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on 5 January 2014
Wanted a cheap colour laser printer for my Nexus 7 tablet,saw reviews which were mixed so as price was within budget took a risk.
Now in order to be accurate let me say this- using the supplied USB cable meant installation was simple - plug in to laptop ,install & print. Not so easyto install wirelessl. However if you set up your home network without security and initially use either desktop machine or laptop and persevere then the rewards are worth it. Once set up and working I installed the Dell printer app to the Nexus 7 version 2 and was able to print within 5 minutes with no problems. As a test tried same app on Samsung Galaxy III phone with similar results. Prints are clear and with a better colour then expected and printing pictures from your phone is very satisfying. Takes around 5 minutes total to print so not excessive for freedom you have . Cartridge cost is expensive if buying Dell branded but I will probably use compatibles which are much cheaper. Overall printer exceeded my expectations as well as being solidly built too. when comparing consumable items bear in mind can leave printer idle for weeks with no loss of printing ability, not something when using an inkjet I would recommend.
Would therefore have no hesitation in recommending this printer to anyone who can add it to a home network as a wireless printer or by usb to anyone wanting a cheap colour printer for the home.
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on 30 October 2013
This printer works very well, once set up. As others note, initial wireless setup is a little tricky, but this only needs to be done once. Print quality is excellent, third party toner is cheap and the hardware appears to be good quality.
This works in Linux with the Xerox 6000 driver (
For 32 bit Ubuntu, just install and add the printer as a Xerox 6000B driver.
For 64 bit Ubuntu 13.10, do the same, then run: "sudo apt-get install libcupsimage2:i386" (edit: there may be more libraries required: see review comments).
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on 3 October 2014
My printing needs are modest and infrequent but still enough to make a printer a necessity. Unfortunately this situation renders inkjet printers a total pain with huge quantities of ink and time being wasted in the seemingly unavoidable nozzle cleaning process every time I need to print a document. With this in mind I turned to laser printers as a possible solution, especially with the recent fall in price in relation to inkjets.

Having read around the subject for a while, this printer seemed to offer decent value for me without a load of features I either don't need or can quite easily live without. I was a little concerned by some reviews regarding problems with setting up the wifi link as I have a very low tolerance for gadgets that don't work 'straight out of the box' particularly if it is down to silly incompatibilities. I need not have worried.

Phase 1 - Unpack and set up ready to connect to my HP laptop - about 5 minutes.
Phase 2 - Use the cd supplied to load the driver onto my laptop - 5-10 minutes max with no false starts or glitches - not even necessary to faff about with router pass-keys - seamless!
Phase 3 - Start test prints - perfectly acceptable results.
Phase 4 - Download the Dell mobile print app onto my Samsung tablet - 2 minutes
Phase 5 - Start test prints - perfectly acceptable results again.

I could not be happier with the outcome - 3 devices from 3 separate manufacturers working in harmony - techy bliss!

On the down side:
1. The paper feed arrangements are on the flimsy side - I would be wary of specifying this model for anything other than personal/home use.

2. The printed instructions relating to downloading drivers from the internet fall foul of the usual document quality control failure found in large corporations - the instruction path given on the sheet bears no resemblance to what you encounter on the website. Since the cd driver worked fine this is a minor observation. ( I checked this out due to curiosity not need because QA is my thing).

Overall I would certainly rate this as a very positive experience.
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on 19 March 2014
I ordered this printer on 5th March 2014 and it arrived a few days later. I have no problem with the product or the seller, Bentham Ltd. What I do have a problem with is Dell's warranty policy which is this: Dell's product warranty starts on the day that the product ships from Dell to the reseller. In my case this date was 2/4/2013, so the printer had been sitting at the reseller for 11 months before it got sold to me. The net result is that I only have 2 years and 1 month to run on my warranty. Had the warranty been a standard 12 months then I would have only had a month left!

I have never heard of such a policy before, and I'm stunned that it's even legal.
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on 10 October 2014
As others have already said - if you only use a printer occasionally but still do need one then inkjets are a nightmare! Most of the cartridge ink I had was used flushing out the inkjet before use. Cartridges are expensive enough without them being used either to clean jets or otherwise dry up.

My son now needs to use a printer at home as the queue at school to use the school printers is now becoming laborious for him now he has his GCSEs ongoing. A laser printer was the only option as any printer would still not have been used regularly enough to prevent inkjet problems.

This printer is really great. I think the print quality is really good and I don't feel there is any compromise at all. It is nice and neat as far as lasers go and not especially heavy either.

However !!! - I definitely had problems setting this up. I loaded the DVD to my laptop and then turned on the printer. I pressed WIFI button as instructed then printer instructed to press WPS on my router. I don't have a WPS button. I then tried to connect with Ethernet cable and managed this but couldn't sort a wireless connection. Thank heavens for my Virgin broadband etc as I rang them and they connected remotely to my laptop and sorted it for me. Even their tech people had a bit of faffing about to sort it.

Printer is great but I would have been absolutely lost if I had not had my broadband provider to help me. Perhaps other broadband providers also assist with connecting equipment to your router. Virgin said it wasn't an unusual request for them. They do it all the time. So if your issues are with connecting this printer I wouldn't let that put you off. Perhaps check with your provider first. After all, the connection problems could be down to their equipment anyway.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 19 February 2015
I ordered this on the 15th of February and it was delivered yesterday morning (18th). I'm impressed with that because when the dispatch email said it was being delivered by yodel, I expected to wait while next week.

I connected it up in the spot next to the desktop PC where the ink jet has sat for the last few years, and put the cd in the computer. Setup via USB was very easy.

I then re-ran the setup program and selected the wifi option. Chose the home network and typed in the password. Setup for use on laptops on the network now. Done in a few minutes. Much easier than I expected.

Today I printed about 500 pages of black and white. It was amazingly fast. Maybe 4 or 5 seconds per page. It didn't even seem to get particularly hot, and didn't shake about like the old printer did.

Most impressed with the price of third party toner cartridges. I can get a full set for less money than a single inkjet cartridge used to cost me.
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on 24 June 2014
I got fed up with inkjet printer cartridges drying up or clogging, not to mention the cost of replacements. Always wanted a laser printer but the prices of the printers and cartridges were too expensive. Then I saw this one and the prices of the Compatible Cartridges were just the same as the inkjet type but held more and never dry up. Every time you switch on an inkjet printer you waste ink flushing the jets before it starts printing. This does not happen with laser printers so no waste of toner. A Win Win situation all round. The Quality of the Print is brilliant and the Wi-Fi works really with our Home Network. Go for it now that the lases printers are more affordable, you will not regret it.
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on 3 September 2013
The Dell 1760NW colour laser printer is a well built and reliable. Today you shouldn't consider buying a printer that doesn't have wi-fi/ethernet connectivity- it makes connecting and printing from Android devices, iPhones, iPads, Ultrabooks etc a breeze. Having a networked printer isn't a luxury or a waste of time, especially when some of the devices we use cannot interface directly with the printer over USB.

Anyone looking at the Dell 1760NW and the cheaper Dell C1660W which lacks ethernet but is about £10 cheaper. Except that it isn't- You see the 'cheaper' Dell C1660W uses different toner cartridges and the cost of replacement 'compatible' toners is more than double the cost of the 1760NW 'compatible' toners. There are also a less buying choices for the Dell C1660W toners.

Also, as others have pointed out, buying Dell branded replacement toners is more expensive than the cost of the printer. The cost of buying a full set high capacity C,Y,M,K toners direct from Dell would set you back roughly £250. For comparison you can purchase a set of high capacity 'compatible' toners for £25 on Amazon. Also, I'm not defending Dell's exorbitant toner pricing, but it is the same practice employed by HP, Canon, Lexmark- the cost of replacement inks/toners is substantial over a printers lifetime compared to the one-off purchasing cost of the printer.

Point this out to those that complain about replacement costs and you'll likely hear many, if not most, of the following comments;

"Only £25? Well I hear that those 'compatible' toners will ruin your printer";"The quality is nowhere near as good as the official ones- the colour isn't quite right";"The print quality is worse, much worse!";"The toner will clog and scratch the drum head, and leak, or dry out, or both, and who knows what toxic chemicals they contain." "You even run the risk of breaking your new printer by using them and they invalidate your warranty...."

And where did you hear all this? Who was it that warned you? Let me hazard a guess- it wouldn't be from the manufactures would it? The same people who sold you your printer at a loss/razor thin margin so that they could make back the profit selling you the ink/toner at vastly inflated prices. I have a deal for you- this printer cost me £100 to manufacture. I'll sell it to you for £30. Actually for today only you can have it for free. £0. Nada. Nil. Now isn't that a bargain?!

Man that company is crazy! They'll go bust giving away printers. "The replacement ink is £22 a cartridge (and it doesn't last long)....damn! in the last 3 years I've spent £300 on replacement inks. So much for my "free' printer.

These companies have a vested interest in you not purchasing 'compatible' inks and toners. It isn't 'their" ink and toner at sky-high profit margins. It ruins their business strategy. It would be better if more people realised that a printer manufacturer isn't primarily selling you a printer. What you're actually buying is a device to consume their ink/toner.

This Dell colour laser printer is really good. but none of the 5 stars I gave it are in relation to the exorbitant Dell replacement toners at a cost of £250. Someone at Dell is smoking the toner!
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on 7 September 2014
A good little printer. Does appear to have issues with Windows 8.1 though. Even downloading the 8.1 driver from Dell website, some items don't print when using 8.1.Most noticeable is when trying to print pictures, just generates an error message of "unable to print". No indication of why. The same pictures print OK from other OS, or through the Android App. The printer Test Page also prints differently in Windows 8.1 from other OS.
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on 15 January 2014
The main reason I bought this printer was for the excellent booklet printing option. I do about 40 programmes for my football club each week and it is a breeze doing them on this printer. I have learnt to avoid eBay for my toner as one lot I got was just about useless. Get some scales and weigh the cartridges full and then weigh them empty to give an accurate reading of how much tones is in them, The ones I got off eBay had as little as 4gm of toner in them. Much better to get the ones off Amazon at about £6.00 each, they seem to have about 12gm plus in each of the colour ones and more in the black. The three year warranty is possibly a waste as the things that are likely to go on the printer are regarded as "consumables" and not covered.
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