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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 30 October 2014
Overall, this is not a bad set of armour for the price. As mentioned, the helmet is not symmetrical but this is as it should be: the original ANH stormtrooper helmets were also not symmetrical. There is speculation online that only the front is cast from the original moulds, leading to a slightly oversized helmet compared with other quality armour builders, such as RS Props.

The body armour is generally quite good, although some parts, such as the sniper knee plate are not sharp casts, in this case the sniper plate does not sit very snug against the lower leg greave. One key advantage of the ABS plastic is that it is reasonably tough and flexible and will stand up to days spent out trooping in the amour.

One downside to the ABS armour is that it is dull, almost matt white - not glossy white like the PVC armour on offer.

Other downsides:
the armour is not 501st ready and will need to be overhauled if you want to get it up to 501st specifications.
the plastic belt must be replaced;
the plastic thermal detonator clips must be replaced;
the shoulder straps must be cut off from the back armour and glued onto the front armour,
various joining methods (sniper knee plate, thigh ammo pack) need to be re-done.

The body suit is also not a great fit. I'm 180cm (6 ft) and the body suit not tall enough and at the same time too loose and flappy around arms and legs. I ended up replacing this with a figure-hugging racing undersuit.

You'll also need to buy:
the right shoes;
a neck seal;
a holster;
an E-11 blaster (would highly recommend doopydoos).
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on 27 January 2016
Long time 1st Gen (40-something) Star Wars fan but - more specifically - Stormtrooper fan...
Despite lots of info and opinions on related forums, which say (on the main) to stay clear of Shepperton Design Studios, I'm really very pleasantly surprised with the kit!
I also ordered a mannequin, so the armour could be displayed permanently, and have just put everything together.
Instruction booklet supplied, is fairly basic but easy enough to follow. Lots of videos available on the web for help putting things together, though.
Armour isn't particularly glossy out of the box, but have tried some 'Pledge extra care', and brings it up to a nice sheen. Certainly much whiter than it looks in the Amazon photo!

So, just to help out folks thinking of buying, here's what you get:

All the white armour.
Rubber Gauntlet gloves, with white moulded detail.
Battle spec helmet.
One piece black body suit.
Lots of wrapping!

What you'll need to buy as extras:

White boots (Make sure you get the right type)
Neck seal.
Balaclava, if desired (looks better).

I purchased a Star Wars brand plastic blaster (white and orange) and I'm in the process of adding bits, painting etc. Very lightweight, but was only £20 and will do until I can afford something better.

If you wish to be 501st Legion approved, you'll need to replace/modify some items (Belt should be canvas, not plastic, detailing on helmet, etc), but I just wanted an outfit that 99% of the population would recognise, and probably wouldn't know if it was "Screen accurate", or not.
*** UPDATE *** After a fair few tweaks and changes, the outfit is approved for UK 501st basic clearance!

Edit: Just a follow-up, seeing as how i've had the armour for a few weeks now.
Still looks cool :D
Things i've done or changed:
1. The boots required for 'screen accuracy', are black Chelsea style boots, with "U" shape elasticated gussets. NO stitching at the front of the boots, and a low heel. The boots need to be either painted or dyed. I used black leather boots, removed the top finish with acetone and steel wool, then half a dozen coats of Angelus white leather dye with a sponge. Went on really well. Don't forget to mask the heels!
2. I changed the thermal detonator plastic clips for more screen-accurate (and better) aluminium clips. These can be purchased online or just follow a tutorial and make them yourself. Total cost was about £4 for enough aluminium bar to make two pairs. The thermal detonator also had to be shortened.
3. I bought a 'screen-accurate' white canvas belt, to replace the supplied ABS belt. I found the ABS belt slipped down easily. Replacing it also gives you some ABS to use for future projects, like adding a snap-fit strapping system. Cost - £25
4. Added some bits to the inside of helmet - foam padding, a mic for Aker voice amp, some mesh for the frown and tape to hold lense in place.
In addition, the pics on the listing are rubbish, and don't show the armour in the right colour (i.e. White!)
I've included a pic of my kit below, which should give a better idea. I'm 6ft tall, so,perfect height for this kit would be around 5ft 10".
review image
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on 22 May 2014
I've always wanted to have my own stormtrooper armor, ever since I was a kid! I finally took the plunge and eagerly awaited my package. If you are like me and are waffling over the purchase, do it! You will be incredibly happy that you bought it.
It comes with everything you need, excluding boots and blaster. My favorite part is the built-in "popper" and strap system, which makes putting the armor on that much easier. I still would recommend having a friend help you out to speed up the "suit-up" process!

The Good:
- Velcros are already attached and ready to wear right after you open the box!
- "Popper" button and strap system is fantastic, many of the pieces are even color-coded to show you where each piece goes to get the correct fit
- Detail and quality are amazing

The Bad:
- The included helmet isn't that great, the "lenses" is just a thin piece of green-tinted plastic. I recommend the eFX Stormtrooper helmet (much better fit).
- May need to perform minor modifications to make it fit perfectly on your body. Examples include: adjusting velcro pieces for a tight fit, cutting pieces to fit your body and allow more maneuverability.
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on 25 April 2015
A great kit to start your trooper gear. Easy to use for first timers, with an integrated strap and snap system. Ready to wear, but will need some minor work if you are looking to be approved for the particular, the belt will need to be replaced with a correct canvas version, and the thermal detonator has only a single plastic clip instead of double aluminum clips... both of these issues must be corrected before approval.
Fit is standard for a male 5'10" or so. However, I'm a 5'6" female and have been able to mod the armor with no real problem (or special skill.) Helmet will require interior padding and structure before trooping. Comes with a standard-sized black Lycra body suit, but I would suggest purchasing one with better fit, or a two-piece set which tends to be more comfortable.
To finish out your costume you will also need to purchase:
Neck seal
Chelsea boots (white, or painted white)
E-11 Blaster

All in all a great kit to start with for those that want to troop but are are nervous about constructing a kit from scratch.
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on 25 November 2013
One of my secret desires for the last 20 years was to own my own Stormtrooper costume and I recently decided that the time was right. Having done a lot of research on the various costumes available out there, I finally opted for the SDS battle spec armour. OK, so we've all read the stories in the press regarding the legal wranglings with Lucasfilm (which SDS won) and whether or not you approve of unlicensed replicas, there's no denying that if you are looking for the most screen accurate stormtrooper armour, ready to wear out of the box, this is the one for you.

Some of the costume purists might be a bit sniffy with you because you didn't spend months scouring the internet for just the right make and model of microphone tips or the exact brand of rubber for the detailing. They may even voice concerns that by making a purchase from SDS that you are not directly funding the next Star Wars movie (or George Lucas' new conservatory.)

All that aside if, like me, you love these movies to the extent that you want to own an highly accurate version of possibly the coolest costume in movie history, but simply don't have the time, skills or resources to build one from scratch, or modify a cheaper version, then pay no attention to the cosplay snobs, this product ticks all the boxes!

May the force be with you!

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on 13 November 2013
I really did not know what to expect from an SDS battle spec suit, but was extremely happy with this purchase. I previously owned an FX suit that is nice and has great hard plastic. This one is a bit more flexible and allows you to move around a bit more. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get into this hobby.
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on 25 June 2016
An awesome set of armour, the only shortcomings being that I had legs too muscular for my set of armour on one leg, yet the other thigh and calf (right) fit just fine, I'm hoping I can get a larger replacement, but otherwise this suit looks great once fully one. Lopsided, restrictive and dull plastic, just as beautiful as I remember on the big screen. Can't wait to wear this at cons, hopefully with large enough thighs and calf (i'm 6ft 2 and 17).
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on 22 December 2014
After ordering 3,000 of these so I could snuff out the rebel army. I found that the armour didn't quite repel weapons fire. This however was not the main issue. The fact that blaster didn't fire caused me to lose half my forces in the first 10 minutes. In short it's my worst purchase since falling off the roof while trying boba fetts jet pack
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on 28 July 2016
As a kid I pretty much watched Star Wars everyday in the summer hols by sneaking into the old flea pit cinema. Always loved the films, as age has crept up on me I got one of these to have in my computer room / fortress of solitude / man cave / only room in the house not filled with her girlie stuff.

Anyway, it's from the original suits used in the original film and all that so it looks the part - what more can you ask for?

I noted with hilarity the comments regarding 'Not 501st approved'. Apparently this is a bunch of cos players who seem to think they may dictate that original movie copies etc are not good enough.

Alas, the opinions of such as hilarious as they may be are of previously 0.00% interest to somebody just wishing for a hint of nostalgia. Their views being as accurate as a Stormtrooper with a blaster anyway.
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on 28 April 2015
Ainsworth's suits have generated a lot of controversy in the Stormtrooper prop making community, mostly criticizing him for not being forthright about copying armor that they once copied from him. Some of the criticism has merit but it peeves me when people slime and berate him personally; shame on them. But enough of my rant.

First off, this suit is not a perfect duplicate of the screen used suits: for that you'll need a few hundred grand and wait for an original to pop up on Christies. Also, the hue of this suit doesn't match the more expensive acrylic capped armor that SDS offers. It's more matte and slightly off white in color. Compared to my Fallano armor this suit is excellent. Some don't like the screen-incorrect plastic back utility belt but the fabric belts offered by others will sag and stretch under the weight of the 02 canisters after time. The "popper system" is also a welcome variation as it keeps parts from embarrassingly sliding or falling off while trooping. One major complaint is the black gloves included are rubber dishwashing gloves. They look ok but but it doesn't take long for them to pool up with sweat- these will need to be replaced. All in all a great suit with lineage to the screen used originals and made by the guy hired for Star Wars by Lucas himself. You may also want to look at the Anovos armor soon to be produced (not SDS but interesting none the less).
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