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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 April 2016
This is a thoroughly enjoyable anime TV series about a bunch of high school teenagers who struggle to survive the zombie apocalypse.

This show is set in Japan, and the story starts just as world civilisation comes to an end ... crashing down on those left alive. As it happens, a group of teenage kids were at school, waiting for their next lesson to start. It never did ... everything ended. Now these kids must learn to trust each other, and get along. They have to escape the school and make their way home. Only they realise 'home' is gone. Now they've got to figure out where to head next, as the zombies try to eat them. Finally, these teenagers make their way to a beautiful tropical beach.

The story, although not exactly original, is well done - and there's plenty of action and excitement, involving guns, swords, lust and love. This show is based on a series of comic books (written by Daisuke Sat' and illustrated by Sh'ji Sat' - see [ HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD OMNIBUS BY SATO, DAISUKE](AUTHOR)HARDBACK and [Highschool of the Dead Omnibus: v. 2] (By: Daisuke Sato) [published: December, 2013]) - and much about these comics literally leaps of the page and onto the screen. The animation is excellent, and the characterisation is good. It's amazing how much fun the zombie apocalypse looks! There's some fan service thrown into every episode ... plenty of bra and panty shots, as well as some boob and bum shots, of several very cute young ladies. But the nudity is not over the top.

This Blu-ray is a high-quality product. The entire show of 12 episodes is here, as well as a one-shot ('ova') concluding episode [although, sadly, that's a DVD]. Such a shame that a second season was never made ... I do recommend the hardback omnibus editions of the comic book series (in two volumes).

If you enjoy anime, zombies and titillation then you'll love this!
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VINE VOICEon 29 January 2014
(Blank) of the Dead is hardly an original monicker for a zombie flick (or animated series) and I was weary that this would be set entirely within a school campus, thus limiting the epic scope of a zombie apocalypse. Thankfully the story breaks out of the high school at about the third episode and goes enough places for it to be ultimately satisfying – sort of.

On day one of the zombie outbreak a single zombie appears at the gates of a private school and bites one of the teachers through the gate. Naturally (or un-naturally, rather) he becomes a zombie too and before you know it the entire school is infested. Amid the chaos four very large-bosomed girls and two boys band together, stay the night, escape through the city, escape from the city, and into the unknown world beyond. It's an epic story and there are plenty of beautiful babes with big, bouncing, beautiful boobs and panty shots if you are into that kind of thing.

The show is moderately paced with a few moments of excitement and good characterization. I'd like to see it continue but it's been four years so I think the fate of the characters is up in the air indefinitely.

The Blu-ray features a lovely 1.78:1 1080p picture with DTS HD-MA 5.1 sound. Extras are minimal. The cover proclaims that the OVA “Drifters of the Dead” is also included, but don't get your hopes up. Instead of the absolute ending I was hoping for this worthless addition barely reaches 12 minutes (minus credits and flashbacks) and does nothing. To top it off it's not even on a Blu-ray but a separate DVD. The cover art doesn't state this.
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on 23 March 2016
I'm not a huge ecchi anime fan.and this has the reputation of being one of the worst examples. On the whole the idea's really good, but the panty shots and jiggling boobs totally rob the story of anything other than a shake of the head. If they'd have gone for full bore horror anime, or even just calm the fan service a little then it might be passable. Sadly this isn't my cup of tea and I was disappointed. If it's OK with you to have your intelligence tested and sense of taste attacked then go for your life. If you're looking for something more cerebral or something more horror based look elsewhere.
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on 1 January 2016
Well after having this sat on my shelf for months I decided to watch it. Loved the story (I'd suggest skipping the OVA). Taken a star off as I'm not a fan of unrealistic bust sizes which to me just look stupid and bring down what otherwise could be a totally awesome show.

If you're someone who hates being promised a second season only to be let down (beginning to realise this is really common with anime) then avoid this one.
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on 6 January 2016
Fun with zombies and girls with weapons. - Sums it up.
If you like fun-action-adventure-anime's and you like zombie movies and the occasional fan service, this is your anime.
It is an unusual anime to me, and I brought it with some skepticism, but was positively surprised.
Entertaining overall.
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on 23 August 2015
Having been a fan of the Resident Evil films and The Walking Dead I wanted to see what animes were centered around zombies.

This is a great set, it's pretty sexual as expected, I'm just sad they haven't made a second season :(
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on 29 May 2014
I love this series and whether you buy this because you are a lover of anime or a zombie movie fanatic (I'm both) you will love this. The story is simple - a bunch of Hi-School students survive a zombie outbreak and have to make their way across the city. Along the way they experience romance and thrills. With the usual arousing pleasures from anime and the thrill of zombies chasing you this is the perfect night in.
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on 28 May 2013
I am disappointed about the Blu-ray. Got it today...
The super hot cover artwork was replaced by boring Rei artwork. Cover description say "All 12 Episodes and Drifters of the Dead OVA over 3 Discs", so I expected 13 Episodes over 3 Blu-ray Discs. Now it turns out as the same 2 Blu-ray from standard edition and a DVD with the OVA...
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on 30 May 2013
Ok so I am excited to have the OVA at last but on DVD in a blu ray box set! The artwork is a major let down and I'd rather have had one of the other girls as rei is always focused on too much.
This was supposed to be a sexed up edition but they seem to have lost their nerve at the last minute with the cover.
I give it four stars as it is good value and I like the series but it should have got a five and would have if the cover I thought I was getting had have dropped on the door mat.
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on 18 May 2013
High school of the dead is definitely one of the most entertaining anime shows that has been released to date. If you like sexy, action gun shooting and possible uncertain death by a plaque of zombies. This series is for you. Be careful may be too hot for some ;).
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