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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
Severed (Fated Book 2)
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 24 January 2016
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on 6 December 2012
I'm a massive fan of Sarah's. The Hunting Lila series was really one of a kind and I fell in love with Evie and Lucas in Fated, so I was eagerly awaiting the release of Severed. We pick up our story with our two heroes on the run and searching for the meaning of a prophecy. From that first page the adrenalin rush never stops.

The world in which Evie and Lucas live in is a supernatural one, but it's not all moaning and forlorn, angst-ridden teenagers. This is more along the lines of Buffy and Angel theme with real villains to fight (from both sides). What I like most about this world is that it's vibrant and fun as well as scary and unpredictable. Whilst the battles are real, Sarah also manages to bring the comedy - I particularly loved the scene in the Tipping Point. It was so brilliantly written that I could visualise everything that happened as if it was playing on a 3D screen in front of me.

Just when you think you might have figured out where things are going in this series, Sarah throws in a massive curve-ball which has you reeling and struggling to regain composure. You're sucked into this world and become so attached to these characters.

The new additions to the cast are welcome ones and not just characters brought in for the sake of progressing a story. They all have their own stories to tell and crosses to bear. You could find spin off stories for days with these guys. The main new addition though, Cyrus, is a work of genius. He has some great lines and he shakes the story up.

The battle scenes are epic. The romance is tender but real. The ending is heartbreaking.

Another brilliant addition to Sarah's collection of writing. I'm ready for more....
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on 7 October 2013
I've read a few books by Sarah Alderson now and the sequel to Fated is by far the best. I was on the edge of my seat at all times and could not wait to find out what secrets Lucas and Evie find out about the Brotherhood!
A must read if you are into thrilling novel, involving romance and action!

Well done Sarah Alderson! Cant wait to read the final book - Shadowed
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on 10 December 2012
4.5 stars!

The story starts where the last book finishes off, so it would be wise to read Fated once again beforehand. There is a darker feel to these books than the Lila books (this one even more so), but as in the last book it never looses focus on the emotional connection, you genuinely feel for Evie and everything she has gone through and of course the emotional connection between Evie and Lucas - Oh boy do you feel that!! I think I'd have ben happy if the entire book had of just been focused on them! Anyway we get introduced to some new characters, bad boy Cyrus is one of my faves, I liked him and was glad that the author didn't turn it into a love triangle just because a hot boy has been introduced, so many other authors do and it can get soooo frustrating. Lots of action in this which is great.

I love that Lucas is so protective of Evie, he is by her side no matter what. There are some nice moments between the two, my one small complaint about the author is her hesitance when it comes to romance/love scenes, I was left thinking well did they or didn't they.... ? I do understand there are restrictions but wish she would just give a little more..... I'm not talking 50 shades here or anything, its just about getting the right balance.

Anyway there are a few twists and turns in this, I did actually see the big reveal coming, hopefully we still see Cyrus in the next book.
Okay the ending..... OMG?!?! what the hell..... That I didn't see coming?!?!?! Talk about cliff hanger!!!
I NEED the next book now, I need to find out what happens next. You do get 3 bonus chapters of the next book but you dont learn anything :( The final book is out in March, I asked her if this is the final and she said that there is a conclusion yes but she wont rule out writing more!!! yes more Lucas NOW!!!

I officially love this series!, kept me hooked throughout, I dont always like the follow up book when the first one is so good but happy with this, my only complaint is it wasn't long enough! I love Sarah Alderson as a writer - along with Jennifer Armentrout they have become my best 'finds' of 2012! Her writing style flows well and her characters are great, I love Evie she is one of my favourite YA characters, she writes YA teenagers really well.
I dont know why its not publicised as much as the 'Lila' books, as a series its just as good, if anything i would say the second book in this series is much much better than the second Lila book (just my opinion though)

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on 24 March 2013
Sarah Alderson does it again, I love love love this book, it was just as good as the first and it was also just as good as the Hunting Lila books. I was a little sceptical at first but no I really enjoyed this book. I loved Evie, especially in Severed, more so than in fated. This book had the right balance, usually in books like these the love story takes over but not in this one. In this book I felt the author got it right, the right amount of romance and the right amount of action. Good book, I highly recommend it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 29 November 2012
So it's no secret that I'm a massive fan of everything that Sarah Alderson writes and I loved Fated when I first read it last year. At the time I had high hopes for it to turn into a series so I couldn't have been more excited when I found out that Sarah had written two more books about Evie and Lucas. Anyone who enjoyed Fated will be pleased to know that Severed is even better - there is more action, more intrigue, more danger and of course more romance. We also get to meet some interesting new characters at the same time as we're catching up with some of the ones we've already met.

Severed picks up the story just after the ending of the previous book, Lucas and Evie went against everything they were taught in order to be together and are now on the run. It wasn't so hard for Evie to choose Lucas as she has only recently learnt that she is a hunter and she has very good reasons not to trust the people who were keeping secrets from her for her entire life. It has been much harder for Lucas to leave behind the other unhumans that he grew up with though, people who he considers his friends are now treating him like the enemy but he can't walk away from Evie and the feelings he has for her. The two of them aren't strong enough to fight a whole army on their own though and end up turning to a group of rogue hunters for help. There is understandable tension between Lucas and the hunters but they'll have to learn to trust each other if they are going to stop everything that is coming for them.

Evie has been through a lot since she the night she was attacked by unhumans and discovered her hunter heritage, she has been betrayed by the people she should have been able to trust most, she has found with love with someone who is supposed to be her enemy and now she is dropped back into the middle of the action as both sides seem to want something that only she can give them. One of the things I liked most about her in the first book was the way she didn't take what anyone told her at face value, she always went out of her way to verify things for herself and make sure her information was correct. I'm pleased to say that this is something that continues into this book and she has only grown stronger and more determined as she learns more about the supernatural world. Her relationship with Lucas did start very quickly but they spend more time getting to know each other in this instalment and they work really well as a team, ultimately they both respect each other though which is something I think is really important. I do love the romance between them and they make such a cute couple!

I already loved Lucas but I now have an even bigger crush on him than before. He is so caring towards Evie and he constantly puts her needs and safety before his own. It took a lot of guts for him to go against his upbringing and realise that Evie wasn't a normal hunter and he earned my respect for that. Now that we've got to know him a bit better he doesn't have quite such a bad boy feel to him and I think that's mainly because he's no longer keeping secrets from Evie about who and what he is. That doesn't make him any less sexy though and these two have great chemistry. Lucas has a bit of competition when they meet up with the rogue Hunters though, new boy Cyrus seems quite determined to take his place in Evie's affections. Cyrus can be very arrogant and was at times a little overbearing but I loved the way he constantly teased Evie and added a lighter note to the story. As much as he comes across as a bit of a playboy I think deep down he is actually quite a sweet guy and although he didn't overtake Lucas in my affections I did develop a bit of a crush on him too. You're just going to have to read the book to see who Evie likes best though!

Severed is a fantastic follow up to Fated and was full of edge of your seat action. The plot is fast paced and fraught with danger and OMG that ending was a shocker for more than one reason! I literally could not believe what happened and I still can't believe that Sarah Alderson could leave us with that cliffhanger! The only reason I'm going to forgive her is that the third and final book Shadowed is due to be released early in 2013, if I had to wait a whole year to find out what was going to happen next I would have cried. I literally can't wait to get my hands on Shadowed, as soon as I get hold of a copy it will be jumping right to the top of my to read pile because I just have to know how Evie's story is going to end. If you haven't started this series yet then I'd highly recommend reading the books in order but they're a must for any YA urban fantasy fan who likes action packed stories with dangerous demons and more than a little romance.
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on 5 December 2012
4.5 stars!

Severed is the highly awaited sequel to Sarah Alderson's Fated and she really doesn't disappoint with this exciting and enthralling instalment.

Starting straight after the events in Fated, Evie and Lucas are now on the run and are trying to seek shelter. They end up at Lucas's sister while they try and find a group of rogue hunters, who they believe can help them win the battle against the Brotherhood. While training with the hunters, Evie finds out that in order to end the battle, a big sacrifice needs to be made - by her, and it's one that she and Lucas never saw coming. Are they destined to be torn apart or can they fight fate once and for all?

I've been eagerly awaiting this sequel for ages and I have to say I was pretty worried it wouldn't happen seems as it book two and three wasn't picked up by Simon & Schuster. Thankfully, Sarah made sure Evie and Lucas's story was not left unfinished and now we have Severed! Yay, thanks Sarah! I fell in love with this world the first time around and now I've fell in love with it all over again. It has such amazing characters, an amazing story and a fantastic forbidden love story and you know I'm a sucker for that. Really what more could you want from a story?

Evie grows so much this time around, she's determined to fight back and prove herself that she can take down the Brotherhood - even though she does have mini breakdown where she feels like she can't. However, she changes and becomes stronger and faster and realises that she was always destined to become what she is. And Lucas, strong, brave, gorgeous Lucas that will do anything in the world to protect Evie - even if that means putting his own life in danger. I adore the relationship between these two and if anything, it intensifies even more in the book. I also really loved the new secondary characters, Lucas's sister, Cyrus and the gang made this book so entertaining and I'm hoping we haven't seen the last of them.

Severed really does provides everything for every reader. It has action, romance, heart-warming scenes to dangerous scenes and that ending - oh my gosh, I didn't see it coming! I literally was like "Sarah did not just do that?!" but she did, and it's left me wanting, no - needing - more of Evie and Lucas. I'm hoping the release of book three comes around quickly because I need to know there will be a happy ever after for these characters.
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on 10 January 2013
Even though I couldn't put this book down while I was reading it, continuing on with trepidation at times, as to what was coming next, I feel the cliffhanger just took all the goodness out of it and left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

I found the first half to be ticking over with nothing too exciting going on but I just enjoyed being back in this world with Evie and Lucas. After the battle at the end of Fated in which the brotherhood were wiped out, they are on the run and head to Lucas' sister's apartment in LA. Finding themselves not welcome there, and with no where else to go, they set out to find a group of rogue hunters who've been killing unhumans and who them hope will help them find the rest of the prophecy, and introducing us to an awesome new character, Cyrus. A larger than life hunter who likes the girls and collects notches on his bedpost.

At the opening of this book, I felt that both characters appeared quite different than I remembered them from Fated. Evie appeared very meek and timid while Lucas came across as standoffish. I know they had been through a lot with the fight but I would have expected them to pull together more, whereas for a time, I thought they were coming apart. They do both thankfully, get back to their old selves.

The character who probably stood out the most for me in this book had to be Cyrus, the rogue hunter. He had a smart ass mouth, a deep hatred of unhumans and a liking for the ladies, constantly making snide remarks to Lucas and coming onto Evie. At first, I actually found him quite annoying but very quickly found myself really warming towards him. Especially when he proved how chivalrous and heroic he could really be.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read with interesting well written characters and world building that I couldn't fault. But the cliffhanger......for me this overshadowed everything. So be warned.
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on 13 December 2012
I was so looking forward to reading this, but unfortunately I wasn't as impressed as I'd thought I'd be. The ending left me feeling both sad and annoyed. I just couldn't believe how she ended it?? With not even a string of hope of something maybe not being exactly how it may seem (I don't want to say what in case you haven't read it and I spoil the ending).
As it has the most depressing ending ever I could only award it 3 stars. I don't know if I'm going to read the next one.
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on 29 December 2012
This book was amazing I love all of her books and was not disappointed while reading the second book. The whole time i read it i was on the edge of my seat and it felt like i was watching it all happen while reading the book and i was a part of it. I am not going to tell you what happened because you have to read it but the ending my jaw dropped in shock, and i felt like crying. I cannot wait for the next book and i hope sara somehow brings him back because it wont be a good book if she doesn't.
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