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on 14 June 2013
Before I start, I'll just stress that I don't work for the people who make these, this is a genuine user review. I read a few of the reviews before buying and immediately thought they were from employees as they were just too complimentary!

I've always had trouble finding a decent car mount for whatever phone I've had at the time. One or all of the same old issues always pop up: the suction is rubbish and the mount falls off, the holder itself doesn't grip the phone so the phone falls out, the mount wobbles while driving and results in the phone not staying where you want it to or the holder covers up the charging/headphone port. I am very glad to report that this mount has none of these problems.

Suction: the only problem you'll have here is getting the thing to un-stick! The mount uses a lever which secures the bottom to whatever surface you're using but to be honest, it doesn't need it as it sticks brilliantly without it! I attached the mount to my dashboard but when I tried remove it, it took a lot of effort. You don't need to worry about this coming off mid-drive.

The phone holder: this consists of a spring loaded clip with a rubber inlay that grips the phone. Unlike some spring loaded ones I've tried before, this one is very strong and grips the phone very tightly. There's no danger of the phone falling out once it's secured. The other obvious benefit is that the clip has a wide opening range meaning that you'll be hard pressed to find a phone that will be too big for it. The rubber inlay prevents the phone slipping and also protects it from scratches etc.

Wobble: a lot of mounts have long necks that wobble during driving and the phone position changes. This mount is made of a solid plastic block so that problem is negated but where this product really shines is the ability to tighten the back of the gripping head once it is in position so that it won't move. I live in the a**** end of nowhere and the potholed country roads provide a stern test but I can promise you the phone didn't move an inch after I had tightened the head. You can change the orientation i.e. landscape/portrait or anything in between of the phone prior to tightening the head so you can have it where you want. This is the main selling point for me as the phone moving in transit really p***** me off. I am absolutely chuffed with this and it alone justifies the asking price in my opinion.

Charging port: This won't be a problem in the vast majority of cases as you can choose where the head will grip the phone to make sure the ports are unobstructed. Due to the strength of the grip, it doesn't matter if the phone has to be gripped at the end rather than the middle.

The only issue I can see is that if you have a long phone like mine (S4), the slightly sloped bottom end of the mount means that you may not be able to have the phone standing completely upright while being gripped, it may lean to a very slight angle. This however can be easily overcome by having the head in the horizonal position if it bothers you but the angle is so slight it didn't bother me.

In conclusion, this really is a fantastic product, it's the first one I've found that ticks all the boxes and looks quite stylish while doing it. I very rarely give anything 5 stars but this mount deserves it.
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on 30 January 2016
I decided to spend a little more and get a decent holder for my phone. At first I was impressed, seemed to have good solid suction and well built. However after a couple of months one slider that holds the phone in snapped whilst driving and my phone bounced off the dash and landed on the floor. Due to the cost I decided to open it up to see if I could fix it, hoping that it was just the spring popping off. The spring had popped off but that was due to a small plastic knob that holds the spring in place (see picture) had snapped. Why the manufacturer didn't use metal knobs is beyond me, that's an important part of the function and takes a lot of stress. Very disappointing considering the cost.
review image
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on 13 September 2015
I bought this for my wife and we both liked it, so after few weeks I bought if also for myself. Once this mount fell off from windscreen, but when I cleaned the suction cup under running water, this is still on nearly a year on.
If someone is concerned about suction cup, then it is a matter of keeping it very clean both mounting surface and cup.
If your phone has hard keys usually at the bottom of the screen, then this mount is not giving good enough grip to use them. Phone moves in this easily as holding only quite narrow stripe.
I am using it daily and spring snapped (or actually the plastic pin the spring is hooked on) after few months. Amazon accepted return as there was no response from the seller (not sure if it was this one). Shortly after, my wife's one had exactly the same issue. However, as it was bought from other seller, head was replaced. Again after few week further mine snapped again. I managed to fix it using half of broken my wife's holder.
I think it is not much time before it happen again...
To summarise, it is good design, quite good suction cup, but mechanism design is quite poor...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 2 November 2013
Been looking for a car mount for my iphone 5 for months - I wanted to try & find one that connects to the fascia, or one of the ones that mount on the air vents. But none of them get great reviews & when you spend a lot of money on an iphone, I didnt want to risk getting it damaged. So decided to try out this one as very good reviews.

I drive a Seat Leon MK1, the dashboard has slightcurve to it, but this mount stays firmly stuck to the dashboard. Been using for about a month & driven about 2,000 miles with no issue. I havent had to remove & clean it to get it to stick again as it hasnt lost its grip in the past month. My wife has a really expensive mount which fits an iphone 5 perfectly but ONLY if you take the case off! This one expands, so I never need to take the case off the iphone.

I use with an iPhone 5, but will work with pretty much all phones.

So, wasnt exactly what I was looking for, as would have preferred a docking solution that sat lower, but this works & best solution I have come across.
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on 17 September 2013
Recently bought a Lemon Zero extended battery for my SG3 and as it build out the phone it would no longer fit my existing desk dock so looked for something that would. First bought a Mighty Mate which wouldn't hold suction due to the heavier weight of the phone and this fell apart on the first day and so looked for something else and came across the Montar Universal Car Mount. Reading the reviews and watching the YouTube video I decided to buy it as it had strong suction on most flat surfaces and looked strong enough to hold the phone. When ordered estimated delivery was 13th October, which was a month away from when I ordered, but too my suprise and delight it was received today. As soon as I fixed it to the desk I knew it was suitable, but on the first few attempts to hold the phone in the grippers it pinged out and I thought that this was going to be unsuitable and a waste of money. Eventually, though, it gripped and held the phone, I think due to the newness until the grippers were worked a little and maybe me not firmly pushing the phone to the back enough this caused the problem first encountered. I can say now the phone sits securely in the device and no longer pings out. The reason I have given it for stars and it would have been five, is that if the grippers were a little deeper and not slightly tapered in going towards the front then the unit then I probably wouldn't of had a ping out problem, albeit with a modified phone. As I say now it stays in and sits back and I trust it to hold my phone, so may be it was just due to the newness, the spring being a little too strong and the rubber grips being too smooth, at first and so after removing and attaching the phone a few times, this helped.

Only for my situation I have given it four stars, but all in all its great for normal phones and I would recommend this for anyone who has an extended battery on their phone.
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on 3 September 2014
I had previously given this product a five-star review as I was really happy with the quality, and how it worked with most normal sized mobile devices although have had to revise the review as I was going to let my sister borrow the mount for her car as she was going to use it on a long journey yet the seal partially pealed off and is now unusable and I'm absolutely gutted because I need it for my job, and just don't have the money to pay out for another one of these.

It's probably the second time I've ever removed it from my windscreen so perhaps the quality of it isn't as good as I previously thought..
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on 22 May 2014
It's a great mount, in fact so so strong that it damages the dash when removed. I'm kinda bummed about this, but I do wonder if it's my own fault for not using a sticky disk supplied. I didn't want glue on the dash, but in reflection it would have cleaned off. I now have a doughnut shaped dent on the dashboard!
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on 10 October 2014
Great design and good-looking.

Sticks comfortably on my textured dashboard (doesn't need to be smooth or stick to the window), easily holds both iphone 4S and iphone 6 - not tested it with anything else. No height adjustment, but rotates easily enough.

Updated; after about 9 months of use, one of the internal spring mounts broke, meaning the grips no longer worked. No way of repairing. Annoying, I really liked it!
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on 14 June 2015
I bought this holder about 9 months ago. It's was great. I used it to hold a galaxy note 3 to the window of my lorry. I was a tight fit the holder was at its limits and about 2 months ago the spring on one of the jaws broke. This wasn't a problem because as I said the jaws were at their limits so the pressure from the remaining jaw was enough to hold the note 3. However the other jaw broke today. I am a bit of a geek to say the least so I had to take it apart to see what failed. I was surprised to find that the springs are held in place by the smallest flimest pieces of plastic I have ever seen and the same piece on both sides had failed.
I was surprised because the rest of the holder is so sturdy and well designed.
My point is that is your getting this for a normal sized phone you should be OK but if your putting anything bigger into it (say a galaxy note 3), it will give up after a while.
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on 18 July 2015
Don't buy. Worked great for a couple of months. Then the suction started to fail. The claim is that it is a suction mount in the dashboard however there is a heavy reliance on sticky tape that comes with it. I put up with it rolling around the dashboard for a bit but then the spring broke. Due to the price I took it apart to try and fix it and found the spring us mounted on a tiny plastic thing that had snapped. It should be metal especially for the price. Shoddy product which is a shame because it was great for the first couple of months.
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