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on 2 May 2013
I've had this monitor for around 2 months now. My previous Samsung SM226BW 22" monitor died on me after 5 years, so I forceably in the market for something new. After looking around a few options and checking out some reviews, I plumped for the Asus model. So my impressions so far

1. Packaging/construction - Excellent. Very well packaged (as you'd maybe expect for a monitor!). The two piece construction is so simple that even my mum could do it. No screwdrivers or anything needed. This is definitely one for the casual PC user. My only small complaint is that the stand part is a little unstable. It's not possible for it to fall over or anything like that. But if you have a desk that gets bumped (kids!) or is a little wobbly - then this monitor will sway a little. Maybe I was just spoiled with my previous monitor with a huge base and almost infinite stability! Still, it's a very very minor complaint.

2. Setup - the full 1920x1080 HD settings took me a little playing around and a little googling in order to get setup. Happy to put this down to my own graphics card (radeon 5770) rather than the monitor. Did get it setup correctly in the end.

3. Pixel issue - I went over my monitor very thoroughly and I don't see any dead pixels at all, so no issues there. I feel it's useful to state, as it's common to see more reviews of a product when people get an issue - and this seems to be a commonly reported one. It's not one that I've encountered.

4. Quality - After the little setup, I'm incredibly impressed with this monitor. Coming from a 1680x1050 monitor, the extra space onscreen is superb. The display quality is fabulous. I've no reason to doubt the reported 1ms response time. While I haven't done anything like full performance testing, I do play FPS games like Battlefiend 3. I've found my response times to be absolutely fine.

5. Price - I think the price of this monitor is great. I bought it at £175 (looks to be cheaper now) which was a great price compared to it's peers.

Note - doesn't take normal DVI input, it has 2xHD input. You are provided with a DVI-HD cable. I think this is great as it offers the option to plug true HD players into the monitor. This isn't something i've tested, but it's definitely a plus worth noting.

Overall, I don't think I've ever been as happy with a monitor as I am with this one. I think the combination of quality with price is just unmatched at the current moment. If I could get a PC desk with a little more room - I'd definitely be getting a 2nd one of these (subject to girlfriend approval....)
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on 5 March 2016
Just a quick recommend for this monitor. Has been rock solid for the past 2 years of owning them, image is sharp, colours and contrast not the best out of the box but can be fixed with a few setting changes. Not a single dead pixel and I have 3 of these. The buttons are located behind the display so you need to line up your finger to the corresponding bezel icon.

When you turn on the display you will get the ASUS logo for a few seconds before you see your content. The LED below the power icon stays white while on then if no signal is detected the display turns off with the LED changing to amber.

The Grid layout feature is a gimmick and have had no reason to use it

Using the stand is a bit of a let down as the monitor will wobble slightly if your desk/table is prone to movement, mounted its perfect. Although the images show a thin bezel the actual display leaves about 5mm of border so the bezel might be thin but really its just not covering this border.
review image
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on 2 April 2016
One of the best monitors which I am still using!

1080p with 1ms response made it perfect for someone like me who games and consumes alot of media on my PC. The thin bezels makes this look awesome and even now my desk looks great with this.

It is TN but for that Asus make a great monitor with awesome colours. The is also very little light bleed.
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on 13 February 2016
Absoloutly amazing monitors. Worth every penny. Only downside is that there is a small black border across each side of the screen but it's barely noticeable. However, when you know it's there it is slightly distracting. I've attached some photos.
review image review image
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on 7 January 2016
Why three stars? Well because I've not yet actually got to use the monitor. The monitor came in the box which was obviously beaten, so from this point I started taking pictures of the unboxing. Upon discovering the scuff marks on the display itself, I knew it had very little chance of working, set it up and turned it on and to no surprise, it wasn't working. Contacted Amazon Live chat where the first Adviser I spoke to said "it's not in stock you will need to buy it again from another seller" and while expressing my dissatisfaction that chat mysteriously disconnected. The second, even more useless adviser I spoke with for about 40 minutes or so was saying that I would need to buy it from another seller, Which I did and that cost me an additional £10 on top of my original amount paid out. so I told her to refund me my original amount paid out as well as my £10 additional amount in which she pretty much said no. I asked to speak with a manager to which she replied "I understand you want to speak to a manager" and then didn't put me through as requested. Later in the chat with her after me wasting further time on the issue at hand and expressing furhter dissatisfaction she proceeded to say "I can't resolve you issue, unless you have a different issue i can help with, i'll be ending this chat". That line made me laugh, partly because she used the word "help" when she's been everything but, and also that she pretty much said that she can't resolve my issue so i'm still a dissatisfied customer and she'll pretty much just end the chat to get rid of me. I work in customer service myself, and although I'm talking on the phone to customers and not live chat, If I had done what she did, i'd be very close to unemployment, not only has she failed to resolve my complaint, she must have also failed some sort of compliance for acknowledging i wanted to speak to a manager and not doing so. After she sent that pleasant little message I then responded "You can end this chat when you can process a refund of the money i've just paid in order to get the item i originally intended in purchasing and can give me some sort of reference code, thank you." she then sent a message shortly after stating "I understand you're upset and I regret that we haven't been able to address your concerns to your satisfaction. However, we are unable to issue a compensation for an item that is sold by a seller." and literally ended the chat that same second. So while I have a look around to see if there are any decent advisers who can put me through to a manager, I'm still awaiting the delivery for my new monitor at which stage I will edit this complaint based on my experience with it, and hopefully it's not broken.
review image review image review image review image
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on 26 March 2016
Great looking screen for the price - used for gaming, lots of options - buttons are a little fiddly they sit under and behind the bottom edge of the screen, if they where easier to use I would rate it 5*s.
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on 9 April 2016
I really do love these monitors, so much so that I bought 3 of them. The picture quality is amazing but out of the box you will need to tweak a few settings. I lowered the brightness to 30 and the contrast to 75. I am sure that I have not finished adjusting them yet as I like to fiddle with buttons. This being said the picture quality I have achieved is astounding. I have seen some complaints of dead pixels but after numerous check I can confirm I have not got any in 3 monitors.

My only real criticism is the stand, it is so wobbly if you tap the table as you type the screen shakes. Where possible wall mount them or even one of those vesa desk clamp things.
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on 17 April 2016
Took a bit of getting used to,default setting arent that good, but loads of info on the net to set it up colours brightness etc. Great value for money, downside are a wobbly stand, tbh its not that bad but had a really stable moniter before, but as long as you dont bash your keyboared in frustration gaming etc,and have a reasonable desk,its not really an issue, it can be wall mounted, but if like me the back of your moniter faces a window not much use. But over all recommended.
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on 18 March 2016
Bought this to use as a gaming monitor instead of my TV and as soon as i switched it on the difference was noticeable, the image quality is much better than the TV and colours are vibrant but not saturated, I would recommend this monitor to anyone looking for a good quality image for their PC or console
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on 28 December 2015
Its a great monitor for the price! I use it for Console gaming and a second display for my mac. Looking to upgrade to two in the future when i purchase my PC. Cant go wrong with this monitor and the bezels look very clean, With 1ms Response time this is a perfect monitor for gamers and beats the rival BENQ on graphics and looks.
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