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on 11 October 2017
Crazy improbable action as our hero tackles the bad guys causing the usual mayhem Coast to Coast, and that's before he catches up to them. Just dont take it seriously, sit back and enjoy the plot and the crazy moves, as Detective McClane chases the usual collection of Uber Baaaaad Guys liberally dusting the neighbourhood with dead bodies. An Insurance Company's worst nightmare of double jeopardy destruction of buildings, infrastructure and bad guys.
A Die Hard movie at its best, suspend reality, sit back and enjoy :)
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on 20 August 2017
Not as good as the first few films. There is so much action right from the start of the film which you would think is a good thing but it totally looses you and you can't follow any plot.

At least the first one in particular had a good strong plot but this one is too much action you find yourself confused and disengaged.

If your a fan of the first ones your watch this anyway but I would recommend watching something else with a better plot.
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on 25 May 2011
Die hard 4.0 is better than your average action film but doesn't really compare to the first film in so much as Bruce Willis has now become some sort of super hero killing machine compared to the average Joe cop forced into a hard situation he was originally. In Die hard 2 and 3 the film makers took the premise of a lone cop being a hero(with some assistance) to some extreme degrees, but it remained believable and in tone with the original film. In this film John Mclane(Willis) is all over the town saving the day more in the style of 24's Jack Bauer.
On a positive note I like the villains plan and find it interesting. I also think the cast is good especially Mary elizabeth Winstead as Willis's daughter. The music score is also good and features elements that remind you of the previous score.
If you're going to purchase this film on Dvd buy the 2 disc edition which is edited differently to the theatrical edition to be more violent with more swearing(as you'd expect from Die Hard). It's also a shame they didn't call this film Live Free or Die Hard in the U.K., a much better title tha Die Hard 4.0.
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on 20 September 2010
I know, I know. Action movies can be smart.

Actually, 4.0 made a good stab at it, with the cyber-culture theme. Some clumsiness about actual computing and technology did hamper the efforts slightly but as a science fiction fan I never allow a bit of dramatic licence to ruin my good time.

The film is a little shallow, and a bit too focussed on the action and not enough on some of the deeper themes that are almost explored. What ARE the side-effects of a state putting everything into an interconnected network? Why do different governmental departments one-up each other in an information era when this is only going to trip them up when someone attacks them? Etc. In the end, no lessons have been learned apart from a father-daughter reconciliation of sorts.

Willis delivers a typically good performance as McClane, who is sufficiently (but not comically) mystified by the world of technology. I'd say give it a go. It isn't bad, and it fits in fairly well with the rest of the franchise (especially the first film).
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on 1 July 2016
The fourth Die Hard movie is just as good as good as the preceding movies in the franchise (shame about Die Hard 5). It's a really good movie that I rated 9 out of 10 on imdb & 5 stars out of 5 on amazon video. Great cgi & effects and a good laugh along the way. I see another Die Hard is in the offing. I hope it will live up to Die Hard's 1 to 4.
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on 2 February 2013
Obviously the first Die Hard was the best one out of the series and possibly the best action movie of its time. The second movie was also really good and the promise of a great franchise of films looked on the horizon, then there came the disappointing ending of Die Hard 3 which ruined a good film and it looked like the end. When Die Hard 4 was mentioned, with another director, I was very skeptical and I had to watch it a couple of times, but its now one of my favourite action movies ever. The only reason I don't watch the first film any more is that I've seen it sooooo many times. Roll on Die Hard 5 - In Russia no less.
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on 19 January 2015
This film is quite enjoyable, given that it has been several years since With a Vengeance. I am guessing with everyone doing action films on trains, boats and planes, it was probably quite difficult to think of a story in which could be added to the Die Hard franchise.
I think Brucie did well and I'm sure there will be others after A good Day to Die Hard
Steelbook is of good quality
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on 21 February 2018
Smart and entertaining film. It was also witty in parts. Bruce willis is as macho as ever.
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on 21 February 2013
Just received this dvd today and watched it straight away. I can confirm that this is the uncut version with all 'F' bombs and bullet impacts fully restored. Whilst I do prefer the Blu Ray format, I must say that the picture quality and sound is excellent and for what Amazon market sellers are currently charging for it second hand, it's a steal. Grab it while you can.
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on 8 October 2015
Not as good as 1, 2 or 3 but still an enjoyable film. The action is great and it still plays very much like a Die Hard film but Olyphant as the bad guy isn't really up to much. Well worth watching though!
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