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on 5 June 2013
I bought this to use as my business PC, looking for an equivalent spec to the only Dell tower PC with 1080p video output. This came in cheaper, with all the bells and whistles I was looking for, i.e. wifi, USB3, good graphics card. 1080p is ideal for tax returns as you can have the HMRC website and your documents open side-by-side and it is VERY crisp clear. Although this is designed as a gaming PC, the higher spec means you can use it as a home or business PC for more years than a lesser PC which would need replaced sooner. I chose this one over another gaming PC because the Amazon reviews for the other highlighted the noisy fan. This is soooooo much quieter than my previous Dell PC. It boots up in a very short time too.

I was surprised to find the wifi was a mini dongle (thus taking up one of the USB2 ports), but it was easy to install and works well. This was the only bit of setup I had to do as i got it with windows 7 pre-installed. Using windows 7 over windows 8 saves a bit of cash over the equivalent Dell too. For video outputs you have a choice of VGA, HDMI and DVI, so whatever your monitor connection, this will do it.

Used the technical support over something that turned out to be my mistake (D'oh!) and was put through to someone knowledgeable very quickly. As they are a small company, technical support is provided by the people who design and build the PCs, rather than a lot of unskilled people who sit by a phone with a manual.
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on 8 November 2014
Excellent value for money, and a great step up from my previous 3 year-old laptop! For those with a low budget like mine, this is a great way to get into the gaming computer market. I didn't want to go through the hassle of building my own gaming PC, so this pre-built one suited my needs perfectly.

Nice and flashy with blue LED fans, and easy to set up as well. No hassle at all, all I needed to do was take it out of the box, plug in my monitor mouse & keyboard, then plug in and turn on! All drivers were up-to-date, so no problem there.

In my computer, I got a free upgrade to the slightly better FX-4350 processor, and came with an installed wireless LAN card. Just needed to screw in the aerial for this at the back of the casing, which came in the empty motherboard box containing all the manuals and such. Full bar signal despite being in the opposite corner of my house from my WiFi router, which is impressive. Planning to upgrade to a Dual-band Wireless card soon, but this is great nonetheless!

Comes with a choice of a free game from a wide range which I have yet to decide upon!

Easy-to-access power button, two USB ports, microphone & headphone jack as well as a SD/MMC/MS port on the top of the casing, with another six USB ports in the back.

Arrived within a week, works like a charm so far, and so would definitely recommend to others!
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on 8 May 2013
Bought this desktop pc for my son as he wanted a games pc for his birthday. its a great system plays any game you can think of. the only advice i would give is download the newest drivers for the hardware. I found that the graphics card was not working to its full potential,I downloaded the latest drivers and it worked fine.
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on 25 January 2014
FIRST IMPRESSIONS (I have had this less than 24 hrs, these are my initial thoughts)

Everything came as described and coming from a now 3yr old laptop with 2.67GHz processor, I'm so impressed by the step up this provides. I didn't want the hassle of making my own and this was a really affordable PC with an excellent processor and above average Graphics card. I would consider upgrading this, but straight after I got it? I think I'll wait a year or so.

The setup was silky smooth, most of the drivers were up to date, literally plug in and play.

The "Wifi" is not a wifi PC card, but a usb dongle (TP-Link, 150 Mbps) and it works like a dream. not had any issues with it and playing an online game with a peer-to-peer net code it felt better than my default laptop wifi capabilities.

The free games I was offered were 1 of:
Hitman Absolution
Sleeping Dogs
Dirt 3 <--------- My choice(yet to try out)
Deus Ex: Human Revolution(a game I have bought previously for £3 in a steam sale)

[the same code also provides a discount for the full RAMdisk software]

The ONLY negative I have is the fact it didn't come sooner. I was waiting by my front door for over a week waiting for my new PC, the monitor sitting on my desk, crying for 6 days. Don't expect it to come within the week, be more realistic unlike me.

NB- The power button is on top of the casing, next to 2 USB, 1 mic and headphone, and an SD/MMC/MS slot
- 6 USB ports in the back
- DVD disc drive
- casing approx <45 cm high; <20 cm wide; <50 cm long

hope this helps, I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a place to start in the gaming PC market
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on 19 March 2014
I don't want to rant but il give your basic review. This desktop is just fantastic. Me of all people, am over protective and paranoid about what I buy. I read such reviews like 'this can handle games no bother' then others say only on medium. But after spending time on it, I have downloaded games from steam including left 4 dead, it's already on full resolution, no lag, no ugliness to the unbelievable graphics, I've played for hours and yet not one bit of warm on the desktop as the fan continues to keep it cool, I do videos actively for YouTube so I record daily, rendering videos (which on this computer, 720 renders in 10 minutes) is fast and great. They already have everything set up for you so you can't get lost and better is, if you need help, they will reply within 15 minutes, they even called me to help. And it felt like I was just chatting to a friend more than anything.

Trust me, if you game a lot, with even games like l4d and dayZ, AND do YouTube videos, don't worry like I did, it's worth your money. Very much so
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on 30 August 2013
i have already left my review and i loved the pc but if anyone is wondering about the games bundled with the pc, i got tomb raider and dirt showdown
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on 12 October 2013
good basic gaming PC. looks great! as it does in the picture.

only thing is wireless is not build in you receive a dongle which for me only connected a few times and now doesn't work at all, i just used a netgear wireless set-up to connect to the web which works great.

the other thing is i didn't get the 3 games with it, i emailed the sales team and they stated the code would be in the box somewhere but it wasn't, small issues but a shame.

overall im happy with the PC its still a good buy!
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on 26 March 2014
I have needed a more powerful PC for a while now, and when I began searching for one, I was cautious of looking at such a low price tag. When I found this gaming PC on Amazon, the specs looked perfect. At first I was suspicious, but it turned out to be a great and powerful PC.
Postage took a while, and for 7 days I was frantically searching the house for my parcel. When it finally arrived, it looked amazing. The PC had a modern blue lit case, and it came with all the driver software and some extra benchmarking software for gaming. It took a while to setup, and it took quite a long time to figure out that there are two HDMI slots, with only one that actually outputs.
The Gaming power is phenomenal. For a £400 PC, I was impressed to see my games such as Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 running at 60 FPS even at the highest settings. At games like planetside 2 and Skyrim its slightly lower, but it will easily run fluently.
When rendering videos it took this PC 10 mins to do something that took me 6 hours (on Cinema 4D). It is extremely fast and has a great advantage with its GPU.

Overall it was a great PC, and is a great PC for the price. A Must Buy!
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on 13 February 2014
I bought this PC hoping for an upgrade from my previous PC, that had a integrated graphics card so you couldn't do much with it. This PC was certainly an upgrade, delivering good FPS on low res games such as Minecraft, Team Fortress and Garry's Mod. However throw DayZ at it and you will witness a huge drop in framerate (on medium settings). It handles it smoothly on low settings, however this disables grass which can take away from the experience, but it is certainly playable. The advertised 'WIFI' comes in the form of a dongle (150mbs) which can download steam games at 1.5mbs. The LEDs int he case are aesthetically pleasing and there is a fan you can turn on and off on the side. I would certainly recommend this product as a beginner's gaming PC, it has the potential to become a great PC if you buy a better RAM and Graphics Card.
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on 28 December 2015
Very impressed with this product. Having all my games racked up to the highest graphics setting and not getting any time lag or distortions is a real buzz. The product was delivered on time and was well packed. One thing to note, the PC is equipped with an amazingly powerful graphics card designed to working with digital monitors and doesn't have a VGA connector but don't worry for a few pounds you can purchase a HDMI to VGA adapter which will allow you to use your VGA monitor. I love it !
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