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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Black|Change
Price:£194.72 - £249.00
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VINE VOICEon 18 May 2013
Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When I unboxed it and so the size of this speaker, my expectations were lowered a bit. I was thinking it may not be possible to have the advertised party-level sound! It may be an understatement to say I was surprised! The Subwoofer delivers really deep bass, but it does not drown the two integrated stereo speakers, so I am getting a balanced Punchy sound. It sounds really good, and coped well with my HP Laptop with Beats Audio, which usually comes out as too much for many speakers this size. I listened to country (Chapman & Parton) the guitar was coming out crystal clear, then I switched to reggae and RnB to test the bass. Well it spits out serious non-overpowering bass and clear sound. You will still get some distortion at very high volume, it's better to keep it around 80%. If you want more, below is my full experience:

It's beautiful and looks expensive, even the box is unique (it may encourage hording!), it's surface is very soft to touch. It has illuminated controls. The controls are not raised, rather they are illuminated when the unit is on so are very easy to see and operate. The controls are grayed out when the unit is off, or a particular control is off (only for the bluetooth and volume strip). The front part has a strong wire mesh that protects the speakers and the whole front part so this just wont tear even if rubbed against during everyday use. Then we have an inbuilt handle that makes it truely portable. It just allows you to deep your fingers in and lift the unit. It's nice in that the surface under the inbult handle is extra soft, different from the rest of the unit, with a rubber feel (actually it's rubber) that caresses the back of your fingers as you push them in and out of the inbuilt handle. This makes confortable as you move it around since the back of the finders that comes in to contact with the surface is very soft and prone to bruising if the design has not be well thought! Then comes the straight-forward USB port, that allows you to charge the unit as you party.

Playback with the provided audio cable is straight-forward. I just powered it on, and connected it to my smartphone and started playing music. You toggle between bluetooth and aux in put by pressing and holding the bluetooth control (horizontal eight-shaped control) on the unit or on the remote control for around 2 to 3 seconds and the bluetooth control will begin flushing. I turned bluetooth ON, on my phone and it found the Clipsch KMC speaker and paired with it, then the bluetooth control stopped flushing and remained steady on, in blue. My phone (Xperia Z) has a feature called 'Throw', so I just tapped that and chose the speaker and viola, I was playing my music wirelessly and powerfully! clear sound with a punchy bass. I left it in one room and went to a different room and closed the door and the wireless still worked, no glitch!

I am playing with this during the day. I think in the night the lights from the illuminated controls may not be very cool at bed side when lights are off, I wish there was a way to dim them in the night. Well this is a minor thing, this is still a 5 STAR machine.

To sum it up, it's confortably portable, relatively small in size, authentically pleasing with touch sensitive controls with a punchy sound and pulsating bass and oh dear a £349.99 price tag, almost forgot, also wireless! Decide mates, I love it.

QUICK UPDATE (18-05-13)
I was struggling to make use of the remote. Apart from the mute, volume, source and OFF buttons, the pause, Forward and Reverse did not seem to work! Then, I thought perhaps I needed to point either at the phone since it's the one that is sending the music via bluetooth. That did not work at all, affer all it sounds ridiculous in retrospect. So I pointed at the speaker and still the three buttons did not seem to work. So I aimed right at the front of the speaker and all the buttons were working, I could select the next track and the previous track on the Smartphone's playlist! This felt really cool considering the music is being streamed wirelessly from a mobile phone that is not near the speaker. It seems the sensor is located at the front. So it did not work because I was pointing willy nilly. Now these buttonsonly work when you are in bluetooth mode.
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VINE VOICEon 23 May 2013
Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a serious sound box and it comes with a serious price. I have used a bose ipod dock (Sound Dock £199) for a long time which has served very well, is more portable and has a built in rechargeable battery that lasts several hours. The KMC3 however does surpass the sound quality particularly in detail but only just about matches the volume, which if you are outside is important. It is far larger and significantly less portable than the Bose however and requires 8 D batteries which have to be removed to be recharged.

However, the bluetooth capability moves this to another level and the unit has connected effortlessly to my iPhone and iMac. I have also now connected it by cable to my TV from the headphone socket. The sound is not so good on TV and i have left the main speakers on the get a fuller and wider sound, but this could be because I dont have the cable to connect to the phono out on the TV

At the price I would have expected a cable for such connections, even just a jack to jack to connect ipods etc which arent bluetooth.

I doubt I will use this unit in its "portable" mode as the bluetooth logitech (UE Boombox £199) unit I have is rechargeable and much more portable, giving a more than adequate sound for outdoors even with 20 people talking. The Bose is not wireless in any way.

For those who like to know this unit has the following:
Sound output peak of 130W
2x15W RMS Main drivers
1x35W subwoofer
Battery life on max volume is 8 hours
Max size 43cm x 18cm x 18cm (it tapers backwards)
3.5mm jack aux input
USB - for charging units only
Weight 3.5kgs
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on 2 April 2014
I simply cannot recommend these highly enough for the sound these things produce. I never normally write amazon reviews but I was skeptical buying something so expensive with cheaper competitors such as the Bose Soundlink series. For me a portable speaker is to easily take it places, which sure enough it is just grab it buy the handle its not heavy and take it anywhere you like. I'm not so much bothered about using it places where there isn't a plug socket handy so the battery thing doesn't affect me too much but it would have been 5 stars if the batteries did last which really, they don't. It can be a pain after an hour or so on just under full volume the standby light starts flashing and the bass disappears until you turn it down, which is very annoying. But if I'm honest that can be glossed over because the hour or two you get are frankly glorious so be prepared with batteries or just find a plug socket. This thing has fuelled a party of just under 100 people in a massive venue over around 120 square meters and people still have to go outside to use their phone, yes, its VERY loud.

Anyway in short, quality and volume I would give a 100 stars if I could. Otherwise if you need to use them outside without a plug socket for hours on end I would still recommend these and tell you to find a plug socket! They are a must have for every home you will not be disappointed by the sound of these.
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on 22 April 2014
Have been using this for two months, and so far works great. I connect my laptop, tablet, or phone via blutooth when necessary, as well as connect my tv via provided 3.5 jack. Very rich sound. I know that there are some more professional sounding items out there, but to my ear this could not be better. Very rich sound ith great bass and high pitched notes and everything in between on any volume.
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on 22 April 2014
I awarded 4 stars due to Amazon's descriptions, 3 is OK and 4 is 'I like it'.

I'll try and touch on the features that I think people are looking for when looking for such an item, I should have somewhat of a clue as I was recently doing the same thing.

I wanted a device I could easily stream to (Bluetooth), was portable with its own power source (namely taking into the garden) and I wanted it to sound good.

The KMC 3 features AptX codec compatibility. In layman's terms this provides a higher quality audio stream across Bluetooth, in my opinion the sound quality over Bluetooth was no worse than using a 3.5mm cable; at least I don't think your average listener would and I think you'd struggle to at this level of speaker, though this is my opinion. I don't have an opinion on AptX as the devices I use also support this, Apple's OS X supports AptX but I believe the iOS devices don't [iPhone, iPad, iPod]. I also used my Android phone [HTC One] which does.

As for what you can stream, anything. The device is simply recognised as a speaker or media device, any audio coming from the device regardless of source will happily stream to it, Spotify, YouTube, iTunes etc etc.

As for the bad, it seems it can only remember 1 device, though maybe I'm wrong? So this means I have to resync to the device if I switch, for example, let's say I have my phone connected then later I wanted to connect my laptop, I will need to resync even though the devices remember the KMC.
This could be annoying if you're switching frequently to the same devices, especially as other Bluetooth speakers on the market can store around 6 devices.

You can use 8 D batteries to run this, which I have done but not for any length of time. I've also heard differing numbers as to how long they will last, up to 29 hours and as little as 9. I can't comment, but to confirm it does not have an internal rechargeable unit and you do require some form of tool/coin to open the battery compartment.
It's debated whether it should have one, I personally would have liked it though it seems common not to include it to keep costs down, plus in theory it means you're more likely to find a store selling batteries than you are able to charge it.

Though it's solid and tough along with a nice carry handle, it's not light with the batteries in if you plan on putting it in a rucksack full of beer, I'm just letting you know...

I think the sound is pretty decent, if you have it in a small room it will easily fill it, to the point where the bass can be too much. However this is usually down to the device streaming having some kind of equalizer, many HTC phones have Beats by Dre audio which basically causes this. Also having it in a corner or close to a plasterboard wall will cause more boomy bass.
This can be desired in larger rooms where I found it to be useful as it can quickly get drowned out.

Outside it has plenty of volume and I didn't notice any distortion as you push the volume and overall would recommend it if you're moving between medium sized rooms.

Final Thoughts
The real downside to this product is the emphasis on the streaming device. The supplied remote is crap at best, you do have to really make an effort to point it at the correct part of the KMC [though not as bad as some make out] and there's no indication of what you've just done. Sure there are lights on the top, but you can't see them unless you're in a position where you don't need the remote. I.e. you turn it on, you don't know unless you get up and look at the lights or if the music starts playing.

The controls on the unit are also poor providing little feedback. The Bluetooth button is multi-functional, you hold it to make it visible for syncing with BT devices and you hold it to switch input to the 3.5m jack. To sync it should be flashing, how do you know it's flashing? You don't, because your finger is covering it. Yeah sure it's not difficult to work out, but still seems a poor design, they feel like they're going to stop working. Though they haven't.

Overall I feel it's a pretty solid unit that suits a small to medium sized room with it occasionally being moved around, say to the kitchen, a bedroom, outside for a BBQ etc. If you're always going to be using the same device and use it in one or two rooms, you won't be disappointed as the sound is good and you alleviate my issues. I also think £250 is the top end for this device, I'd really like to see it £199.
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on 23 December 2014
Just bought one of these and absolutely astounded. I read the what hi-fi review and nearly didn't! I have no idea what they were listening to but it was not what I have. This thing goes so loud and clear with such floor and wall shaking bass without distortion it will blow you away. Bought from Amazon for £129. bargain! Honestly worh every penny of its £350 original price. Honestly, you will think you are listening to something much, much bigger and far more expensive. Just buy, plug in, play.... and feel a great big smile spread across your face!
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Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )

The Klipsch KMC 3 Music Center is quite a surprise. Looks nice. Actually it looks better than nice, it looks impressive. Not quite the look and feel of a Bose. But certainly up there. (I think the white one looks slightly better in the flesh Klipsch KMC 3 Music Center - White)

It comes with its own flight case. It's not exactly light but is ideal for picnics, festivals, going to the park or simply BBQ musicing.

Well, it depends on what you are playing. But if you are playing annoying music, at annoying levels in public spaces, please remember that you may be annoying.

Yes, it sounds remarkably good. It says, "AptX® technology allows for audiophile quality streaming" which translates to sounds good. Really good.

Of course, and it pairs like a dream with your blue-tooth media player. (In my case an iPhone 4)

It can take 8 D batteries (they are the larger ones.) I used rechargeable 7dayshop Rechargeable Ni-Mh Batteries - D Cell Size (3000mAh) - Pack of 2 and they hadn't been exhausted after a few hours playing.

The Bose Bose ® SoundLink ® Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II - Matte finish with dark grey nylon cover is slightly cheaper and but quite a lot smaller. The Bose is more like a radio size and this is a ghetto blaster size. Both have a similar sound. (in terms of quality and loudness)
Although the Bose speaker doesn't have external batteries to fiddle and change. The Bose is also around £100 cheaper.

At around the same price there is the portable Sound dock Bose ® SoundDock ® Portable Digital Music System This is very portable, sleek and has superb sound quality like the Klipsch. However, it doesn't have bluetooth. There is a more expensive bluetooth Bose speaker but it's not integrated and looks, hmmm, it looks awful. Bose ® SoundDock ® 10 Bluetooth Digital Music System

It's really pleasing on the eye. Really pleasing on the ear. But. But. BUT.
I don't like having to take the batteries out to recharge them. Not the worst thing about a gadget, but I find it more than a tad annoying. If you can live with that, then I can wholeheartedly recommend the Klipsch KMC 3.
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Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been using a Bose sound dock Bose Sounddock White Digital Music System for many years in my bedroom which I thought was just about perfect but which I have now replaced with my brand new Kilpsch. There is no doubt that the sound from the Klipsch is better - it has a great bass and fantastic clarity. However, it's also got a bigger footprint and is less truly portable - and needs batteries installed if you wan to take it with you for a picnic or whatever. It's also more expensive than the latest incarnation of the sound dock Bose ® SoundDock ® Portable Digital Music System so I guess it's horses for courses as another reviewer was suggesting. If you wan t more portability then maybe the Bose is the best bet but as I use this mainly in one room with an occasional foray out then the superior sound of the Klipsch is the winner despite it being more clunky in size and weight. The set up took under five minutes once one had got into the very robust packaging.


- Performance is excellent with great sound quality in terms of bass, clarity and no distortion or raising the volume to scary levels
- Bluetooth set up and use is very straightforward and reliable
- Nice black matte look with touch controls rather than buttons
- Can charge you phone/mp3 player with a USB connection at the back and link through a 1/8 jack
- Did I mention the sound? I think it's worth the price tag.


- Pretty weighty and not the most most portable at about 3.5 kg
- Uses 8 D batteries rather than an internal rechargeable battery
- Remote is not fully in keeping with the main unit in terms of robustness and style

Highly recommended. I did wonder about docking a point for the cons above but they aren't priorities for me
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Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We wanted something portable to take on a trip - music wherever we go. So we took the Klipsch KMC 3 Music Center and we were THRILLED.

It comes in a really nifty flight case. One of us (not me!) seemed to enjoy the case almost as much as the music centre. The case is necessary, I'm sure, when you're travelling and it is superbly protective, but it is quite big, double the size if an average briefcase, which reduces portability somewhat. Of course, you can always ditch the case and carry it naked, so it is portable - after a fashion: I was glad we had the car with us, because it's pretty heavy: I wouldn't have wanted to carry it too far. The speaker unit itself is pleasingly small: in the house, it sits anonymously on a small shelf, you wouldn't even know it was there, until you turn it on...

The main and *only* thing of note about the Klipsch is the sound, which is PHENOMENAL. We ran it off an ipod and a hard drive, on a cable and on Bluetooth, and the cable gives a better sound quality, but both are excellent. The volume and sound quality is truly amazing, with a festival-style, thundering, pounding base that gives a deep and satisfying bone-rattling sensation in the chest and no discernible distortion. Just incredible sound quality. The controls are basic and easy - just off, on and volume. There's a small, easy-to-lose remote which we mostly used for changing the track order. Battery life is average - I'd guess about a fortnight of regular use, we rarely used it on batteries.

And that's it. I feel I should say more but there's little more to say. It looks nice enough: a small and simple speaker unit in plain matt black. It looks like a thousand others of its ilk. Its looks belie its true quality, which is all in the performance, which I cannot rate highly enough.
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on 22 August 2016
Bought this because of good reviews and i have to say i love this speaker. My son bought the beats audio pill and when he heard this he kept borrowing it so i was forever taking it out of his room ;so in the end i gave in and bought another . Then i bought one for my other son and then another for myself so i have one upstairs in the bedroom and one downstairs in my living room .Just to note i bought three altogether in the white and they came in a beautiful box with auxillary cables the one blue one i bought for one of my sons didnt come in the beautiful flight case the white one came in and had no leads with it just to note ,Fabulous sound with excellent base very loud so keep at 80% as otherwise it becomes a little distorted .Beautifully made you can see its quality i absolutely love mine i have had them for two years now connects so easily to your i phone etc via bluetooth
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