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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 22 March 2014
Right. Let's keep this brief:

- This is probably the best looking game available on any console right now.
- The voice acting is top notch and the motion capture is the best I've ever seen.
- Character and power animation is similarly impressive.
- Delsin feels agile and easy to control.
- The power sets are superb and are well explained in game.
- The combat is empowering and requires some actual strategy.
- Seattle is beautifully realised and navigation feels natural. Textures are high-res and the attention to detail is astounding.
- The game never seems to load and there is almost no texture pop-in, which is incredible for an open world game!
- Delsin's enthusiasm for his powers rubs off on the player.
- The karma system adds replay value and, depending on your choices, changes the tone of the game. You'll probably want to play through twice.
- 'Paper Trail' missions are to be added weekly, reportedly providing 5 hours of additional free content.
- The game doesn't take itself too seriously. Its greatest ambition seems to be the pursuit of FUN.

- At 10 - 16 hours, the game isn't short, but it could be longer.
- There are no actual side quests, only 'side content', which often requires players to collect, destroy or spray paint things and is pretty uninspired (I'm not counting the 'Paper Trail' missions as they are not on-disc).
- Delsin's quips can be a little arrogant/cheesy, which might be off putting to some people.
- The karma system doesn't even hint at a full moral spectrum (a-la Mass Effect/Witcher 2), only allowing players to be fully good or fully bad.
- The frame rate occasionally falters, though this is rare.
- The lack of a day/night cycle is disappointing.
- For whatever reason, the game does not allow you to swim, returning Delsin to shore (following a button press) when he enters the water.

Overall rating: 9/10
- inFAMOUS: Second Son joins the likes of Batman: Arkham City, Crackdown and Prototype as one of the best examples of the open world/superhero genre, and is absolutely worth the retail price.
- Recommended to all PS4 owners.

* If you think I missed anything or made a mistake, feel free to let me know and I'll correct it when I have time.
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on 18 August 2014
As a new convert to PS4 after years of being an Xbox 360 player, and having never owned a PS3, I came into this Second Son with no experience of the previous inFamous games. This is the first game I bought for my new PS4, and it didn't disappoint. As a fan of superhero films and games, the plot and powers of the character appealed to me.

The game centers on a 24 year old delinquent called Delsin Rowe, who accidentally absorbs the powers of a superhuman "conduit", and is interrogated by force by the concrete-powered head of the Department for Unified Protection, Brooke Augustine. She and her organisation are out to capture and detain all super-powered humans. Delsin sets off from his tribal home with his straight-laced cop brother Reggie to confront Augustine and topple the authoritarian D.U.P. Along the way he meets others who have great powers, and gets a chance to use them.

This is a really fun game. Delsin's various powers are incredibly satisfying to use, and the fluidity of the controls helps to feel as empowered as Delsin is in the game. You start off with the ability to throw fireballs at people, and as the game progresses you gain other cool powers such as Neon and Video. Enemies can prove quite tough at first if you are a newcomer to this franchise, but after a while defeating them becomes fun and fairly easy. The graphics are superb, the makers of this game really went to town to make the fictionalised Seattle setting seem realistic, with gleaming puddles of water and stunning sunsets and textures. The usually dependable Troy Baker does a good job with Delsin, and the supporting cast are equally strong. The dynamic between the livewire main character and his sensible brother makes for some great interaction. Some have said that they found the main character irritating and cheesy, but I didn't find this in my opinion. It's a shame some of the other characters weren't fleshed out more in the game, rather than just through some stylish cut scenes.

The strongest point of this game are the incredible powers that you collect and upgrade throughout the story. These allow you to disappear through vents, throw fireballs, speed up the side of buildings, fire laser beams, summon an avenging angel and unleash incredible karmic attacks on large swathes of super-powered enemies. The choices you make determine what kind of powers you gain. Save people and avoid killing civilians and you gain good karmic powers, kill people and trash the city and gain bad karmic powers. Whichever one you choose, both are impressive.

On the downside, the game is fairly easy, as I hinted at earlier and in some ways it is a little too simple. I finished it in about 15 hours all together, and although you do get other challenges aside from main missions, they are very easy and repetitive tasks, such as drawing anti-DUP graffiti and shooting down drones. These invariably lead to showdowns with groups of heavily armed soldiers, but they are soon despatched. This does not detract from the fun of the game, however. The morality system in the game is probably the weakest aspect, with the binary system being very simplistic. It's a simple choice of "Good" or "Bad" choices, but the bad choices do not ring true to the character because he is clearly not a bad guy. A more complex morality system would have made the story more interesting.

Overall, I would highly recommend this to casual gamers and superhero fans who are just looking for a good, solid game to get stuck into on the PS4. If you haven't played an inFamous game, don't be put off, as you don't need to have played them to find this an incredibly fun and rewarding.
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on 10 February 2016
Picking up years after the events of Infamous 2; you play as Delsin Rowe, a rebellious young man whose life is forever changed from a chance encounter with a powerful Conduit (superhuman beings). Your newfound powers attract the attention of an anti-conduit force known as the D.U.P. Many conduits are being hunted, leaving it up to Delsin, with the help of his brother, Reggie, to seek out new abilities and eliminate the D.U.P. But the question remains - will Delsin use his powers for evil or for good?

Delsin is a far more fleshed out character than Cole MacGrath (protagonist of the previous games). It's highly admirable that Delsin grows throughout the game, and that the player is very much part of the journey. Subjects of inner conflict and morality work wonderfully well through genuine character interaction. The back stories surrounding support characters are excellent, providing plenty of depth and tone to performances.

G R A P H I C S & S O U N D
The power of the PS4 shines through Second Son's glistening Seattle setting. The lighting is truly the star of the show, bathing streets and city architecture in its glow. Seattle is diversely designed, split into a number of districts and bizarrely terraformed environments. It's the little things such as puddle reflections and microbial particle effects that add to the overall presentation. The animations and character models are excellent. The amount of detail that has gone into facial animations is staggering. The game engine is at its best when Delsin's powers are in full flow tearing up the city. Sucker Punch has put plenty of TLC into the destructive visual effects. The voice acting is right on the money, especially when the banter between Delsin and Raggie is in full swing.

As much as Seattle is wonderfully designed, the city doesn't reach the atmospherics heights of open-world behemoths such as GTA 5. The diversity of the districts show promise, but they are underpopulated and lack immersion. The soundtrack is largely forgettable, never truly matching up to the frenetic action.

If there's one thing that Second Son does immaculately well it is the fact that it makes you feel like an unstoppable badass. If you've played the previous games in the series then you'll feel right at home here. Delsin controls very smoothly, making it very easy for you to parkour around Seattle in a breeze. The game slowly introduces you to the heavy-handed D.U.P. forces, whizzing you around a number of districts to complete missions and bring peace to the citizens. There are a number of side missions which will allow you to graffiti tag buildings, eliminate D.U.P. agents, destroy D.U.P. strongholds, and hunt down blast shards to help upgrade your powers.

Delsin will come outfitted with a range of destructive abilities. The first power you'll pick up is smoke, which is chaotic and highly offensive. Smoke is fantastic to use when clearing large groups of enemies, or even use its swirling goodness to zoom up vents and scale buildings instantly. Neon power uses concentrated beams of light to fire supercharged projectiles, which also enable Delsin to streak up walls. Neon is a harder skill to master since its precision can leave you vulnerable to attack. Video power is quite similar to Neon, but it emphasises mobility and speed. It allows Delsin to temporarily sprout wings and use satellite dishes to boost around the city. Concrete is a powerful ability in our protagonist's arsenal, transforming him into a human juggernaut capable of bulldozing anything in sight. Each of these powers has an 'ultimate' attack, which will just obliterate anything around you. The pay off is quite spectacular! Your energy will always need recharging, so it's best to lookout for lights, smoking chimneys, video screens to recharge from. There is also a handy skill tree to upgrade each power so keep collecting those blast shards.

True to the series, a morality system is in place to guide your evil or good ways. If you wish to be a saviour upon Seattle then you better watch your destructive ways. It's very easy to cause collateral damage and injure citizens. You can perform good deeds such as help citizens or defeat enemies by non-lethal means. The choices you make will determine the ways in which your powers can develop and when you are able to unlock new abilities. The experience really comes into its own when you meet other Conduits; how you choose to adopt their powers will affect the relationships you have with them. The D.U.P. are a resilient force, never shying away in taking the battle to you. It's also impressive how the stronger enemy types will pursue you with brute force no matter how far you're prepared to run.

Unfortunately, Second Son's story mode does not last very long at all. The story starts and ends well, but the gameplay feels far too rushed in the 'middle'. The side missions are ridiculously repetitive, which will have you doing the exact same things at each district.

There's no denying that Second Son is a heavy hitting PS4 title. The graphical sparkle is stunning from beginning to end. Delsin is a likeable protagonist, surrounded by an exquisitely designed Seattle. The gameplay is fun, engaging and never afraid of throwing ultimate power your way. Some derivative and campaign length issues aside; there's no denying that Sucker Punch has poured every bit of their soul into producing this gorgeous game.
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on 28 March 2014
This was one I wasn't sure about but decided to buy it because of the hype. I have to say i thoroughly enjoyed this game from start to finish. Gameplay is fun and interesting plus the graphics are second to none. On the bad side i felt it was a little short!
Definite;y worth picking up though if you can.
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on 3 May 2016
I've been wanting this game since it first came out and got it as a present from my partner. It's an amazing game and great graphically, it really met all my expectations. I found the game simple to grasp although I'm not new to gaming and do play a lot of games. The story line is very interesting and really enjoyable. The super power is very cool. The only downside is that the game is very fast paced and I completed it very quickly. The game allows little freedom at the beginning as with most games, I had a mission but decided that I would go around and take down all the towers and investigate, only to find I failed the mission. I found the best way to unlock the powers is to play it once through as good and once as evil, if you go down the middle you can't unlock them all.
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on 20 November 2014
On one level this is a pretty good game. Graphically it has few equals on console and as such it was/is a great "show off" game for early PS4 adapters. For the most part it also plays quite well and the new super hero mechanics certainly feel a step up from the previous inFamous games on PS3.

However, the problems which manifested in the previous games, particularly in inFamous 2, haven't really been addressed by Sucker Punch. Parkour is still imperfect and can be a cause of frustration as your character routinely gets caught in geometry. The gameplay mechanics also tend to get quite repetitive. The setting, Seattle, is beautifully drawn but is lifeless. Combat can become tedious and a chore as your character becomes a bullet sponge for hordes of enemies who spawn aggressively as soon as they are triggered. The traversal superpowers are impressive but your combat powers feel underbaked and really Naughty Dog should be focusing more on incorporating environmental damage as part of the gameplay, particularly given the extra power of the PS4.

For me the first inFamous game remains my favourite. inFamous 2 really felt like inFamous 1.5 to me, with some retrograde steps. Second Son is a graphically impressive title but in pure gameplay terms hasn't really moved that much further on from the first inFamous game.

Finally, I found the story and the writing to be particularly weak, accompanied by a "phone it in" voice performance from the normally excellent Troy Baker.

Newcomers to the series may enjoy it more than veterans, who may find it far too familiar for their liking.
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on 4 January 2016
I bought my PS4 2 years after the release of this game, at the current price it is a must buy if you're just getting in current gen gaming.

GRAPHICS - I am not a resolution fanatic, I think framerate is most important, and the gameplay here is smooth, with frame drops very few and far between, probably only in busy situations.I can't really recall anything that annoyed me or ruined the experience. The level of detail of the graphics is amazing, really showcasing the PS4's capabilities.

CONTROLS - Easy to learn and get used to, expert action game players will get accustomed in no time. Also to note this is one of the few PS4 games that uses the controller's touchpad and gyroscope in a purposeful way.

GAMEPLAY - It has your typical Open World Gameplay, with main missions and side missions / events and mini-games scattered around the city. My only gripe is that while the main missions are very good (especially boss fights which are amongst the most epic I have ever played) the side missions could get a bit repetitive. I played through the game at normal difficulty and you could easily squeeze 20hrs+ gameplay out of this.

I saw in other reviews the moral choice system is a bit faulty, even if you choose to be a bad guy, it won't affect the story. This depends really on you, I went for the hero path and the story made total sense.

However for the price it is sold at currently, it really it's a no-brainer must-buy!
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on 4 January 2016
I bought this game predominantly for the purposes of trophies, I needed it to play a few of the arena modes in inFAMOUS: First Light (which I had as one of the free PSN games.)
After doing that I then proceeded to play through this game. It is very enjoyable to play through, and is another game that is great for trophies, there are a lot to collect to keep you interested, and they are not overly difficult (overall quite an easy platinum trophy game.)

In terms of replay value, there isn't a great amount - you will probably end up playing through it once doing everything and then a second time playing as the opposite karma to see the other side of the story and the other abilities. After this (if you did everything along the way) there won't really be anything else to do other than just repeating things you have already done.

For the price however this game is (as I say) very enjoyable and is also a great addition for any trophy collectors out there. Anybody who is looking for a game that will give them weeks of playing and endless content - this is probably not for you. For £17 though in my opinion, you can't really go wrong with this.
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on 2 April 2016
I brought this game for my fiancé for his new ps4. The price on here was a lot cheaper than in the shops and it was brand new and sealed as stated in the sellers description. My fiancé had all the other infamous games for his PS3 and really wanted the new game for his ps4 and he was not disappointed. He has played it loads and is really happy.
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on 18 December 2014
The original inFAMOUS was the reason I purchased my PS3 last gen so as a long time fan of the inFAMOUS series I was greatly anticipating this one.

The first thing you'll notice as you fire this game up is how good it looks, I was in awe of the water, sky and lighting as I raced along the beach in the opening moments.

The controls are quite fluid and easy to get to grips with, the character animation is done well here. If you've played any of the previous series installments you'll immdiately feel at home with the games basic mechanics.

The plot is set some time in the future after the events of inFAMOUS 2 and focuses on protagonist Delsin who is on a mission to help the people of his village...or take revenge if you'd prefer. The series morality is still here with various decisions and missons that can be undetaken which will influence how people perceive Delsin and also alter his power set.

I enjoyed playing with the new powers and testing what you could do with each new upgrade. Being able to switch between power types was really cool and helped to mix things up a bit rather than being confined to one set of abilities.

I completed this twice to achieve both endings/outcomes, beyond my two playthroughs I cant say I felt much compulsion to go back to this one, however there is plenty of hours to be had from 2 run throughs.

Although I personally prefered Cole's outings in the previous games, second son is a good addition to the series, a fantastic introduction to next gen and is worth picking up.
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