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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Size: Unlocked|Change
Price:£58.00 - £89.95
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on 17 September 2013
This is just FAB. In simple terms it is a mobile phone without a keypad or screen, but rather than being designed for calls/txts, it streams a link to the internet using Wi-Fi. The signal is secure, just like a phone, or a locked home broadband, and, for reasons beyond my understanding, it transfers information really quickly, unlike my old "Dongles" (usb sticks) which my laptop refers to as a "dial-up connection". The device does make the data credit go at a faster rate than my old ("dial-up") Dongles, but then the Dongles were so slow that at times they weren't usable as pages would time-out.

This is a brilliant item, apparently "unlocked" but i only bought it in that state to give me the option to try other sim cards in it in the future if that suits me then, however it was my intention from the start to use the 3Mobile network, and so far i am very pleased with the reception i am getting, and, as mentioned, the speed of data transfer.

The set-up is a doddle, unbox it, charge it, put a sim card in it, switch it on....job done! You can adjust settings and view signal strength, plus, usefully see how many devices are using it's signal by looking on the Huawei website (there is an instruction booklet) and when using the 3Mobile simcard means that when you open the 3Mobile website it automatically recognizes the unit and give you data-usage without having to Create an Account (you may have to click on "My Account" even though you haven't set one up, but either way the data-useage is there on the website.

I bought this to go with a BlackBerry Playbook, but it will provide your own personal Wi-Fi ("Mi-Fi") for any device that can connect by wireless link. In simple terms, it's portable wireless internet, if there is a 3G mobile phone signal where you want to use it then it will work. Apparently the sim card will 'look' for the best local signal, so if one window in your house doesn't provide a good result then try a different one in a different compass direction, EG, sometimes my East-facing window works better than my West-facing window as there are two transmitters in my immediate area.

The unit's signal bars don't work like a Phone's signal bars. With a phone, the bars go up one at a time depending on signal strength (0,1,2,3,4,5 bars) but this simply shows ALL bars ALL the time, it is the colour that changes, Green bars = good, Orange bars = adequate or moderate, Red bars = no way José. Generally i see green. If you are an information-hunter then you may prefer a more expensive version with a screen that gives actual numeric information, but frankly that's not what i go on-line for.

I can't think why someone wouldn't like this unit. If you are unsure then you could buy one from one of the Network shops (like 3Mobile who sell THIS unit) BUT it will cost you perhaps a fiver more and the unit will be locked to their network, plus you then lose the option to save money buying your sim card here on Amazon at a discounted price, so overall you will pay more but get less future choice (you may require a different provider in a particular geographic area for instance, no good if you have a locked unit)

Charging is by USB lead (they provide a very short one), or, as my Samsung phone charger provides a 5volt supply through a micro-usb connector i use that from the mains, and PROVIDING any car charger you have provides a stabilized 5volt output from 12v/24v input you could use that out and about. MY OWN equipment means that my SatNav lead and Samsung car lead both give a stabilized 5v output.....but i DO KNOW WHAT I AM DEALING WITH. Check any equipment you have and seek advice if you need it. Further, some modern cars provide a USB socket from which you can charge various this one.

I wouldn't consider being without this device now.

Addendum....THIS 5332 has the same features as the 5331, except that THIS 5332 ALSO has an external aerial socket in the bottom of it, should you wish to add a vehicle aerial (see a lengthy review by another reviewer) Apparently uses a TS9 connector rather than a CRC9 type, though i haven't tried this function myself.
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on 24 July 2013
Bought this to use with a Spanish sim while on holiday in Majorca. Much cheaper to use a local sim than use roaming on your own phone. Easy to set up, secure & you can have upto 8 devices connected at any one time. You will need to the carrier specific APN settings for the sim card provider you intend to use in the MiFi.
Use this link for a list of APN settings for Spain only

MiFi also cheaper way of connecting any WiFi only iPad to the Internet. Look up for cheap data only sim deals.
Hope this helps.
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on 22 April 2013
This is really unlocked, I'm using it in Finland with a sim card of operator DNA.

Initially I ordered the cheaper version of this (the E5331) based on the good reviews. After some rethinking I canceled the order and ordered this one instead. The reason is I wanted to have the option to use an external antenna. I plan to use this on my summer cottage and the network signal is not perfect there. Can't harm in a car, either.

I also ordered an external antenna, but turned out, that the connectors don't match. The product description said nothing about the connector type, and I couldn't find any info elsewhere, either. So I assumed the most common one for Huawei modems (CRC9) should work. Well, it doesnt. After some lengthy re-googling I found out that the connector is of type TS-9. I have now ordered another antenna with this one, let's see if it fits and if it makes any difference.

I did a quick field test with the device on my way to work. The modem was in a cell phone holder in the windshield of my car, and running on its own battery. I had the running in an ipad on the passenger seat and i did a test every minute or so as I was driving to work. At first the download speed was disappointing, below 500 kbits/s, but after a few minutes the speed went up. For the rest of my trip it varied between 3 and 8,5 Mbit/s, which I find quite acceptable in a moving car. You could use netflix with that speed.

The reasons i dropped one star are:
- Lack of product information about the antenna connector,
- You need to be careful opening the back cover so that it doesn't brake. Someone who travels a lot might want to change the sim often, so a more practical solution would be nice.
- The price is a bit high.
- No 4G
- It's black. The seller didn't have a white one. This may heat up more in car use.

Edit May 24th:

I had a chance to test the device in smaller town and in rural area with and without the external antenna. On both locations, the download speed was acceptable with this modem alone, but the extra antenna did improve the speed noticeably. Based on the downloads speed improved from 6 Mb/s to 8Mb/s at both locations. The fastest measurement was 13,6 Mb/s at my summer house.
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VINE VOICEon 21 November 2013
This really is a true little gem, if you camp/caravan/motorvan etc. or just want ease of acces to the web when you are on holiday. You just put in the sim card (see my review on ones from here - they are cheaper than anywhere else for 3Gb and are genuine ones too). place it somewhere where you can see it gets all the bars in flourescent green (which means the highest signal) and log on with your laptop etc. You only have to put the security code in once too, after that it will connect for you everytime.
We bought this because we both have laptops and hubby being disabled likes to play games on his, I like to scour the wen for bargains and do my e-mails. With this we can both be on at the same time because it's wireless. And it's secur too.

We bought an unlocked one so if we did want to change sims we could, but so far we have found 3G to be the best coverage. We get all over the Country and have yet to come across a place where we cannot get onto the internet.
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on 26 September 2013
I am sitting on my boat in the middle of nowhere, my phone (T mobile) has no signal, and I am sending this report with no trouble. I get a great signal just about everywhere. I could not be without it now.
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on 11 July 2013
A little unit which exceeded my expectations. It is smaller than a mobile phone and neatly designed. It comes with a 20-page colour printed quick start guide (which clearly states on page 4 that the antenna port requires a TS-9 connector). This guide is enough to get you up and running, but if you need further information there is an even more comprehensive set of instructions embedded in the on-board Help system which you can access through a connected Wi-Fi device or computer.

Connecting wirelessly with my laptop and smartphone was a breeze - just as easy as logging on to a secure WiFi signal in a café. I had a little more difficulty when I tried establishing a wired connection via USB, but I put that down to my lack of experience with Windows networking rather than any shortcomings in the Mobile Wi-Fi.

I bought a Spanish SIM on eBay which enabled me to email, surf the net, watch online videos and make video calls on holiday, picking up an excellent 3G signal without the need for an external antenna.
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on 29 December 2013
This is a fantastic little device. I live on a boat, there for constantly on the move. So previousley had a dongle. I stopped using it when I got an android phone as the dongle was painfully slow. BUT the small screen is doing my eyes in & I wanted to do some online studying. Someone told me about these little devices & WOW. It has changed my life. The old laptop was redundant unless I dragged it to an establishment with wifi & this was generally slow. This has to be as fast as any home wifi I have used & I also have an ariel for poor signal areas which I purchased seperately for a couple of quid. I just cant believe the efficiency & speed. Also if your device is unlocked you can get free data from samba website. So its even cheaper.
I cant get over the efficiency of this little box, its also pocket size so can travel anywhere with you.
Get one & never look back & no I dont work for Huawei. Although I do have one of their phones which is also great at a fraction of the cost but thats another story
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I bought this from another supplier locked to T Mobile (for £25). There are people on auction sites selling unlock codes for £1, if you need this service.

Anyway... set up was extremely easy. Fit the battery (it is a removable one similar to Canon camera batteries), charge the unit (either with the supplied plug or via USB) and add the SIM card.

Connecting an iPad worked simply, I just connected to the SSID shown on the inside of the unit lid, plus the password and I was away. Signal strength is dependent on the network you are using, this is shown by the colour of the light. There are also lights to show WIFI strength, battery and whether there is messages (the unit can receive messages which is neat).

If you need to change any settings you simply link your device (PC, Mac, iPad etc) to the unit's wireless network and in a browser type

I found the E5332 to be a very simple solution to the problem of not always having WIFI available, and can be used if your device can't accept a SIM (the E5332 takes a full size, not micro, SIM).

Highly recommended.
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on 18 February 2014
Bought this mobile wifi after reading good reviews, BUT it is not compatible with Mac since they undated to Maverics. No mention of this anywhere. So I now have a useless device I need to return. Otherwise I am sure it does the job well.
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on 29 March 2016
We have been using a Huawei E586 at our holiday caravan for some years and decided to upgrade to the E5332, what a mistake. It worked for a short while but then it could not receive a signal at our caravan and only seems to work in some areas with a very strong signal and not others, it was as though the receiver had lost power. We are now back using the old E5332 that works perfectly, even at our daughters home in Wales where its difficult to get a mobile phone signal.
We put in a claim for a refund from the sellers Executivez, but their customer service was very disappointing and all they did was provide the telephone number of the manufacturer via a standard e mail which makes me think this is their normal response to problems.
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