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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 8 October 2013
Big let down after FIFA 13. The positives? As usual, game looks great, loads of team, great squads etc. Negatives: Where to start? Gameplay is a lot slower than FIFA 13, it's like the players are running through a ploughed field. Arctic lorries will turn quicker than your defenders. Passing is comically hit and miss, you'll either find your players feet with a cross field lob or you'll manage to tank it out of play with a normal ground pass when they're 10 yards away from you. Pure Shot is random, when you score from distance it either looks great or the shot is an unsatisfying daisy cutter than somehow trundles past the goalie. Scoring is also a peculiar thing here, it's not uncommon to have 20+ shots a game for only a goal, light shot attempts towards open goals mysteriously fly over the bar and crosses to attackers? Like trying to roll a double 6 at Monopoly, most crosses go out of play or into the goalkeepers clutch. Tackling is a big let down as well, the opposition will effortlessly brush you off while managing to dispossess your attackers from behind from 5 yards away (and sometimes your attacker will even keep running forward). The biggest let down gameplay wise for me is the player movement off the ball. It's not unusual to see players running round in pairs or three's, in the middle of the park outside the box you'll often see up to 5 players running towards the ball (even if they're not tackling), when attacking you'll feel like your player with the ball is the only player moving, the run trigger seems haphazard in comparison with past games so most attacks fizzle out with your player being dispossessed in the corner flag, all alone. I have never played a football video game with so many offsides. Commentary is very irritating, had to switch it off. Commentators will tell the same anecdotes as they did in FIFA 13 plus tell you the same story about the same player twice or 3 times during a match. Also recycled from FIFA 13 are the kits available in the catalogue, which seems really lazy.

So another negative review of a FIFA game. And I'm actually winning most games in Career mode, it's just really really boring.
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on 20 July 2016
This is by far the most shockingly awful installment of the fifa series so far. I've never regretted spending money on something as much as I do this game.

Gameplay is just terrible. It doesn't feel like you have any control whatsoever over your players or what they do. Passes go straight to opponents, low powered shots blaze over the bar, crosses go out for throw ins on the opposite side.

EA seem to have attempted to make something that's as close to real football as possible. What they forgot is that they are also trying to make something that should be enjoyed but there is nothing enjoyable about it. Player and team performance is inconsistent, poor one game and perfect the next etc. When you are trying to make a pass or take a shot the computer will take over and do something completely different to what you actually intended to do. Things like button delay and momentum are intended to even things out but actually make it even more unbalanced than ever. Playing ultimate team, you will concede goals in the 45th and 90th minute constantly even if it looks like there is no danger. Watch several goal leads disappear in a matter of minutes as the other team gets massive boosts to their passing, running, and overall team performance to become virtually impossible to beat.

If you are looking for a game that puts players head to head and the better player wins, keep looking because it isn't this one. All the time you are playing this game you are actually playing against 'the fix' that is in place to predetermine the result of every match no matter how the teams perform.

I am completely and utterly disgusted at this game and EA in general. They bring these games out year after year and they just keep getting worse. Instead of actually working on the issues from the last game they add more and still expect people to pay 50 quid on release day. Sadly some people still do but I will no longer be among them. Bottom line, if you are thinking of buying this game, go and give your money to charity or throw it down a drain.
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on 14 July 2015
Do you know these things have been a positive godsend over the years, ever since FIFA 04 I fink. My almost completely retarded turd, I mean sin, I mean SON, Demerit, you see, is to all intents and purposes addicted to them, and thus restricts himself largely to his room, where I would otherwise have to restrict him by some more physical method, and thus leaves me the heck alone. Thank you EA!
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on 5 June 2014
The problem with this game is that they have tried to make it more realistic through things such as heavy touches, goalkeeping howlers, turns on the ball that aren't 100% perfect, yet they've succeeded in making it worse and more frustrating for it. For starters, you play a through ball, 9 times out of 10 the player instead of running onto it, will stutter, stop, let everyone catch up. Goalkeepers fumble the simplest of balls into the opposition's path, even though a real goalkeeper would not have done that. For some reason, strikers just stand in offside positions all the time, they dont come back onside. Everything is delayed.. I click 'A' (for xbox) and it' a good 2 seconds before he passes the ball, by which time he's been tackled. Skill is delayed. Basically this game is a lot less fun because of how slow it all is. The shooting is awful. Sometimes you put next-to-no power on a shot and it ends up in the next city; sometimes you put full power on a shot and it dribbles to the keeper. Not that that matters as the keeper is bound to fumble it and I'll score anyway.

Finally, the defenders are pathetic. The one's that I am not controlling just run every-which-way imaginable, there is no sense of them trying to defend, it's like they have blindfolds on!

Try again, EA.
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on 29 October 2013
I have always played Fifa since the very 1st one for the Mega Drive (Janco Tianno best Brazilian striker EVER anyone?). Anyway this is my 1st review here at Amazon and I am only writing it because I feel really disappointed having now spent several hours playing Fifa 14 and unlocked all achievements. I have already sold my copy of the game on eBay and bought back a copy of Fifa 13.
I don't really care about the transfer updates (I could potentially do them manually in Fifa 13). The most important thing about playing Fifa is having fun, even if you are playing in 'World Class' or 'Legendary' difficulty. I have always played the Career Mode (because it's just like real life, the competitions, transfers, players unsettled, etc.) and have always enjoyed searching for players to try and improve my squad. Now you have to send a scout to look at the player - even if it is a famous player known for his abilites (like Messi) because there is no rating! Players are not rated when you search for them and that's annoying because the whole process now takes much longer. Because of that there are now way too many emails in career mode so you will spend an awful lot of time in the menus (much longer than in previous instalments). Ultimate Team is a money making mode which I don't particularly enjoy (there is absolutely nothing to do with real life football) and I find very boring opening packs and, again, spending a lot of time in the menus (auctions, packs, blah, blah). It hasn't changed much. Online the game is still fun because when you play against real people anything can happen.
Now.. on the pitch the single player aspect disappoints, especially when you are playing against the AI on 'World Class' or 'Legendary'. Be prepared to chase the ball forever as ALL teams play like Barcelona / Spain pressing really hard when they don't have the ball and closing your players down quickly and when they do have the ball they keep on perfectly passing it around. On top of that your players will feel really slooooow on the pitch so you will end up with your players (who will be walking LITERALLY!) trying to complete short passes whilst the AI runs and closes you down. So as the AI is MUCH quicker than you it is very easy to lose possession - frustrating. Another thing that annoys me is this called 'precision movement' that a player cannot suddenly stop his run and 'cut in' to try and pass the ball or hits it trying to score - only a few selected players can do that smoothly (like Ronaldo, Robben, etc). Most players will feel clumsy and the animation EA created doesn't work... as a result of this animation you will most likely end up giving the ball away and your attack is suddenly ruined by this 'improved' feature. It's horrible. This game used to be really fun to play and they have removed that aspect claiming it is now more real. I think the game used to have a good balance between realism and fun. Now it's just awful.
One more thing I should point out here at Amazon is that many people who are giving the game 5 stars are clearly people who never played the game before. Like... 'I bought this for my nephew and he loves it'. What of review is that? This is not a genuine review. A review should be about the game. Is it good / bad? You check all reviews you will notice that the people who actually spent time playing the game HATED it (with just a few exceptions). Bottom line... STAY AWAY! If you have Fifa 13 - keep it!
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on 28 November 2013
A few things to expect from this latest installment of FIFA;
-Expect to score ALOT of headers.
-Expect most of your shots to be blocked.
-Expect to be chasing the ball most of the game.
-Don't expect to get a single free-kick.

The list could go on.

The game is slow, really slow, when it comes to playing in the rain? forget about it. painfully slow!
The AI are extremely annoying, you'll run in for a tackle the opponent will do a quick swivel and you'll run straight past them for another 3 meters, the overall mechanics feel all wrong, and boy does the AI love to block, don't expect to get many shots past from outside the box, a defender will almost certainly be there taking the shot straight to the face no hassle. Your players get dispossessed far to easily because every player kicks the ball so far in front of them when dribbling and there first touch is always terrible. EVERY player is so slow off the mark after receiving the ball, by this time the opponent has already come in and taken the ball straight from you.

As i stated above, do not expect to win ANY free-kicks, I'm struggling to remember a time I have taken one at the moment, if you want to score goals the equation is simple cross+header=goal or just chip it past the keeper, the effect is the same. The whole system of a football match seems to have disappeared, gain possession, pass it around, build play up and hopefully convert. The game is now much more, chase the ball, gain the ball (good luck), run down the wing, stick a cross in and score.

I'm enjoying manager mode so far, i don't get the scouting system, i don't want to have to scout lionel messi for weeks just to find out his rating? i'm finding myself just heading to the menu and going to kick-off and picking a team just to find a players rating...

Cannot comment on other game modes, lack of motivation stops me from even wanting to play it any more
Overall the game is poor, frustrating and most importantly not fun anymore.

the saying 'don't fix it if it isn't broken' saying comes to mind over and over again when playing FIFA 14, well i guess FIFA 15 has got some work to do then.
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on 13 October 2013
Oh dear easports this game is awful... FIFA 14 is Slow, sluggish, bad passing, constant offsides, feels like your not in control of your players, shooting and passing very erratic, players sometimes stand still when ball is in the air. This game is not fun to play so don't waste your money and play FIFA 13 instead it's far better
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on 5 October 2013
Agree with most criticisms around FIFA 14. Historically certain flaws in the game have been over looked due to the games general slickness and speed. FIFA 12 and 13 were both good and each has improved upon the previous.
However, this game is slow and sluggish, passing very poor, positioning of players rather off and the shooting a bit simulated compared to 13 which was much better in this area and more solid, rather than quite soft graphically and again slow..
.. The general 'fun' has come out of the game. It has no balance in terms of good players, quality and what teams you play. The only thing that has roughly stayed the same is tackling, which I have to say witnessing a few raising of the hands of the marking defender to allow their strikers to score, means even this has dropped in quality and any realism.

Still the same old flaws of strikers running in quick sand, defenders suddenly can't run etc, makes this such a disappointment of a game. I don't particularly like the transfer system, but in fairness is probably more realistic.

Overall I am giving this a one star as it's by far one of the most disappointing sequels in a franchise, I think most football fans with a game need speed, solid, fluid fun footy game. This is none of these things and I think it's time we might need some competition to FIFA and PES.
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on 16 October 2013
Honestly, i've been playing fifa for a good 10 years and i can honestly say this is the worst one ever produced, the game feels half finished. Their are far too many exploits online (constant through balls) defenders are idiots, goalkeepers aren't much better! Players have the first touch of a donkey! This is honestly the worst sports game ever produced. Poor from EA.
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on 12 October 2013
Fifa fans know that when they buy the new version it's pretty much the same game with updated teams and graphics, that has always been a good enough reason for football fans to purchase the new instalment. This time EA got it wrong.

Fifa 14 is a major step back upon the previous instalments of the successful Fifa series. Instead of refining the gameplay of the hugely successful predecessor, EA decided to slow down the action and have made so many negative changes to the gameplay it has now lost the appeal which made it the great game it was.

I bought my copy on the release date and have already sold it on eBay. Save your money guys.
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