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on 31 August 2015
Firstly, I am a gamer who uses PS4 and PC, coming from and old acer VGA monitor and an old 24 inch 720p TV! I have had the monitor for around 2 months now, it is my first bought specifically for gaming so please continue reading to find out how I felt about it!

Delivery, First Impressions And Setup:
The monitor was delivered very quickly in 2 days and as soon as I opened it I knew that it was going to be of high quality. Everything from the box to the accessories was well made and felt expensive. The monitor came with a DVI cable and a VGA cable which surprised me a little bit actually, it also came with a nice two-part stand to mount the monitor on. The setup was extremely easy, all I had to do was click together the two-piece stand and slide it into the back of the monitor. The power cable (came with the monitor) was attached and I then added my PS4 and PC both via HDMI connections.

The First Experience With Gaming:
The very first thing I did was boot up Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 and jump straight into single player, WOW did I notice the difference coming from and old 24 inch 720p TV. Actions felt smoother and quicker and the picture quality was amazing! It was so much brighter and more vibrant than anything I had used before. The black eQualiser feature seems to work great, as I have noticed that colours look stunning. Dark scenes are just bright enough to give good visibility without being oversaturated and overexposed.

The Bad Things:
As far as I am concerned there is only one drawback to this monitor which is the speakers. As I consider myself a bit of an audiophile I noticed this immediately. When playing music it seems like it is playing through a pringles can! This could be a huge drawback for some people however, I did not buy the monitor for the sound nor will most other people.

-Stunning picture quality
-Well made and expensive feeling
-Easy setup
-Great response time
-Good entry level gaming monitor


My experience with this monitor is so good that I am infact planning to buy another one to create a dual monitor setup!
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on 22 September 2015
This is truely brilliant as a console gaming monitor - if you calibrate and set the screen display properly!

The out of the box settings look awful, at least on a PS4 - the colours are way out and the gamut/contrast levels are off. I think this initial contributes to some of the not so good reviews that are out there for this.

If you calibrate it with professional calibration kit, it makes this *perfect* and incredibly good value for money.

I'll save you having to do that - if you purchase this, simply set the monitor to the below settings through the control panel.

These should also be the optimal settings for the 24" version of this as well.

Brightness: 27
Contrast: 50
Sharpness: 5
Color Vibrance: 10
Low Blue Light: 0
Gamma: Gamma 3
Color Temperature: User Mode (R:97, G:98, B:97)
Instant Mode: ON
AMA: High
Picture Advanced:
Picture Mode: Standard
Overscan: OFF
Display Mode: Full
HDMI RGB PC Range: RGB (0~255)
Smart Focus: OFF

The speakers arent great - but what monitor has great speakers? most people use external sound systems/speakers or headphones anyway.

Highly recommended for any console gamer for an optimal gaming experience.
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on 24 March 2015
Bought this monitor as an upgrade from my previous Benq monitor - the GL2450HM. It is, in every aspect, a superior monitor.
I currently use a dual monitor setup for my PC and another monitor for console gaming, with this being the monitor for gaming.
From my previous experience with Benq, I decided to once again go with them for my newest gaming monitor. Promises of 1ms response times, Flicker free pictures and the dual HDMI sealed the deal when purchasing this monitor, despite it having no reviews.
The monitor itself was purchased directly from amazon for just over £200, which is £70 more than the 24" version of this monitor, and in fairness, that price rise is quite steep when contemplating both sizes.
However, for me personally, the step up to 27" was welcomed, and definitely worth it, although if on a tight budget, I'd say that the RL2455 may be a more appropriate option.

If you are a gamer like me, you may also be concerned about 1080p on a 27" monitor, and people saying you should get 1440p instead. For console use, this wont matter, as the current generation of consoles only support up to 1080p. However with PC gaming, you would benefit from a higher resolution if you graphics card can support it, but there is a big jump in price to get a similar monitor with that resolution. Even at 1080p on my PC, the monitor displays games perfectly fine.

Service from Amazon was great, ordered on a Monday with 3 Hours before the next day delivery cut-off and it was delivered the next day at 9:15am, having already been dispatched the night before.

Within the box, there is the Monitor, Stand (detatched), UK Mains plug, EU Mains plug, HDMI Cable and Audio Cable (3.5mm).
Although I don't use the stand, it connected easily and seemed sturdy enough, with the benfit of the cable tidy at the back, which pulls all cables behind the center of the monitor for easy cabling.
However, I opted to wall mount this monitor for ease of use, as I tend to swivel it often, as well as change the angle. This monitor fits a standard VESA 100mm Mount, and it was easy to set it up.

For the monitor itself, it has a range of ports - 2xHDMI, 1xDVI, 1xVGA, as well as a Line in and Headphone Socket, with the power connector as well. The ports are located so that cables are connected upwards in the monitor, making it easy to have the back flush against a wall if needed.
Upon turning on the monitor, the results were impressive, having been preconfigured for FPS settings, and I found that these settings were the best for the monitor. It has 5 buttons on the right side of the monitor, as well as the power button. These buttons operate the Menu, with 3 being able to assign to an item of your choice. In my case, it is set up Input, Volume, Mute, Menu and then Exit as the bottom one.
The On screen menu is easy to navigate and does what you would expect, with all of the core functionality, as well as some more features, such as smart scaling, allowing the screen to be changed size, such as 24" etc, which could be useful in some situations.

Overall, this monitor is a great buy at just over £200, with crisp images and lightning fast response times, making it a perfect accompaniment for any console or PC. Feel free to ask me any questions.
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on 1 September 2016
Okay so, if you are looking for a monitor to game on for console at a low price. You have found it! Back when I purchased this monitor I found it to be the best price to performance monitor there was which had a nice black and slight red accented theme. The reason why I say this is the best monitor for a console is:

It has a TN panel, this means that the monitor is very responsive and it is what you need if you are playing anything like COD or Battlefield, which require the gamer to have quick reaction times; as shown in the 1ms (milli second) response time. For those who don't understand this, it just basically means that this monitor will process what it coming from its source (ps4,xbox1 etc) in one millisecond. This is the fastest response time you can buy which is why I say its a great monitor for fast action games.

Also, this is a great monitor for console gamers because it has a perfect resolution of 1920 x 1080. This means that this monitor will output 1080p, which is the highest resolution the current generation of consoles can output. Furthermore this monitor comes out of the box at a 60Hz refresh rate, which means that the maximum number of frames your graphics card can output is 60fps (frames per second). However, this monitor can be overclocked to 75Hz which pushes its boundaries from out of the box. I have not bothered to even find out how to overclock my monitor, but I have read of people overclocking this monitor on forums, this is because for console gaming I don't need to overclock the monitor as it will be pushing itself harder than normal for no extra gain for my gaming as current generation consoles only output 60fps at maximum at 1080p I believe anyway. Notably generally with overclocking your hardware will gain extra performance but at the cost of its life span…

Furthermore the size of the monitor is perfect for gaming and for other uses. I believe this is the maximum recommended size (give or take) to game on for first person shooter games as your eye has to move around the screen more with bigger monitors or tv’s. Within the monitor, on the menu, you can customise the size of the screen so you can play at a 19 inch and change it back to 24 for other uses (I just use the standard 24 inch size for it all though). Just to mention the monitors menu is not great and can be tedious navigating around it, but I barely touch it, its only really useful to setup with when you buy the monitor. I recommend customising it so that you can easily change the input source. If you have the monitor, that could be something you could do, otherwise it can be tedious changing the source of the input, for example it could be selected on my ps4 but I want to change to my Mac and that can be a struggle if I didn't move the input source button to the main menu

Trust me when I say this, it is much harder to game on a TV when playing a game such as call of duty on multiplayer than it is to play on this monitor. I find I get a better K/D on call of duty when playing on this monitor than when I'm playing on a TV. As mentioned earlier your eye does not need to move around so much, thus you response time can be even quicker than it can be on a massive TV, in addition to the fastest response time of 1ms helping you see the enemy quicker as there is not so much colour production latency than a TV, so I would 100% recommend a monitor if you want to take gaming some what seriously, and I find this a good choice for entry level pc gaming and console gaming.

This monitor can also be great for other uses such as to boost productivity. As I'm typing this review now I am typing this on the monitor whilst looking at Amazon on my MacBook screen, which is great for getting things done faster. The monitor is comfortable to look at and I guess has good colour reproduction, but not as good as your TV… However this is because the panel inside the monitor is TN which sacrifices the processing power to make your colours pop on your monitor for the fast responsiveness it has for gaming, thus why I find this a gaming monitor.

Talking about colours from what I can tell the blacks are very black thanks to its ‘Black eQualiser’ and there is no visible back light bleeding which is very good. For those who don't know what backlight bleeding is… It is where you can see the blacks in your monitor (commonly found in the corners) light up from the LCD screen so it doesn't look like the dark black anymore, but you can see the backlight led's more. I have had this monitor a long time now (1-2 years) and there has been no such problems so far. Also BenQ are also featuring a ‘Gaming Comfort Flicker-free Technology’. I believe this stops your monitor from refreshing when it doesn't have to or something similar so its basically preventing your eyes from hurting after concentrating on the monitor for too long, but make sure that your environment is well lit in any scenario or your eyes will hurt!

I have talked about console gaming and how great it is for that. However PC gaming can be another ball park. It depends on what graphics card you have in your rig. But if your 1080p gaming and you want a respectable monitor, from a respectable company that will provide a good gaming experience for first person shooters like CS:GO, this monitor may also be for you. But if you have an enthusiast rig with a GTX 1080 or anything from a few years behind you probably know what your doing anyway and are looking at a more expensive monitor.

This monitor does have built in speakers but they're not great. I would recommend a headset, but if your on a hard budget its a nice feature. It seems when you turn the speakers up they get loud quickly without even having to push the numbers up high on the volume scale. 10 out of 100 I believe is fine from what I remember when I last used the speakers, but most of the time I put them on mute. It is nice to see a AUX input so you can hear game audio from the monitor if you plug in earphones or an AUX compatible headset. It can save you from plugging you earphones into the back of your pc (presuming you don't have an AUX input on the front of your case). If you have a ps4 you would just plug your earphones into the controller but with an xbox, its a welcomed feature. Although I find if you are using apple headphones to plug into the monitor they are too short as I find you will sit too close to the monitor, so make sure you have a long cable if you plan on using this feature.

The monitor comes with two HDMI inputs which is great for plugging in my mac and my ps4 at the same time without having to switch them over (which can also cause damage to inputs if they are constantly being abused). It also comes with a DVI and D-sub if you so require that to plug in from your graphics card or something similar.

The monitor does not come with height adjustment but it can be slightly tilted. But it is wall mountable which is great and I do sometimes like to change my setup a bit and mount it up. I would recommend a good monitor mount as the one I have is not great as it can leave the monitor tilted to the side and not level, but it gets the job done.

Any questions? Ask away

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Reviewed by Will
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on 1 May 2015
Brilliant quality, extremely good detail. Perfect for fps shooters like Call of duty Advanced warfare and battlefield. Used it with my Xbox one and PS4 and all games look amazing!
review image
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on 9 December 2015
I bought this from a competitor website but thought I would share my review here also.

Like others have mentioned the 'out the box' settings are awful. Changing from a 23" IPS monitor this was even more apparent with the colours.

All the default profiles are what I would describe as a 'hardware cheat' for competitive gamers (washed out with no blacks). I prefer a more cinematic effect to my games.

I tried the settings another reviewing left, but I also found them not very good.

After two evenings of continuous tinkering I believe I've hit a good spot that will provide you with great visuals for gaming and general PC use:

FYI: I have a Desktop PC and PS4 connected via HDMI and have two profiles saved to Gamer 1/Gamer 2

Brightness: 80 (reduce to 60 for non gaming)
Contrast: 35
Sharpness: 5
Color Vibrance: 10
Low Blue Light: 2
Gamma: Gamma 3
Color Temperature: Normal
Instant Mode: ON
AMA: High (turn this off when watching Blu Rays on PS4)

Picture Advanced:
Picture Mode: Standard
Overscan: OFF
Display Mode: Full
HDMI RGB PC Range: RGB (0~255)
Smart Focus: OFF


Low input lag - Games feel very responsive to controller actions
Great response times - All my games feel like they've gained around 10fps!
Fantastic screen size - Helps you to spot enemies on Battlefront.
Great stand.

Clunky OSD menu
Poor colours compared to an IPS screen
Poor speakers
review image
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VINE VOICEon 21 February 2014
This is by far the best monitor I have ever had. My last one was a 2ms refresh rate 24", but Asus. The BenQ knocks it into a cocked hat. Not just by the 1ms refresh rate either. The whole thing from build quality to the menu system, refresh rate to the auto-lighten is just superb. Yes, this model automatically lightens the screen when you are "in a dark place", such as in a game, at night time. The detail is superb and even on an old game like CoD2 (my all time favourite) it really packs a punch.

There is nothing about this product that I do not like.

The performance is superb, the ratings and effects are stunning and the price is unbelievable - I paid under £150 for this "pro gaming monitor", so you will forgive my "e-shouting" when I say BRILLIANT !!! Six Stars!
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on 31 August 2014
I bought this monitor used, from Amazon because it was £50 off and only the packaging was damaged (It wasn't even damaged when it arrived) and so far I'm absolutely loving it, it's AMAZING in fact, probably one of the best I've had. Although I love it so much, there are a few things that need changing and some things you need to be weary about when buying this monitor.

I'll sort it out though pros and cons below.

- Amazingly sharp display
- Brilliant viewing angles
- Size is spot on, perfect for the gamer
- Monitor looks amazing, really like the red strips on the base.
- Monitor is relatively thin, this may be troublesome for some webcameras but overall makes the look brilliant.
- Buttons are really nice and the menu is perfect!

- Speakers are dreadful, get a decent speaker set or some headphones
- The default display setting (RTS 1) is dreadful for computers, change it to standard (or sRGB) if you're planning to use it for a PC

Even though these points may hinder your thought a little bit. It was by far one of the greatest monitors I've had and I would recommend to anyone without a second thought.
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on 16 February 2016
My previous monitor broke forcing me to look for a replacement. My last monitor was a Samsung HD TV/PC monitor so decided this time to get a gaming monitor as do like to dabble with PC games! As usual so much choice to choose from making it hard! I surfed around, looked at top reviews on other sites as well as checking the comments from Amazon customers on here and decided on this one. Received it today, very straight forward putting it together, followed the instructions and turned it on.... Wow, sharp! Had to log onto my game, as you do and test it out! .. Needed some tweaking of my icon sizes but what a difference in picture quality! Why did I not think to change sooner! ... So ok, I've only had it a couple of hours but very impressed! Premature to leave a review, nah! ... Happy with this product.
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on 27 October 2016
This is a review for a monitor I have had for a fair few months now, so this review should be accurate at least.
The screen is great, lovely bright picture with plenty of options. I will stress though that the stock presets from out-of-the-box are not all that great, so a quick google for tweaking the monitor is essential, as are lots of online tests for blacks and greys. I now am really pleased with the results.

I use this mainly for gaming at 1080p, but also for the occasional artwork, surfing the net, reading PDFs, etc.. Colours are nice, not too saturated. Contrast and Brightness is great, once you have tweaked them to suit.
Aesthetically, the monitor looks good. The stand is sturdy and looks nice and modern. The monitor will slightly move from side to side on the stand if your table/desk isn't completely stable. Typing this on a clicky keyboard with mx switches the screen does wobble slightly.

The menu is nice and easy to use. Each press of the button on the side will bring up a menu on the bottom right, you then get options next to each button such as up/down/exit/select etc.. There are plenty of options to adjust the screen to suit one's taste, all easy to navigate and read.

Overall, a great monitor. But like others have said, you will need to properly calibrate it before use to get the full benefits.
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