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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 20 April 2013
Pete's Dragon is one of the very first films I remember seeing at the cinema as a child and because of this it's always been a favourite. I was thrilled to see that it was coming out on Blu Ray, as it meant I could replace my Region 1 DVD that I can no longer play as I don't have a region free Blu Ray player, and I pre ordered it straight away. Perhaps I should have read the small print first! The disc arrived on Monday and I sat down this evening to watch it. A little way in I thought, I'm sure 'Happiest Home in These Hills' was near the beginning of the film, but then decided I must be wrong. 'I Saw a Dragon' then seemed to end a bit abruptly and that's when I started to get suspicious. When 'Candle on the Water' wasn't in it at all I finally realised that there was definitely something wrong. After the film ended I did some searching online and then found out that this is the heavily edited version of the film. Why on earth have Disney decided to release this version instead of the full film? I've dug out my (now unplayable) Region 1 DVD and found out that it's 129 minutes long compared with 106 minutes on the Blu Ray disc. That's a whole 23 minutes missing from the film. The picture quality on the Blu Ray is fantastic and if this was the full version of the film I would give it 5 stars without question. As it is I'm left feeling conned and cheated. Nothing I can do about it as I can't send the disc back as I've watched it now and I can't order the American 35th anniversary edition as that's Region A which I can't play. Why has the full version been released in America when we get stuck with this butchered version? I had hoped that Pete's Dragon may pave the way for Mary Poppins and Bedknobs & Broomsticks to finally be released on Blu Ray. If they're to be treated in the same way then I'd rather Disney didn't bother!
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on 15 December 2009
Petes Dragon has very nice songs and is still a fine movie despite it's age. The Actors are fine and Eliot is loveable.
This version is 128 minutesand that is the longest version you can get and that's good. Nice to finally have the restored versions of the lesser known Disney musicals back. Both "Bedknobs & Broomsticks" And "Happiest millionaire" has been issued finally in their full lenght.
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on 6 June 2013
I cannot belive what Disney UK have done with this release as previous reviewers have stated if you are a fan of this film you are in for a big shock.Dont ask me why but Disney have used a heavily CUT print to the tune of nearly 18 minutes missing from the original release it beggers belief when i check my old DVD copy that is the FULL print running 124 minutes against the BLU RAY at 106 minutes.Several songs have been trimmed but the biggest blooper is the film won the best song oscar in 1977 for "Candle On The Water" a lovely sequence that Helen Reddy sings on the lighthouse balcony in the film this has been completley CUT!!!! and to make matters worst Disney have stated on the back cover i quote "including the 1977 academy award best song nominee "Candle On The Water"who the hell is checking the product before it goes to print this is most defitnely FALSE ADVERTISING im sure BBC WATCHDOG and Anne Robinson would love to take Disney to task over this.There is a contact number on the box for Disney UK 020 8222 1571 they do answer it as well rather quickly when i spoke to them about this complete mess of a release they said they would look into it and get back to me you gussed it im still waiting nearly 3 weeks later.Do not buy this dreadfull UK version get the FULL UNCUT USA BLU RAY fron Amazon it is region ABC will play fine on your UK player and at the current price is 42p more and that includes postage than the rubbish UK copy!! Disney UK need to realise that the public will not be ripped off like this they should be encouraging people to go over to Blu Ray Hi Def not aviod it,sorry to go on a bit but you have been warned by the way Amazon UK REFUNDED me in full when i contacted regarding this fiasco and appologised and were very helpfull 10/10 for them 0 points for Disney sorry lets hope they take note. Mark l Wallasey Merseyside. 6th June 2013.
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on 9 March 2003
Whenever I feel bad or have had an exhausting business day, there is nothing more consulating and fine for me than curling myself up on the sofa, sipping a cup of steaming chocolate with cream and - of course - to transfer myself into the magical world of little orphan Pete and his great, green, of-average-dragon-size friend Elliot.
This movie is, in my educated opinion (as Jim Dale alias „Dr. Terminus“ would definitely say), the best, loveliest and sweetest within the range of Disney's masterpieces.
The story about the value of friendship between human boy and fantasy animal is simple yet touching: orphan boy Pete, escaping from his „Would-be-family“ (the Gogan-Gang, always dirty and using a rude language, who has bought him for fifty dollars plus legals) that enforces him to work hard on their farm, makes friends with Elliot, the giant, green but sooooooo sweet and kind dragon. Together they make their way to Passamaquody, a small town, where people first are quite hostile against small Pete and his dragon. They hold him responsible for several accidents that happen (just because Elliot does not know that cement may be a problem if you step on it when it's still wet....great fun and laughter!). Desperate and feeling hated by the people of Passamaquody, Pete makes his way into a cave near the lighthouse. He is very angry at Elliot who is the cause of all what happened. Luckily, the lovely and beautiful lighthouse keeper, Nora (wonderful Helen Reddy!), finds Pete there and offers him to stay with her and her dad (the unforgettable Mickey Rooney who seemed to be a talented singer as well), and so he does. Of course, Nora does not believe that Elliot could be real. Actually no one does until he angrily breaks into the school where Pete is about to be hit on the bottom by his teacher, Ms. Taylor, for pulling her chair (in fact it was Elliot again!!!). At this particular moment, also a certain Dr. Terminus (great and very well-known actor Jim Dale from the „Carry on“-movies) who is nothing but a quack and make-belief-doctor selling make-belief-remedies becomes attentive to what is going on - wouldn't that be a profitable business selling dragon parts??? From that time on, he and his peculiar fellow Hoagy try to get hold of Pete's dragon. As Pete of course does and can not sell Elliot, the doc and his companion search for another way of finally owning him. They figure out a new murky plan when the mad Gogans come to town in search of their „possession“ Pete. Together the make up a hidious plan that does - luckily!!! - not work out in the end. Go, buy the tape and see for yourself how the story ends!
I particularly enjoy the great melodies and singing sequences of the film. They go into your ear so easily! Not to forget the wonderful, unique and ever so talented singer Helen Reddy as Nora and Mickey Rooney as her clumsy but likeable father.
This film is a treasure to be kept for years and generations to come - I have owned it for a long time myself now and still could not say that any other film I ever saw touched and moved me as much as this one did. A true delight for everybody!
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on 15 February 2014
"Pete's Dragon" like many Disney films from "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" onwards was initially heavily cut-down from it's original 122 minute length on it's release to get the running time down into more cinema-friendly scheduled times. Whole songs and sequences were cut without the director's approval in line with Disney live-action films from that era. 15 minutes of scenes and songs were removed and trimmed solely to fit in more showings.

Although some early VHS versions of "Pete's Dragon" retained these cuts,UK DVD releases and UK television broadcasts have gone back to the correct version of the film, it's this version that audiences are largely familiar with from the last ten years onward.
Then inexplicably Disney release this unwanted and largely unknown cut on the film-collector's format Blu Ray!
US region free editions of the film use the correct FULL version of the film, Disney have provided NO OPTION to view the correct cut here and the packaging does not state it's the truncated version.

This is appalling and misleading of Disney and most of all unnecessary as nobody prefers this cut, the US blu ray release is the full version and blu ray can offer the option to view either cut, all woefully ignored here.

This disc is nothing short of a con and pressing-error of sorts on Disney's part and is worthless at any price. Do not buy.
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on 16 April 2013
my petes dragon dvd has 124 mins on it

my blu ray only 106 ok as stated on write up but we know we cant always take even whats on packet as correct on blu ray 1 hr 45 mins shows

so sorry a whole 3 points lost not sure if usa release has 124 or original 136 minutes

either way I silly me expected to upgrade blu ray from dvd but no once again I cant I hve to have both why do I want blu ray and then lose many minutesa

Disney its not good enough

you will kill the blu ray format at this rate

sorry to knock 3 points off but to lose 20 mins or so from last dvd release I feel warrants such a mark

just put dvd in 2hr 3 minute as opposed to 1 hr 45 mins as said not acceptable

first cut is the opening sequence back to shortened version without

2."The Happiest Home in These Hills" - Lena, Merle, Grover, Willie

ok that's just about forgiveable

but next one is not forgiveable at all

how dare they take out

candle in the water scene and song

its a disgrace and I am going to phone Disney uk now

its a main song and they even put on blu ray at back ther award winning candle in the water

its a con a real con

buyt the us version its all region

go to and get 128 mins at good price and usually stuff arrives in 3 days from florida

just takne it down to one point the thing that put me going down again was the insult of saying incliding the award best selling sog candle on the water

yes ok legally thay can say its tittel song so is sort of there as part of the medley of tunes from the film

but the real scene with Helen reddy singing it at the light house is the definitive version from that film

Disney uk have apoliogised and I amn for first time hopeing to send back this to amazon and hopefully get refund


less than 20 quid dvdworldusa will send me 128 min film b ray and dvd from florida prob 2 to 5 days very good as usual
god it gets worse another of my favourite songs about 4 mins long
Ive got a bill of sale decimated to aboiut one minute

can I give zero I wish I ciuld

on dvd this scene is at 1 hr 30 on the blu ray we are there at 1 hr 15 so u can see even more before that point has been cut but cant recall scene by scen just main points re some songs

its disgusting we spend our money with Disney uk eu and they treat us like idiots

never again from now on I will get all Disney usa releases only
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on 2 July 2013

So yes, this is one of the longest versions available, NOT the heavily edited one to which many of these reviews refer, I can only assume the listing was altered.
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on 3 August 2016
One of my favourite films from my childhood. The songs are brilliant (although my throat always hurts as the young Sean strains to hit those high notes), and while the acting may be a little wooden at times, the fairytale 'happily ever after' gets me very time. The humour and the loving presence of Elliot makes this wonderful family viewing. What's disappointing, though, is that the UK version is the cut version, while the US version is the original version. Although I already have this one, I've just gone and ordered the uncut one.
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on 4 July 2013
Please don't buy this, it's not the full film. The overture is missing at the start, instead it is substituted with Helen Reddy singing Candle in the Water' over the titles. And the scene where she sings it in the lighthouse is cut entirely, as is the opening song 'Happiest Home in These Hills' Then, later 'I Thought I Saw A Dragon' is cut very short.
What a shame. We bought this to replace an old VHS, so the full version was released n the UK. No idea why It should be so edited. We bought an American version, (in a pack with a DVD) the blu ray plays fine on our standard blu ray player. It arrived quickly, no customs to pay.

It is a lovely film, and we in the UK deserve to see it all!
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on 20 May 2014
I'll say this, then I'll review the movie. Yes, this version (Pete's Dragon [Blu-ray][1977][Region Free] is the edited version (it's 106 minutes, or 1hr 46, whereas the other version is 124 minutes, or 2hrs 4). Does this bother me? No. This is the version I watched on VHS when I was younger (for years I didn't know that there was a longer version available - it was only when I looked this movie up on Wikipedia, and it was talking about some scenes and songs that I didn't recognise that I found out). Also, I know that a lot of people on here have been complaining that this version does not have "Candle on the Water" in it and, whilst it's true that that scene does not appear, the song is played over the title/credits at the beginning of the movie (it's the actual song, not just an instrumental version).

Anyway, now that's over with, onto the movie. I like it. It has a great storyline, great characters, good songs, and one of the most loveable dragons in movie history! As for the actors, for the most part they do a good job (especially the late Mickey Rooney as Lampie, Jim Dale as Doc. Terminus and Helen Reddy as Nora).

Elliot (the dragon) is so loveable and so funny, you just can't help smiling whenever he's around, even when he's causing havoc in Passamaquoddy. I was a little unsure about buying the blu-ray instead of the DVD, as I thought that Elliot might not have aged well (being a traditionally animated character in a live action movie that's now in a HD format), but he looked as good as he ever has done. I once read a review of the movie (not on Amazon) that said that Elliot's colour was always changing hue, which to them was distracting. This is true, but if you look closer, you can see that it changes whenever Elliot moves into or out of the light.

Even though he's one of the villains, I can't help but love Doc. Terminus, as he's so funny (and he gets to sing one of Disney's best villain songs EVER). It's clear that Jim Dale had a lot of fun with this role - he takes a character who could have been a classically Disney villain i.e. evil personified, and make him human, but still evil at times. Also, Red Buttons as Hoagy makes a great villain's sidekick/foil.

Now onto the blu-ray. The movie looks really good on blu-ray. I do wish, however, that there were more special features - there's a "making of" featurette, trailers, the original version of "I love you too" and the storyboard for a deleted scene, so there's about the same as you'd expect on an average DVD release, not a blu-ray.

All in all, I think it's worth it.
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