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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 2 November 2014
Finding ordinary foot pumps hard work, this is one of the best Ryobi One+ accessories I've bought. In case you're unaware, this is a 'bare' tool that uses the Ryopbi 18V One Plus Li-On battery and charger system (supplied separately). It is sturdily built and has a blue backlit digital pressure guage that I found easy to read outdoors, and very accurate comparing with a PCL pencil gauge (the best IMHO). After turning on and connecting the thumblock connector the gauge shows the current tyre pressure in ½ psi increments and then after dialling in your desired pressure, you start the pump and leave it to inflate. It looks after itself and turns off automatically once pressure is reached. Topped up tyres to 34 psi in under the minute and it was a lot quieter than the cheap 12V one that I keep in the car.

As tyre pressures increase (eg caravan or trailer tyres maybe) compressors are put under more strain because it has to pump harder against a higher load, which I guess is where many cheap 12V car ones blow the fuse. This unit is rated to 150 psi/ 10 bar and I have no doubt it would be up to the job, but I have not tested that.

It has a separate fan motor intended for blowing high volumes of lower pressure air, for inflatable beds, toys etc. or eg light duty air blowing. By connecting the flexi-hose to the inlet instead, the pump will also deflate airbeds etc. too. Adapters for presta valves footballs etc are included. My only gripe is the low-volume flexi hose is longer than the photos suggest, so it can't wrap neatly around the end of the inflator. I found it gets in the way when you try to store it on the pump, so I leave that in the box.

This is proving a great, labour saving accessory for home use and I'm very pleased with my purchase.
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on 27 January 2015
An excellent review from Alanw sets out the case for the Ryobe R181-0 Inflator. My one concern before purchase was the ability to read the digital readout in really bright sunlight. I need not have worried because the blue backlit digital readout was easily read here in the brightest of Spanish Suns. The digital readout has three degrees of categories namely: PSI, BAR & KPA The range of measurement for PSI is from 2.0 to 150.0. For BAR it is 0.2 to 10.30 and for KPA, the range is from 20.0 to 1030.0. You can move between the categories by depressing the on/off button. For me, this facility, is a great Plus Factor of the Inflator and is worth the entrance money alone.

I found it easy to use and had no problems with the tyres of Two cars and their Spares, Two bicycles and the Pneumatic tyres of Two Wheelbarrows. Admittedly these applications were top ups as opposed to inlating from Flat, but the 1.3Ah battery handled the job well and there was still plenty of juice left in the Tank.

The manufacturer has built into the inflator, an allowance when in use. Say you set your Ryobi Inflator to 32psi then turn on the inflator. It will pump past 32psi and then turn itself off at 33psi. The manufacturer has allowed for the loss of some air when you disconnect the thumblock from the valve of your tyre. Check your tyre pressure again and you will find it will measure 32psi. Very clever.

The weight of the unit with a 1.3Ah battery fitted is 1.9kgs. The overall dimensions are 270mm x 202mm x 174mm. The length of the deflationary flexible tube is 915mm. Its diameter is 28mm. The length of inflatory pipe is 710mm. Its diameter is 10mm.

The deflation/inflation aspect of the Ryobi was tested on an inflatable Sunbed, and like inflating the tyres, presented no problems whatsoever. I found that removing the flexible deflationary tube from the unit when not in use, was an advantage because its length which prevented it from being stowed away completely on the Unit.(Surplus of Tube) On the inflation side of the unit, there was no such issue. The connecting pipe and valve connector, stowed away quite neatly on the Unit when not in use and was a very good design feature.

One other use of the inflator I found was as a Mini Blower for clearing my work bench of sawdust etc. On the Inflation End of the Ryobi inflator, are clipped three small adapters for use on airbeds, footballs etc. I put the Black Plastic adapter into the end of the inflator hose, closed the thumblock to secure it and then turned on the inflator, which then produces a nice steady airflow, strong enough to blow away sawdust and other light debris that had accumulated on the Bench.

This is a stylistic, very modern looking piece of equipment and the designers at Ryobi have excelled themselves in producing this R18I-O One Plus Inflator for the 21st Century.
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on 15 May 2014
If you know the Ryobi One + system you will know that it will not have a battery included. If you already have One + tools this is a great addition to you collection. Easy to use and having the pressure limit cut off makes things easier. Having the three different pressure rates too saves having to convert.
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on 30 June 2016
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. The convenience of a cordless tire inflator cannot be understated. I have a cigarette lighter driven one, and whilst that's more convenient than driving to a petrol station, it's a right Pain In the ... to use, needing to unplug it to do all 4 tyres.

With this one, it's quick and easy to use - set the required pressure, and walk around your car. We have two cars, and it's a breeze to do both cars at the same time.

Also improves safety as it means you check/correct tyre pressure more regularly as it's so easy and quick.
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VINE VOICEon 1 November 2014
Very convenient to use - no longer have to put key in ignition and plug into internal 12v socket. Very important to have correct car tyre pressures, and this tool makes checking & correcting easier - and therefore gets done more often.
I found the gauge slightly under reads, so pump up higher to get correct pressure. Pleased I purchased this.
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on 11 November 2015
This arrived on time and was well packed. It pumped two tyres up quicker than I thought it would and was easy to use. I havn't tried the mattress inflator/deflator yet but I can certainly recommend the tyre pump.
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on 5 February 2015
Sorry just a glorified cycle/air bed pump. I tried to add some air to the tyres of my car and it failed miserably over-heating and finally stopping. It might be a little more viable, if you have other one plus equipment but otherwise there are cheaper and much more effective item out there.
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on 25 May 2015
Inflates tyres well, tops up a 185/75 15 tyre from 16psi to 40 psi in 2½ minutes: it will also do an Ifor Williams tyre to 90 psi, but it takes a while, and gets quite warm.
Auto cutoff when set pressure is reached is superb; you can do something else without worrying about over inflation.
Only four stars though, because airbed inflator is a bit weak and slooow.
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on 4 March 2015
I've recently started purchasing numerous tools from the Ryobi +1 range. This is probably the weakest of the range so far in that the build quality seems not as good as other Ryobi products. This has two hoses, one for pumping up car tyres and another flexible wider hose for blowing off dirt and dust etc. The flexible wide hose is very thin and delicate and I don't expect it to last. There is a small LED enabling you to set the pressure you want to pump a car tyre up to, start it and then it will switch off when it reaches that pressure. That's a useful feature.
You won't want to carry this round in your boot as you won't want to tie up a valuable Ryobi battery on it. It's a garage tool.
A friend who already had one warned me that they 'eat' batteries. He was correct. I fully charged 4.2 amp hour +1 Ryobi battery will probably just about pump up a flat car tyre on one go before the battery will run out of steam. You'd struggle to completely inflate something like a 4x4 tyre or van tyre with one battery. Remember that you don't get a battery with this tool.
I still like it, I'm happy I brought it, but don't expect much. It seems very slow to pump a tyre up. It's useful if you have a caravan or trailer where there may be insufficient lead length to reach a tyre from a nearest 12 volt cigar lighter socket, but you'll need to carry 2 batteries with it to be safe.
You can get 12 volt cigar lighter socket powered tyre pumps that are just as efficient as this for about £20, so you need to keep that in mind. This is a decent bit of kit but with limitations.
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on 3 May 2015
Good for topping up tyres if you need a few PSI ...Ask it to inflate a 14" tyre and it smelt of burning and sounded like a box of spanners. Returned unit plate ( pump not worth repairing?) and got a replacement. Would only recommend for light use. Ryobi EU = Ryobi China.Update..... took old pump apart .. metal gears great find but "plastic connecting rod"which melts on high one off use ... this product will never see out any serious use.
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