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on 6 November 2017
ridiculously broke down on me just after warranty expired and lost so much data and precious photos
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on 16 September 2017
nothing negative to say. good product.
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on 15 October 2013
Such a lot of power in such a little thing! The design is sleek and small and yet it is so powerful. Replacing an old PC with a Mac has a great impact. There is no noise and groaning every time I turn it on. I don't have to press the power button and then go and make a cup of tea while I wait for it to load itself up! It doesn't sound like an aeroplane taking off when an advert starts running online! It's... silent, except when you want to listen to music and then.. bam... crisp & clear sound. It's a revelation. I keep turning it on and off just to marvel at the way it deals with it so effortlessly. Maybe I need to get out more..
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on 9 June 2013
If you already own a good screen, the compact Mac Mini could be for you, and will get you -- as it did me -- into the world of Mac and OS X a lot more cheaply, but less prettily, than buying an iMac. I got set up very quickly, using a Logitech wireless keyboard and an Apple Magic Mouse, plus an ordinary Dell screen and my speakers. The included video adapter makes the connection to the screen work, or you can attach to an HDMI-equipped screen or TV. If you want to use DVDs or CDs, you will need to buy an external drive and plug it into a USB port. (£25-30). My cheap Samsung DVD drive was fine.

The Mac Mini box looks great, is completely silent, but is inconvenient to use. Everything is around the back - on/off switch, four USB3 ports, line in and sound out ports, camera memory card port, etc., and I found that a USB extension hub made life easier. That line in port will not work with a normal microphone.

Performance with 4GB memory is not good enough. Using OS X Mountain Lion generally leads you to have multiple windows open and multiple applications running, so with 4GB the Mac Mini is disappointingly slow. Luckily, it is very easy to follow the supplied instructions, unclip the 4GB and put in two new memory modules. I installed 16GB (about £100) and performance was transformed for the better. Having checked memory usage, I would expect 8GB also to give good performance.

If, like me, you need to use PC software that has no equivalent on Mac, then I would recommend the Parallels software that lets you run Windows on the Mac Mini.
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on 15 January 2017
Very disappointed with this product. It hasn't stopped working after only 3 years use.
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#1 HALL OF FAMETOP 10 REVIEWERon 29 April 2014
The Mac Mini is your introduction into the "more affordable side" of Apple computers, with a very small footprint not only does the Mini look cool with it's sleek smooth lines, it's eco friendly with it's low power consumption, yes has a respectable Dual Core i5 processor and solid overall spec.

There are a few downers though worth a mention
And a lot of good things to like

My overall conclusions good/bad

+ Sleek, compact and very lightweight fits anywhere taking up no space
+ Good performance for day to day tasks (more power intensive users should look at the Core i7 model)
+ Decent base specification, 500GB hard drive is enough for many users as is 4GB of ram
+ Easy to upgrade memory (via the removable base) takes up to 16GB ram
+ Good connectivity 1x Thunderbolt port, 1x FireWire 800 port; 4xUSB 3 ports; HDMI port; SDXC card slot, 3.5mm headphone socket. You can connect to a VGA monitor with an additional adaptor
+ Built in wifi, excellent performance and range + Bluetooth 4.0

- No optical drive (you'll have to buy an external drive)
- SD slot at the rear, the least convenient place to put it, ditto on lack of front USB port
- Lacks the dedicated graphics of previous Mac Mini's (so it takes some memory for that use around 512MB with the 4GB option) GPU performance is a bit of a step down from the previous AMD Radeon HD 6630M graphics

Note: Memory is very easy to upgrade on this model (with the removable panel underneath) do yourself a huge favour and buy your own memory rather than letting Apple haul you over the big margin "coal fires" Fitting an SSD requires a bit more work though, still this was an issue on previous models that has been resolved

The Intel HD Graphics 4000 can handle HD video files without issue (smooth playback), and can manage ok for some older games COD4, or WOW ok. Just don't expect the newer titles to play that well without dropping settings down a bit. There is an approx 20-25% hit on GPU performance v the AMD graphics (roughly) a non issue if you don't play games, but worth a mention

OSX is slick as ever, but give yourself a bit of time to adapt if you are new to the OS
You can use your current keyboard, mouse and monitor (check your monitor connections though, ie if it's VGA you will need the mini port adaptor) HDMI and DVI are no problems (HDMI to DVI adapter is included)

This makes for a good office solution or media computer (very quiet too). As ever..as a PC builder myself it's a tad pricey as all Apple products are (if you want a super budget computer then a pc is cheaper be in no doubt) Quality is excellent though. Whilst I respect Apple's clean lines look, there are practical issues too. Putting all the USB and the SD card slot at the rear is a royal pain having to reach around all the time, so consider a card reader or USB extender cable.

Can't really fault it though in most ways, a quality offering as ever from Apple.

Note: A newer updated model is expected this year; though as ever if you need a computer "now" then go ahead you will be happy enough with this small "little wonder" If you want to "dip your toes" into the Apple water without shelling out on an iMac then this is a solid way to start.
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on 2 February 2014
Works as well as you would expect EXCEPT, boot up time is much much slower than my Macbook Pro and even loading of desktop windows seems a bit slow. Been a Mac user for 10 years and a bit puzzled about this. But a veyr neat package and good to be able to use existing accessories to keep the price down.

WARNING If bought form the Apple store it comes bundeled with more APple software than this Amazon version. Not expected! SO the £40 saving goes if you want iLife full package.
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on 13 December 2012
I received my Mac two days before the estimated arrival date. Wonderful. However, I found it lying in my porch, not signed for and unprotected. For me this wasn't a major concern. I didn't have much time to dwell upon that fact anyway because as soon as I opened my door I fetched some scissors to allow me to attack the box ferociously. If you don't have a porch then this may be a worry, however I feel as though this may have been the postman's own fault.

This Mac, already the cheapest of all Macs, has been made cheaper. Cheaper even than Apple's education discount. Not only this but it also has a much shorter shipping date than the Apple website as well (5 days).

Within 10 minutes of opening the box, I had the Mac mini connected to my HDTV via an HDMI cable, my disc drive (something to consider seeing as the mini is lacking in that area) via a USB cable and my wireless mouse and keyboard via Bluetooth. This just illustrates the flexibility of this product. Set-up was just as easy. It comes up with the necessary steps to ensure that you can make the most of your computer immediately. You shall need an Apple ID but if you don't possess one then you can easily create one for free.
The baseline Mac mini has all the necessary specification for home computer and casual gaming. A 3rd Gen dual core i5 processor, 500GB hard drive and 4GB RAM (easily upgradable to 8 and beyond) is more than capable of handling all of you tasks.

Overall this is a great product well worth the £467 price tag. I'm looking forward to carrying out all of my computing needs on this machine for the next few years.
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on 9 June 2014
Had mine for about nine months. I bought it from Apple with a Bluetooth keyboard & trackpad. The reason for buying one was to run iTunes straight into my Hi Fi system so is connected to it with the HDMI going to my plasma TV. I have reduced the resolution down to 720p so I can also browse the internet from my TV, instead of my Sony laptop from my armchair whose screen appears a fair bit bigger.
For the purpose of an iTunes server in a Hi Fi system, my first concern would be physical noise - don't be, you have to listen carefully a few inches away to hear any hard disc activity. Some may have concerns using a keyboard, mouse or trackpad wirelessly, again, Apple know what they are doing regarding such connectivity - you will not find that you can't control the Mac Mini. it will warn you that batteries need replacing or recharging.
As for audio, I use USB to connect to my audiolab M-DAC whose XLRs connect directly to my power amplifier then onwards to my Totem Arro speakers. The DAC's remote controls the volume digitally & the Mac Mini's graphical volume display will show changes in volume. The Mac's volume if effectively set to max so volume is only controlled by one device: the DAC itself.
I deliberately don't run that many apps on my Mac, Spotify Premium being the second major one. My DAC's remote can select the tracks or pause iTunes & just pause Spotify. The sound quality from either is top-notch without resorting to any applications such as Audrivarna (I did try a trial of this app & found it made no difference to sound quality so "uninstalled" it).
You cannot describe a Mac without mentioning its operating system. As the whole point of my Mac is to serve audio, I'm not interested in running Windows as well, so cannot comment on how well this basic Mac will run Windows apps. My Mac Mini is running the current version of Mavericks that's is going to get a major overhaul visual overhaul later in 2014 (Yosemite). As a long term windows user (up to Win 7 that is), the Mac's interface does look very tired, though many may well disagree.
The Mac OS (OSX) is very different from Windows in nearly all respects! It's based on a far more robust class of OS called UNIX from which the like of Linux is derived. Although the Macs carry through Apple's reputation for simplicity, Windows users will soon find themselves searching help to do quite simple tasks such as cutting & pasting! There's no Control x, c or v but Command (⌘) instead or right click brings up those & other options. The Mac OS does not have a registry like windows, so uninstalling apps is more like deletion but rather than detail the differences in a review, read up. You can run instances of OSX from an external hard drive or very slowly from a memory stick so is one of the major differences between OSX & Windows with the other major one being integration with Apple IOS devices. Write a calendar event on your iPhone & it will appear in Calendar on your Mac. The same applies to iTunes purchases, Notes or even web pages visited. Apple understand synch'ing across devices very well. Expect even tighter integration under Yosemite & IOS8 in the Autumn such as working on an iPad/iPhone on the move then finishing the task on a Mac
As for connectivity, there is one HDMI, one thunderbolt, four USB3 ports, one Firewire800, one Ethernet & an SDXC slot (all) on the rear. As for wireless, Wi-Fi up to N, Bluetooth up to 4 & even infrared so you can use an Apple remote if you wish. Most updates to either the OS or app generally take minutes with the occasional major one requiring a reboot. Although I have Office365 on my iPad & iPhone, I've chosen to keep my Mac basic as possible. For ripping, I use Apple's SuperDrive to burn audio CDs or playback DVDs (not BR discs!). Apple making backing up very easy, I use a Firewire400 650GB then use the native Time Machine app. As for security, you have various log-on options from none to password entry. Most people don't bother with anti-virus for Macs. The expert advice I've read seems to suggest there is little point at the moment but you can buy AV apps if you want.
My experience using Macs & OSX has generally been very positive, I already had an Apple account so merely added the Mac Mini to it. The build quality is up to Apple's usual high quality & stuff like Standby mode & other power-saving settings work well enough.
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on 31 May 2014
First off if you are looking for a replacement to Windows then Mac is different but nicer to use. I bought this as a my iMac 27 inch screen had died. I had time machine backups so I just wanted to restore my data etc (emails, applications, . . .) it was easier with Time machine (always seems to work a dream) Migration assistant just didn't happen, even after I purchase a firewire cable for £27 :(

You don't get the true Mac experience with an external monitor unless you go for Apple but it is still very good. Word of caution - anybody that says buy a pc and create a hackintosh forgets one thing - it is not easily done unless you do your research. You will still not get an iMac 27 experience unless you get a mac monitor or a very expensive monitor running at something 2500+ pixels - the font rendering etc doesn't match. I'm using a 1920 x 1080 pixel monitor and it looks OK, quite happy with it.

Why did I buy a mac Mini? I'm not going to spend £1600 on a computer again but I needed to migrate from the dead Mac and get back to work. I had the choice of spending £600 for repairs or buying a mac mini, restore and start work again on a mac mini within 24 hours.



It runs very cool

Typical Mac it looks sleek

The footprint is minimal - I didn't have the space for another desktop.

You have benefits of Mac for example Time Machine backups with an external drive


You have to buy an external monitor and then you can't just use the keyboard to change brightness (a real pain)

The internal speakers are lousy so you will need to buy those

There is no inbuilt Mic and it will have to be a USB Mic you cannot use line in.

Would I buy Mac again - nope! Too much money for the hardware and changing the hardware (depending on what you want to do) can be a problem. What Would I buy? I would buy a desktop or laptop and then put a Linux distribution on there. For the same price as a mac mini I could have bought a refurbished very high spec laptop and run something like Kubuntu or Linux Mint. I still give a 4* because it is neat kit for anybody that wants an entry point to Mac without paying a £1000+

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