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on 10 February 2014
First of all it arrived very quickly, so all good there.

The first thing I would say is that the monitor looks quite amazing as its so extreme!

However, for a while I was actually considering returning it due to my Macbook 2008 not being able to match the resolution (max 1280 x 1024). As a result everything was either either stretched or massive if I used my native resolution. My graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB) supported the resolution but my Mac didn't (if that makes sense) and Geforce had stopped updates for it. So I was quite gutted for a while.

After ALOT of research I managed to find a software called SwitchResX which is free and enables you to force the correct resolution to the monitor (2510 x 1080)

Now everything looks perfect and crisp! I really hope this helps others.
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on 17 May 2014
Been having this monitor for around a month now and I am very impressed with it, especially considering that many other monitors like this cost around 900 mark or more. This one does everything I need it to. I do not understand why would I spend more money, as I can not detect any flaws in it and it actually has some advantages too.


- Very good build. Almost entirely metal, this thing weights more than my 32 inch Sony Bravia TV. It looks very sturdy. It also has special anti-scratch and shock-resistant panel on top of the screen. It doesn't interfere with the picture at all, but it prevents the screen from external harm. And it is quite a good plate too, for example even touching the screen and applying pressure will not create the distortions that you would see on most other screens, be it PC, TV or anything else.
- Screen does not heat up and create strong magnetic fields. Unlike TFT screens IPS panels do not heat up, which means the screen will not serve to further dry up the room's air. Furthermore it seems to generate much weaker magnetic field (my father's a physicist, so I have the devices to measure), which means it will not accelerate dust into your eyes like many other other monitors do. This doesn't mean you shouldn't take breaks to relax your eyes a little every now and then, but it does mean that the screen it generally friendlier to the eyeball.
- IPS panel. As you know. The more expensive IPS panel provides much better color reproduction than TFT screens and generally results in a richer, more vibrant pictures. It is especially good for longer sessions, as it is not so tiring for the eyes (again).
- Very fast for an IPS screen. This screen is also extremely fast. It says 6ms, but to be honest I found it to be more like 3 or 4, which is even faster than my old BenQ TFT screen. The overdrive is unnoticeable at all and also has 3 levels you can choose between to suit your needs. This is very good, considering that most IPS screens do not allow to customize the pixel overdrive levels.
- Good OCD options. A fair bit of options on OCD. One in particular is good: time out option. I set it to 45s so it doesn't disappear while I am calibrating. The screen also natively supports PnP inputs and Picture in Picture mode. For example you can turn on the mode, plug in your secondary device (e.g. mobile) and it will show your mobile device's screen alongside the desktop on the monitor. Not drivers or anything required. Handy for the office use.
- Higher-than-normal colour gamut. This is an advantage over the more expensive models, as this screen has a slightly bigger colour gamut reproduction than majority of the screens on the market. This is exceptionally useful if you are working with things for printing but it also just provides a more pleasant experience. It is noticeable. I have a second screen working right next to it and the colour reproduction of the IPS panel combined with the increased colour gamut of this screen make for a startling difference.


- 21:9 Ultrawide experience is something you'll have to get used to. I personally love it, it not only makes my eyes and head move, but also provides a more relaxed experience in games, work or movies if I watch them. Having more screen space resonates well with how human brain works, as it is used to having to focus on one thing and having a lot of detail left in the peripheral vision. With smaller screens you have less space, but same level of detail, and as such your eyes have to focus on all of the detail, which can at times make you just a little bit tired. That said, this kind of experience is very different and people with conservative mindset may find it uncomfortable due to it's large deviation from the norm.
- 2560x1080 resolution takes it's toll. If you are a gamer, this screen will need a good GPU. I have a GTX770 OC with a second GTX460 dedicated to PhysX and CUDA when I do 3D CG rendering. With this setup I am having no major issues with framerate. Warframe dropped from usual 140-160 to 100fps, maxed out, nothing that I would notice. Left 4 Dead 2 and Stanley Parable as well as other Source games don't seem to struggle either. Sleeping Dogs, Dead Space 3, all those ran fine on this setup; that said, I have not yet tried Witcher 2 or Crysis 3 with this resolution yet. Whatever the case, I think my setup is about the average of what you'll need for comfortable gaming at native resolution of this screen.
- 60Hz monitor. Like all IPS screens, this does not go higher than 60 with default settings. You can, however, OC it to around a 100, which is ludicrous considering it's size, panel and most importantly: price. Really really good. However having higher refresh rate also means that anything that runs at lower fps than that will appear more sluggish. If you are capable of unleashing 100+ fps in all games, by all means. But I have a pleasant enough experience with 60Hz.
- Weight. Like I mentioned, it's really heavy. If this matters to you, then well, it's a disadvantage. But to me, as one who has it at home desktop and not planning to take it anywhere? I couldn't give a toss.


- Poor factory calibration. This screen is badly calibrated out of the box. It looks weird with overabundance of red, very poor whites, compensated with hugely overpowered brightness. If you buy it, get ready to do some heavy calibration. I spent 2 hours making a good picture on it. Brightness is especially an issue. It's just insane. I have it at 20% now and it's still quite a bit brighter than my old screen. It might be good on a sunny day if you are sitting far away, but normally I have to cut it way down and readjust contrast and colours to compensate for the change in the level of whites.
- No tilting or height adjustments. Well tilting is kinda useless on a screen like this, but height adjustment, I do miss. You CAN adjust the facing angle of the screen (looking up or down), but you can not rotate it around the depth axis (e.g. make it into a portrait orientation or something). Height adjustment for a large screen like this is certainly a miss IMO. You want it to be about on your eye level for comfortable overview of it's large area. It can be a big issue if your chair does not have a height adjustment or if your table is too low.
- The panel that protects the actual screen, as I mentioned above, has a little gap between the rest of the screen's body and itself. The gap surrounds the whole viewing area and it can collect dust and dirt as time goes on. It's only some 2mm wide, so cleaning it out can be a bit of a problem if left unattended for long.
- It's unusual resolution WILL create compatibility issues. Especially in games. If a game does not properly support Borderless window mode (which should automatically render: NOT scale, in your native resolution) or support full screen mode in this resolution you will either have to deal with vertical black bars, horribly skewed picture or using various external tools to force renderer to work in 2560x1080. Games like Loadout do not support this resolution in any way. Sleeping Dogs UI does not scale properly with this resolution (although the engine does properly render it). Generally games which have Borderless Window mode, will work well though, so it's not a huge issue,but rather a minor annoyance. At least for me.
- It's white reproduction is not amazing, even after many calibrations. Using the tests on http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/ the White was the only one which I was not able to get perfectly right. The bottom right corner still didn't show any difference between the squares, as they all appeared white regardless. This is somewhat rare as most screens have the opposite issue: blacks. However this one perfectly passed the blacks test without the need for any extra calibration. It's the whites it was not able to get quite right.


This is arguably the best screen for it's price on the market really. Unbelievably good for how little it asks for. I have had it only for a month, so I can not say anything about reliability yet, but as far as everything else goes, this is a ridiculously good screen. All the praise from the reviewers was not false, this really is an amazing screen, I have never had a better one, and I never did skimp on the monitors.

If you have the money, and are not terribly afraid of UltraWide, buy it. Judging from what other people say, it is not prone to failure, which means you are very unlikely to find anything better for this price.
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on 22 September 2014
The AOC Q2963PM is a great entry point into the 21:9 monitor game. The wide screen real estate allows for a range of applications and it never fails to impress.

Movies are a joy. The great colour replication and viewing angles make for a fantastic experience. The speakers are clearly less than impressive, as with all monitors, but the back IO has it's own 3.5mm output for easy speaker set up. Games benefit greatly from the aspect ratio, mainly racing games and first person titles where impression are key. Where it shines however is in productivity. You can fit 2-3 windows easily, having videos on one side and webpages on the other or research on one half while you type without having to switch back and forth.

The range of inputs is impressive, with HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort. Response time is fine for IPS, along with input lag that is fine for the average user though won't be impressing any competitive players. A standard VESA compatible mount is found on the back which makes up for the tilt only stand included. The bezels are a bit flimsy but not a worry, it's a monitor after all.

Overall it's a fantastic package that can argue it's place in most applications. The IPS display is a joy, the movie watching experience cannot be rivalled in this range and at this price it's about as good as it gets for gaming immersion.
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on 7 February 2014
Had it for a year, been fantastic although it has now developed some strange patches of colour all along the bottom. I contacted AOC and they offered to repair it but they can't replace it because they can no longer get stock of this screen. Overall it is a good screen, great for gaming and video, but the colour reproduction is not perfect so for artists it would need calibrating and the screen is also quite fragile. You have to be extremely careful when wiping the screen or you can easily damage the backlight etc. For the money I am happy but I wish this fault would not have happened. I can live with it because it's only faint and the screen is otherwise great, no dead pixels etc.
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on 15 February 2014
I bought one of these, and after only a few weeks, the DVI input failed. Amazon immediately arranged a replacement, but when it arrived (with an opened box like others have reported), unlike the first one that had a perfect panel, it had a dead pixel and a double stuck sub-pixel (blue and green in the same pixel) near the centre of the screen. Incredibly annoying, but well within the ludicrously-generous ISO 9241-307 Class 1 limits that the AOC EMEA warranty works to. Within 12 hours, a vertical red line then started appearing intermittently near the right hand edge of the screen, so it's going back to be replaced by a Dell U2913WM. That monitor seems to have quality issues of its own too, but at least Dell will replace the panel if there are any stuck pixels at all. There's not really all that much choice right now in the 21:9 market, but as I'm replacing a pair of old 1280 x 1024 monitors, 2560 x 1080 works perfectly for me so I'm sticking with it.

I can see many other people who have had no issues, so maybe I just got unlucky. If you do decide to buy it for wall-mounting, though, be aware that with the stand removed and the back plate folded down, the bottom of the back plate is more or less flush with the bottom of the monitor. So, although you can hide any connection to the side of the back plate, you cannot hide anything that goes into the bottom. Like the power plug, for instance. The mounting holes are inset, too, so you'll need some spacers to fit between your mounting plate and the monitor. Really not well designed at all.
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on 21 January 2014
At first I was a bit unsure as to what to make about the physical dimensions of the product. The screen is wider than a 30" 16:10 monitor but only as tall as a 23" model. It didn't take long before these doubts evaporated. Whilst you don't get the same vertical real-estate that's useful for desktop use as you would on a 2560 x 1440 model, you do get some useful extra width over 1920 x 1080. Where this monitor really shines is for games and movies. The panoramic view and 21:9 aspect ratio gives you a wider FOV horizontally without affecting vertical FOV on most game titles and makes for a truly engaging and immersive experience. Most movies nowadays are filmed in aspect ratios that will fit the monitor very nicely - and although Blu-rays are limited to 1920 x 1080 they upscale beautifully without any obvious loss of detail or sharpness.

Of course there is more to a monitor than just its size. This monitor is also an exceptional performer, even for an IPS panel (I have used many - I review them). Static contrast sits at around 1100:1 after the very small amount of tweaking you have to do to get a perfect 2.2 gamma and 6500K white point. The screen surface is semi-glossy (light matte) and not grainy like older IPS panels. The colour gamut is roughly sRGB, a bit higher but not wide gamut which gives things a vivid but still very natural and appropriately saturated look. This is a true 8-bit IPS panel which combines with a generous (but not wide) colour gamut and light matte screen surface to really do its large size justice. So in summary; everything is vibrant and beautifully varied.

Responsiveness is also strong with no 60Hz monitor (even TN panel ones) offering a significant advantage here. It has well implemented pixel overdrive and low levels of input lag.

Obviously dead pixels and whatnot can occur with any mainstream monitor, even those considerably more expensive than this one. Take advantage of Amazon's fantastic returns policy if you need it - hopefully you won't. This really is a good monitor for all-round use with a particular focus on games and movies.
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on 16 January 2014
Bought this screen to replace 2 Acer 27" monitors (1920x1080) and have not looked back.

It is the first thing that people mention when they see my desk (study is near the front door), they are always very interested and have had a few of them go on and buy similar screens based on using mine.

The extra 2 inches either side of the screen are immediately noticeable, whether it be watching movies or playing games.

Movies that usually have the black bars at the top are fully expanded to the screens impressive 2560x1080 resolution, which is at a cinema ratio of 21:9, so if you're a movie lover like myself then you will appreciate the extra width.

For games, wow. Playing Battlefield 4 (I play sniper) you actually get MORE screen to view. The FOV in other games also is impressive.

Having 2 web browsers side by side without the left-to-right scroll bar is also pretty neat.

All in all I will give this screen 5/5, delivery was very quick and the product is exactly as described.
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on 3 January 2015
This review is by my son who owns the monitor.
I have been using the monitor daily for a year or so and I love it. There is plenty of space for productivity and movies and ultrawide formatted content fit the screen like a glove. The gaming part is where this monitor comes into it's own. The IPS panel is leaps and bounds above the TN panel display that lives to the left of it and the colours are noticeably brighter and more vibrant on the IPS. I recommend this to anyone with a powerful computer that can handle games on all these pixels or someone who likes to watch movies on their PC. It's great.
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on 2 April 2014
for £300 you really shouldn't complain about this monitor. It does what it says on the tin and is an excellent price.

but I should point out its poor speakers which are very quiet at times even sitting a few foot from it. ( I've since bought separate speakers)

also i'm not in love with the aspect ratio i've came from a 28 inch monitor that had greater height but lower width perhaps ill get used to this but it was very difficult to find a monitor that was the same as the old one in this price bracket.
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on 27 November 2014
Very, very good. But now I want to see three full windows so now I want an even wider monitor. This is a stunning product that has done everything I wanted and so much more. My accountant had one so I got one because it looked so fabulous. Since then two have my colleagues have got one too. An amazing monitor that has sped up my web development times considerably. I should have got one years ago. Very high quality, fantastic build, beautiful to look at and wonderful to use. Cannot praise this monitor enough....
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