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on 31 August 2015
Firstly, I am a gamer who uses PS4 and PC, coming from and old acer VGA monitor and an old 24 inch 720p TV! I have had the monitor for around 2 months now, it is my first bought specifically for gaming so please continue reading to find out how I felt about it!

Delivery, First Impressions And Setup:
The monitor was delivered very quickly in 2 days and as soon as I opened it I knew that it was going to be of high quality. Everything from the box to the accessories was well made and felt expensive. The monitor came with a DVI cable and a VGA cable which surprised me a little bit actually, it also came with a nice two-part stand to mount the monitor on. The setup was extremely easy, all I had to do was click together the two-piece stand and slide it into the back of the monitor. The power cable (came with the monitor) was attached and I then added my PS4 and PC both via HDMI connections.

The First Experience With Gaming:
The very first thing I did was boot up Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 and jump straight into single player, WOW did I notice the difference coming from and old 24 inch 720p TV. Actions felt smoother and quicker and the picture quality was amazing! It was so much brighter and more vibrant than anything I had used before. The black eQualiser feature seems to work great, as I have noticed that colours look stunning. Dark scenes are just bright enough to give good visibility without being oversaturated and overexposed.

The Bad Things:
As far as I am concerned there is only one drawback to this monitor which is the speakers. As I consider myself a bit of an audiophile I noticed this immediately. When playing music it seems like it is playing through a pringles can! This could be a huge drawback for some people however, I did not buy the monitor for the sound nor will most other people.

-Stunning picture quality
-Well made and expensive feeling
-Easy setup
-Great response time
-Good entry level gaming monitor


My experience with this monitor is so good that I am infact planning to buy another one to create a dual monitor setup!
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on 1 May 2015
Brilliant quality, extremely good detail. Perfect for fps shooters like Call of duty Advanced warfare and battlefield. Used it with my Xbox one and PS4 and all games look amazing!
review image
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on 20 January 2016
This is a cracking Monitor but it needs setting up to display vibrant colours - I use it for Xbox1 gaming for Forza 6 - it is also linked to my Computer for the usual stuff i.e. Web browsing / outlook / word etc

I have found the following set up / calibration make the colours "pop" with a really Crisp display ( The ECO picture mode must be used as it automatically reduces the Backlighting so the washed out look of the factory settings is removed)

Picture Mode = ECO
Sharpness= 10
Black Q = 0
Colours Temp : Red 98 Green 85 - Blue 98
AMA = Premium
Instant Mode = Off
Display Mode = Full
Smart Focus = Off
Colour Format = RGB
Demo = Off
Dynamic Contrast Off
I was initially disappointed with the Monitor as it Factory Setting were unusable, however now I couldn't be happier with the above displays.
So hopefully my friends if you are also dissatisfied with the out of the box performance the above information will save you a lot of trial and error with the myriad of adjustments that are possible.

My Best Regards, Tool Man
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VINE VOICEon 21 February 2014
This is by far the best monitor I have ever had. My last one was a 2ms refresh rate 24", but Asus. The BenQ knocks it into a cocked hat. Not just by the 1ms refresh rate either. The whole thing from build quality to the menu system, refresh rate to the auto-lighten is just superb. Yes, this model automatically lightens the screen when you are "in a dark place", such as in a game, at night time. The detail is superb and even on an old game like CoD2 (my all time favourite) it really packs a punch.

There is nothing about this product that I do not like.

The performance is superb, the ratings and effects are stunning and the price is unbelievable - I paid under £150 for this "pro gaming monitor", so you will forgive my "e-shouting" when I say BRILLIANT !!! Six Stars!
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on 23 May 2016
I'm a freelance graphic designer and work primarily on my 15" mac book pro retina.

Naturally when shopping around price played a very big factor but so too did the technical spec such as resolution and certainly refresh rate, which can have a high impact when I'm doing video editing.

The product arrived well packed but the CD with the drivers on was cracked so unusable (but seeing as these are all online and it is not technically the monitor this has not effected my scoring).

Once assembled which took only minutes, setting up the screen was a plug and play job, followed by some experimenting with the preset brightness and contrast settings.

The monitor has plenty of ports and I find myself using one hdmi for the pro (although I have found the HDMI connection to take a while locating the computer signal some times but after removing it and plugging it back in it works fine) and the DVI for my pc which is can jump between at the push of a button.

Feel free to ask me questions if you have any and I'll do my best to test and answer them.
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on 31 August 2014
I bought this monitor used, from Amazon because it was £50 off and only the packaging was damaged (It wasn't even damaged when it arrived) and so far I'm absolutely loving it, it's AMAZING in fact, probably one of the best I've had. Although I love it so much, there are a few things that need changing and some things you need to be weary about when buying this monitor.

I'll sort it out though pros and cons below.

- Amazingly sharp display
- Brilliant viewing angles
- Size is spot on, perfect for the gamer
- Monitor looks amazing, really like the red strips on the base.
- Monitor is relatively thin, this may be troublesome for some webcameras but overall makes the look brilliant.
- Buttons are really nice and the menu is perfect!

- Speakers are dreadful, get a decent speaker set or some headphones
- The default display setting (RTS 1) is dreadful for computers, change it to standard (or sRGB) if you're planning to use it for a PC

Even though these points may hinder your thought a little bit. It was by far one of the greatest monitors I've had and I would recommend to anyone without a second thought.
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on 16 February 2016
My previous monitor broke forcing me to look for a replacement. My last monitor was a Samsung HD TV/PC monitor so decided this time to get a gaming monitor as do like to dabble with PC games! As usual so much choice to choose from making it hard! I surfed around, looked at top reviews on other sites as well as checking the comments from Amazon customers on here and decided on this one. Received it today, very straight forward putting it together, followed the instructions and turned it on.... Wow, sharp! Had to log onto my game, as you do and test it out! .. Needed some tweaking of my icon sizes but what a difference in picture quality! Why did I not think to change sooner! ... So ok, I've only had it a couple of hours but very impressed! Premature to leave a review, nah! ... Happy with this product.
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on 27 May 2014
Simply put, I really like this monitor. This is a great monitor delivering great value for your hard earned cash. This does feel like a monitor designed and optimized for gaming particularly RTS gaming on consoles. But I have found it is equally just as good for PC gaming enthusiasts such as me. I don't know how BenQ was able to make a gaming monitor at this price point. I've had mine for about 2 weeks now and I can only say I'm loving every moment I spend on my PC with it. I had to fidget around the settings quit abit to get to what I'd call my 'optimal' settings for picture clarity and colour balance for both gaming as well as normal PC use (movies, office functions etc etc) and these are my current settings:

Picture mode: Photo
Brightness: 100%
Contrast: 66%
Sharpness: 1
Black equalizer: 0 (sometimes 1)
Colour temp: Red- 90, Green- 87, Blue-91
AMA: High
Instant mode: On
Dynamic Contrast: 0
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on 20 February 2016
I got this monitor as I had a basic monitor which I wanted to use as my second and upgrade my first one to a gaming monitor.
I didn't have a huge budget as it was a Christmas present from a family member to myself.
I've currently had it for 2 months and I've had no problems so far. The colors are so vibrant. I had to fiddle about with the setting a little bit. At first the vibrancy of just browsing things like facebook was a shock and the colours on my other monitor were quite muted.
So far I love this monitor! Would recommend to gamers out there!
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on 30 April 2016
I really like this monitor. I only use one monitor so it's my main one for browsing, doing school work and gaming and I've been doing so for the past five months. Why do I like this monitor? Because it's of good quality and specifications. When it arrived, I had to "construct" it. The stand came separate to the body and so the the stand base. All in all, it took around six or seven minutes to put together after I'd unwrapped everything and put it on my desk. It came with a DVI and HDMI cable, which was great as I'd run out of spare HDMI cables to use.
Spec-wise, I think it's great. It starts quickly and didn't take much hassle to configure the settings to my liking (on this monitor, 50% brightness and saturation on Gaming mode 1). Its pixel count is good for a monitor of its 24" size and £120 price tag and, with a 1 ms response time, it's really good for a gamer, such as myself, with "limited funds".

Now on to the not-so-good points. Firstly, the speakers...are just awful. They sound like you're listening through a toilet roll tube. Luckily for me, I had bought a set of high quality speakers already. Secondly, although not really a bad point as the colour options can be changed, to anyone who wasn't savvy enough to understand the settings (unlikely), the standard options aren't brilliant. The colours aren't saturated enough and it's too dark. Like I said, this can be changed, of course, but it's still a bummer that these are the default settings.
Lastly, although this may just be Windows 10 or my computer, if I'm playing a game and hit the Windows key to go to the desktop, the screen looks like it's on hallucinogenic drugs as it constantly waves slightly but erratically at the same time. This corrects itself, though, when the game environment is re-entered or quit. Then again, that may just be me.

Overall, if you want a high quality gaming monitor on the cheap, buy this one! Just make sure you have a set of external speakers ready to go if you're really into your audio.
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