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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 5 April 2013
TC Electronic do us all a favour and invent something we’ve been waiting ten years for: a looper pedal that you can actually figure out in seconds!

Straight from the box, holding it in my hand gave me that warm and fuzzy “new gadget” feeling that anyone who’s bought an iPhone will know well. It’s very compact but has a reassuring weightiness.

On testing, it proved brilliantly simple to use.

Stomp 1: It records
Stomp 2: Recording stops and loop continues
Stomp 3: Noodle away to your hearts content
Stomp 4: Repeat stomps 2 and 3 until your hands fall off…

If you make a mistake while adding a part, deleting it is done by simply holding your foot down for a few seconds, this is extremely useful as anyone who has gigged with a looper pedal will know that fluffing a note or two can be a truly catastrophic experience as your mistake is then repeatedly played out to your audience as you scramble to recover your cool.

Further testament to its simplicity is the size of the instruction manual which is printed on one side of a sliver of paper roughly the size of a tea bag.

Another benefit live performers will enjoy is that the pedal remembers your loops even after you turn it off, allowing you to perfect at least one loop in rehearsal and have it recorded and ready to use on stage. It also holds a decent 5 minutes of recording time so performing complete songs is perfectly possible too.

Overall, this is a great little product from TC and at a very reasonable £105 will meet the demands (and budgets!) of many guitarists which for me indicates that they’re a company with a good feel for what us humble musicians want and they were probably aware that Boss’s RC-3 looper (now £179 but previously £260!) was a little too pricey to manage.

There is one small design fault that I encountered: because of its very small size, when stomping, the tip of my shoe obstructed the control light meaning I had to count in my head rather than waiting to see the light blink. Luckily my wife suggested a practical solution- don’t wear pointy shoes.

More on my wordpress blog: strummedit.wordpress(dot)com
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on 9 August 2013
I almost had to search the package to find this looper.......its very small!. I bought a daisy chain multi lead for a few quid so I just plugged the bass/ looper in and stomped away. The instructions are simple and brief to say the least.
Great , simple and so much easier than the RC3 (Boss) I had before to get your head around.
Plug in and enjoy :)
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on 24 February 2016
I toyed with only giving this a 4* rating but realised if I did I'd just be a right idiot to do so..... Lemme explain!

So I bought this on the back of cracking reviews on here and online elsewhere. I was looking for a loop pedal and hadn't heard of this particular one before and just happened to stumble upon it on a daily deal one day.

It gives all the spiel about being designed by guitarists for guitarists etc. Well it does deliver! It's a great little looper provider nice clear recordings/signal. Instructions are so simple it's a joke not because they're rubbish but because the thing is so damn easy to use! Also it is tiny, and I mean super tiny it's like half the size of any of my Boss pedals.

I've never managed to fill it up in terms of time layers etc and don't think I ever will. Connections and bypass seem great too. I like the colour design size simple single knob etc too.

So why did I you with 4*? Well it's limitation is that I can't 'bank' recordings in the same way that you can with other pedals, but then I already KNEW that was a limitation before buying it! And to be honest bar a few times it would have been nice I find this is a cracking little unit they I love using to jam along to myself or test some layering of guitar tracks prior to actually going through the effort of recording them in Logic Pro X. Plus it's great for just messing around with if I feel like jamming with myself or sticking something on endless loop and leaving it on to annoy the other half..... :)
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on 16 May 2013
Was very close to giving this 5 stars as the product is excellent - seems very well built and very simple to use. I'm using it with an electric violin and it's just the job.

A couple things to note and the reasons for the 1 star missing:
It doesn't come with a power supply and doesn't accomodate a battery - seems a bit odd to supply a product that won't work out of the box without having to buy a power adapter.

This should not put you off getting one - as long as you know in advance!

Also, the instructions that come in the box are minimalist to say the least, so it's worth noting that there is a more detailed manual available on their website, and some good demos on youtube.
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on 14 April 2014
My other loopers are much more complicated than this little gadget. Menus and sub menus make it irksome task to get even a simple loop going. This little gadget however, is so simple to use. It is strongly made and the sound reproduction is spot on. A great buy.
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on 20 May 2014
I was very excited to buy this as my first foray into loop pedals and was initially very impressed, I loved the size, simplicity and quality of the pedal.

I had to return it due to a factory fault, a background crackling noise was being recorded by the looper and added to my loops - from online research I suspect it was a soldering issue with one of the jack sockets. I managed to return it to amazon with no trouble just within 30 days. I became a little worried before this as I'd read through my research that TCs warranty services can include hefty bills for repairs or replacements.

I decided to buy the Digitech JamMan Express XT as a replacement and would now recommend this over the Ditto, simply by features alone. It has double the looping time, stereo inputs and outputs, dedicated function LEDs and allows you to silently erase loops - something you can't do on the Ditto and I've found this to be an essential feature for my needs. The XT is relatively smaller than most pedals on my board but no where near the size of the Ditto and also has a "learn to love" paint job - the Ditto definitely wins in the looks department. The XT is also slightly cheaper, but I'm sure this won't be an issue for most as they are both fairly affordable.

I hate to diss the Ditto as it ticks all the boxes on paper. I was undeniably happy with it when it first arrived and I don't doubt that it would not have received the accolades it has without others having success with it. After having gone through what I did I'm glad to have opted for the Express XT instead, as the silent erase function makes much more sense and now feels like a necessity.
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VINE VOICEon 9 October 2015
Tiny simple looper. But that's its power - this makes it very usable. I have a large complex Jamman which I rarely use. This Ditto will have lots of use. Its solidly made in a metal case. There's a single foot switch for record, play, overdub, redo, undo, etc and a knob for the loop level. There's also a light which goes red, green and flashes. You have up to 5mins of recording at 24bit quality and unlimited overdubs.

It has a USB port for updates to the firmware. It's a pity there's no way currently to connect it to a PC/Mac and record/reload one's loops. Could this be done via firmware?

Whatever, it's a great little looper pedal.
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on 28 December 2015
Small, simple and effective. This pedal is a little gem. Bought on a whim if I am honest, this little pedal (it's a nano pedal so takes up very little space on the pedal board) is easy to operate, does exactly what it is supposed to and does that well. I use this with bass and love it. My only negative comment is that, as with all nano pedals, if you are heavy footed and have the tendancy to try and stomp your pedals to death in use then you may find that this pedal has a tendancy to move under foot. Mine is anchored into my pedal board so this is not a problem but for floor use you may wish to consider its more stable bigger brother (which has more features to play with).
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on 4 November 2015
Great looper, but seems to drop the volume of the phrase, and if the volume control is already set past half way, it doesn't allow any more increase in volume. If you start with the pedal turned down slightly (at about 10/11 o clock), then turn up the loop, it's great :) I may have got a defective unit, but everything else on the pedal worked great, simple and intuative, and the sound quality is brilliant.
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on 11 March 2016
Read about loopers, bought this one and had a lotta fun. Controlled by various sequences of button pushing which have to be learnt. No electric connecting box which is disapointing and an expensive extra. I found one of THE CORRECT AMPERAGE amoungst my old phone and laptop chargers so was O.K.
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