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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 21 October 2012
48 years old and thought I'd heard it all until I walked through HMV and they were playing what I later knew to be 'two fingers' - liked it so much I wanted to ask them to play it again but left it until I got home and my daughter had Spotify playing and she asked me how old I thought the singer was - well he sounded like Bob Dylan but held a better note so I suggested 30's - turned out to be another track from Jake Bugg's debut album and, wow, what a revelation; obviously very derivative (as everything is when you think about it) but it turns out he's 18 and from a Nottingham council estate (apparently) and manages to sound like a mix of Dylan, Noel Gallagher, Simon Garfunkel, Lonnie Donegan and even a little bit of Johnny Cash.... writes his own songs....and every one of them is a killer....simple tales beautifully and clearly told with old school musical backdrops (and I mean old school - late 50's and 60's) - buy this, turn the volume up loud, sit back and smile - music lives and not with Simon Cowell, thank God. Well done lad - just keep your feet on the ground and remember those 2 fingers when the devil/devils come calling....
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on 18 October 2012
I'm 42, old enough to be this kid's dad, from Nottingham, too, and I just find this the most magnificently honest and refreshing album I've heard in years. For once, it's time to believe the hype. Please buy it, and water cannon the X-Factor/manufactured pap from the charts, the fella deserves every penny. I initially downloaded this illegally, but it was so good, I felt guilty and came here and bought it. I just want him to have a pint in his pocket from me. Gawd knows how he's got so much soul at this age. A rare talent, and I'm just really proud he's from my town. I've been moaning for years there was no real talent to ever come out of Notts (do Black Lace count?) but now our saviour has arisen in the form of Bugg.

Good luck, youth, he's proper mint, me ducks!
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VINE VOICEon 18 October 2013
I notice previous reviewers confessing to ages of 48 and 42 - well, I'm 65 and Jake Bugg has rocketed straight into my top 10 all time favourite singers. What is it about the age profile of his fans 48/42/65 ??!! Is he getting the young music lovers too - I presume so; I certainly hope so. He must be!!

I first saw Jake Bugg singing "Broken" on the Graham Norton show earlier this year and was mesmerised, stunned. After that I didn't see, hear or think of him again until a couple of weeks ago when I saw him singing "Song About Love" (from his upcoming 2nd album) on Jools Holland. Again, I was amazed at how powerful he was. So I decided to look further and did some research on You Tube where there are several different recordings of "Broken" and one of "Country Song" and some others - all of which are wonderful. There is one particular video on "VEVO" of him singing "Broken" in an American bar / restaurant, obviously a fully staged and choreographed video, but it is still extraordinarily moving. I urge anyone who hasn't already seen it to look at it as soon as possible.

So, is he good? Well, obviously I think so. The only other two times I remember being so instantly transfixed on hearing an artist for the first time was when I heard Janis Ian singing "Jesse" and "At Seventeen" on the Shirley Bassey TV show in 1976 (I told you I was 65!!) and then the first time I heard Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" around the same time - ahhh, the 70's was a pretty good decade for music! Of course there have been many more wonderful artists since then, and before, but those two moments were special for me, and hearing Jake Bugg singing "Broken" and "Country Song" for the first time were equally thunderbolt moments.

So, I bought the CD which arrived from Amazon 3 days ago and is now playing all the time, and I mean all the time: in the house, on the computer, on my iPod and on the car stereo. My wife loves him too and she is very serious about her music. And I agree with other reviewers, a lot of this is derivative, but as someone else said, who isn't? and who cares? He is superb. Full stop. And he is only 19!!!! My God! - he wrote "Country Song" when he was 16 !!!!! We are witnessing the start of someone who will be as famous and as important to music as Dylan, and he is just as talented.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 19 October 2012
There is a persistent radio advert for this album which I have to admit was beginning to grate on me. Jumping as it does between 4 different tracks I was just left with the impression that the songs were good but the voice was a bit weedy. Having now listened to the album a couple of times I am glad to report that my first impressions were wrong, this is a serious talent with some excellent songs. The first thing to congratulate the young man for doing, and I don't mean to be patronising here, is that he hasn't gone down the X factor route but stuck to his guns performing his own stuff with aplomb. Hints of Beach Boys in the excellent "Two Fingers" mix with the Woody Guthrie meets the Arctic Monkeys of "Lightning Bolt" and "Taste it". Slower tracks include "Country Song" and "Someone told me" where Bugg's self proclaimed Dylan influences are apparent and the closing "Fire" is recorded all crackly and echoey, surely a direct nod to Woody Guthrie. I can't help thinking that a potential major international talent has been unearthed here and as long as he avoids the potential pitfalls inherent in this process he can only go from strength to strength. One for now and definitely one for the future.
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on 1 November 2012
This album is garnering loads of rave reviews , apparently appealing to both younger fans, and more seasoned music lovers like myself, so he must be doing something special to appeal to such a wide audience . He is definitely a raw young talent, hailing from a deprived estate on the outskirts of Nottingham. Some of his songs are in the vein of angry young man, with a wry social commentary on the background that he comes from, such as his Singles, Two Fingers,and Lightning Bolt, where the recording is crude and the feel live, and it reminds me of early Billy Bragg. Trouble Town references being stuck in "speed bump city, when the only thing that's pretty is the thought of gettin' out".
There are 14 tracks, most around the 3 minute mark, a couple significantly shorter. His voice at times has distinct echoes of early Bob Dylan on some tracks with a rather nasal quality. A number of the songs are more abstract, like a classic 60's singer songwriter, some with finger picking guitar, others with more skiffle like strumming, and lyrics that are more general love songs. Seen It All has more than a passing nod to Liam Gallagher's vocal style, being more strident, while for me other songs are reminiscent of early Paul Simon. You can play spot the influence, but the songs are not derivative, he has put his own distinct stamp on the whole proceeding. Note to Self has some tasteful strings, Country Song is short and sweet, while closer Fire could be an acoustic blues song.
What a stunning debut album from an 18 year old, it will be fascinating to see how he develops, he shows so much potential, lets hope he continues to evolve in interesting ways. He has already been touring in support of big names internationally, so his horizons and experience will have been significantly widened from his provincial city deprived estate origins, so plenty of new stimulation for him to reflect on.
Definitely one of the most exciting albums of this year, a real breath of fresh air, a visceral young talent to be watched, I wonder what he will do next.
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on 14 November 2012
Heard "Two fingers" playing every now & again on the radio & liked the catchy tune so checked out the rest of his stuff online & bought the album straight away.

Cannot believe this guy is only 18! Also, very impressed that all the songs on the album are so diverse & he carries them all off brilliantly. Again - I just cannot get over that he is only 18!!! Buy it!
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on 23 October 2012
One reviewer says he's old enough to be his father - well, I'm old enough to be his grandfather.

For me, he's the most outstanding talent I've heard for many, many years. Incredibly good songs, voice full of character, intriguing lyrics and lovely guitar work (reminiscent at times of Paul Simon). As a "child of the sixties", I love the Beatles (my all-time favourites), Kinks, Stones, Bee Gees - but I honestly believe this lad's up there with them. There's not a duff song on the album (and I can think of very few albums I can say that about). He's only eighteen (yes, everyone keeps on about that) but I can think of no other eighteen-year old who's written so many truly outstanding songs by that age.

Since I discovered him (via the BBC and YouTube), I haven't stopped playing his songs; if my wife divorces me, Jake Bugg will be the reason.

One regret: what a pity that "It's True, "Something Wrong", "Saffron" and "Love me the way you do" weren't included. If you like this album, you'll like these songs (which are all on YouTube).

One problem. In the booklet that comes with the CD is a "link" to the /bonus part of his website so that "even more content" [sic] can be accessed. However, I've found it quite impossible to access it: additional software is required which takes forever to download (never, to be precise) and Windows 7 blocks the ActiveXcontrol associated with the software as being too risky.
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on 7 March 2013
I like the Arctic Monkeys, I like Lead Belly, I like Dean Martin!
Who cares who his influences are - or that he hails from Nottingham - this lad can write songs, play a guitar and sing from the heart.
Good stuff - look forward to his next album...
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on 27 October 2012
I've received my copy from Amazon on tuesday(lovely jublee) and have played this back to back 3 times already.I am 53 with a very eclectic range of music tastes and this is my first review.
This album is absolutely wonderful...the lyrics are punchy and soulful with some neat urban cred, and the tunes are memorable with some wicked guitar playing.
However, it is Jake's voice that really does it for me. It is unusual and has a high pitch to it but it totally works and is so is like Paolo Nuntini meeting Gene Pitney for a coffee in a cafe run by Bob Dylan, where there is an old Everly Brothers track on in the background!!!!
But very modern.
Please support this young man's wonderful effort with this brilliant album...a star is born I am sure.
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on 11 August 2013
I bought this as I've heard some of his stuff through the media and thought he sounded a bit like early Bob Dylan, who my Mum is a great fan of. When I got the CD is was in excellent condition, played excellent, and more importantly, not only did my Mum really enjoy listening to it, so did I! Really look forward to hearing more form you Mr Bugg!
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