe the show, with Season 5 being limited to 6 episodes and then .... gone!

In Season 4, Artie's personal and professional gremlins provide all manner of excitements and desperate situations and then, just as everything looks to be calming down, up pops Anthony Head as Paracelsus, an unbronzed alchemist with both links to a previous warehouse, and a seriously bad attitude towards everyone connected with Warehouse 13. In this he makes a genuinely interesting and malevolent character who looked set to make Season 5 even more exciting. The ending of Season 4 certainly leaves everything set up for an amazing continuation of the new storylines.

Naturally, therefore, the show has been axed.

But at least it won't just end as did the brilliant 'Firefly' series. Six episodes have been commissioned which will, eat least, allow the Warehouse to be closed down with some sense of finality.

The BIG question, of course, is "Will the eventual DVD release be priced accordingly, or will there be an attempt to rip fans off by charging way too much?"
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 September 2014
Another roller-coaster ride as the plotting becomes even more intricate and audacious.

Season 4 stumbles onto the screen. The tone is dark and down-beat reflecting the demise of a key feature of the programme in the last episode of season three. Thankfully, Pete Latimer's levity and double entendres help us through the spreading mire of despondency. There is a gradual realisation and acceptance that artefacts are dangerous, and even when used for the best of intentions unexpected consequences can occur. The Warehouse agents have observed this in others, but this season shows some of the main characters making choices and paying the price for decisions made. Artie's acquisition of a powerful artefact releases a hidden part of his personality culminating in a surprising event.

The Warehouse itself is under threat and the appearances of Anthony Head and Brent Spiner (Star Trek's android Lieutenant Commander Data) as devious villains are particularly enjoyable. The bonds of friendship between the agents are confirmed and enhanced as the level of personal danger increase. The episodes are not all dark and full of foreboding, and the ice hockey episode with Myka's temporary pregnancy reminds us of the daft exuberance of earlier seasons. However, the lightness of touch of season one and two are missing. This is now a darker and more serious show. I can't help but wonder if the brilliant Firefly would also have ended up in a similar vein. I look forward to watching the six episodes of the final season.
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on 10 July 2013
Briefly if you haven't seen the show. Warehouse 13 follows a team of U.S secret service agents with they're own quirky personalities & skills, that are more like a big family then work colleagues. Their job is to track down supernatural artifacts, seemingly ordinary items that embue the powers of it's past owner (usually someone famous from history), that more often then not can cause destruction. It's up to these Warehouse agents to track down rogue artifacts & store them safely in the magical Warehouse that expands to make room for the growing collection, located out in the sticks, South Dakota, USA. Using a combination of steampunk equipment to neutralize the bad guys and snag, bag & tag the artifact with neutralizing purple goo in a foil bag & store them in a Ghostbusters-esque Warehouse.

In season 4 we have some big story lines that are wrapped up & new ones unfolding in the aftermath of season 3 as the dust settles. Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) & Artie (Saul Rubinek) headline the opening of the series as they both risk all by going against the Warehouse code for different reasons, but the repercussions hit home with effects on smaller & larger scales to the characters & the series itself. Old & new friends/enemies return for what looks likes another gripping cliffhanger of a finale which put's more agent's lives in the balance for season 5. While inbetween there are plenty of snag, bag & tag jobs for the team to contend with. Myka (Joanne Kelly) & Pete's (Eddie McClintock) will they wont they Mulder & Scully-esque relationship sizzles along, with one major road bump. While Pete's being more oddball & goofy than ever as his munchies & shenanigans bring the laughs along with the rest of the team chipping in, in they're own unique way. All of whom look like they are having a blast when the series settles down into routine.

In conclusion, the chemistry in the cast has never been better IMO, through heartfelt agony & humor it's like watching old friends on screen & feeling all the up's & down's with them. The stories are generally great & new imaginative ideas keep things fresh in places, the show just get's better & better. Claudia rocks! ;-) Highly Recommended.

Update: Season 5 will in fact be the last of Warehouse 13, and will only include 6 goodbye episodes.
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on 25 April 2014
This season of Warehouse 13 was every bit as entertaining as those before it. Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly portray the characters of Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering in such a way as to make it impossible not to invest yourself in the pair of agents.

Although not necessary, I would certainly recommend watching from the start as both the agents and the characters with witch they interact all develop and grow over the course of each season.

The title gives nothing away regarding its content. These agents have been specially selected for a most unique role; identifying and locating objects with very curious properties. I won't give away any more than that. The action driven story lines are all seasoned with humor, sadness, joy and despair. These guys will make you laugh and they'll make you cry. This show has been brought together by just all the right people; Writers, directors, producers and actors that all form a synergy seldom seen in modern TV. Also stars Saul Rubinek and features Brent Spiner (TNG's Data) and Jaime Murray (Dexter/Defiance).

Although content may occasionally include mild violence, never explicit or gore.

Another one of my all time favorite TV shows.
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on 17 December 2013
With 20 episodes, season 4 had far more time to fill. Given some slightly vacuous plots in episodes of previous shorter seasons, I was worried season 4 wouldn't be able to keep the pace - my worries were totally misplaced.

Season 4 maintains the humorous banter and the snappy dialogue, has two major story arcs mixed in with the staple snag, bag and tag, all of which is consistently fun and clever and finds time to include some real tragic moments. Plotlines are genuinely different from previous series too.

To be honest the story went to some dark places in the last few episodes that were tough viewing, something that is odd for this kind of show, but I felt it was handled respectfully and was thought provoking (probably the aim of that aspect of the story).

I was gasping to get season 5, only to find SciFi has cancelled the show and only 6 further episodes will be made. This is daft if you want my opinion, as the show was only beginning to reach its potential. I think Season 4 is the peak of Warehouse 13. I expect season 5 will tie things off nicely, but I know I'll want more.
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on 3 February 2014
Well every time I like a series it gets cancelled and leaves me hanging. (Flash forward, The Event). This time I decided I would make sure it was the whole shebang before ordering ALL of the seasons. So I Googled away and found that even though this programme wasn't being renewed there would be a final season to tie up all the loose ends. I was happy with that and bought all 4 seasons. (Despite never even seeing one episode just the trailer which I liked).
Imagine my horror when watching the final disc of season four when I realise this is NOT THE LAST SEASON!!!! AAARRRGHHHH!!!
Not only that season five hasn't even been released!
So after kicking myself several times I am going to say to people yes its a great series, yes its funny, yes its interesting, yes buy it, but be aware there is still one season left to run. Or even better if everyone buys all the sets and emails Scyfy maybe they wont stop it (yeah right).
ok its still not the same quality as Fringe but its gone up from a 7 to an 8.5 for me. Oh and finally Myka has a decent make up artist yey!
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on 10 December 2013
It stays a great series and too bad that this series ends with a season 5. They're is a lot more possible in this series to go on for a few more seasons.

Overall this season was a good evolution of series and like the previous series they took a good villain to add an extra sense of action.

This is a true good series for every Sci-Fi lover.
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