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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Style: Pedicure|Change
Price:£11.77+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 11 January 2017
Man, this is great. I got this after receiving a failed Ped Egg, thought that brand would be good but the rotating head literally flew off on the first use, whizzed around the room and after chasing it down I saw I was bleeding - it had cut my stomach. Crazy. Then it stopped working altogether and wouldn't even turn on - not that I trusted it anymore anyway.So I wanted something obviously not dangerous and I figured the roller isn't going to fly off and come for blood too, unless I have really bad luck, and better than the pumice stones I've been using for years. I'm a young guy but have hard skin on my toes and a tad on my heels, but one toe was my nemisis, it's far worse than the other and wasn't so bad to look at but I still didn't like taking my socks off in front of people. The hard skin would come back every day without fail, no matter what I did, scrubbing, moisturizing, soaking, not soaking. Ugh.

After buying this it's been no problem. It's seriously awesome. First use i saw just how much skin came off (gross, but I love seeing stuff like that haha) and was pretty pleased with it, then I was a big put off because the next day the skin was back, and worse than usual, it was cracked and a tiny bit sore if I put a lot of pressure on that toe. Still, I left it a day and used it again the next, getting a bunch of skin off again and this time it stayed smooth. I've used it several times since, every other day just so it's not too much for my feet and now they are much, much better. The skin doesn't crack, isn't sore, a funny colour, or even that hard anymore. Not sure if it's a battery guzzler yet, or how often I'll have to replace the rollers, but so far this has been great value.

Of course there's probably no difference between this and other models but I wanted a blue one, it's no big deal.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 1 January 2016
I purchased this Micro Pedi Man to see how it compared, to a similar hard/dry skin remover that I had
bought and reviewed some time ago, which was aimed at both genders and takes four AA batteries.
The Emjoi Pedi Man is smaller, more compact and uses only 2 AA batteries.

The Pedi Man arrived in a fancy box with two spare rollers, three in all, as one is already inserted.
It comes with a small cleaning brush, a tiny pair of nail clippers and a black leatherette drawstring
bag in which to keep everything together. A 12 page Instruction Manual is included.
I find it more or less the same in performance as the one I bought and reviewed previously, but it is
somewhat 'chunky' in shape and size, and while it does the same job, it was not as easy to grip as I
should have liked. I cannot see why it was thought necessary to aim it purely at men other than the
fact that they have made it less colourful than those marketed for women, This model comes in a
Grey and silver effect. It also comes with a 2 year limited warranty against defects in material and
One tip, spread a large towel on the floor to gather the skin dust, as it tends to fly everywhere. Do
not allow the product to come into contact with water.
The Pedi Man does what it claims to do, but is nothing special.
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on 30 June 2016
I don't write many reviews but after I tried this for the first time yesterday I thought I would share the experience. I've always had bad feet with thick hard skin on my heels and frankly never bothered to do much about it. Sometimes when the dead hard skin was particularly thick I would use some file or other to thin it out and whilst that works its not very convenient. That's where this thing really scores well. At the end of the day its just a grinding wheel and a motor but it comes in a nice little easy to hold and easy to use unit. All it does is file away the dead skin and you can do that with a file but because its so easy to use and motorized the convenience means you will just keep it handy and use it over and over again. No preparation is needed, just switch on and go. There is a satisfaction you get from seeing the dead skin dropping off and its gentle action means no chance of hurting the good skin. I think its great value for money as I travel a lot and will keep it in my overnight bag.
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on 20 April 2016
Works well and a boon to quickly remove hard skin from your feet. Equally good for men or women despite the name ;-)
The motor is powerful enough to let you remove dry skin quickly (much faster than a hand file), and you can easily feel how much to press to control how much you take off. (you can get a little carried away the 1st time you use it :-)

My only criticism is that the battery door cover is a little loose on mine.. and sometimes slips off. Not a major issue and maybe others are a tighter fit. The roller that removes the skin is replaceable, though I have not had to do so even after regular use. (no spare was included however, that would have been a nice touch). Overall - good value, works well. Recommended. (NB. I bought this with my own money - not a free review item ;-)
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on 5 July 2015
This one was out of stock when I first bought a powered pedi last year, so I had to make do with another well known brand.
Having tried the other one and not being entirely happy with it I jumped at the chance to buy the one I originally wanted. The set is great, and comes with decent clippers, replacement rollers and a wee bag to put them in.
The device itself is super powered and a little loud, in fact anyone walking past the bathroom when I'm using it might think I'm sanding the walls or something. But, it does the job, very well in fact. It's better to use after soaking your feet and letting them dry so the skin softens a bit, but if your feet are wet it won't really work.
Avoid using if you have those horrible deep cracks on the heels or it'll hurt like hell, so it's best to sort them out first with some cream.
If the hard skin on your feet is really bad, while using this you might want to wear something to cover your mouth as when this thing starts spinning it'll look like someone has dropped a big bag of flower as the icky dry skin floats everywhere.
Really happy with this purchase, it'll be used and appreciated :-D
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on 28 July 2016
I don't usually write reviews of things, however I am breaking this habit purely on the fact that this product is a major must buy item!

Now, without going into too much detail about the grossness of my feet, it was the other day that my partner told me how skanky my feet are and that I needed to go and do something about it. Feeling hurt and slightly down trodden (pardon the pun...it was totally intentional) I looked into getting the Scholl express pedi, which was about £40, there was absolutely no way I was forking out that much money just to scrub some hard skin off my feet, my partner was just going to have to suffer! Then this little gem popped up in the recommended section whilst I was browsing for other solutions to my yucky feet situation; for £13 I thought I would give it a go.

So let's start with the cons:
- The only thing I can think of is that the roller gets clogged up with skin quite quickly as it is quite coarse. I can imagine this means that I will need to change the roller regularly.

Now onto the pros:
- It comes in a well presented box in a plastic insert with a cover to it. Nothing fancy. On the box there are instructions for use which are clear and have diagrams. Inside the box are booklets on warranty and a user manual. Everything is super simple and user friendly.
- The micro-pedi itself is small and is shaped nicely so that it sits in your hand, there are no fancy buttons to faff around with, just a simple button that has a sticky label over the top of it to explain how to release the safety button (is there nothing they haven't thought of when using this?!) There is also a rubber kind of grip at the bottom to prevent slipping.
- I genuinely thought this would tickle when using it on my feet, I can honestly say my highly sensitive feet didn't even flinch. The coarse roller scrubbed away a lot of hard skin on the first go and my feet feel a lot smoother already and there was no discomfort during the whole thing. In total I used it on both feet for about 5 a minutes each foot and the results are amazing.
- There is even a side button to pop out the roller so you can keep it clean with the handy cleaning brush included in the box.

Overall this is an awesome product! I cannot fault it, the real test however will be when my partner sees my now not-so-gammy feet, will he still moan or actually pay a compliment to them for once?
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on 14 January 2014
My husband had really bad cracked heals for ages, we are so pleased with this product, its the best his heals have been for goodness knows when, I also use it, great item
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on 14 July 2015
Well please with purchase,easy and confortable to use.
Now got my dancing and running and walking feet back in peak fitness.
Only negative more to manufacture of than actual performance of,that being no batteries supplied or spare roller supplied.
Come on EMJOI be more customer friendly,dont you want 5star ratings!
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on 2 August 2016
Bought as a last ditch attempt to save some embarrassment at the beach this summer and really didn't expect much. But, it really works and I feel that my feet are in a heck of a lot better condition than before I started using it.

It is a bit messy, so I'd recommend doing it over the bath or shower where you can simply wash away the residue.

Only reason it's not 5 stars is that I feel the rollers wear out a bit too quickly.
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on 13 May 2017
Very happy with this product, just as described and works very well, will definitely be shopping here again, very soft feet now
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