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4.3 out of 5 stars405
4.3 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 4 January 2014
"Last Vegas" is an enjoyable film but it's not really a comedy like "The Hangover" which is also set around the theme of a "bachelor party" in Las Vegas. This film has it's comic moments and is fairly light hearted all the way through but it is also a romantic drama. Four men approaching seventy decide to go for a weekend to Vegas to celebrate the wedding of one of them who is marrying a girl half his age.Michael Douglas plays this character and he is ably supported by Robert De Niro,Kevin Kline and Morgan Freeman who plays his friends. However De Niro figures out that Douglas isnt exactly madly in love with his fiancee and the pair get involved in a complicated romantic triangle with a perky sexagenarian barroom singer the friends meet on their first day in the city. "Last Vegas" is likeable and warm hearted and thankfully is not warped by lots of bad language and behaviour not in keeping with the characters ages. Older people should enjoy this film, but there were quite a lot of teenagers in the audience when I watched this film at the cinema as well. Maybe they were expecting another "Hangover".
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on 20 January 2014
Billy, Paddy, Archie, and Sam have been best friends since childhood. So when Billy, the group's bachelor, finally proposes to his girlfriend, the four head to Las Vegas with a plan to relive their glory days.

The four quickly realise that the decades have transformed Sin City and tested their friendship in ways they never imagined.

Sinatra may have once ruled the roost, but it's these four who are taking over Vegas....

If you like the thought of Morgan Freeman getting drunk and dancing,then this is for you. The four actors share top billing, but Freeman steals the show, because your used to seeing him as the straight man, the man who will make everything good come the end.

Some may say its The Hangover lite, but it's more that, at least here these characters are three dimensional and likable, The Hangover was a one trick pony, and not very funny.

The cast are great, predictable their characters may be, but go with it, its a lot of fun.

The writers maybe feeding the narrative to the audience on a spoon, as there are things from some scenes that you can just guess the outcome from an object or a look from a character, but you can forgive this little trope.

Its a bright, fun movie, with your favourite actors making fools of themselves.

See it, laugh, and then forget about it.
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Loved it - four quality actors bring huge talent to a witty and warm script. All this, a bevvy of Vegas babes and the lovely Mary Steenbergen getting a classy part too - what's not to love.

The jokes are good (condoms, Viagra, bad backs, every time the phone rings one thinks its the other calling with news about Prostate Cancer) the gags are constantly clever (the bathing beauty contest, dancing and getting drunk at the bachelor beer party, winning at the casino's card tables, the luxury suite that should have gone to 50 Cent) and the chemistry between all four of the principals is more than believable (they had fun making this). The back story with them as kids is cute too. Bluntly any film with Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline in it gets my vote. And the BLU RAY picture quality is gorgeous.

Far better than it had any divine right to be - "Last Vegas" is the kind of film that will cheer you up and those are in rare supply these days...
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Billy (Michael Douglas) has proposed to a thirty-odd year old, his childhood friends
'Paddy' (Robert De Niro) 'Archie' (Morgan Freeman) and 'Sam' (Kevin Kline) head
for 'Vegas' for the wedding planning to make the preceding two nights before their
pal gets hitched...for the first time, a 'Blast'
As kids they called themselves the 'Flatbush-Four' they are now all in their 70's.
'Paddy' seems to be reluctant to make the most of the reunion / stag-night whilst
'Archie' and 'Sam' are more than ready to join their pal 'Billy' on a 'Vegas' blow-out.
The draw of the tables the bright lights and glamour soon pull the pals in, though
'Paddy' appears to be a slow-starter seemingly refusing to get into the swing.
'Archie' wants to play the tables, 'Sam' just wants to get laid, 'Billy' finds his charms
aren't quite up to speed ?
'Paddy' slowly gets into the spirit by suggesting on their second night they throw a
party for pal 'Billy' inviting as many as would come along.
The four raise the roof in Vegas however their are many reality checks and levellers
for our four party goers before the 'Vegas' weekend concludes.
These guys are of course legendary, they are among the best of what Hollywood has
given us down the years.
There are many genuine comic sequences and frequent laugh-out-loud moments along
the way, genuinely worth a spin.
Features -
* Four Legends.
* The Redloo Party
* Ensemble Support
* Shooting in Vegas
* It's Going to be Legendary.
* Filmmaker Commentary
* The Flatbush Four
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on 1 March 2014
"The last film I've seen in 2013. If you are tired of the whole Hangover schtick that has been throbbing your cinema screens for 4 years, wait till you give a chance and look no further than a better-written, much funnier, less mean-spirited, and somewhat more human take on four guys and life in Vegas with this film, Last Vegas (a pun of its own).

Freeman, Douglas, DeNiro, Kline, and a witty performance from Steenburgen all provide great and humorous performances as cantankerous old men reconciling after Douglas' character (Billy, from California) tries to invite them all to Vegas in light of his upcoming wedding. The film soon boils down to a story about trust, loyalty, and how friends can make irrational decisions for the sake of proving something but the film never deters to a level where the drama overemphasises the script and the comedy reigns high (which is what The Hangover Part III did not manage to do very well with its bizarre mix of dark comedy, crime thriller, and sex farce).

While the film may seem Hollywoodised and sentimental at parts, I did not get this reaction but it felt the tone, treatment, and the whole film was done just right. All of the gang (especially the normally dry and intelligent Freeman) bring their relaxed chemistry into the film and provide some hilarious scenes involving a VIP entry, dealing with some young egotistical show-off, Freeman walking out of his house, and getting drunk off martinis.

It is not a perfect film but it certainly is a nice treat for older audiences to reconcile their past and feel like living again in a similar way that The Bucket List achieved this feat. Unlike another film that deals with reconciliation and pastime memories or behaviour like The World's End (1990s instead of the 1950s), this is not a fantasy or an outlandish scenario piece and nor does it have the kind of aggressive raunch (but this film does have quite a few sexual references itself too) or violence found in The Hangover too making it more appropriate for the 50+ crowd."
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I cannot remember the last time i geninely laughed so much, i had tears streaming down my face.

Billy, Sam, Archie and Paddy have been friends for 58 years. Billy is approaching his 70th birthday and proposes to his 31 year old girlfriend at his mentors funeral. This prompts a reunion of the friends for a bachelor party in vegas of epic proportions.

I honestly thoroughly enjoyed this film, whether its because i am now in my 40's and can look back on my youth with wistful memories and wish i could turn back the clock, or whether its because it was just so well written.

Unlike the hangover which i hated, this is laugh out loud funny.

For example, when that guy from lmfao is hosting a bikini content and the 4 of them are judging it and he whips off his trousers to gyrate his sequin bikini brief junk in robert de niros face, i spat my drink all over the floor, it was so funny.

When they are crashed on the bed with the worst hangover of all time because the room was spinning to find they were on a spinning bed lol

Some genuinely touching moments too, Archie in his sexy red suit dancing up a storm and then having a drink with his son, Sam who had been given permission by his wife to get laid and gave him some viagra and a condom deciding he only loved his wife, billy finally realising that he had love all a long but not realising, and paddy who learned that true love never dies, friendships never waver, and that life moves on.

I think this is however for the older generation 30's and over, because i dont think the teens would "get it", i however thought it was brilliant.
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on 24 June 2014
This is a star studded cast in convincing roles. Not only is the film funny but theres a feeling that the actors will have had a lot of fun filming it. There are some great one liners and for anyone of a mature age its poignantly hilarious.
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The film starts 58 years in the past when four friends are seen in a convenience store in an argument that culminates in an altercation resulting in one of them stealing a bottle of whisky. Fast forward 58 years and they're all about 70 years old and the most prosperous one of the gang , played by Michael Douglas , is getting married to a girl over 30 years younger than him and he thinks that it would be a good idea if he contacted his old friends to meet up for a bachelor party at Las Vegas. The film follows the antics of the old timers and is funny enough and well acted , as you would expect with such a stellar bunch of actors , and contains a nice twist at the end that brings Douglas's character closer to the character played by Robert De Niro who've been bickering throughout the rest of the film. Watch out for the reappearance of the bottle of whisky stolen when they were kids.
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on 6 December 2014
Although I'm astonished at the current price of £17! I'm hoping this is because the item is under review at the moment. However as a film i have already seen, and having read some of the 1 star ratings I felt I should put in my own slice of reviewing. This is a great wee film with a fantasic cast. No it isn't The Hangover but thats because this film is a comedy that you will be able to watch over and over and for years to come all whilst it retains its charm, sincerety, great heart and great great comedy. Some of the jokes are subtle and many are for those who appreciate the fact that these hollywood greats are in their silver years, but they're not willing to let that hold them, or anyone else back. Its a charmer of a film, one I highly reccomend to anyone with a decent sense of humour, and its got a great message with it. Never say its too late because it never is.
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on 5 March 2014
An ensemble cast Paddy (De Niro), Sam (Kline) and Archie (Freeman) get together for one last hurrah, in Vegas, for their child hood friend Billy's (Douglas) stag weekend, yes it's 'The Hangover' but with Sanatogen!

Yes the cast is great, it's a fairly amusing yarn, but all very predictable, the guys have rows, make up, throw party's with a turnout Justin Biebler would be jealous of, Archie's Wife bizarrely let's him have one last fling, even giving him a token Viagra, and well blow me down, he gets the chance with a hot young dame!

All rather silly, women are ogled at and patronised, a fantasy for men having a late life crisis, it all turns out more 'Golden Girls' than the aforementioned 'The Hangover'.
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