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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 6 June 2012
I purchased the TT Start 60 from Halfords a few days ago and am mightily impressed by it. The 6 inch screen display is stunning and displays all the information you could wish for, while driving, very clearly. Speed camera information even includes those sites that are often used by mobile camera units. A fixed speed camera position that was shut down a few weeks ago is not registered on the sat nav so it suggests the information is pretty well up to date. Perhaps this reflects the value of the TomTom community that supplies update info to TT, which is verified and then made freely available via downloads to owners. Rather than extoll all the virtues of this remarkable sat nav I suggest a read of the cnet review could settle any questions you may have regarding which sat nav you should buy. Having registerd the Start 60 with TomTom I am well on the way to getting a promotional offer of £20 cash back thus making this an even better value for money purchase. Why did I buy from Halfords? Only because at the time there were no reviews on Amazon and some reviews elsewhere for other sat navs suggested there could be all sorts of problems with downloads and updates so in anticipation of potential problems a purchase from a store that I pass most days would enable me to easily return the product should the need arise. I am very pleased to report that this need has not arisen and my faith in this excellent sat nav has been re-inforced by use over the last few days and by the recent cnet review.
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on 5 July 2012
The TomTom Start 60 is a great Satnav. The build quality is strong and the operation of the device is simple and straight forward, no buttons or menus where there need not be one. So far so good! The device it self is bigger than I expected, at first It was almost laughable. My girlfriends sat nav fits within the viewable area of this, with room to spare! However once I started to use it, I soon realised the benefits of having such a large screen, firstly you dont have to attach a magnify glass to your face just to see the instructions and secondly the buttons are large and the screen is so responsive that the two combined make for a great user experience. When acquiring a signal its extremely fast, were talking a few seconds. However this is likely due to my location and could be different for you. However its ability to reroute should I ignore its directions or take a wrong turn are equally as quick. The voice instructions are clear and if set to the Serena voice, it will even read out road names which is a huge benefit. Its a real joy to use and this is why its earnt 4 stars from me.

However I am left feeling that they could have done more, theres a general feeling with the software that the bare minimum was done and for such a premium brand in the sat nav world, that just isn't acceptable. Therefor it lost its 5th star.

My gripes, if you could call them that; with the TomTom is that there are certain features and functions that arent really to the high standard you would expect from such a brand/device. For example the address database is not only out of date, but also patchy. For example there are some small culdesacs around where I live that have been here for around 10 years, yet arent present on the map. Yet some that are around 5 years old, are present. Secondly streets that have had the same number of houses on, with the same numbering structure for well over 60 years, all of sudden are missing numbers. A good example of this is the street where my Gran has lived for 30+ years, her house number isn't recognised, yet her neighbours are. Maybe Tomtom just doesn't want me visiting my Gran, either way this over sight / poor quality control of their maps really shouldnt be this way, as some of their higher range devices (that use the same maps) can cost around £300. Im often having to enter addresses that are near to the one I want, rather than to the door step of the address I do want. Secondly when entering an address as a favorite, your forced to add a house number and there is no option to add a business address instead. You can of course not add anything, but again this goes back to my original point, that it will take you close to the location you want and not straight to the door step. (rather annoying) you can of course alter/ amend your maps, or pick a location from the map it self. However my girlfriends sat nav which is using a map thats 4 years old, has the full addresses available and all the house numbers (apart from the new builds).

A second annoyance is the highly aclaimed and advertised advanced lane guidance. This is an awesome feature to have and works wonders. However you need to bare in mind that it will 'only' work for major motorways. This is annoying because they could have so easily extended this to include large roundabouts/junctions etc, which is a common point of stress for most drivers. Its also worth pointing out that it doesnt have all of the junctions on major motorways set for this and again really highlights my point about the bare minimum standard of their software.

Another minor annoyance for the Tomtom start 60, is the maximum volume, it's just not that loud. Its hearable, but im left feeling that they could have increased it more. This is the general feeling with the entire Tomtom experience for me. Im constantly left feeling that they've done the bare minimum with their service and device and that if they had just gone that extra mile this would be a full 5 start device.

The biggest annoyance for me with my TomTom Start 60, is rather oddly, not the device it self but with their computer software. They have three versions, TomTom Home, TomTom Home v2 and My Tomtom. TomTom Home is the one they advertise you to download and it has some cool features like route planner etc. However you actually need to download the MyTomTom application to use things like the map updates and other services. I spent many hours trying to get the TomTom Home software to recognise my connected device but it refused, I went on to their support forums and found that you actually need the TomTom Home v2 software for a Start 60.. So in Total their are 3 software options and only the MyTomTom application is the one you actually need. Needlessly making you jump through multiple hoops.

A feature that is lacking from the device is the ability to add a pin code to it. My girlfriends satnav which is nearing 4 years old has this feature and is from a lesser brand. Yet its excluded from my TomTom. If your Satnav were stolen, they'd have your house address, family member addresses, work address etc... A simple pin code would help secure this information. Such a simple feature yet such a massive over sight.

Overall as i've stated these are minor annoyances, had I paid more for the device id probably be a bit more disapointed with it. But like I said, hardware wise the device is faultless and the screen and interface design is beautiful. Its just the software element that seems to be dragging its feet. Its also worth mentioning that the start 60 does NOT come with live services, nor is it able to recieve them should you purchase them, which was another reason I chose the start 60. The live services are £50 a year, which to me was extremely off putting! When a TMC traffic reciever cable that does the same job, will cost you a one off £25 (and it acts as a car charger).

If you interested the TMC-RDS traffic receiver v2 is the cable I bought and works great with my Start 60!
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I can't fault TomTom as a brand in its navigation. My less than full mark is due to its design.

I initially thought the bigger screen would be a bonus but on smaller cars it is obtrusive and obstructs vision.
The fitting of suction plate is fiddly for a woman's hands let alone a mans. There is little space to turn the base to tighten.
So too is connecting the power lead if you find your battery low after fixing to screen.
Compared to my older TomTom the casing feels flimsy.

Having lifetime updates of maps for the duration of the models availability. (Note it is NOT the lifetime of the actual device).

I managed to get around the problem of its awkward fitting by buying the TomTom beanbag dash mount which it can stay permanently attached to for ease but thus now makes the protective case I bought redundant and the device vulnerable to scratches etc.

Overall would I buy this model again? Has to be a no!
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on 28 June 2013
Big clear screen, lightweight, easy to stick on the windscreen, very strong on the windscreen - hasn't come off yet. 2 hours of wireless use for short journeys without the power cable.


Search - I find you have to know the postcode - typing in a street name and it shows you a whole random mix of streets nationwide - not putting 2-2 together and taking into consideration your current gps location. Have had to find a nearby postcode on my iPhone , then enter into the Tom Tom. So find a postcode before traveling.

USB cable - this has a weird 90* angle to it - loose it, you'll need a tomtom made USB (micro USB, same as that found with blackberry s).

I made a unboxing video on YT - search for ' Tomtom start 60 6" sat nav unbox with steve '

Overall, highly recommend...
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on 20 May 2017
Did what i needed
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on 20 May 2017
Can't go anywhere without it. Has replaced my x husband !!
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on 15 August 2014
My unit seems faulty, as the battery doesn't seem to charge at all. Else the screen is nice and big
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on 31 October 2013
This satnav does most of the usual stuff as well as the others on the market but after my experience this week it gets a very low rating. I bought it 7 weeks ago and use it once or twice a week. This week it took me to London and after finishing work I found all the local roads busy and the M25 had closures. This is the sort of time when a satnav in great as you can find different routes but when I tried to turn it on - it wouldn't start. I found this infuriating and the Tomtom very nearly ended up in the fast lane to fend for itself. I decided I would take it home and get a refund. Whilst trying to find out how to do this (Tomtom seem to think we would all want our dud units repaired at our expense from what I can see) I found that this is a known bug and there is a fix. Apparently all you have to do is charge the unit for at least two hours then press and hold the on button for 'up to 30 seconds'. Not that convenient when stuck in London and trying to get home. At least the worst of the traffic would have dispersed after 2 hours! The fix should have been to correct the error in the tomtom and in the short term update the documentation with a warning.
Having now fallen out of love with it I will highlight the other shortcomings instead of any of the pros; I bought it because it can use the free RDC-TMC traffic info which is usually fine for my purposes, however, you have to buy a special lead in order to use this service as it is not included in with the unit. The screen lags behind the voice just as much as 8 year old satnavs so no improvement there. When about to leave a roundabout you must listen to the voice and ignore the picture of the exit you have already passed. The map download is HUGE and takes a big chunk of a day to download even on village broadband. I think you have to download most of europe even if you only want the UK. Around J23 on M25 it loses the ability to judge your speed. It will hover around the 30-40 range when travelling at 60-70. For some stretches of motorway (M25, M4 so far) it warns about non-existent speed cameras - at 100m intervals! In the end I just turned off all audible warnings before it drove me insane. My old satnav allowed me to define a route with way-points and save it to favourites. The Start 60 does not seem to allow this (as far as I can see). There is no power/charge light. I spent a lot of time trying to find a replacement for the GO 520T and none of the current range offer as many functions. The Start 60 is a very poor replacement
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on 2 June 2012
Compared to my TomTom 1000 Live, Garmin 2545 and others, this is the best sat-nav out there - providing you don't need Live Services

It gives me all the features of my more expensive 1000 but with a screen that is better in the sun, and - with it's double resolution display and 6" size - miles better than anything else out on the market at the moment

Compared with Navigon or CoPilot on my Samsung Galaxy Note (5.3") the TomTom 60 wins hands down - better routing, easier mount, quicker set-up

Apart from a live version, I don't think there could be any better sat nav out there at the moment

Update 27-07-2012
Whilst everything above remains true, I find the GPS reception poor compared to the Go 1000 (at start-up, once found it's fine keeping hold of the signal), and missing the live services more than I thought I would
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on 21 November 2012
This is a great looking device - Love it! And except for a few things it works well too. But the "few things" are a killer.
It will not store any Favourites, nor will it store any user Points of Interest. (I can enter them, it says they are saved, but nothing shows up in the favourites list). This has been a problem since I first received the device. I've been getting by because the "Recent Destinations" list provides some of the same functionality, but this workaround is not at all satisfactory.
Following the (hard to follow, poorly written) instructions on the TomTom website I have done a soft reset, a factory reset, and a complete software reload. Nothing fixes it. The "MyTomTom" support software conceals all the details - at least with the old TomTomHome software you could see what was going on and take a stab at fixing any problems (not that there were any!)
Overall, I'm unimpressed with the software implentation, with the usability of the support software and with the quality of the documentation. And while I'm at it, I am critical of the menu system - there are some quite unintuitive features - I strongly suspect that TomTom didn't do any extensive user testing. However, as I said at the start - as a navigation device it is superb, great screen, very clear directions etc. it's just a shame they loused up the software so badly.
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