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on 1 October 2014
Defiantly the best monitor I have ever used.

Please do bare in mind that this is a TN panel. If you are doing any serious art work then I would not recommend this monitor.

The first thing i noticed when I booted up the monitor was the frankly awful colour and its brightness. This did take a while to get right but once I had it I was amazed. The kind of quality from a TN panel is extremely impressive. Definitely worth doing, even if you don't care much for colour I cannot recommend adjusting it enough. Just do it. It is night and day difference.

144hz is an amazing experience when playing fast pace games like FPS or racing games. I own a gtx 770 and it is more than enough to show off the extra refresh rate. It is an amazing experience and I am sure i will find it hard to go back to 60hz if I ever need to.

The 3D I have NEVER used. I have no intention of ever using it. I bought this monitor for the refresh rate and it is more than worth it just for that.

The only problem I have with it is the base of the stand. The design of it does not look good in my opinion. I would have much preferred a plain black base. That being said it is a vesa mount so if I wish I can easily change the stand to whatever I wish which is compatible.

For all wondering, these are my settings:

Monitor settings
Standard mode
Brightness - 35
contrast - 80
Color temp - user mode
R 96
G 96
B 96
Trace free - 60

ICC Profile:
Asus VE248.icm

Nvidia Control Panel
Brightness - 30%
Contrast - 50%
Gamma - 1.00
Digital Vibrance - 73%
Hue - 0
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on 2 March 2013
I've been waiting for this monitor for years.

A quick background - thanks to consoles and the HDMI standard, the industry has settled for 60Hz and concentrated on graphical effects instead. That's OK for playing games on a TV, but it results in jerky first-person shooters and driving simulations. When your reactions don't appear to affect the display instantly then the experience becomes remote and unrewarding, and it is more difficult to achieve your best performance or improve your skills. The human eye can notice the difference between hundreds of frames per second (ignore people who tell you it's 24 FPS - that is a *minimum* for achieving convincing motion, not a maximum). Basically, PC gamers were missing the fluidity of old 1990s CRTs that could do refresh rates of 100Hz and more.

Out of the box, this monitor has poor default settings (they all do) and it takes a fair bit of time to get it looking OK. You must expect to compromise on color, dynamic range and view angles, so don't buy this monitor if you do photo or art work at a professional level. One annoying omission is the lack of a Gamma setting, particularly as it is very high at the start. So I've had to use the controls in my graphics card configuration software instead (AMD Catalyst Control Centre) to set it right down to 0.55. Only then could I sensibly configure the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Sharpness on the monitor (5, 50, 30, 50). You might want to google "lagom lcd test" for more information, and you will need to run the Windows ClearType application too.

Getting the maximum of 144Hz on the desktop is as easy as changing your Control Panel Display Settings, but some older DirectX games don't have an option for refresh rate, and you have to set the "ForceRefreshRate" registry settings, which work on all versions of Windows:

ForceRefreshRate=dword:00000090 (144 in hexadecimal)
ForceRefreshRate"=dword:00000090 (144 in hexadecimal)

Consequently I would have appreciated a quick way of checking the current refresh rate within each game (my old monitor showed it in the OSD menu) but the well-known FRAPS application can be used to check the frame rate is 144 instead.

This monitor does have extra functions for 3D, aimpoint crosshairs, timers, and smart contrast (ASCR), but I haven't used those.

Squeezing 144Hz out of a TN panel is impressive, and the claimed negligible input lag made a difference - I'm scoring better online already. The other monitor with a comparable specification is the BenQ XL2411T, but that only has a color gamut of 72% which is unacceptable to me as I occasionally do some graphical design work.

So thank you ASUS - but now I'm eager for a 200Hz panel with IPS-level quality!!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 February 2014
I was previously using a 1440p Dell IPS panel but found it was too big (issues with peripheral vision) and too slow (blur/lag) for competitive online gaming.

So I bought this monitor due to its response times and refresh rate.

From a gaming perspective this screen delivers. Out of the box I went into NVIDIA control panel and set the refresh to 144hz. I then used MSI Afterburner to cap my frame rate at 150fps. I immediately noticed the benefits just moving the mouse pointer around in windows. Games are way smoother and you can easily see the difference between 144hz and 60hz.

I can now play games like Counterstrike without having to use VSYNC (creates input lag) and without screen-tearing. I found that running at 120hz still gave me screen tearing so I am glad I got this monitor with its extra speed because at 144hz I cannot detect any tearing at all. I cap the frame rate to stop my cards running at 100%/300fps and wasting electricity/generating unnecessary heat/noise.

There is no tearing when the fps is capped just above 144 (i.e. 150) or if it is uncapped. If I cap it to 144 or lower I do see a lot of tearing.

As for the negatives, well the settings out of the box are absolutely ridiculous. There are many sites that tell you what to set the brightness, contrast and colours to. Brightness in particular was way over the top.

Also compared to my old IPS screen it really does look poor. It is all relative of course as it doesn't look bad by any means for a TN panel, it just looks no where near as good as an IPS. I mean not even in the same league - they are light years apart. If you aren't gaming online or are just playing single player games then avoid this monitor at all costs and buy an IPS screen.

However I cannot mark this down for its poor comparison with IPS screens as let's face it if you are reading this you are looking for a specific niche gaming monitor and you know exactly why you are making the sacrifice. So I am only deducting one star for the terrible default settings out of the box.

Aside from that it is a solid 4 out of 5 stars. I will likely buy another screen in 6 months or so when GSYNC monitors are released and hopefully before long IPS panels will deliver the speed and responsiveness of monitors like this so there won't be a trade off any more. You might want to consider whether it is worth spending now or holding on for 6 months.
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on 26 September 2015
Great monitor, but if you plan on buying this you will need to use an irc profile to improve the display settings or fiddle with it your self to get the colours right. Overall great Monitor both gaming wise and aesthetically.
review image
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on 2 May 2016
So far, so good. It was a gift. the quality is amazing. It's being used for gaming (Overwatch, WoW and such)
The FPS games are amazing on this screen.
As for the little time that it has been used I would recommend it to any gamer/regular user.
review image
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on 21 November 2013
I've got two of these monitors. Asus build a nice monitor but they aren't without issues. I have had zero dead pixels so great there but light bleed is dire... I can live with it but be warned!! refresh rate is great for gaming 144hz= fantastic. Colours well expectable and menu functionality good too. I have my xbox hooked up via hdmi when im not using the pc. I've also tried 3d too and cross talk is visible to annoying. Good for gaming but for a price point 3 stars. Sorry Asus..
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on 19 August 2015
WARNING: Extremely long review ahead:

I've been playing CSGO for almost a year now and I am Legendary Eagle Master. After using a 60hz 5ms 21.5 inch monitor for the majority of that time, I can say that switching to this monitor was the best thing I ever did.

I had to order a Display Port to Mini Display Port cable with this monitor to ensure that I got 144hz, the monitor came with a standard DVI to DVI cable and its power plug (there may have been one other). But be sure to order a Display port cable if ordering this monitor for its excellent 144hz.

Upon start up with this great monitor, I had to open up AMD Catalyst Control Centre (it may be a different program for you depending on your video card) and change the refresh rate from 60hz to 144hz, as it doesn't do this automatically - just a shout out to anyone new. The difference I noticed was just outstanding, the colour difference too. Looking back at my old monitor just makes me cringe, the colour and smoothness of this monitor is absolutely outstanding and I couldn't think of having anything better that could be noticeable.

After spending 30 minutes dragging windows around my desktop and comparing it to my other monitor next to it, I booted up CSGO. The difference in gameplay was outstanding, it actually took me about a day to get used to the extreme speed I was witnessing and the incredible colour difference there was on all my gun skins.

General gaming on this monitor is the best it could ever get, it just makes any game seem like it's running 100x smoother than before, even playing games like 'Ark: Survival Evolved' that don't run well on many PC's seem to be overall just smoother in terms of gameplay.

ALSO: I have to give credit to the AMAZING monitor stand it comes with which literally allows you to tilt and turn your monitor however you want, absolutely outstanding - 10/10 monitor and would recommend to anybody.
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on 6 January 2013
I bought this as a 2D PC gaming monitor so I cannot speak to the quality of 3D, which needs to be purchased separately. That being said, this monitor has way more cons than pros. Here are the details.

-Monitor design is pretty nice
-No Dead Pixels
-Native 120hz/144hz looks great and is a vast improvement over all the 60hz monitors/tv's out there, especially if you have a graphics card that can give you high frames per second while gaming.
-2ms response time is very fast and very necessary at 120hz/140hz

-Horrendous light bleed from the top, bottom and sides of this monitor, it is especially bad on the bottom. It makes watching movies very distracting. Letterbox movies will have bright light showing all around the monitor, and, full screen movies will have color distortion all around the edges, regardless of what brightness/contrast settings you choose. Google it and there are many videos on how bad it is.
-Major clouding and uniformity issues, very apparent during darker scenes.
-Out of the box monitor picture is pretty darn bad
-Connectors are fairly limited with only 1 HDMI and no USB side slots
-Monitor functions are fairly limited
-Monitor calibration takes a long time, and can really only be done by a combination of the monitor tools and graphics card adjustments. It is possible to have a decent picture after some work.
-Picture goes black at random times during gaming (if it keeps up it will be 1 more reason for me to return the monitor)
-Bezel is a mirror finish so it reflects all light or anything else in the background, this can be pretty distracting while gaming.

The ASUS VG278HE is almost double what a regular 27 inch costs, the 120hz alone is not worth the extra money in my opinion, especially when combined with an inferior TN panel that has horrible light bleeding, this amount is unacceptable on any monitor, especially one that is so expensive.

I recommend waiting, more monitors will be coming out soon with native 120hz support that will have a much better build for the money.

****If you do wind up getting this monitor, and actually plan to keep it, let me save you 4 hours of trial and error, here are the calibration settings that finally worked after much tweaking across all presets. To my eyes, this gave the monitor the most vibrant, colorful look for desktop and for gaming, and I am VERY picky.****

These settings would most likely work for the Asus VG278H as well since it is the same monitor but with a built in IR Emitter.

Monitor settings:
Start with Scenery Mode
Under Color option:
Brightness - 78
Contrast - 80
Saturation - 59
Color Temperature (User Defined) Red 82, Green 72, Blue 68
Skin Tone - Natural
Smart View - Off
Under Image option:
Sharpness - 50
Trace Free - 100
ASCR - Off

Under Adjust Desktop Color Settings
Brightness - 52
Contrast - 24
Gamma - 1.10
Hue - 0

I hope this review was of some help to you, it can be a very frustrating experience finding the right monitor. Good luck.
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on 11 February 2017
Whatever else you do, make sure you download and install an ICC profile for this display.

I bought this as a new, 3D-capable main monitor for my two-screen (gaming and general) set-up. I haven't used the 3D side yet (that's a wish-list item for the future), so I can't comment on that. But in general I'm very happy with it. The construction seems as good as most comparable monitors, and the display quality - now that I have it set correctly - is excellent. Yes, I'd definitely buy it again.

BUT. As other people have observed - the default settings are, frankly, appalling, and the main reason I'm not giving this 5 stars. I spent ages staring at various images as programs with it, flicking it from mode to mode and tweaking setting in the On Screen Display, just trying to find something that worked. I got things that weren't too bad, but nowhere near perfect; always too washed out, or muddy, or downright garish. It wasn't until I downloaded and installed an ICC profile for the VG248QE (I used one from PC Monitors, then tuned the settings as per their recommendations, with satisfactory results) that the display finally showed its proper potential.

As for the OSD. Now - don't get me wrong, this is more an annoyance than a big deal - but I found it a struggle in its own right, so forgive me a brief rant. "Could have done better".

I'm typing this on my second display, which has the OSD buttons at screen-right, and displays a useful, context-sensitive label beside each button at all times when they're in use; navigating its set-up is intuitive and easy. On the VG248, by contrast, I feel that the OSD has been thrown together by a programmer without any thought about usability. The OSD itself is at mid-screen by default - usually covering precisely whatever it is that I'm trying to look at to get my display looking good. The buttons are under the screen at bottom right, and with my fingers on them I can't see the icons on the screen surround that identify them. But that wouldn't help much anyway, as they're (to be polite) "discrete" - dark-grey on a black background, and with the display on, the screen brightness makes them pretty much invisible. Navigation within the OSD is via a combination of "up" and "down" buttons, plus "menu" and "exit"; whereas the OSD panel has only three prompt icons for possible actions (up and down combined into one), and there's not even a hint of an attempt to mirror the physical placement. Oh, and one button isn't used totally consistently, either. So, basically, I feel like I'm pushing buttons from memory, hoping that I'm actually pushing the right one, and that sooner or later I get result I want. But then again - after a few minutes fighting each time, I've managed to do what I needed. And with luck, I won't do that again for some time. But - even so.
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on 10 February 2017
The difference while gaming between a 60/75Hz and 144 is beyond imagination. I was used to a 75 one and will never get back. I love this screen, but it has a big problem that you all should be aware. The default modes are not good, and I'm not talking about color wash or anything related to the picture, it's simply too bright. I was always used to game with high brightness, gama and digital vibrance but in this monitor was impossible. I was really suffering from eye strain due the excess of brightness and until I find some ECC profiles I was thinking about return it because I couldn't cope with that, but with the ECC profiles and some fine tunings using windows calibration I reached a perfect image. Glad I didn't return because this worth every penny!
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