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on 22 January 2014
I can't fault TomTom as a brand in its navigation. My less than full mark is due to its design.

I initially thought the bigger screen would be a bonus but on smaller cars it is obtrusive and obstructs vision.
The fitting of suction plate is fiddly for a woman's hands let alone a mans. There is little space to turn the base to tighten.
So too is connecting the power lead if you find your battery low after fixing to screen.
Compared to my older TomTom the casing feels flimsy.

Having lifetime updates of maps for the duration of the models availability. (Note it is NOT the lifetime of the actual device).

I managed to get around the problem of its awkward fitting by buying the TomTom beanbag dash mount which it can stay permanently attached to for ease but thus now makes the protective case I bought redundant and the device vulnerable to scratches etc.

Overall would I buy this model again? Has to be a no!
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on 6 June 2012
I purchased the TT Start 60 from Halfords a few days ago and am mightily impressed by it. The 6 inch screen display is stunning and displays all the information you could wish for, while driving, very clearly. Speed camera information even includes those sites that are often used by mobile camera units. A fixed speed camera position that was shut down a few weeks ago is not registered on the sat nav so it suggests the information is pretty well up to date. Perhaps this reflects the value of the TomTom community that supplies update info to TT, which is verified and then made freely available via downloads to owners. Rather than extoll all the virtues of this remarkable sat nav I suggest a read of the cnet review could settle any questions you may have regarding which sat nav you should buy. Having registerd the Start 60 with TomTom I am well on the way to getting a promotional offer of £20 cash back thus making this an even better value for money purchase. Why did I buy from Halfords? Only because at the time there were no reviews on Amazon and some reviews elsewhere for other sat navs suggested there could be all sorts of problems with downloads and updates so in anticipation of potential problems a purchase from a store that I pass most days would enable me to easily return the product should the need arise. I am very pleased to report that this need has not arisen and my faith in this excellent sat nav has been re-inforced by use over the last few days and by the recent cnet review.
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on 20 August 2014
Arrived sooner than expected and in good condition. This is actually a great Satnav. The interface is much better than my previous Tomtom which finally gave up the ghost after about 5 years of excellent hard service. The updating system is much better and more user friendly and it uses the 'Mydrive' software which is a web based interface and is much better than 'Tomtom Home'.
You have to purchase a protective case separately though and I picked up a hard protective case from Amazon for just under £9.
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on 21 July 2017
The tomtom came 2 days earlier than expected and was well protected for transit
I have no problems with the product so far
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on 20 May 2017
Did what i needed
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on 22 June 2017
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on 7 September 2017
I am happy with the TomTom
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on 5 July 2016
my husband is very pleased with his birthday present!
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on 15 August 2014
My unit seems faulty, as the battery doesn't seem to charge at all. Else the screen is nice and big
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on 31 October 2013
This satnav does most of the usual stuff as well as the others on the market but after my experience this week it gets a very low rating. I bought it 7 weeks ago and use it once or twice a week. This week it took me to London and after finishing work I found all the local roads busy and the M25 had closures. This is the sort of time when a satnav in great as you can find different routes but when I tried to turn it on - it wouldn't start. I found this infuriating and the Tomtom very nearly ended up in the fast lane to fend for itself. I decided I would take it home and get a refund. Whilst trying to find out how to do this (Tomtom seem to think we would all want our dud units repaired at our expense from what I can see) I found that this is a known bug and there is a fix. Apparently all you have to do is charge the unit for at least two hours then press and hold the on button for 'up to 30 seconds'. Not that convenient when stuck in London and trying to get home. At least the worst of the traffic would have dispersed after 2 hours! The fix should have been to correct the error in the tomtom and in the short term update the documentation with a warning.
Having now fallen out of love with it I will highlight the other shortcomings instead of any of the pros; I bought it because it can use the free RDC-TMC traffic info which is usually fine for my purposes, however, you have to buy a special lead in order to use this service as it is not included in with the unit. The screen lags behind the voice just as much as 8 year old satnavs so no improvement there. When about to leave a roundabout you must listen to the voice and ignore the picture of the exit you have already passed. The map download is HUGE and takes a big chunk of a day to download even on village broadband. I think you have to download most of europe even if you only want the UK. Around J23 on M25 it loses the ability to judge your speed. It will hover around the 30-40 range when travelling at 60-70. For some stretches of motorway (M25, M4 so far) it warns about non-existent speed cameras - at 100m intervals! In the end I just turned off all audible warnings before it drove me insane. My old satnav allowed me to define a route with way-points and save it to favourites. The Start 60 does not seem to allow this (as far as I can see). There is no power/charge light. I spent a lot of time trying to find a replacement for the GO 520T and none of the current range offer as many functions. The Start 60 is a very poor replacement
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