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I bought this to replace an LG BP630 (which was returned due to wifi problems) The Samsung cost a bit more, but it's a better overall machine by far
My impressions so far are quite good overall, a quick summary of the good and bad points.

+ Output quality is very good both with Blu Ray and upscaled DVD media, the picture is sharp and detailed
+ Quite fast to load Blu Ray titles, not as fast as the LG was but quite acceptable
+ Compact size and looks quite appealing (it's a translucent/almost frosted type finish)
+ Touch controls on top deck
+ Remote works well, it is responsive and decent range
+ Quite a lot of streaming services, you can search and add more as well as "apps"

- Optical drive isn't as quiet as some players, it's not really a problem as such but something to note. It's not noisy but not as quiet as expected
- Web broswer isn't very useful esp not with the remote (painful experience being honest of very limited use) still at least it's there I suppose!
- Glossy finish looks nice, but a fingerprint/dust magnet
- No RCA outputs
- No the strongest Wi-Fi reception (it works but I have had some issues streaming Netflix at times a bit slow)

I updated the software when I got the unit, took a while though. Interface is fairly clean and logical, seems to load up netflix quite quickly and connects to the wifi quickly too. Previously I did like the LG unit I had it was very quiet playing media, but sadly had serious Wifi issues. To date this is working fine, but I will update the review should any problems/issues turn up over time.

For the price I think one of the better players I have used, but there are alternatives out there so look around.
If you want a one stop shop for online streaming and services and a decent blu ray/DVD player with a USB port this is quite a good contender.

Update 17/02/14
I've been using the player for a while now and a few additional thoughts. I'm still very pleased with the output quality (sound and picture) upscaled DVD's look very good as do native bluray films. I have used it with a USB drive for playing media and have not had any problems (again quality was good depending on how good the original file is)

A bit more on the optical drive noise, it's just a tad "clunky" sounding when loading a disc (you can also hear the motor a bit spinning up), during playback it's not really audible. Bluray films load up quickly with little delay.

Samsung's "apps" are quite extensive and growing, some are not that useful but some are. You can customise the app layout which is handy (add or remove them or pick which ones to show on the app screen). But you can't customise the main screen. This is a shame as the movie section seems geared to pay per view movies, it would be useful to be able to pick what it shows (ie flixter or Netfilx etc)

Software updated to 1015, I didn't notice any obvious changes to the player. The odd time an app might misbehave but it doesn't seem to be a commmon event by any means. To date I'm still happy with the player, as an all in one it still gets the thumbs up from me. I don't really miss the WD Live player I had before, the clunky slow remote drove me up the wall at times. This does pretty much all I need for various media I want to play.

Update 12/04/14
Software update is now 1016 (downloaded and installed) no obvious differences seen. I note the auto update feature isn't working (despite being set to on it never seems to update itself) There is some room for improvements in the stability and performance of the apps and software, for now I'll maintain the 4 stars as it's performing ok for me

Update 06/08/14
Player is working ok still but I have noted a weaker signal on the wifi, it's still connecting but down on strength I get the odd problem with Netflix stuttering, will investigate more (the location of the player is the same) It's not a massive problem at the moment it still connects. For some reason it's not as good as it used to be (same modem/router)

Update 01/11/14

Latest software from Samsung is 1018
Responsiveness seems somewhat improved
I've compared the wifi to a playstation 3 (in the same location) and whilst it's working ok right now the signal pick up isn't as good as the Sony games console (for some reason)
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on 20 April 2014
BluRay DVDs play wonderfully and the picture quality is excellent, but the Wifi connection is horrendous! Sometimes I can watch a film and have the wifi connection cut out 4 or 5 times! Currently, I am unable to get on to Love Film Instant as it tells me there is no Internet connection, despite there being an Internet connection and the ITV and 5 demand player on the box working fine. I'm not sure if this is a Samsung software issue, as I also have a Samsung Smart TV that has exactly the same problem, despite no connection issues with any other devices in the house. I've had so many software problems with Samsung products (Smart TV, Smart BluRay player, standard DVD player and 3 Galaxy S phones), and and few physical problems (Samsung microwave and a standard Samsung TV) that I am finally and reluctantly having to concede defeat and stop hoping they'll sort these problems out and stop buying Samsung products. Sorry Samsung, but you've had your chance.
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on 26 July 2014
Unfortunately I have to agree with the reviewers who slate this player for the terrible internet connection. I have a Samsung TV and my old blu-ray player (non-streaming) was a Samsung too, and I was very happy with them.

This thing, though, has been nothing but frustration from day one. The picture quality when playing discs is terrific, but there are issues with every app - Amazon, Netflix, iPlayer... All of them freeze, restart, the picture quality varies from one moment to the next, or the internet connection cuts out (both wired and wireless).

I don't like watching movies on a laptop but I tried all these services on my laptop and phone with no problem at all. The Samsung apps stink, there's no other word for it. Next time I replace my player (and it won't be long) it'll be another brand.
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on 9 November 2014
This player says that it supports Amazon Prime Instant video. In my case it will not hold the signal and constantly buffers and the stops and says there is a problem with the broadband connection. I have fiber broadband and all my other machines, laptop ,PC , Amazon Fire HD, internet radio work with no problems or buffering whatsoever. After many phone calls with both Samsung and Amazon i could not resolve the problem. I even had a Samsung technical guy remote controlling it from Egypt with no success. In desperation i wrote to Mr. Griffiths the chief executive of Samsung UK, he put me into the hands of the executive customer support team and i thought success, all will be ok now, how wrong I was! First they asked for the serial number and model number which i provided, a week later they suggested i try an Ethernet cable which was a waste of time as it was the first thing i had tried and did not work. After a number of other emails they said they would collect it and have there technicians check it. After about two weeks without a player i phoned and asked what was happening and it then was returned the next day. That evening i sat down to watch an uninterrupted movie with no buffering and no disconnecting, LOL, within five minutes it was buffering, then again at ten minutes, at 15 minutes it switched off and said there was a problem with my Broadband connection! I managed to resolve my problem by buying an Amazon Fire TV box, i have not had one instant of buffering and everything has streamed perfectly. I like Samsung products and also own a TV and sound bar but this player is not capable of streaming Amazon Prime TV and judging by the comments of other buyers i am not alone in this view. As for Samsung Executive customer services and their chief Mr Griffiths and his representative Kirsty Caswell don't waste your time, they will not admit there is a problem and you will get nothing from them. When i started my quest to resolve this my player was within the guarantee period but due to the time taken it has now run out. My advice is use Amazon customer services, they would have given me a replacement or my money back!! I think i can be forgiven for making this my last Samsung Purchase!
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on 23 August 2013
I purchased a 65 inch Samsung tv, (Totally wonderful) and needed a 3d bluray to complement it.

Does the job perfectly, and on this TV it just has to be good - it shows, everything shows.

The picture quality depends entirely on the quality of the media, but when using a good Blu-ray disk the results are truly amazing.

I bought David Attenborough's "Kingdom of plants - 3D" as a demo really, and the picture doesn't only jump out at you, it seems rather that you are looking into it, past the screen surface. Terrific.
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on 1 November 2013
This is a great device to bridge the gap between physical media and online services. I have so far not used the BD part of this player at all as the streamed media has kept me occupied for the few weeks I've had it. Paired with a sammy tv, the remote is well integrated and the two power-on together. Certain services have been a little tricky to get into for me. It seems like the remote isn't responding until I try something else (e.g. try to get into LoveFilm, nothing happens but can still navigate). Rather than a remote issue I have a hunch that it is poor network connectivity that might be the cause. I am glad to see every major UK streaming service available (BBC, C4, ITV, 5, NetFlix, LoveFilm, Blinkbox etc) but the other apps, including the web-browser, suffer from a poor control and limited processing power. Although it is supposed to have a dual-core processor the apps don't seem much more responsive than my older TV. I don't like the changed iPlayer app because they have removed the sub-categories which means I no longer have direct access to specific topics. I have used a wireless keyboard/trackpad with the box which worked but only in the browser - it would be good if it worked in other apps (e.g. seek bar, account details etc). Despite these flaws I recommended though!
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First off it seems to have everything going for it. It is small elegant in a shiny piano black case. It also plays all of the DVDs / Blu-rays / and 3Ds I threw at it. The picture quality and sound was amazing I had expected this with Blu-rays but I was surprised how good the upscalling made come very old DVDs look.
There is a bright clear display that shows what is happening such as updating and measuring the time the disc has played, I was surprised that it did not have a clock displayed when on standby my previous players had and I did not even think to check if this one had but I do miss it.
The standard settings worked well for me but there are multiple tweaks that can be made to the settings.
As a player it is easy to use with all the usual controls on a compact remote controller, these are also on the top just above the usb slot.
As I wanted to take full advantage of the built in Wi-Fi and Smart hub I set it up to use my home network Wi-Fi it has both 2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz I used 5Ghz.

This is where it started to be not so good.

Once I had connected to the internet a message came up saying it needed updating, clicked update now. It eventually timed out. I also tried this hard wired to the router in case it was a Wi-Fi problem. Never mind I thought I will download a copy from the Samsung site, found the firmware update no problem, would not download. I sent an email to the very helpful Samsung support who emailed me the file and I successfully updated via the usb port. The usb port has a cover which is not the easiest thing to open but is made of a quite soft plastic so you won't break your fingernails.

I next tried the internet browser, it was actually quite quick but I lost the will to live while trying to use the on screen keyboard which involved left, right, up & down arrows then selecting the letter.
Fortunately I have a mini wireless keyboard TaoTronics®TT-MK001 Mini 2.4GHz Fly Air Mouse Wireless Keyboard Remote Control for Google Android Tablets & TV Box / HTPC / PC / Smart TV - Works with any MK 802 Smart TV (Black)I plugged the dongle into the usb port and the entry of text became much more useable.

Next the Apps some like the BBC player and ITV player worked well and there are some others that can be downloaded from Samsung these varied in quality from useful to looks interesting but will not download. Also Samsung have an unreasonable love of Netflix and love films as you cannot remove these apps to get more storage space if you do not want them.

We now come to the real reason I wanted this player, in all of the publicity blurb it says stream content from your network. It is partially true that it does this however the first thing I found out is it does not support "Network Attached Storage" NAS drives, guess where I store all my photographs etc. Never mind I thought I will stream it from a PC. To stream from a PC according to Samsung you have to install "AllShare" on the PC that you want to stream from. I could not find this software on the Samsung site just got a 404 error. Again contacted the people at Samsung, found out "Allshare" no longer exists and has been replaced by "Samsung Link", found and downloaded it I was now able to reliably stream from a PC.

So in summary:-

An excellent player,
The software is slow and "clunky"
The remote controller could do with having a QWERTY keyboard on it.
Network streaming support could be improved.
I would like an extra usb port at the back so I could keep my keyboard dongle plugged in.
Oh yes and I do want a clock.
If you do not need Wi-Fi you would be better buying the Samsung BD-F5100 Network Blu-ray and DVD Player (New for 2013)(not 3D) or aSamsung BD-F5500 3D Network Blu-ray and DVD Player (New for 2013) (3D)
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on 20 October 2013
Picked this player up a few days ago as the sony s370 i have is starting to look pretty crappy feature wise compared to the latest players.
Been using a cpl of days now and im very impressed.

Blu rays look good as on most machines and dvd upscaling is also very good.
Dont think you can make it multi region but my s370 is anyway so thats not an issue for me.

connection wise it has built in wifi, an ethernet port, a hdmi socket and a optical out.

The apps ive tried are very good all the usual youtube, lovefilm, netflix, 4OD, 5OD, ITV player, I player etc.

I couldnt see this advertised anywhere but for me its the biggest bonus of all if your connected to an amp that doesnt support DTS as mine doesnt this machine will reencode everything to Dolby Digital 5.1 for you which is really handy considering 99% of Blu-Rays only have DTS HD_MA track on them so my old player would just chuck 2ch PCM at it so this was the biggest bonus to me because hardly any Blu Ray players i have seen have this feature.
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VINE VOICEon 18 December 2013
This is a very good Blu-ray player. The quality for Blu-ray discs is superb, loading times using the quick-start functions are fast. You get a plethora extra features. The upscaling DVDs takes them to the very best that they can be.
Samsung Blu-ray player has apps such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer, a web browser, CD ripping abilities and DVD up scaling, improving the image quality to bring your films to almost HD quality. The remote control fits well into your hand and the on screen menus are simple to navigate. You also get Samsung's `AllShare system', which enables you can display your films on other Samsung devices, such as your phone or tablet.

The rather USB 2.00 slot on the front player means you can watch you can play your own media, such as films or photos by simply plugging in a USB memory stick. The only downside was the slow internet browser. The player is remote dependent and has few buttons on it. That said its one the best players out there.
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on 2 November 2013
Lovefilm recently announced they were withdrawing their app from Samsung TV's made in 2010 (like mine) or before. Initially that was a bit of a bummer because it is a service we use quite a lot. However, soon afterwards an email came from Lovefilm containing a URL Link to this Amazon page. With the suggestion for this blueray device as a replacement.

Now when I seen the price, I had to go back and read the email from Lovefilm again. As this device was being offered for free, by just entering the included Amazon code. Now who wouldn't accept that offer. Well done to Lovefilm.

The device itself has given our aging 2010 (ROTFL) television a new lease of life. It gives an excellent quality picture via HD lead when using most of the inbuilt apps. Which are plentiful. Our old Samsung TV only provided BBC Iplayer for example, when it came to the main UK tv catch up apps. Whereas this device also has ITV player, 4OD and Demand 5 apps too. Talking of which, I seen a comment on one of the reviews that the Channel 5 app (Demand 5) isn't available. Yes it is. By default it is not shown on the "Recommended" list on the apps home page. You have to go into the app store and add/download it first.

Beyond the TV catch up channels, we use it regularly with both Lovefilm and Netflix. Both of which perform outstandingly well. The apps being much better than those which are/were available on our TV. We have also used Blinkbox with no issues. Wuaki TV, Crackle, Muzu etc are all available too. The actual OS used is much the same as that found on later (post 2010) Samsung TVs.

Network Connection: With our TV, we had to use a "dongle" to use WIFI as a method of connection. Not so with the Blueray. It has inbuilt wifi. We use that to our router, which is 20ft away with one brick cavity wall in between. It works great, despite having other wireless gadgets around. One of which is a cordless Dect phone (also on 2.4ghz), located right next to the router (lol). Should wireless be a problem, you can however use a hard wired (RJ45) connection instead.

We haven't tried the player with any Blueray dics, as we don't own any. With DVDs its just fine. In fact the list of compatible formats is quite impressive (as someone else has already pointed out). Although I think beyond Region 2 (uk) others will not work. That isn't a concern to us, as all our discs are UK purchased region 2.

Although Lovefilm deserve top marks for giving these away free to affected customers (hows that for service), I think I would have been pretty dam happy with it, had I had purchased it myself. It doesn't just perform well, it is also a pretty sleek looking unit that fits in well.

Amazon even managed to deliver it the next day (well done).

So no complaints at all.

Update: December 2014...

This unit worked flawlessly for some time. However, following some software/firmware upgrades (forced). It isn't as good as is used to be. It is still a good unit. But some apps have become quite flaky in recent times. Lovefilm (now Amazon Prime) is terrible for example. It has become almost normal to have to power down/cycle the unit (sometimes a couple of times) to get Prime to load up for example. Yet other apps like Iplayer and Netflix have no issues what so ever.

The crazy thing is, I got this unit courtesy of Lovefilm/Amazon (see above). Yet the very same unit is now most likely going to be the reason why I will not renew my prime subs when they are due. Just fed up with the poor service from their app. It is painful.
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