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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 2 March 2013
After a great deal of research, I convinced my mum (mid 50's and who has never had a smart phone) that this was the way forward. As you will see from my other reviews, I have the 620's big brother, the 920, and there were so many areas of this phone that impressed my mum that as soon as the 620 was announced I knew it was the way forward for her.

The screen is really very impressive, and ever so slightly bigger than the iPhone 4S. We've been happy with how sharp videos and pictures look and, most importantly, it works well in the daylight while outside. This was something that was important to my mum. We were initially a bit unsure that the screen would be big enough, but the reduced size does mean that it is much easier to hold. My mum simply wouldn't have been able to hold the 920 for an extended period of time so the size of the 620 is perfect for her.

Having never had a smart phone before, she is really pleased with the choice and availability of apps. To be honest this is something that I do think is blown out of proportion by many iPhone and android users. Yes, the total number of apps is fewer in the windows store but really all that is missing is the fringe and obscure apps. My advice, check out the apps that you use the most on android or iOS are available on windows before you make the switch; chances are they all will be.

I'm pleased that nokia have found a way to put the apps like city lens and nokia music on the 620. City lens in particular is something mum has used recently and she thought it was simple to use and intuitive and, most importantly, does what it's supposed to in a really helpful way (she used it to find a restaurant while in Southampton recently).

There's plenty of space available on the phone, with 8gb of internal memory, 7gb of sky drive space and the option to add a memory card. More than enough for almost every user.

The battery is ok, but not anything special. I've tried to tailor this review to the same kind of user that my mum is, that is a light user,and the battery is fine for her. She usually charges it every 2 days. If you're going to be giving this to a teenager, chances are they will go through that battery every day and it might be an idea to get a spare for emergencies.

All in all, as a first experience of a smart phone, this has been a revelation for my mum. The price (either pay monthly or payg) is extremely competitive and as an overall package I think this rivals the lumia 820. I've tried to capture all the relevant points and I can't think of any reason why this doesn't warrant a 5 star review. I'd be surprised if this wasn't the best value for money phone on the market- easily.
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on 17 February 2013
What I can I say about my Lumia 620 other than after 5 days of ownership I am still unable to put it down.

Getting a Windows phone was a fairly big leap for me as a long term Android user but I am very happy at this point that I did.


Delivery was fast and efficient as usual from Amazon:
In the box was the phone ,a manual, earphones(throw these away they are rubbish), charger and cable


This phone requires a micro sim card to work. I purchased a sim card cutter from Amazon at the same time for about £4 There was something slightly worrying about putting your sim in this machine but all was fine and my sim was transformed in seconds.Inserting the sim and 32Gb SD card was simple and quick.

Once switched on the phone booted quite quickly. There was the usual questions about network providers and accounts that you wanted to link to the phone. The whole process was simple and over in less than 5 minutes.


I have not been a big fan of Nokia over the years but the quality of this device has changed my perception of that completely. In the hand this feels like a robust sturdy phone that does not require you to treat it with kids gloves. The removable case slotted easily into position. The phone came with the black one which has a soft matt feel.

The screen is simply stunning, vivid bold colors that look great with games and video alike once you have turned off the annoying auto brightness control!

I am not a big fan of larger screens and the form factor of this phone is hitting the mark so far. Not too big to fit comfortably in my jeans pocket and not too small so that everything is difficult to read.

The battery has proven to easily last a day of what I would describe as moderate to heavy use.

Windows Phone 8

This has been the biggest surprise to me. The overall experience is brilliant, there are a few minor niggles but the good far outweighs any negatives.


The speed of this device is great, there has not been a single stutter or wait in the 5 days of usage. Considering its hardware specs are not exactly headline making in terms of cpu this is a fantastic result. Windows just zips along nicely.

The screen transitions and the overall flow and just nice and give the you the feeling that they have actually thought about the user experience; It all feels very slick/

The people hub is brilliant, all of my updates in one place, simple and easy to use, I have found myself using this instead of the individual apps.

Nokia's apps that come with the device and are available mainly for free in the store are fantastic. The Nokia drive app is a significant selling point on its own. It is so much better than the google Navigation app on my android. The city lens and maps function are also great additions.

XBox integration is seamless and intuitive. Smartglass works well and I like the consolidation of gaming into the one hub.

Office comes for free and appears functional for reading documents and presentations. One note integration is excellent. Surprisingly Skydrive wasn't pre-installed and I had to download it, this just works really well.

Kids corner is a great addition to the OS, I dont have to worry about my 6 year old being able to get into things he shouldn't whilst playing games on the phone. I had something similar on Android but that was a bit clunky. This works a treat and is simple to configure.

One feature i love is the ability to decline an incoming call with a text message from a standard list of responses.

Bad points:

My one major annoyance so far is the lack of independent volume controls for ringtones and media. If I have had music up quite loud then when the phone rings it is also very loud. I have not found a way yet of setting these independently other than remembering to turn it down.

Windows phone 8 has an app called datasense that tracks you phone and data usage on your mobile network, This unfortunately has to be enabled by your carrier and vodafone have not yet done so. I miss the "my vodafone" app that I had on android.

No native Sonos app! I have found an alternative called Phonos that works well but would have been nice to have the real thing available.

My one fear with Windows phone before purchase was the app availability,but this has not really turned out to be a significant issue. everything I want is there apart from the couple mentioned above.


All in all I love the Lumia 620 . the wonderful Nokia's hardware and apps, Windows 8 just zips along and is simple and intuitive. Live tiles works as a concept and the platform feels surprisingly mature. So far it has been bullet proof with no crashes or issues at all.

This is a great phone at this price point and comes whole heatedly reccomended
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on 1 April 2013
Easy to use. Adequate choice of Apps. Nokia navigation with downloaded maps works fine. Easy to configure so that Internet is only available over wifi which is vital for PAYG customers. Office apps work! Yahoo email perfectly OK. Screen size fine. On-screen keyboard might not be suitable for someone with big fingers. Brilliant for something which only costs three times as much as a tank of petrol. Above all, no need to worry about Google hoovering up your personal data or signing up to Apple for life.
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on 15 June 2013
Going to keep this short and sweet. Firstly there is no option to turn off vibration when pressing the home/back button, it detracts from the user experience. Silent electronics ftw. Secondly, the on screen keyboard needs tweaked, its too far north on the screen due to some short cuts, which could easily have been on another screen, occupying the bottom of the keyboard. The battery isn't brilliant as other reviewers have expressed. Apart from those issues, i think this device is good for the money. Its straightforward, call quality is good, the major apps are there and I didn't have to auction a kidney to get this.
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on 3 February 2013

Since my original review I've discovered a few more bonuses:

- Cloud backup - You can backup your phone and reinstall without losing your settings. I was surprised that my wifi settings were intact and it recognised them immediately.

- Xbox - if you have an Xbox profile, you can use it to play games and it synchronises across devices. Some games, like Skulls of Shogun and Galactic Reign, you can start on one device (like phone) and complete on another (like Windows 8 PC). Each game you buy with Xbox input you can collect points along the way. On Games in Windows 8, you can see what you've collected points for and from which games.

- Nokia Music - this by far has been the biggest bonus for me. Until Nokia Music I never used my phone as a music player. If you don't mind a mix of music, you can get some great mixes which will see you through any journey. You can listen online or download the playlist to listen offline (only a maximum of 4). I've upgraded to Nokia Music+ as a result. Incidentally there is a more expensive Xbox Music which allows you a 30-day trial, which is slightly different.

For a shutterbug like me, two good photo apps from Nokia - Glam Me and Blink. While the former is an exercise in vanity (uses the front facing camera and lots of airbrushed shots, thus the "Glam"), the latter is very good for taking a quick series shots of evasive subjects :) The Nokia Windows Phone apps are great, can't fault any of them to date.


I use an Android phone, and since installing Windows 8, like the previous reviewer, I wanted something I could use with my pc's operating system. Originally I wanted to buy the Lumia 610 but decided to wait and see what the Lumia offerings were for Windows Phone 8. I'm not disappointed with the Lumia 620.

Yes, it's light, very light. I like the size, which is probably the size of the old HTC Desire or iPhone 4S as I can do things single handedly. When you open the phone (pressing on the camera to leverage the cover off), you think "oh, Micro SIM cradle" but on further inspection it's for the MicroSD card. It was no end of fun pulling out the little cradle beneath to put my MicroSIM in - you have to get it flush into the little tray, then slot the little SIM tray in just right. Took me about five minutes (think I was a bit too excited which made the process take longer!) but I finally did it :) By the way the screen is glass, not Gorilla glass, and the case is a matted black.

The things I don't like:

I can't use my own music as the ringtone. Despite following the instructions (the file has to be non-DRM and less than 30MB), you have to plug your phone into your computer, move the file to the "Ringtone" folder on your phone, and it should be available under Ringtones. So far it still hasn't happened for me.

Battery life - ah yes. I downloaded a battery monitor and turned off everything that needed turning off (location, wifi, data) and switched on "battery saver" in Settings. My phone was saying 68%. Left work and it was still saying the same. Switched on data and noticed battery saver was activated, but the phone was still saying 68%. On tapping the app, my battery was at 8%! In my research, turns out that, unlike in Android or iPhone, Windows Phone updates the battery status every 30 minutes. Seriously. And the battery will drain quickly if you do anything like listen to internet radio or browse on the go. Be warned - the battery charges quickly and can also discharge quickly, so you may want to get a backup battery or an external battery pack. And I'm using a much better battery monitor.

Notifications - the only time I see this work well is in Windows 8, not Windows Phone 8. However there is no notification bar as such in Windows Phone 8. If you are having an IM conversation, don't use the back arrow because if you do, you don't see or get the reply of the other person. Pressing the Windows button leaves the app open so a notification will appear at the top of the screen. You may get the odd notification sound, but no notification bar indication. If my phone indicates there is a message, I have to look at all the Live Tiles and see which one is highlighted to know whether it was a text or email or IM.

Things I like:

You can circumvent some of the settings, ha ha ha! I wanted to change the lock screen photo, and decided to Bluetooth it from my old phone to the Lumia 620. Sweet, it worked! And rather than sync, you can transfer files with little hassle via Bluetooth or USB cable. So no need to necessarily install additional software on your pc to move things to your phone.

Live Tiles - much to my shame, the screen is now choc-a-bloc with tiny tiles. Cram em all in I say!

MicroSD card and replaceable battery - need I say more?

People complain about the Windows Phone store, but to be honest I have found most of the apps I need there. One thing I did research before buying was that the apps that were important to me were there. So don't buy and then complain there aren't enough apps or the apps you want there. At the moment only the black or white colour options are available, but other colours will be available from late February and at some point we should be able to buy the shells separately. I can't wait to get me a green one!

So there you have it. Be warned there's no FM radio built in, and sometimes you do have to do a few taps to get to where you want, but overall not enough to put me off. It lost a star because of the battery life - my 2-year old Android phone of a similar size has a more powerful battery than the Lumia 620. Despite that, I would say that if you can live with the shortcomings and want to get your feet wet with Windows Phone, try the Lumia 620.
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on 1 February 2013
I always used to own Nokia. I had a 5300 music phone which I loved and moved on to the Nokia 5800 which was a brick! Of course I eventually went to iPhone for its innovative design and os. Sadly its now behind the times. I have been following the windows phone developments for a while now and I've not been entirely enthused about the other, more cumbersome Lumias. Once I saw this though I knew it was meant to be!

First off - it's very light! As a former iPhone 4 owner, its a joy to hold. The case is made from special material (polycarbonate did I read somewhere?). It clips off by pushing the camera hole at the back - its easy. The phone part that comes out is then even lighter - its hard to believe such a great phone is so small.

The micro sim card goes in behind the battery - which is another reason I'm happy - I can finally carry a spare battery again! The micro SD card also goes here - a whopping 64gb its great - got loads of videos and music on. However, a fantastic app is the Skydrive app, so I can access all my stored videos online too and download them straight to the phone.

Yes, the Windows app store is not as full as the iStore - but to be honest they have the essentials - Skype, whatsapp, facebook, kindle, viber (which can only do texts at the min). It's missing spotify but Nokia music is very good allowing you to choose songs to sync in an offline mode, similar to spotify premium. I'm currently liking the many gym workout mixes it has and I love the ministry of sound app. There are also numerous camera app, panorama mode etc; and a mode where you can make photos move like on Harry Potter!

The live tiles are great and give you up to date information. Windows 8 is great, very modern feel and very fast. It takes a few days to get used to, especially if you come from another os. There are two main screens - your live tiles front screen and then you swipe to see a list of all other apps alphabetically. The live tiles can be resized and moved around with ease.

The battery can be seen from the main screen and to be honest I am very VERY impressed - I have it on standby overnight next to me as I sleep it might have been charging as it was in my computer. I go to sleep, wake up and 8 hours later its on 99%! Also I use bluetooth headphones for music which can drain bettery quickly, but again not in this instance I can got for a an hour and a half ride and the battery has gone down about 10% with the bluetooths - far superior to the iPhone!

Okay, okay you're gonna start thinking I have been employed by Nokia to bash the iPhone! Don't get me wrong, I loved my iPhone, but I wanted a phone that worked alongside my computer (I'm a microsoft fan) and had a micro sim so I could just copy music over rather than sync all the time! I hate syncing! Luckily with this phone I can do that!

I thoroughly recommend this Nokia - a great phone at a fantastic price! Hope you enjoy it...
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on 21 June 2013
For me a Smartphone needs to have the following:

* Clear, vibrant screen.
* Easily replaceable battery.
* Expandable memory.

I walked into a phone shop a few months ago to help a friend buy their first smartphone. The Lumia 620 with its bright screen and colourful tiles instantly stood out against the competition. The 620 has a smaller than average screen by today's standards, but it's incredibly beautiful with a 'clear black' display as they call it. It makes black... black! and all other colours pop against it. This makes reading text in e-mails and eBooks pin sharp.

I've now had the phone for a month and the Windows phone OS is silky smooth. Social apps like Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn etc are all available, as well as WhatsApp and Viber. There's also a helpful on-line community at WindowsPhoneCentral who can assist you with any phone problems hardware or software related, along with a handy collection of tips & tricks you didn't know your phone could do!

Playing with the rest of the Nokia Lumia range in the shops from the cheapest Lumia (520) to the most expensive (920), it's clear they all have the same fluidity and gracefulness, and that is something! I've used two smart phones previously; a Samsung Wave GT-S8500 (running Samsung's own Bada OS) and a 3rd hand iPhone 3G (borrowed from my nephew). The old iPhone beats the Samsung and the Lumia for ease of use. It's incredibly intuitive with excellent power management. I'm sure a new modern iPhone would knock seven bells off the 620, but that's not a fair comparison, as a new iPhone is at least £300 more expensive!

I bought the Lumia 620 because I wanted an relatively cheap smartphone that is fun, fully featured, fits in my pocket and has an upgradeable OS that can take advantage of new features the moment they become available. An iPhone can do this, a vanilla Android phone can do this (though I would have to pay a minimum £239 to get that phone; a Nexus 4, with 8Gb fixed capacity and irremovable battery, failing my particular phone requirements). It's been confirmed that the Lumia 520-920 range will receive all Windows Phone 8 upgrades, so it's not like the lowliest model of Lumia will be left out.

Battery life is decidedly average, lasting just over a day with light use ('light' being checking e-mails, an hour's worth of internet, an hour of phone calls, hour of music and a handful of texts). The good thing is it's easy to pop the back off the phone and replace a worn battery. A new one costs £7-10 on Amazon. A higher capacity battery (>1300 MaH) would improve things.

The Lumia 620 can accommodate a 64Gb memory card. By comparison a 64Gb Sim-free iPhone would cost me £650+. An unskinned Android with removable battery doesn't currently exist, but it would probably cost much more than a Lumia 620 couple with a 64Gb card. Try comparing an Android phone of a price equivalent to the Lumia 620. You'll find they don't have the Nokia's lovely screen, and the OS on such hardware is noticeably more clunky, with visible delays as you move between screens and apps.

The Nokia camera on the 620 produces good results, with realistic contrast. It also features plenty of customisation thanks to the pre-installed Nokia camera software. The Windows Phone 8 update in July promises further camera refinements.

E-mail is functional, but suffers from oversimplification. By default it only shows you the last seven days of your inbox, and it was painful trying to find the solution in the settings. I actually had to ask on-line because the solution was masked by my insistence of turning on the battery saver of all things! On an iPhone you simply scroll to your oldest e-mail and then hit the 'load older messages' link, simple! Windows phone doesn't do this, and it really needs to pull its finger out and understand why iPhones make the simple things work so flawlessly. Because it's the simple things we'll be using 90% of the time!

Another example; the Calendar app is the stupidest I have ever seen. Containing tiny text with incredibly restricted settings (I can't set up fortnightly reminders for example!). They NEED to sort this ham-fisted muppetry out. If you switch to 'Month view' you cannot read anything! Just a tiny illegible squiggle that suggests you put a note against a date, but you have to drill in to see what that note/reminder was. Touch a day in an iPhone calendar and you'll get a clear caption at the bottom explaining what that note/reminder is.

The music app is equally inferior to Apple's. For a start there are two music apps preinstalled (why?), and neither work well. You have to move between screens to select different songs! The shuffle function does an inept job of shuffling, and the equaliser isn't great either. So you can either wait for these issues to be sorted with updates, or you can download a 3rd party music app. Whatever the case, such applications should work perfectly out of the box. Especially applications that people are already so familiar with on other devices. Fix the bread and butter stuff!

I'm willing to put up with this for now because Windows Phone is a fledgling operating system compared to Apple and Android, and I'm sure they had glaring omissions and bone-headed ideas at first too. For all my grumbling, I do like the 'feel' of this Windows phone. It's deftly quick and intriguing to use. This is a good thing, the old iPhone 3G I was using did everything right, but it was dog slow. For example, it took seven seconds between clicking on my text messages and them finally opening! On the 620 its instantaneous. When they iron out some of the completely dumb issues the usability will improve immeasurably, and that'll be great usability on a phone that's already flying (apparently Windows phone is very highly optimised to give excellent performance on minimal hardware).

So what have they got right? Well I love the People Hub, the Local Scout and Nokia maps (which as someone else here said; you can download maps and use offline to get you from A to B). Voice recognition is fantastic; I can dictate text messages, e-mails, or do a web search. It's a great time saver and natural to use. Also the tiles; the way you can reshape and place them anywhere, and pin anything; from websites to groups to people and locations... all animated, buzzing and flipping! The phone feels alive and punchy, and over time you'll select and size the phone tiles reflect you. The idea is that the tiles come to represent a patchwork of your life. The phone becomes a part of you. I don't mean that to sound freaky or all tech-lusty... but it is a solid concept!

For the money I think this is a great phone. It will get better over time with software updates bringing in centralised notification and whatnot. It will also improve as you personalise the tiles to suit your interests.

The tile idea has real value. Everyone I've shown this phone to likes it, and likes playing with it (and that's before I've even put one of the colourful Nokia shells on!). Now obviously I would love a Galaxy S3 or S4, or an iPhone but this little phone is finding its own way and I'm happy I took a chance with it, and think it will improve over time of ownership.

[UPDATE] Since writing this review I have fitted one of the coloured shells to replace the standard matt black cover. I must say it makes a hell of a difference! Nokia have developed this process called 'dual shot', where two colours comprise a single shell, a lot like a Kinder surprise egg! However, the colour of the inner shell reflects through the outer shell, resulting in this lovely premium gloss appearance. It livens up the phone no end, and really makes it stand out (I chose the yellow and green shell). Also the material of the shell doesn't slip through your grasp like the phone tends to with the standard cover (well, with me anyway). Well worth the money!
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on 2 July 2013
I bought the Lumia 620 to replace my HTC Radar Windows 7 Phone, not because it was dead, but because I wanted to upgrade to WP8. So of course many of my comments will compare the two handsets, I was already familiar with the WP user interface.

I found the HTC an excellent phone, especially considering it's price bracket of <£200.
Most new smart phones, whatever the brand, are getting bigger and bigger, are not 'pocket friendly' and have heftier price tags than I wish to entertain. A new phone for me had to fit in my jeans pocket, without making me out of pocket.
The 620 is again around the £200 mark, and near enough the same size as the Radar and quite a bit lighter, so good on that front. One might argue that it doesn't have the same premium feel about it, but that is not an issue to me.

Functionality comes before style for me, so here we go.

As an O2 user in the UK, I can say the essential factor of phone reception is excellent. The Lumia gets a good signal anywhere in my house, whereas the HTC would drop calls in certain rooms. The call quality is generally very good with adequate volume available. The speakerphone function is also loud and clear.

WiFi reception is also superior to the HTC. I get a good signal at the end of my garden.

Integration with Exchange mail and just about any other mail system is superb. You can choose to keep your different email accounts separate, or view them all together should you prefer that.

The camera is a bit of a disappointment; while like the HTC it's a 5MP device, it is nowhere near as good for close up work. I take a lot of shots of small components on my desk, and unlike the HTC, the Lumia just can't do a good enough job here, and I find myself reaching for my compact digital camera. It's also very slow to focus compared to the HTC which makes low light conditions or moving objects difficult to capture. Also while I'm on the camera subject, the 620 doesn't seem to have the option to vary the image resolution settings. I'm not sure if this is a WP8 thing, or manufacturer specific.

Kid's corner is a great idea. I can now let my 2 year old daughter play games on my phone without fear of her accidentally buying me a new game, or worse still, deleting important contacts or emails! I just need to find a screen saver that can stand up to her sharp scratchy nails for more than a few days!! The 620 does not have Corning Gorilla glass, but is said to have scratch resistant glass, however I don't want to chance permanent damage to the screen just yet, so a protector is used.

The inclusion of Nokia's offline mapping tool 'Here' is another reason why I chose Nokia over other brands, offline mapping is really something I missed on the HTC, having used the excellent TomTom mobile on previous phones. The A-GPS finds my location very quickly, even inside office buildings, and the inclusion of a compass is handy too. The City Lens tool seems a bit of a gimmick, but I guess it's useful if you travel a lot and find yourself in unknown towns and cities looking for somewhere to eat.

And while I'm on about being out and about, I'll mention how the screen really can be seen well outdoors on a bright day. Unlike the HTC, I don't need to shade the screen with my hand to see it.

I'm not really one to listen to music on my phone, but Nokia music offers limited free access to radio shows. These can be downloaded for listening later when you're offline. This handy, as I prefer not to have a data contract for my phone when there is so much WiFi generally available.

One silly niggle is with the charger. Like many phones these days, the charger consists of a 'brick' and a USB cable that doubles as a data and charging cable. In this instance I have found that the USB port on the charger is a poor fit with the cable, and doesn't always make contact. Sometimes I plug the phone in when I go to bed, only to find in the morning that it hasn't charged. Fortunately the phone charges very quickly, and is usually ready to go again by the time I need to leave the house.

Well that's covered the areas that are important to me. Overall I'd say I am happy with this phone. I think whenever one changes phone there are always a few gains and losses over what you have been used to, but it doesn't take long to adjust to them.

Overall ratings - I'm going to knock a star off for the camera's short coming, and the charger issue. Although I keep reminding myself how this is an entry level £200 smartphone, not a £400-500 all singing, all dancing monster-sized piece of tech. As such I think it performs really well in most areas.
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on 5 May 2013
I also own the Lumia 800, which I was satisfied with, but there were some things missing in it which I desired:
* Downloadable maps
* Expandable memory
* Latest Windows Phone 8 platform

So this is where I found myself when I started looking at the mobile phones market. I should also add that I have had 3 different Android phones in the past, but my experience with the Lumia 800 (bar the drawbacks mentioned earlier) convinced me of Windows Phone's superior performance as a platform. Even high spec Android phones had enough interface lag for it to be irritating. The Windows interface in contrast is elegant, snappy, and intuitive. Though the overall number of apps are fewer, the ones I use most or comparable alternatives exist, hence it has not been a problem for me. Whatsapp, Kindle, Viber, Skype, Evernote, music/video players, Maps, GPS navigation apps are all present. I find the claims from the Android/Apple camps of a poor app store baseless. I had no qualms about continuing with Windows Phone, rather than reverting to Android.

Well, this is where I was. I did not want to spend on an expensive handset...I gave myself a sub £200 budget. The Nokia Lumia 620 stood out.
* It runs on Windows Phone 8, so supports the excellent and free Nokia Here suite which provides downloadable maps
* A micro SD slot
* Beautiful sharp and vibrant screen. It is not big, but I prefer smaller phones easier to hold and carry.
* Additionally it includes NFC and a front-facing camera.
* Windows 8 has all the apps I need, and the store expands as I write

All for £160! I bought it!!! I have had it for a week, and am thoroughly satisfied. I am a moderate user...checking email, IMing, eBook reading, occasional calls, occasional music, and a single charge sees me through a working day comfortably.

If you think you're a similar user to me, you won't regret going with the Lumia 620.
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on 27 July 2013
Have just updated to the Nokia and am pleased with it. It was easy to set up and I did it myself. I went into my provider and got a micro sim which took less than 5 minutes and everything fell into place after that. It is a very easy phone to navigate and has lots of free applications. Even the battery takes a lot longer to discharge than it did on mine. The one downside is that it doesn't have Mobile Internet Usage which I had on my last one that keeps you informed of how much data you are using each month, so you don't go over your limit! Very easy to use and I would recommend it to anyone, younger or older.
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