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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation4|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 4 May 2016
Growing up I was a heavy Call of Duty fan but over the years I discovered Battlefield and it's such a well made game, the sound FX are out of this world especially if you're using a stereo/surround sound headset and the game play is as if you're in a proper warzone, you have to work with team mates (med packs, ammo packs, revive etc) which really adds to the gameplay having to play tactically rather than just rushing in a close quarter map with a SMG because that really isn't going to work in this game. I managed to bag this for £15 brand new sealed and I'm absolutely stoked with it although EA have put the premium bundle on sale for £15 :(
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on 11 June 2016
Still the best all time game ever, massive multiplayer maps, single player is okay. Multiplayer just blows you away, more players per map than on the xbox. Better maps, more destructive objects, all vehicles available to drive. Earn rewards for playing the game in multiplayer and rank up quicker, earn better guns and attachments, or just kill kill kill, what ever your skill. So many different game modes available, Conquest: the definitive Battlefield mode that take place across land air and sea. Domination: an infantry only game mode. Obliteration. Defuse. Team Deathmatch. Rush. Squad Deathmatch., Multiplayer gaming just went to another level!!! Nothing like the COD franchise, no comparison!!!
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on 14 June 2016
I've owned this for quite some time (years), but never really played the multiplayer until recently, so here's my thoughts:

CAMPAIGN MODE: Amazing... It has a great story with a few plot twists and it is absolutely full of action and explosions. Graphics are great and the voice acting is top notch, you can't help but get attached to the characters. My only gripe is that it isn't longer! It's not short, but it's not super long either. I played it for a few hours every week, for the past month, so not too short. Maybe it was just that good that I wanted more! A replay is definitely on the cards! I didn't experience any glitches, so maybe I was lucky, either that or they have all be ironed out by now :)

MULTIPLAYER: If you played BF3 multiplayer and liked it, then get this! On the PS4/Xbox1 you can now have up to 64 players in a game (compared to 24 on PS3 and 360), which dramatically changes the experience. The maps are larger, and the pace of the game is much faster. The 64 players means you no longer have to run for ages looking for players , but it does mean the games in general can be more difficult (but equally amazing).

Graphics are highly detailed, with a great amount of damage and flying debris all over the place. My favourite map is Operation Metro (Second Assault) which I had to download for a little fee (completely recommend!). Tons of players running around all working towards a common goal gives you a sense of purpose with the game rather than just run and shoot to clock up kills (These "deathmatch" games do exist as well!). In most maps you can fly planes, drive tanks, jeeps, APCs and so forth which adds something extra to the experience (or in my case, just more ways to be killed! haha!!).

I haven't run into many glitches in multiplayer. The main glitch being an issue with my connection to the EA servers, but that's not Battlefields fault.

OVERALL: A brilliant campaign and multiplayer mode that will provide hours (or in my case years) of fun! Give it a try, buy it second hand if it's cheaper, you won't be disappointed.
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on 30 May 2015
I'm totally bias, but this is the best game I've ever played. Since I played Battlefield Bad Company I rarely play anything else!
I've been through everything since Wolfenstien 3D and Doom back in the day to COD, Halo and Farcry.
The thinking console gamers choice.
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on 2 January 2014
Let me begin by simply reviewing the game itself. On the PS4, the graphics are rather decent. However I was slightly dissapointed for a number of reasons. First of all, the game does not run at 1080p but rather at 900p, which means that distant details in game can be slightly jagged (but much less jagged than the Xbox One which runs this game at old-gen 720p). Secondly, there are severe draw distance problems, meaning that many artifacts including foliage and grass only appear when you are within a meter. I was expecting further detail in the distance (ie. being able to spot an enemy sniper at more than 600m) however it is still lacking like BF3 on the 360. I was probably just over-optimistic regarding this game as next-gen, and should realise that the PS4 does cost £350 after all (the price you would pay for just a graphics card capable of the same settings at 60FPS). Having said all of this, most of the time the game does look stunning, although not as good as Killzone.

The multiplayer experience is again very good, sticking to most of the successful formula used for BF3. The current selection of maps offers a good variety of gameplay and some favourites are already emerging ('Operation Locker' offers an experience similar to 'Operation Metro' in BF3 and is fantastic). As of now many of the glitches have now been eradicated and gameplay seems consistently smooth and bug-free. Oddly enough, there is still what I call the electronic vehicle glitch (where there is no motor sound for the first 30 secs of driving/flying anything)which was present in BF3. The selection of guns and equipment is developed upon from BF3 and there is now so much choice you can happily spend hours on the deployment screen. The new 'Commander' feature is rather boring and doesn't enable you to achieve high scores. I would rate the multiplayer experience at 5/5 stars.

Why do I give this game 1 star then? Simply because of the greed and lazyness of EA.

First of all, who releases a DLC alongside a new game?! The China Rising expansion pack is clearly not new as it was ready when the game was released, so why should we have to pay more to download something that is not new and could have been included in the game to begin with?!

Secondly, the campaign. I have now twice spent around 3-4 hours at a time playing the campaign which seems pretty good, although the AI at times can be rather dumb. When I've had enough I quit back to the main menu, and close the game down or turn off the PS4. When I next start the game up, the campaign progress has simply dissapeared and I am only presented with the option to begin a new game. This issue has been heavily present on the 360 and PS3 versions since launch which was over 2 months ago. So far, EA have still not fixed the issue which they have admitted they've known about for weeks now! How hard is it to solve this problem EA?! This issue stops me from wanting to play the campaign as I do not wish to replay 3-4 hours of the campaign. Furthermore, if I look at my stats on Battlelog, it shows my correct campaign progress and mission scores! So what on earth is happening? Frankly this is terrible from EA.

This game would easily obtain 5/5 stars if it were left to an alternative developer. A recent article by IGN has highlighted how EA is the most hated developer in the world and that they are trying 'as hard as they can' to be more liked. Yeah, sure they are.
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on 3 January 2014
I haven't enjoyed this as much as BF3, and certainly not as much as BFBC2.

It is a buggy mess, it's a bit of a disgrace that a developer puts out a game that is so buggy. It's getting better, but still.

I also don't like shooting wih R2 on PS4, and there is NO option to use R1. Shooting is a binary on/off function, why the hell are we made to use an analogue interface that has no feedback and lacks any precision (it's so people can pretend the triggers are a real gun... lame)
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on 1 July 2016
Considering the game is three years old it is so easy to join a lobby,it literally takes seconds to find a match in each and every game mode. The campaign is a drag and should be avoided at all costs but the multiplayer alone is worth 5 stars. Customisation of guns is unparalleled,you'll never be killed by 2 different people with exactly the same gun + attachments,the destruction of buildings means there are very rarely any campers meaning in the 32 v 32 conquest matches it is manic with foot soldiers,heli pilots,people in tanks,Boats and quad bikes. I sold Black Ops 3 because it was boring the life out of me and bought this instead and I can't see me playing another cod again for the foreseeable future. Roll on Battlefield 1.
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on 19 October 2015
Requires a later version download to stop it crashing randomly but the fighting mechanics are fantastically fluid.

The single player campaign is interesting, well paced and engrossing. You have to buy the on-line membership to play multi-player.
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on 27 January 2014
Before I begin I want to let you know that I love Battlefield, and have done since Battlefield 2 on PS2. Bad company 2 was a particular highlight for the series and showcased what could be done with current gen consoles. I would also like to point out that my rating is only really based on the multiplayer (as that's what Battlefield is all about right?).

So why only 3 stars? Firstly, it's now over 3 months from the game's release and bugs are still very visible. For example there is always a good minute at the start of each game where I have no audio, hardly game-breaking I know, but still an annoyance and unacceptable really for publishers with the budget of EA. Another, much more serious bug, is the intermittent lag that is very frequent in 64 player games, even though I have a rock solid 60mbps fibre connection, which my PS4 is hard-wired in to. It happens even though I only go on games hosted in europe and the best ping. The game isn't broken by any stretch, it's just not what it could be.

This is all the more annoying, as when this game works it's fantastic. When you're in a helicopter gunning people down in a 64 player conquest game, all at a silky smooth 60 fps it is breathtaking. However these moments are all too rare, and the game could be improved so much by ironing out the bugs.

However, the bugs aren't all that is keeping this game from greatness. Some design choices seem to be contradictory to what battlefield is all about - playing with your mates in a squad!! DICE have decided that it used to be far to easy to play with your buddies (all joining a pre-game lobby and then going into a game as a squad on the same team), and have now made it so that you have to go into into a game separately and then use the in-game menu to all join the same squad. Words cannot even describe how stupid and ill-conceived this idea is. Firstly, half the time when you join you get put on the opposite team to your friends - meaning you have to quit and rejoin and endure the lengthy loading screen once more. You then have to repeat this procedure until you finally get on the right team - hoping that the game doesn't fill up before you do.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who loves battlefield, or anyone who likes fps games and has some patience - Battlefield will reward you greatly!
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on 17 December 2013
[Skip to bottom if you want the short version]

OK this is going to invite controversy, I know... but hear me out.

I totally understand people's disappointment when a new game is released and it contains lots of bugs and glitches. I've been a fan of the Battlefield franchise since Battlefield 2 and I tell you now - this is nothing we haven't seen before. Battlefield 2 was full of bugs for AGES after it was released. And the first thing the critics say is "This is rubbish, it should never have been released like this, it's Beta" etc etc.

Even though I acknowledge that there are issues, I have to tell you - I DISAGREE.

"Why?" you ask. Because, even with the issues, this is STILL probably the best game that was in the starting lineup for the next-gen consoles. And given that the bugs will be (and are already being) ironed out, I for one am able to accept the issues in the short term, and meanwhile enjoy the rest of what is a brilliant game. As I mentioned, BF2 (and BF3) was much the same, and fixes, patches and improvements were being made all the time. But I would rather have it like this, than not have it for another 6 months. And to be honest, many bugs only become evident once the game environment has gone live anyway, so even if the release got delayed, you'd just be meeting these problems 6 months later...

So what about the game?

The graphics are, as expected on next-gen, amazing. Fire, smoke, and water not only look brilliant but form even more of a tactical part of the game than in the last generation. On one map, Paracel Storm, the weather turns and darkens during the course of your round, and the wave effects (30ft-plus!) are not only phenomenal to look at, but you have to factor them in when you're aiming a shot across the water! Not to mention swimming or boating across it - prepare to get dunked.

Foliage is more dense, and on some maps you can really use it to your advantage as effective cover. Buildings are far more accessible than Battlefield 3, where there were perhaps half a dozen open buildings on a map - now the majority if not all can be entered. Many have multiple floors and all have very diverse layouts, for example a prison in Operation Locker, a dilapidated tank factory in Zavod 311, and a town complete with rooftop terraces in Flood Zone. Every map is completely unique, and no doubt different types of player will have their own favourites.

The destructible environment has evolved too, and a man with a tank can put their own artistic stamp on how they want a building to look - if you catch my drift. Having said this, while there is much more that is "destructible", it is still constrained to certain buildings, pillars, or features. "You can put as much C4 as you want on the building next door, but it seems they clearly made it out of better bricks..."

The destructible piece-de-resistance Dice put into BF4 is their "Levolution" - what this means is one particular part of each map that can be destroyed in such a way that it more significantly affects the environment and your gameplay. Perhaps the most notable is Flood Zone, which starts off being a relatively ordinary but intense firefight in a cramped multi-level residential area. But if you decide to (or inadvertently) blow up the levee that contains the river north of the gameplay area, water gushes out and you render the whole town flooded right up to the first floor of the buildings. You may have also seen on game trailers the part from Siege of Shanghai where the massive skyscraper comes down in a shower of rubble. Yes, this is all in-game, very impressive to watch, and gives an interesting change to the map in each case.

One of the best things about BF4 on next gen? The return of 64 player gaming. Hooray!! Big maps, lots of people running about - it's just bliss and it's one major thing that consoles really suffered for missing out on - until now. There are other game modes to offer some variational objectives for smaller teams; not to mention single player mode, of course... which I can't mention much anyway, because other than the first day when PSN wasn't working, I haven't played it! For me Battlefield is all about the multiplayer anyway...

BF4 sees a return of the Commander Mode which was missed out of the franchise since BF2. Now the commander is better equipped; especially if his/her team currently occupy certain control points on the map (assuming Conquest). Certain control points give mapwide scanning ability, while others may give the commander control of a cruise missile asset, or the ability to spawn a Spectre gunship overpass that can be used by up to 3 of their team to pound the enemy below. The commander no longer occupies the game area though - so there's no sneaking into the enemy base and stabbing the enemy commander while they're busy giving out orders. Shame that. Another plus is that the commander mode can be done from a tablet using a companion app (I've used the iPad version). This is much easier what with the multi-gesture/touch screen than the native PS4 (though the latter is not impossible). The only downside to the commander mode so far is that generally your team tend to ignore your orders - maybe dice/EA need to give more points reward for following orders as an incentive (even if you'd think having the gunship or cruise missile in your hands over the enemy's would be ample!).

Player Progress and persistence has been enhanced, with more weaponry available and specialised add ons. Camouflage and weapon/vehicle colours can also be unlocked as before. Specialisation and squad specialisation have now been replaced by "Field Upgrades", which basically means you can earn bonuses by team-specific actions like following orders, squad resupplies and heals, etc. The more teamwork you put in, the more bonuses you get (up to 4). Furthermore, you can choose your preset Field Upgrade (from what you've unlocked) so you are tailored to your way of playing. I think this is a great new feature.

In game chat is not ideal; hopefully this is something that will get fixed soon. But as long as you're playing with your PSN mates, for now it's actually much more effective to set up a party via the PS4 functionality outside of the game, and chat through that.

I think that's all the detail, so...

BF4 marks a huge improvement to what was already one of the most popular game franchises going. I'm not even getting into the COD vs BF debate - you either like BF or you don't, and whether you like COD or you don't is irrelevant. If you have liked any of the earlier versions of Battlefield, then you should get this, because quite frankly it is brilliant. Sure - there are bugs, and the latency handling (what some are calling "netcode") can be annoying. But even if worst case the game crashes, you can be back in game in like what - 2 minutes? Nobody likes it when it happens, but at least when it's working, it's brilliant. If you really have such anger management issues that you can't cope with it, for the sake of taking part in an otherwise great game, then sure - by all means wait a few months! But by that time, most of us will be Colonels and then your anger will be a result of getting owned so much on the battlefield. Ha! ;)

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