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on 27 October 2016
This is a review for a monitor I have had for a fair few months now, so this review should be accurate at least.
The screen is great, lovely bright picture with plenty of options. I will stress though that the stock presets from out-of-the-box are not all that great, so a quick google for tweaking the monitor is essential, as are lots of online tests for blacks and greys. I now am really pleased with the results.

I use this mainly for gaming at 1080p, but also for the occasional artwork, surfing the net, reading PDFs, etc.. Colours are nice, not too saturated. Contrast and Brightness is great, once you have tweaked them to suit.
Aesthetically, the monitor looks good. The stand is sturdy and looks nice and modern. The monitor will slightly move from side to side on the stand if your table/desk isn't completely stable. Typing this on a clicky keyboard with mx switches the screen does wobble slightly.

The menu is nice and easy to use. Each press of the button on the side will bring up a menu on the bottom right, you then get options next to each button such as up/down/exit/select etc.. There are plenty of options to adjust the screen to suit one's taste, all easy to navigate and read.

Overall, a great monitor. But like others have said, you will need to properly calibrate it before use to get the full benefits.
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on 19 April 2017
Hi guys i been lookinge for gaming monitor for my ps4 for fps games and on the market at the moment is loads of monitors i did a research and almoste bought a expensive monitor with high hrz rate but then in find out thant ps4 suports just 60hrz... u need high rate just if you using it with pc. response time is perfect, no lag no ghousting or any delays in video quality. I did a mistake and ordered 27inch instead of 24... it's a bit to large for me now i have to move way back from monitor. thinking to get wall mount... designe is great And quality superb. easy to set up for your liking in menus you can finde few diferent video quality options wich is ideal for gaming movie reading action games fighting games and more... monitor at the back has headset hanger wich i found is really good idea! other wise monotor is great can't complain at all. before i got monitor i use to play on my lg 47inch smart tv and this monitor brings me way diferent opinion about ps4 graphics. video quality is way better then tvs. 10/10 guys
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on 3 February 2017
An Amasing Monitor! Im using it with a budget gaming p.c. and the realism is quite outstanding! it has brought my Witcher 3 game alive! the sharpness and definition is spot on, zero lag, zero ghosting, after a few days of waiting (out of stock) I tried to cancel the order and go for a high refresh rate monitor which I have always gone for in the past, I am so glad I could not do this, my worries about 60hrz being adequate were completely unfounded! I cannot honestly say I can see any differance between this one at 60hrz and my now defunct Samsung at 144hrz! plus I cannot really afford to buy a 144hrz monitor! I did momentarily set this up to 75hrz which it was quite happy with but my vid card dropped the res to 1280x1024 32 bit colour which I did not like, (R9.380oc) a better card (more expensive) can probably go to 75hrz at full 1920x1080 but way outside my budget! there is lots of feedback on here about how good these are with games consules, I would definatly add p.c. to that, the price also cannot be beaten! you will in all probability have to set up the look and colour to suit your own tastes but I think we all do that anyway, I certainly do, if you are looking for an excellent games monitor that will do the job, and then some! this would be it, it also looks feels and works well in the more mundane desktop mode as a workhorse, thoroughly recommended!!
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on 7 February 2017
I love this thing, currently my main display along side a 21 inch samsung monitor, had this BenQ for over a year now and love using it with anything from gaming to editing videos to watching films, the size is great, the brightness is great, the response time is great (although I wish it was 144 hertz but for the price lets be logical here, just pay a little more if you want that) I have had few to no issues with this apart from occasionally the cable jerks and the monitor stops displaying but that's every few months, maybe just a bad HDMI cable, I love this monitor and would highly recommend it.
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on 8 January 2017
Bought the 27inch version around 6 months ago and it has been used extensively ever since. I use this for console (mainly FPS) gaming on the PS4 and it's a game changer.

I used to use a huge 52" Sammy TV then moved to a smaller TV with a slightly better response time then decided I'd treat myself to this. The response time is evident from the start, everything is clearer, smoother and sharper. I cant ever go back to gaming on a big tv now, the easiest way to describe going back to gaming on a TV would be gaming whilst drunk, the big TVs are that slow and unresponsive compared to this

Other than a headset, a monitor is the biggest change you can make IMO.

One (very minor) bad point with the unit is the headset holder on the back.If you dont mount the monitor, then placing your headset causes the unit to very visibly slant to the left, which is distracting if using the monitor at the time, and I presume is also causing stress on the stand, so i do not use this. Also, if you do mount the unit to your wall, to get rid of the slant if using the headset holder, you can't really store the headset on it anyway as the stand is on the back, so that won't really solve your problem. Weird design, but meh, it's not really a big problem, just thought i'd point it out
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on 2 January 2017
Delighted with the product. Connected to my Xbox One, the image quality and responsiveness is so much better than the expensive 40" LCD I had been using.
The speakers aren't up to much (use headphones anyway), and I'd have preferred a more subtle stand design, but image quality is superb.
Can't blame seller for delivery fiasco (Yodel - avoid if possible), so overall a great product and a good price.
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on 29 June 2016
I very, very rarely write reviews. However, I feel I need to on this product.

I bought this monitor as an upgrade to my old monitor (ASUS 24 inch) which I'd had for 4 years. After extensive researching, I decided on this little beauty. Well, it's been an amazing purchase. The colours are vibrant, the picture is fantastic; I'm so very happy with my monitor. However, I urge anyone that gets this to play around with the different picture settings on the monitor. When I first got it, the default settings weren't nice at all I felt, and so I had to change presets until I found something that I liked. My personal favourite, and what I use the most for games is the 'Photo' picture mode. Unlike some of the other settings, it's the most vibrant and doesn't have a 'haze' to it like some of the others do. Very happy, and I urge anyone that is considering this to go for it. I'm thinking about buying a second one, actually.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on 28 April 2017
Had it for a year now and while it's a good monitor there is so many better options at this price. If you're torn between two choices go for the other one, for these reasons:

- When you turn it on the blinding purple BenQ logo that appears sometimes bleeds through so now I have distorted colours until I turn it off and on again :)
- Audio jack is already dead, distorted audio and constantly cutting the left ear audio out.
- Side buttons are clunky, irresponsive sometimes.
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on 21 January 2017
without a shadow of a doubt this improves my game, think of it as putting you in the matrix so you can see everything as its happening and process it and react as quick as possible, while most will take much longer tom realise whats happening and find it harder to process it and react then, you will react as it happens.

excellent for pc and tv use, as good as most 1080p tv watching monitors/tv
will get a 4k HDR 10 tv/monitor for tv/movies though in the future.
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on 1 July 2016
When I received this monitor I was very happy, its a good sturdy monitor that even has a headphone stand on the back, unfortunately what let this monitor down for me was that I could notice something off with the screen, It wasn't immediately apparent but after playing a few games and editing some videos I noticed that the screen was brighter at the bottom than it i was at the top. For gaming this wouldn't matter too much which is why I am giving only 3 stars, its not advertised as a editing monitor but more specifically for console gaming, Its a good monitor and good for gaming but with the brightness issue I felt really let it down. (it could have just been a faulty panel).
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