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on 14 May 2013
I am chuffed with this alarm clock radio. Small enough to sit on a bedside shelf yet give an excellent sound. Dual alarms for week and w/end are good. DAB and DAB+ give a nice sound with both mega bass and meg Xpand turned on. Lightning connector is sprung allowing the case on my iPhone 5 to be left on whilst on the dock. I do get some interference with the DAB reception when the iPhone is charging but DAB is not great in my area with the supplied aerial. This unit does everything I want it to (mostly, great sound for classical music) and very good solid build quality. Remote works well too.. Very pleased and would not hesitate recommending. There seem to be a few similar models - This one has a chrome top bezel!
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on 22 December 2013
Really nice radio, good quantity (2), variety (daily/week/weekend) and source (preset dab/fm /ipod /mp3) alarms. Very pleased with it, but (normal Sony problem) you have to search for the unlabelled On button (second from left on top). Good bass sound for such a small radio. Manual at
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on 27 June 2013
I bought the Sony XDRDS16IPN as i needed a new dock with the lightning connector for my Ipod Touch 5th Gen and was surprised to see that they aren't that many out there at the moment and this was the best i had seen at a reasonable price.
Anyway i had a feeling it would be good as i bought my gf the older model for her 4th gen ipod Touch and that was brilliant, well this is no different in fact its much much better. the sound is excellent for a small/medium sized dock and easily fills our bedroom sound quality is surprisingly good, clear and fairly bassy with the "mega bass" turned on, its pretty loud too but does go slightly tinny on max volume but what do you expect for the size (just turn it down a little and its fine)
The design is a lot nicer and thinner than the older model and has a nice silver/chrome strip at the top (there is also a row of buttons at the back, on a kind of shelf) one reason i bought this was for the DAB radio and its brilliant there are so many stations and all are crystal clear. Also the remote practically does everything the dock buttons do.
The clock backlight on the older model was way too bright and non adjustable but i'm glad to say this one is great it has 3 dimmer settings or you can just turn it off completely.
the connector sits on a spring loaded rocking mechanism that rolls forward for ease of connecting and taking out the Ipod/Iphones and to let you keep a cover on or use different size Ipods, one thing to add though is it wont work if you have a case on (ipod touch) that covers the bottom i just bought one of the rigid snap on cases that leave the bottom edge free and it works fine like this.

Anyway I'm very happy with my purchase of this sony dock. It's very good quality (what you expect from sony) at a reasonable price and looks the part at the side of my bed.
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on 21 June 2013
Well done Sony, this product is very well designed and easy to use.

The docking station looks great and sounds good - it's not as good as more expensive speakers but for £80 it's very, very good. Importantly for an alarm clock it does the basics perfectly, unlike some systems I have owned which give a faint buzz in standby mode this unit is entirely silent.

Two alarms make it very practical and you can set it for every day, weekdays or weekends - you can also do this quickly too.

A couple of really good touches:

- When the alarm goes off you can press snooze and it will go off again in 10 minutes, but if you press it twice it snoozes for 20 minutes, three times and...
- The display can be adjusted easily to go from bright to black
- My iPhone 5 fits perfectly without the need for adapters, no faffing around required

Great speaker, great radio, great alarm clock, great for docking ipods and all of that is in one product!
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on 1 November 2013
I don't think Sony put much effort into creating this product, it appears they simply took the ICF-DS15IP and put a DAB radio in whilst taking out MW support. I don't mind the loss of MW personally, but there are some other problems with inserting DAB without changing the design at all. DAB requires the display to be able to show station names and other info, but the screen on this device is exactly the same size as the non-DAB model, so to fit that information in, they have chosen to make the size of the time on the display much smaller. It is less than half the size of the FM only model, and if you are short-sighted you will need to have the unit as close to the bed as possible to read it, unless you sleep with glasses on! I would have thought that having a big, easy to read clock was an obvious important feature for any clock radio, but the designers of this apparently did not.

My device also had a nasty feature of making a loud pop sound when you turned it off either by pressing the button or using the sleep feature. This happened both on FM radio and iPod modes, but strangely not on DAB. Hopefully this is just a fault and others will not experience this, if using the sleep feature it was likely to wake you up!

The display lighting is also not ideal for a device that is meant to be used in a bedroom. On medium and high brightness it tends to illuminate a large area and is potentially distracting if you like to sleep in as dark a room as possible. The lowest brightness is ok, but then makes the display very difficult to read in daylight, even on a dull day. My old Sony clock radio had an orange display which seemed to manage to be bright and easy to read in all conditions without illuminating it's surroundings significantly, it is a shame a similar display was not used here.

There are some positives, the DAB reception seemed quite good and picked up stations fine despite officially being slightly outside official coverage. The iPod features work well and the app is quite helpful giving an easy way to set alarms etc. The sound quality is much better than a basic clock radio, although not up to the standards of many docks for the size and price it is acceptable. The device doesn't take up too much more space than a basic clock radio either.
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on 22 May 2016
I use this to charge my iPhone 6 next to my bed nearly every night and stand it on in its case so as not to charge it occasionally so that its there but not charging (saves the battery). Great sound from the dab radio and time updates automatically so you don't have to change it when the clocks go forward or back. Stylish design and easy to use.
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on 10 September 2013
Exc. quick delivery and works a treat. I did put ipad on dock, and works well, but difficult to access alarm buttons, not a big issue. Easy to use, sounds fabulous .... my only difficulty with it is that the buzzer alarm isn't really that loud - probably just ok if you are not a very deep sleeper! music alarm volume v. good as option.
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VINE VOICEon 29 November 2013
I read all the reviews on Amazon before buying this dock radio. And every positive comment was right!

It is very easy to use, it works brilliantly on FM, DAB and playing off iPhone, and the sound is perfect for the size of the product.

The ability to play one station at night to go to sleep to (in our case a DAB one), and be woken up by another (in our case a local FM one) is great.

The one criticism would be the lack of brightness control on the clock display - it goes from just a bit dim for overnight, to definitely too bright, but we adjusted in time.
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on 19 November 2014
I am posting this review a year after purchase. Splendid docking station which charges up to three of our i phones a day.Given the high usage and constant music being played I think we have done our own very rigorous product testing. For £60 well done Sony.
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on 30 January 2014
Yep, it is working even with the iPad (Air) as well! You just have to start playing music manually from the app, it doesn't work via the remote. Then, of course you can change tracks, play/pause and change volume.

I've been watching this dock (actually the previous versions with the old 30 pin connector) for about 3-4 years and I was always considering should I buy it, would I use it etc.. Finally I got it and good thing I waited for the lightning version. This means many years of compatibility with future Apple devices. I tend to upgrade mine every year (for the iPhone) and every two (for the iPad).
I got this on a good deal from Amazon returns marketplace and it looks like brand new, no scratch or anything! Great service from Amazon!

First, the sound of this little thing is just enormously loud! And good! You have four sound options - regular, megabass, expand, megabass+expand. I prefer the megabass only, but it depends on your liking and room acoustics.

Second, this thing is really smart for a docking radio.. It automatically searches and assigns the stations. Then, when you connect your iPhone, it displays a message that there is an app for this device. When you install it, you can rearrange and edit the names of the stations right on your iPhone. This changes them automatically on the dock. A nice touch is also the automatic sync of date and time according to your phone's. Sony really thought this well. I really hate to set time and date on new devices with a lot of buttons!

Third, the small remote is just amazing. Has a lot of range and works really well. You have many functions on it, but still not too much to overwhelm you. For an example, you can't set the alarm from the remote. But this is a good thing IMO.

The dock works perfectly with every music app, not just the stock one. I use Spotify for my music and everything is great. Changing songs from remote, stopping for few hours. Then get back where I stopped. I haven't used the alarm function yet, but there are a lot of options there as well and I guess they work as advertised in the manual (at least everything else does). You can wake up on radio/dab/your iPhone music. You have options for repeated alarm (every day, every weekday, weekend days) and you have actually not one, but two alarms to set.

Other nice touches from Sony include - 4 brightness levels of the display (during day the brightest/fourth is great, during night - the second or third); very sturdy - when you plug your iPhone or even your iPad it doesn't waggle even a bit! In this area this dock is much better than many of the Mac docks I have used (Belkin, Griffin, Apple). Great thing is also the integrated battery (the round flat ones) which keeps settings and alarms when power outages occur. It can even wake you up when if at the moment of the alarm the power went off.

In short - Sony is Sony. They make things right. Very user friendly and customisable. With a lot of thought for the user's satisfaction. Great design and built quality. Just perfect! I don't have any remarks on this product yet. If I find some, I will update my review. For the price, this is one magnificent bedside dock with great sound (even from the radio stations).
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