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on 19 January 2014
Only had this two days but have worked hard to run my phone down to give it a good work out. I'd say you'll get two charges of your phone out of the device, I did a full charge from about 20% and almost another full charge from 8% before the battery needed charging, although I was using the charge out of the box - probably not recommended.

You can charge the device and your phone but not if both are flat, the device has some electronics in it, or the phone does(?) to prevent it charging when the power is very low, I could hear a noise inside the device like a capacitor discharging when this happened and then it stopped of and the phone stopped charging. The back was starting to get hot, so I'm hoping this is a protection device.

The build quality feels very good for the price and unlike a previous battery case I had this one is made of a tougher rubbery textured case that gives your phone some protection. I would say the case doubles the thickness of your phone and adds about 50% to the weight.

The power connector a standard micro usb is well positioned on the bottom and recessed slightly so the cable is held in very firmly. I now other models have this on the side and the cable can slip out easily if your phone is in the car or somewhere else the cable can easily be knocked out. The power switch again is reassuringly strong and well positioned so there isn't any chance of it being accidentally knocked on, this was a constant worry with my previous case, especially given how warm these devices can get.
I'm waiting for a few weeks before buying my friend one as I know a few people have seen a failure after a few weeks.
Definitely recommend buying one especially at the price, although I won't be leaving my phone unattended when charging for a few weeks until I'm sure it doesn't get too hot.
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on 2 November 2013
Protects phone well. Battery was on 16% I flicked charger on and it was 100% within 45 mins and still had charge left
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on 3 December 2016
At first this case seemed very promising to me. I was actually better design mechanically than other comparable battery cases costing as much as £80 (the battery cell and connectors are all in one physical unit, the micro USB is on the bottom rathe than the corner). However, after working well for the first week, the case began to malfunction. It would not charge fully, only to the point that 3 of the four status lights were lit, comparable to about a 35% charge on the iPhone. Moreover, when the battery charges the phone, it charges intermittently, causing the iPhone to buzz on and off to signal the intermittent charging. Finally, the case seems to be swelling somewhat and I am worried the battery might be failing fully.

The process of refund from Amazon was a little complicated. They say return to them, but what they do not tell you is that no carrier in the UK (at least that I know) accepts batteries, let alone damage ones. However, after a somewhat tense but fruitful online chat with the Amazon returns representative, Amazon agreed to refund my money.
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on 27 August 2015
Great little cases... when they work. Thin and light yet protects the phone well. The lip doesn't come over the screen but I've dropped my phone several times and the screen never smashed.
I initially gave this a glowing review but I've now had three of these, with mixed results.
I had my first one for a year and had no problems with it until I dropped it on it's base and the "on/off" switch snapped off the case. This was the umpteenth time i'd dropped it so I couldn't really complain.
I ordered a new one from Amazon and it arrived the next day, only about 15 hours after I ordered it. Great service. However, the new one I bought wouldn't charge at all once the initial charge had run out. I wrote to BAO Core to complain and they offered to send me a new one for free. Instead I followed the standard returns procedure and got a refund.
Feeling I might have just had bad luck on my second one I ordered a third. This lasted a few weeks without any problems but has now just stopped recognising the USB cable and will no longer charge.
It seems these cases are hit and miss, either that or the company's quality control has gone out the window. It's a shame. The first one I ordered outlasted a Mophie Juicepack! The last two have been poor for different reasons and I have now given up on this product, although I did find their customer service very good.
I'm now trying an iFans case, which I'll give a while before reviewing this time...
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on 13 February 2016
This is a good backup battery case. It fits the phone well whilst feeling protective. This has been used for over a month now and it's still going strong, and charging my iPhone 4s very well. It does add some bulk to your phone but it's a battery pack, there isn't one which doesn't do that (otherwise it would barely charge your phone).

There is one downfall , the top part of the case which is supposed to clip on doesn't 'clip on' like it did when I first got it. It slides off very easily, it can be a little frustrating but I can deal with it. I most likely have just got unlucky as I don't see any other reviews with any similar problems.

Overall it is a good case, and it does what it says on the tin.
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on 24 February 2016

Although it has always been rather slow to charge up the battery in this power-pack I've previously put this down to the cables I was using. However the damn thing has completely stopped working after 7 months of use. So I've reduced my rating to ONE star, something that doesn't even last a year is basically little more than a swindle.

Be Warned :)

================ My Original Opinion ===============
Does what you'd expect. (I gave it a Four Star rating)

These are a great combination of hard-case and battery pack.

Obviously they make the phone much bigger and heavier.

The only reason that I haven't given it 5 stars is that I've seen other makes with better build quality in the past - for similar prices.
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on 6 January 2014
This was for my brother for his Christmas he was delighted with it and it help with extra battery back up too
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on 23 January 2016
The case works fine and gives the phone an extra boost when the battery is fading. It is solid and feels well made, the mobile slides in and out of the case when needed.
The 2 issues I have is the supplied cable is very short and it's also not MFI therefore it does not sync with iTunes; you have to take the mobile out of the case so you can connect an Apple cable to it.
Overall it is a good product but with a couple of small tweeks could be made much better
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on 15 August 2016
An update to my original review below .... got another one of these.... delivered on Sunday and would only charge to less than 50% by the following Thursday. Product very poor but thumbs up to Amazon for refunding pretty much immediately. Will now look elsewhere.

I actually like this charging case for it's design - it's also pretty compact and relatively light in weight for what it is. On receipt of purchase it seemed like great value for money and for a couple of weeks at least did exactly what was required of it. Sadly, it has just died on me and will now no longer take a charge. I was able to return it and have decided to buy the same again in the hope that I just got a bit of a dud first time round. The case itself is pretty sturdy but not the easiest to remove if you need access to your phone for say a docking station. The charger cable supplied is very short but easily replaced with a compatible android charger cable. I am hoping the second one lasts a bit longer (a year at least would be nice) and will happily improve my rating if it does.
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on 7 August 2014
Worst product!!
The first unit I received it was faulty. I complained and they were quick to send another and that worked momentarily but then overheated while charging and the back of the case started to melt. I charged it with my laptop as it is recommended.
If it happens twice it shows how poor the product is. Final word, complete waste of money, DONT BUY!
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