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on 29 July 2016
Be very beware of Dell warranty support procedure. I a true sense it does not exist.
I bought a brand new Dell 29 inch monitor off an Amazon trader with STANDARD 3 YEARS WARRANTY. After a while the monitor would not switch port and as such I claimed a warranty replacement. It would seem that DELL UK plays no part in this process. After several phone calls around the Globe I ended up in Philippines who informed me that the monitor was registered under some one else’s’ name in China. You are required to fill in the original purchaser’s particulars, an impossible task.
I made a brave attempt to do the change of ownership myself; I would have been fine if I knew the name and address of original seller plus proficiency in Chinese. In the end only way it was done for the lady in Philippines to hijack my computer and fill the details herself, However when it came to filling the details of my county in England, Dell Server through a hiccup and drop down box would not work. This had to be repaired and process was duly completed. Unfortunately the story does not end there. Three months later the monitor displayed 3 large clusters of dead pixels and whole miserable process restarted. Several phone calls to USA and UK, some brave soul in USA transferred to another American in UK who took my details and promised that replacement will be with me very next day. No monitor arrived; once again into breach phone calls to USA hooked me through auto calling system. After tapping various responses into the phone I was connected to someone in INDIA who asked the same silly questions again and asked me to hold and after couple of minutes the line went dead. The next day I repeated the procedure and same thing happened again. The day after I tried again and same thing happened again. Later in the day I tried again and once more ended up in India. The seemingly polite lady advised me that she was going to transfer me to the right department. When asked she did not seem to know where the right department was, I duly advised her, I will be very angry if my line went dead and was assured the she does not delve in such a process. However when I did get to speak to right person in Philippines things went fairly quickly, may be because the monitor is dispatched from Germany. This is still not the end of story; I had to register my new monitor with DELL to make use of any further warranty claim.
If you are sitting there with a DELL product thinking you only have to lift the phone to get that warranty, you better think again
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on 18 February 2014
As a gamer
I was really concerned when moving to this 21:9 size.
Many people complained about the loss of height and only a slight gain in width its also a drop from 120hz with 3D to 60hz

When I took it out of the box I felt disappointing. Its definitely considerably narrower how will it even compare?
The colours on these IPS panels are supposed to be much better so lets get going and see how it is!

3 weeks in and I can say this.
Side by side the colours are obviously superior and far richer.
But playing on one and then playing on the other the difference is forgettable.

The loss of height and gain of width?
Its very marmite, It makes browsing and desktop use far better and with gaming you get that extra wide field of view.
FPS's/MMO's well really all types of games it opens up so much more usable space!

I would say if your on a 27' 16:9 and were thinking about swapping. Think about it long and hard.
If you have cash to burn sure go ahead, but given the choice again I'd stay with my 27'' 16:9

The 34'' 21:9's are out in the next few months...
They have the height of a 27'' with huge width.

Now they are something to consider.
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on 17 September 2013
Unlike a few of the other reviewers, I didn't notice any quality control issues. My sample was well put together, at least as good as my previous monitor (a Samsung 24" LCD). The stand is simple but effective. Most importantly, the image quality is excellent. Text is sharp, and I have not noticed any ghosting when gaming. The width of the monitor means that one can easily have two windows open side by side, which is very useful. A few years back I used to use 2 monitors side by side but I switched back to a single monitor in order to free up space on my desk. I've always missed that dual monitor functionality and this Dell does the job with just one monitor.

The monitor comes with a factory calibrated sRGB preset, which looks very natural. A calibration report is enclosed with the monitor, which is a nice touch.

The only negative that I can think of is that 2560x1080 support in games is far from universal. Several recent games that I have tried do not support this resolution, even with the latest patches, which is disappointing. But those that do look amazing!

If you do decide to buy this, be warned that when you first unbox it, it is startlingly wide! It does take a while to get used to the size and shape, but once you do there's no going back to 16:9 or 16:10.

UPDATE: I've had this monitor for over 2 years now and it's still going strong. No issues whatsoever. Games support has improved and all the games I've tried in the last year have worked at 2560x1080, although a few have needed some tweaking to get them there. I'm now thinking of upgrading to the new 34" version of this monitor!
review image
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on 19 March 2013
It was time to replace my faithful Silicon Graphics flat panel after many years of service. Special realised that I was getting sore eyes due to the slight flicker that was only noticeable on black.
Did my research and eventually went for Dell.
Quality of the image is outstanding. Can spend longer working now.
Only issue I would say is with the connectors being very close to casing at the back. So it was fiddly getting the HDMI connector in, at one point was for giving in and sending the monitor back. As where the casing ends is directly in line with connector.Setting the connector further back would make it less of a squeeze.
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on 15 September 2016
Good pixel size for regular desktop use without straining your eyes.
Loads of space for multitasking without the faff of dual (physical) screens.
Nice little Dell utility for organizing multiple windows in various configurations, so you can still get the productivity benefits of a multi-monitor setup.
Great brightness and colour (if you don't need wide gamut of course).
2.35:1 aspect ('letterbox') movies look great at this size/aspect, with minimal black bars.
Runs cool and with low power consumption (largely due to its LED backlight).
Good stand and strong industrial design all round.
Silent at all brightness levels, from what I can tell (no buzzing/whining as you can get from some monitors).
Great anti-glare coating - controls reflections well without being too grainy/aggressive like some other Dell displays.
Bad Points−
Unusual aspect ratio might not be supported by all games (I don't play games, so I don't care).
Watching 16:9 movies at full-screen means black bars at either side of the picture, and 4:3 movies look lost in this display, as you would expect.
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on 22 November 2014
The only company at present making 21:9 panels is LG. So the LG 25UM65-P, Asus PB298Q, Asus MX299Q, AOC Q2963PM, and any 21:9 panel made prior to 2015 will use the exact same panel in each of them. The only difference will be the ergonomics, the case, the OSD and any OEM features added.

I would like to point out that I have had three of these monitors from dell, and unfortunately I've had to send all three back due to QA issues, possibly effected the whole batch. The first two had really bad clouding on the left hand side of the panel and light bleed in the top left corner and bottom left corner. The third one had no light bleed, but this one did have very bad IPS glow (considerably more than the first two), and was unable to display text as good as either of the first two panels.

I would like to add that if the first panel had the same amount of light bleed as my last panel, then I would have kept it. Unfortunately I purchased this panel to watch 21:9 movies, and the amount of light bleed made them unacceptable. I would have probably kept the third if it wasn't for the really poor text rendering.

Earlier on I said they use the same panels. Well, I purchased an Asus MX299Q, and I had that panel sat right next to this Dell Panel. And picture wise (apart from the flaws), there was no difference. I did checkerboard tests, colour tests, the lot.

I can only assume the differences you read on the review sites such as TFT central are purely down to the panel lottery dependant on the batch. Something to bear in mind, as you're probably better off going with the AOC version of this panel, as it's around £50 cheaper. I'm happy with my Asus Panel now, and I can't be bothered to send it back to try and save £50, when I could be back in the panel lottery again! No thanks.

Ergonomics : 5/5
Dell produce a wonderful stand, that allows you to raise the height of the display, and lower it so it's almost touching the desk. It swivels about 130 degrees left and right. It also has a USB3 hub, two around the back, and two on the side. The Dell stand is the main reason I chose this in the first place.

Build Quality: 4/5
I would have given 5 out of 5, but if not for the poor QA on my panels. Other the flaws previously mentioned (which may not bother you), the Dell is certainly built better than my Asus, it's a solid bit of kit, that can be used in an office, and could take a few knocks or rough handling.

Picture Quality: 4/5
The colours are accurate, there is very little banding. There is no black crush, meaning you can tell the difference between 1% grey, right down to absolute black. This was the same as the Asus panel, which is why I'd advise going for the AOC if money is tight. (It's the same panel). Homogeneity of 100% white wasn't as good as the Asus Panel, but that will purely be down manufacturing tolerances.

This panel does not use PWM (which my previous dell did, hence why I had to get rid), so you can turn the brightness up to 100 and down to 0, and you will not see any flickering at all. All the LG panels use no PWM. Thankfully. The screen coating is lovely, it's not harsh like on my previous dell, giving a matte effect. (Same as on the Asus)

The colours pop, and the contrast is great. Gaming is fantastic on this panel, no motion blur in the games I played.

If you can get a good panel, I recommend this one, due to the stand, the USB hub and the build quality. I would have kept mine if not for the issues I had.

Overall, it's a great monitor.

I simply cannot go back to a "normal" monitor after using 21:9.
Although I imagine I will be buying one of the 34" 1440p monitors once they come down in price.
Probably next year.

I hope you get a good panel if you like watching horror films or playing horror games.
These are great monitors.
Just a shame mine all had issues.
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on 16 April 2015
For personal use I use a high spec laptop in two different locations and in each routinely connect it to an external mouse, keyboard and monitor. I have always wanted two monitors as I do at work, but have never found a satisfactory way of running two from the single hdmi output on the Vaio laptop. These new 29:9 format screens solve the problem. This 29" beauty is very good value. The 34" ones remain rather costly. I had some initial difficulty in getting the right image. This turned out to be down to using a hdmi/dv-i cable. A hdmi/hdmi produced an immediate and perfect result. When I first read of these I thought it was a fad, but the experience is entirely different. All the benefits of two screens driven as one, via one lead and one graphic card. The quality of this Dell is very high and the design is excellent, and with a smooth, weighted hight adjustment. What a great discovery.
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on 12 July 2014
Looks great playing games, don't be put off with the 8ms response time, i haven't noticed a difference from my old 5ms response monitor.
I have watched so many movies on this like How To Train Your Dragon, and it makes so much of a difference without the black borders above and below the screen.
When i use this with my macbook i haven't seen the need for a second monitor. but when i use my windows computer i still feel the need for another 23 inch screen. its just the way i work :)
One problem i come across a bit is trying to find wallpapers that fit the aspect ratio, but when you find one that fits they look amazing.
I have also plugged my sky HD into it and it works just fine it has a headphone out for HDMI and Display port so you can plug some speakers in and hear audio.
I have also plugged my ps3 into it and works just fine. it can sometimes get confused what resolution its meant to be at but it sorts itself out.
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on 6 September 2014
I replaced my Dell 23 inch with this wide screen mainly for Flight Simming. Now feels more like actually being in the cockpit. It was a transformation in size with very clear high resolution 3D graphics. The multi screen is a great idea though I haven't used that yet. Very easy to set up, install the software disk for configuration you can easily change configs to your preference. Though I have just left it at the Dell default. I like the illuminated monitor touch on/off switch on the front. Big improvement on the other monitor being a button on the back down the side out of sight. Very impressed great monitor does what it says in the description.
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on 16 March 2014
I went for one of these after 2 faulty AOC 29" UWHD monitors. So far it's looking good, at least once I worked out that the idiotic "Smart Video Enhance" mode was messing with the colour setup and turned it off. It doesn't suffer quite so much from falloff at the screen edges as the AOC either. It does have one dead green subpixel, and the adjacent red subpixel is not entirely dead but not working correctly. So there is a very tiny dark blemish when displaying some colours, but I really don't notice it. The reason it's getting 4 stars and not 5 is the colour balance is not even - when you display a white screen, there are distinct alternating vertical bands of very slight pink and green tinges towards the bottom of the screen. Enabling the "Uniformity Compensation" feature gets rid of them, but bizarrely turns the rest of the screen, which was formerly quite uniform, into a psychedelic swirl of (again very slight) pink and green tinges. So thanks for this feature, but no thanks.
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