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VINE VOICEon 3 May 2014
As well as for its Blu-ray playing ability, I got this mainly to stream the Amazon Prime video. I have an absolutely rubbish connection speed, ranging from 0.7 to 2.5 Mb/s and prior to discovering I could get Amazon Prime on my PC had thought having the ability to stream video to my home theater impossible. But now with this player all has changed, we now have a streaming ability that is 95% reliable. Only when the internet connection speeds drop below 1 Mb/s does the streaming slow with a circling arrow on the screen to indicate it is loading. Even when there has been a slow down it goes for a fair while before another problem occurs. But this is not the players fault but the fault of our internet connection.

My only real critism of the player would be that the controls on the box are on the top. So you have to press the buttons down to trigger them. My problem with that is that we have a bank of players etc in a series of shelves and it is a bit awkward to get buttons like that. But again, that is not a problem with the player so much as a problem with the way we have our kit arranged.

But overall this a really good piece of kit, providing us with hours of fun with the Amazon Prime - Lovefilm streaming.
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on 26 July 2014
Unfortunately I have to agree with the reviewers who slate this player for the terrible internet connection. I have a Samsung TV and my old blu-ray player (non-streaming) was a Samsung too, and I was very happy with them.

This thing, though, has been nothing but frustration from day one. The picture quality when playing discs is terrific, but there are issues with every app - Amazon, Netflix, iPlayer... All of them freeze, restart, the picture quality varies from one moment to the next, or the internet connection cuts out (both wired and wireless).

I don't like watching movies on a laptop but I tried all these services on my laptop and phone with no problem at all. The Samsung apps stink, there's no other word for it. Next time I replace my player (and it won't be long) it'll be another brand.
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on 27 February 2014
I deliberated fo a while about buying this, as it seemed to be impossible to ascertain definitively which on-line streaming services it could handle. I needn't have worried, it seems to cope with pretty much all of them.
We needed a new DVD player anyway, so I thought this was a bargain at around £100, although I did have to rush out and buy a couple of Homeplug devices, as the WiFi in our old house is pretty flakey, and then I bought a Logitech wireless keyboard for web browsing use(I say for web browsing as it doesn't work for most of the streaming apps, but I can't blame Samsung for that).
An added bonus is that, having a Samsung phone, I can do all sorts of fancy things via wireless, such as mirroring my phone screen or letting the Smart box acces music or photos from my phone.
Needless to say, we haven't used a tenth of the facilities of this device yet, as we've spent all waking hours watching Breaking Bad on NetFlix.
So there you go, surely I'll be deluged with free gift vouchers by one of the many companies I given such praise to here!
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on 4 June 2014
My basic Sony smart blu-ray of several years, lacked dlna and a few desirable UK apps such as ITVPlayer and 4od. It also required a Sony wi-fi dongle which I eschewed in favour of an independent dongle attached via the ethernet socket. So several shortfalls.

The Samsung BD-F6500 ticked many boxes in this respect. All I had to cope with was the alien interface.

It fired up from word go, and with wi-fi connectivity enabled, promptly updated itself. I've succeeded in getting it to connect to my pre-existing YouTube and Picasa accounts; it's working well on catch-up tv; it's streaming media from the PC in the study (via Vuze - I had a go at All-share and gave up) and it offers basic web browsing via a memory-limited Bing browser (half a dozen clicks on Google street view and it bombs out due to 'out of memory')

I've just purchased a TaoTronics mini keyboard off Amazon (spotted OPEX that someone had successfully 'bonded' it to the BD-F6500) to facilitate the latter as I couldn't get the £20 Maplins keyboard/touchpad to work and returned it.

So, work in progress. Cannot comment (much) on blu-ray/DVD performance. Probably less important to me, but other users' comments would suggest that it's up there.
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on 29 October 2013
I bought this unit as a birthday gift to myself. But having found that it now will not play my Region 1 DVDs (about 300 approximately) because there isn't a way to work around this issue as there is with most players, I'm left a little disappointed. Prior to buying this unit I did some research to see if a region hack was available for this unit and I discovered there was. Unfortunately it doesn't work with the updated firmware version on my machine (1012).

Other than this the unit is pretty much excellent. On the BluRay front (the main reason you're looking at this player!) - it produces clean and sharp images with very fast loading times. It handles .avi, .mp4, .mkv files from USB units without a problem.

Its Apps are limited to Samsung and what they wish to make available so you are left a little short there.

The Web browsing and apps can be a little clunky. Not much of an issue since I don't really use it for the internet. Who would when most folk now have a phone/tablet for going online? Which brings me to my final point.

It doesn't seem to want to sync with my brand new Samsung S4. I tried it with a few other Samsung phones also and still no go.
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on 8 June 2014
I bought this to replace an old DVD player in my daughter's bedroom which was connected to a 32-in Samsung TV (32LE346).
Not only the installation looks much neater now, but it gave the middle-aged TV set a MASSIVE! image quality boost. Not to mention the new limitless features within SmartHub, AllShare, and the Blu-ray itself..

I installed it in minutes and got it working straight away. It detected the Ethernet network, updated the firmware and default apps within 2 minutes, and there it was, pleasing the little princess who could not believe it was her same old TV she was looking at.

Like with any other fixed internet-enabled device in our house, I connected it to our wired Ethernet network infrastructure: I did not want to venture causing bandwidth bottlenecks in home WiFi unnecessarily.

All main apps tested so far (BBC iPlayer, iTV player, Facebook, Twitter, etc) worked faultlessly, including Netflix (I read someone reporting it not working, a comment that almost put me off a but glad I ignored in the end!) with awesome picture quality.

Another nice advantage of having two devices of the same make connected together via HDMI is the Anynet link between them, which means that with one remote control one can control both devices.

Vendor's service was prompt.

In all, very please with this purchase!
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on 29 July 2015
At first this seemed a good little machine. Unfortunately after a while problems started to occur. Over the past few weeks, every time i start it up from stand by i have to reinstall apps, usually by resetting smart hub or factory default settings. Also, sometimes half way through watching something, it will stall and i have to go through the reset procedure again. This is not just a problem i alone have encountered but many others have as well. Just try troubleshooting this product on the internet. It is a good DVD player, seems to play most video formats and picture and sound seem very good. However i think for the price i would want more than just a good DVD player.
Martin W.Yorks
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on 20 May 2014
There is an audio incompatibility between this player and the Panasonic ST60 over HDMI. The audio gradually drifts out of sync over a period of about 30 minutes to the point where video becomes unwatchable. It affects DVDs, Blurays, and video on demand services and no combination of settings changes (TV or player) could fix it. Turning the player or the TV off then on again resolves the issue temporarily until the drift becomes noticeable in again.

I thought it would be unfair to give this player a lower star rating because it is not clear where the problem lies - with the TV or the player. What I can say is that other brand players that I have tried do not have this problem. Also, it is not "input lag" - that is a separate issue with video lagging behind the audio which is not noticeable to most people.

Otherwise this would easily be a 5 star rating. It's a shame, because the bluray player I have replaced it with (Sony S5200) lacks 4OD, is slower to boot and is not as slick in terms of UI but crucially does not have this audio problem.
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on 14 April 2015
Avoid if you are planning on using this for the apps or watching DVDs. I mainly try and use the 4oD & BBC iPlayer apps but 9 times out 10 they don't work, the apps either won't startup or cut out part way through the program and need the system turned off and restarted, then after around 5 attempts I usually give up and do something else. When watching DVDs the screen resize button doesn't work so with some DVDs you end up watching a picture 1/4 the size of your screen with a huge black border on all sides, I used to have an older Samsung Bluray player which had no problem resizing so it baffles me why they would take this step backwards. When watching videos from a USB the screen stays black for the 1st 10 secs or so you have to keep rewinding once the picture kicks in which becomes a real annoyance over time.
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on 22 October 2013
This replaced an old Toshiba Blu-ray, Wow Technology has moved on a long way,
Very easy to set up, Very Silent operation I have put a couple of Velcro pads on the back tin feet to stop any chance of vibration noise,
very responsive remote control, I can not fault this machine, Buy with confidence.

UPDATE 11/07/2014
Well how things change after updating firmware ,It just messed player up, After amazon replaced the second player went the same way, Have now purchased Panasonic BDT260, Works great won't be updating Firmware
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